Connors’ Comments for Sunday, July 9, 2023


FIRST RACE – 67 degrees and “sloppy +1” track … NOTHING TOSEE HERE left and yielded for the pocket, moved to the Pocono Pike and got the job done. LOVE THAT SMILE took over just past the 1/8, set the pace as she pleased, saw foes come to her on both sides near the line, not bad. NEED UR OPINION got underway raw 5/8 and inched closer the rest of the way. TRAFFIC JAM gapped down the back while staying in, evenly late. BULLVILLEKARLA gapped second-over. ITS MESMERISE N gapped at the rear.



Connors’ Comments for Saturday, July 8, 2023


FIRST RACE – Warm day … Changeable wind, starting as a mild stretch tailwind … STOP STARING didn’t want to let anybody go on the first turn, did yield to the brusher in front of the stands to sit the pocket, to the Pocono Pike and got the lead midstretch, may’ve won a little more easily than the margin suggests. JACKIE MOON started on a long uncovered mission before the second turn, relentlessly gained and very game to continue ... 


Connors’ Comments for Tuesday, July 4, 2023


FIRST RACE – Low to mid 80s … Wind sometimes calm, and shifting … NASEY was under control early, tucked fourth 3/16, came uncovered going to the half, had an advantage but couldn’t clear late backstretch, kept going and took over for good midstretch. DART GUY left between horses and wound up with a good pocket trip, angled outside early stretch, was making up some ground very late. LADY’S IMAGE was three-wide ... 


Connors’ Comments for Monday, July 3, 2023


FIRST RACE – Mid 80s through the day; no wind to start, but that will change … STEALING was three-wide leaving, in front at the 1/8, had a challenger from just past the half, behind that one much of the backstretch but maintained the inner advantage, stayed game and got the decision late. CHOCO CHARLIE came with a rush just entering the backstretch, looked like he was going to clear to the lead but was just shy of being able to cross ... 


Connors’ Comments for Sunday, July 2, 2023


FIRST RACE – Stretch headwind … Mid 70s throughout … Rain during the first race, and continuing: “fast +0” race 1, “good +1” race 2, and “sloppy +1” thereafter … PAPI HANOVER had an ideal second-over trip, wide stretch and asserted himself through the lane. JACKED had cover early, uncovered 3/16 to the top 3/8, in a fierce battle with the first-over and wouldn’t let that one cross over, good second. BRIDGE ... 


Connors’ Comments for Saturday, July 1, 2023


FIRST RACE – Stretch headwind on a warm day … URBAN RENEWAL came out 11/16 but gapped cover until midstretch when he was still fifth, then edged wider and had the most pace as the tempo slowed. THE DARK SHADOW was hung just past a 25.3 opener, yielded for the pocket, pulled same before the ¾, battled solidly home after hard involvement. ELWELL had cover until the ¼ then went on to take over 3/8, continued the torrid ... 


Connors’ Comments for Tuesday, June 27, 2023


FIRST RACE —  “Fast +0” race one; “sloppy +1” races two to eight; “good +1” after that … ROCKIN MARTY moved from third 3/16 but was left out almost another quarter mile before finally obtaining the lead, the best here in fast time for this class. CAVIART ROCKLAND was on top at the 1/8, made it tough on the winner before yielding, Pocono Pike and wouldn’t go away in the stretch. MR CENSI got the early ... 


Connors’ Comments for Monday, June 26, 2023


FIRST RACE – High to mid-70s … Rain came in – track rated “fast” 1-8, “good +1” 9, and “sloppy +1” 10-13 … Shifting winds, with a stretch headwind to start … BEER CHEESE yielded 3/16 and sat in the pocket behind a contested front end, to the Pocono Pike and by easily. NICE STUFF made the lead 3/16, kept a rival parked, saved second over MISS MUSCLE. The latter had forward positioning, trapped inside ... 


Connors’ Comments for Sunday, June 25, 2023


FIRST RACE – Warm most of the evening; a touch cooler near the end … Stretch tailwind to start … KINDA LUCKY LINDY took back from a wide early position to tuck fourth, uncovered 5/8 and went right by into the far turn, opened up a big lead. TRUEMASS VOLO went up between horses for pocket positioning, backed out ¾ as the winner went by, left uncovered on the turn, good for second. JACKED was out behind the winner ... 


Connors’ Comments for Saturday, June 24, 2023


FIRST RACE – Warm day … Stretch headwind … GENTLE GIANT was second-over, blindswitched past the ¾, ducked to the vacant Pocono Pike and finished well, holding off JK STANDINGOVATION. The latter was third-over, blindswitched ¾, then followed the sweeper then had to go wide of him as he flattened, flying on the far outside. OUTWIT OUTRUN was three-wide to the first turn, needed some coaxing to clear past the ¼, set ...