Connors’ Comments SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 2018


FIRST RACE – One degree above freezing, and a stretch headwind … BEGINNER’S LUCK left and yielded past the 1/8 for the pocket behind the zippy fractions, gapped down the back but then retightened, outside early stretch and sailed by late. ZERO THE HERO gunned away with speed, on top past the 1/8, set exceptionally fast numbers under the conditions, gave way midstretch but did preserve second. CHEYENNE REIDER gapped ... 


Connors’ Comments at POCONO DOWNS — TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 2018


FIRST RACESAM’S ESCAPE left well then yielded for the pocket in the lineup-minus-one, went to the Pocono Pike and surged by past midstretch under light encouragement. A AND C ARTIST had the lead nearing the 1/8, set an honest clip, not quite enough to hold off the winner, clear of the others. TONY CHEESECAKE was away third and maintained that position throughout. THE CATAMOUNT KID and THETRUTHABOUTDAVID ... 


Connor’s Comments for Saturday, November 3



FIRST RACE – Mid-40s, slight stretch headwind to start … THE ONLYEST ONE left between horses, soon backed off to tuck third, slid out to second-over 5/8, three-wide late turn, toughest in a big three-way stretch battle. THAT MAN OF MINE was the innermost of the trio of quick starters, got the winner to tuck then surrendered the lead 3/16 only to quarter-move, rated the second split, under hard pressure down the back and around ... 


Connor’s Comments for Tuesday, October 30



FIRST RACE – From 47o to 40o through the card … MAGIC NIGHT took advantage of the post draw and put other leavers in behind him in a fast quarter, rated the pace, may have seen pocketsitting ALEXANDER HANOVER go by by a nose midstretch but kept fighting and got the victory. The latter took the pocket towards the first turn, rallied inside and as noted did get a small advantage midstretch, not quite enough. P ... 


Connor’s Comments for Sunday, October 28



FIRST RACE – 45 degrees throughout the card … Stretch headwind to start, with resultant fast odd-numbered quarters … RESITA got forward position early, inherited the pocket from a breaker before the 5/8 and gradually narrowed in behind the leader, to the Pocono Pike, handled confidently in going by. BAUTISTA was pushed almost the entire fast first quarter, rested then sped up with the wind down the back, could not withstand the ... 


Connor’s Comments for Saturday, October 27



FIRST RACE —  “Good +1” for an evening of racing conducted in the low-40s … Stretch tailwind at start, fading before midcard … In the twelve Crowns, only three winners were in front at the ¼, but by the ¾, the winners were seven times on the lead and three times in the pocket — the other two were three-wide on the turn (although one ducked in for the stretch drive) … JIMMY FREIGHT left between horses to the lead at the ¼, ... 


Breeders Crown Eliminations Night Comments – Friday and Saturday 10/19 and 10/20


Connor’s Comments for Friday, October 19


FIRST RACEBB’S HARLEY stayed inside, then was able to angle wide in front of the gapping second-over midturn, got to four-wide early stretch and outfooted RAKSMACH N home to start the night with the 50th $50+ price of the Pocono meet. The latter yielded 3/16 for the early pocket, moved out ¾ and immediately was three-wide as the pocketsitter also pulled, to the lead early ... 


Connor’s Comments for Saturday, October 6



FIRST RACE – Stretch head breeze to start the night … BETTOR IN BLUE was between horses with cover to the 1/8, then left raw and worked his way up to the lead at the 3/8, under pressure most of the last half from first the first-over and then the Pocono Pike horse, but had enough to prevail. CONCUR made the lead nearing the 3/16, carried the winner to almost the 3/8 before yielding, stayed close, took his shot in the Pike, not ... 


Connor’s Comments for Saturday, September 29



FIRST RACEPICKLED PREACHER took the pocket early and kept the two-hole closed while the pace was argued, outside headstretch and zipped right on by, big winner. OUTCRY tucked third, sat in, to the Pocono Pike, enough for second. ROLL WITH FRED left well inside foes to the lead, had a horse come up and put pressure on him from the 3/8 on, tired in the stretch. AN THE THUNDEROLLS was buried inside, ... 


Connor’s Comments for Tuesday, September 25



FIRST RACE – “Good +1” conditions throughout this evening … JACK RULES lagged cover a bit third-over, but swung to the center of the track in the stretch and closed strongly to edge NEW IDENTITY. The latter left but took the pocket, caught behind the tired pacesetter on the turn, out into a blindswitch late turn, then angled inside two paths to the Pocono Pike and finished sharply, unlucky not to go back to the winners circle. ...