Connors’ Comments for Saturday, October 7, 2020


FIRST RACE – Stretch headwind on a warm day for November … JEREMES GENERAL left well from the rail and protected the pocket, went to the Pocono Pike and was an easy winner. KEYSTONE STORM left a small gap off the top three until past the half, got going uncovered 5/8, went on steadily and photoed ROCKNROLL CHARM for the deuce. The latter moved out second-over, swung three-deep late turn, looked to have aim on second ... 


Connors’ Comments for Tuesday, November 3, 2020


FIRST RACECARMENS BEST made two speed moves and fronted the field, gamely holding off two good foes. STONEBRIDGE PROUD was in the early-forming second tier 3/8, circled three-wide from last 5/8 and stayed wide the duration, kept narrowing in but didn’t get there by the wire. MYSTERY ISLAND was between horses early and tucked, started on the grind 3/8, tried very hard to the finish. REDHOT ROMEO was ... 


Connors’ Comments for Saturday, October 31, 2020


FIRST RACEWINNING IS SWEET was three-wide to the first turn, then covered to the 3/16, then raw to the front going into the stretch the first time, shook off the first-over, then held off the long challenge of second-over BEN ROCKIN. The latter as noted followed cover, went three-wide at the ¾ to two-wide late turn, just edged out. POKERFACE BLUECHIP swung widest of all in the lane with good pace to get third. CANBEC ... 


Connors’ Comments for Tuesday, October 27, 2020


FIRST RACECROSSFIT was three-wide past the 1/8 and on top to the 5/16, got pressure from a brusher before the half but kept that one outside, stayed safely ahead of the pocketsitting CASH FOR GOLD late. The latter went between horses to the lead to the 3/16, yielded to the winner and stayed tight in the two-hole, outside in the stretch but second-best, though a clear second-best. STRIKING ENCORE was ... 


Connors’ Comments for Sunday, October 25, 2020


FIRST RACEARTACHE HANOVER had some early foot and sat third-in, swung out late on the turn and just did catch GUNSLINGER HILL on the money. The latter made the lead to the first turn, yielded to a brusher for the pocket, a bit loose at the ¾ and much of the turn, but accelerated when shown the Pocono Pike, to the lead just before midstretch, unlucky to be caught late. ASCARYONE HANOVER controlled the pace with two ... 


Connors’ Comments for Saturday, October 24, 2020

FIRST RACE – “Good +1” tracks races 1-5; “fast + 0” thereafter … Temperatures in low 50s … Stretch tailwind at the start … JUST N ACE was under tap urging early and maintained control of the pace, fought off the first-over, a good winner. LOUD SPLASH gapped in last much of the last half, then swung from one- to five-wide into the stretch, still seventh past the start of the pond but flew in the last 1/16. WHATS INTHE ... 


Connors’ Comments for Tuesday, October 20, 2020


FIRST RACECROSSFIT got forward position, then moved just past the quarter to the lead 3/8 and backed off the half, didn’t have much pressure and won easily. MR HOUDINI wanted the early lead, yielded to the brushing favorite for the pocket, held position OK late. MIGHTY SURF was three-wide to the 1/8, then to the early pocket past the 3/16, stayed in, outside late turn but couldn’t go forward. NICE STUFF ... 


Connors’ Comments for Sunday, October 18, 2020


FIRST RACEREDHOT ROMEO moved into turn two and had excellent cover from the parked horse, left uncovered midturn when that one did clear to the lead, drew safely clear. XPERT BAYAMA was fourth-over, wide headstretch and gained a lot of ground to be a clear second. ASCARYONE HANOVER left and ducked in then kept a hole closed, caught in when the leader tired and was shuffled, to the two-path but didn’t clear, then ... 


Connors’ Comments for Saturday, October 17, 2020


FIRST RACE – Low to mid 50s … JUST N ACE made the top early, fought off two separate challenges down the back and through the turn, then held off POLAK A up the inside late. The latter defended the pocket, had his shot up the inside in the stretch, good but second-best. KEYSTONE STEAM was three-wide leaving then to two-wide, backed off and settled third off the first turn, stayed in, evenly late. ROCKNROLL CHARM ... 


Connors’ Comments for Tuesday, October 13, 2020


FIRST RACE – Temperature in the high 50s and a “good +1” track … MIGHTY SURF drifted outside early then took the three-hole 3/16, moved uncovered 5/8 and went right by the pacesetter early on the turn, drew away. WINNERESS moved with cover, lost it on the turn, just held onto second over MAYFAIR WELL. The latter was third-over, had some belated trot. STRIKING ENCORE sat the pocket, was stuck in ...