Connors’ Comments for Sunday, May 1, 2022


FIRST RACE – Stretch headwind to start; intermittent small moisture during the card … GUINNESS PANIC moved out at the half, three-wide at the 5/8 and circled to first-over late backstretch, engaged the leader, took over early stretch, held off GRIFFON HANOVER. The latter tried to follow the winner wide but gapped, did get to two-wide ¾, got in gear in the stretch a little too late. BAMSKI looked at leaving but took back to tuck, stayed in, got clearance far down in the Pocono Pike, closed well. J B MAUNEY N refused to give up the lead through fast fractions and a couple of challenges, tired in the lane. ROCK THREE TIMES sat in, had some pace as the tempo slowed. KAUAI KING left, went in the pocket 3/16 and kept it tight the first half, gapped a bit the third quarter, wasn’t passing the leader so stayed out of the Pocono Pike, then evenly in tight late. ARTISTS RUFFLES never factored. BAY MEADOWS was very wide leaving, three-wide to the 3/16 then two-wide and challenged at a hot clip, looped past the 5/8 and fell back.


SECOND RACEYES DOUBLE DOWN moved out off the second turn and was not long after following cover, three-wide towards late on the turn, went by not looking like a $110.00 winner. NARINA HANOVER was a bit off her cover third-over, found her best kick a little too late. CHIPPER DAISY moved to the outside to the 5/8, stayed on pretty well. CASIE’S BELIEVER sat in and gained down the back, to the deep Pocono Pike with some pace. NO WHERE TO HIDE went right to the lead and went at a good clip, tired. JUXTA COWGIRL had a good pocket trip, no response late. MOONLIGHTANDROSES never factored.


THIRD RACEHUNTSVILLE PLACE let between horses to the lead 3/16, yielded 5/16, retook just past the half, had a clear advantage most of the stretch. BUILDING BOOST stayed in, finished solidly up the inside. BUCHANNON HANOVER was three-wide to the 3/16 then two-wide to the 5/16 in pursuit of the lead, yielded past the ½ but stayed close until the stretch, fell back only a little. OUTWIT OUTRUN moved uncovered at the ½, then was second-over, three-wide past midturn as his cover tired, not that much late. ZEUS HANOVER was not prominent. BACK IN MY DAY gapped at the back. JITTERBUG FLIP pushed the early action, yielded, followed the winner out then was left raw, challenged, tired significantly the last 1/8.


FOURTH RACENEWSBOY left and sat in the two-hole, to the Pocono Pike and looked to be going by even before PADRE broke. The latter went right to command, slowed the half, was trying to find more when breaking midstretch and ran home, placed for a double lapped-on break. FLANAGAN DESTINY was hard to take back to last near the ¼, was against the pegs for about three steps then started uncovered from last, grinded up a long, long way, showed very admirable gameness – one to watch. BOASTER COASTER backed out to second-over 3/8, gapped cover late backstretch, found his best strides too late. ARMANI HANOVER came off the rail midturn and went three-wide to headstretch but didn’t have much punch. GOLDEN GLIDER sat in, went evenly in the stretch. THE OTHER DUO were never factors.


FIFTH RACE – Light rain, and diminished winds …  SUMMER RAE came out from fourth before the ¼ and soon had the lead, went 26.4 down the back to leave this field behind in a big mile. COOLNCALCULATING N was three-wide just past the 1/8 to the lead 3/16, yielded for the pocket, went loose 5/8 in the fast third split but stayed much closer than anyone else did. TRAFFIC JAM finally had room to angle out midstretch and won a three-way photo for third. SPEAKING OF COFFEE vacated fourth late on the turn, fair. WINNING WORDS was looped leaving, was between horses until getting the early pocket towards the 3/16, gapped in third 11/16. THE NEXT TWO never were factors. BUFFALO HEART came raw from sixth before the half, didn’t gain, then fell back some.


SIXTH RACESHEZAFREAKLIKEME insisted on the early lead in a 26.2 split then lowered the second quarter 4 3/5 seconds, met a challenger and took off in the last quarter. BROOKDALE JESSIE sat in third, outside early stretch and was moving well late. TSM PRINCESS TEDDI backed off when seeing the winner was not ceding control, two-hole 3/16, gave a little ground in the last 3/16. WHO’S SMOKIN N stayed in, didn’t achieve prominence. CATIE FAYE HANOVER circled a gapper then went right on first-over in a mild middle half, faltered in the last quarter. PRICELESS SHADOW backed out to second-over into turn two but gapped. THE LAST TWO couldn’t keep pace.


SEVENTH RACEKEYSTONE THUNDER worked up to take control off the first turn, did not want to yield and got a challenger to take the pocket to the second turn, had pressure from the first-over from just past the 5/8 and had others join in the stretch chase, but held gamely (last quarter 30.3). ANDOVERS TOUCH spotted, came uncovered at the half and applied steady pressure on the leader, just missed. ALEXANDER HANOVER made the lead into the first turn, yielded, couldn’t keep the pocket shut past the 3/8, third-in, angled out the first half of the stretch and had trot on the end. SCIROCCO PATRICK was third-over, gapped on the turn, then had to angle inside a breaker early stretch, moving fastest of all late. CAJOLE HANOVER was on the move before the ¼, couldn’t clear and did get the two-hole towards the second bend, didn’t threaten late. GINGER TREE KNOX did not pose a threat. LANDONFITZ was second-over, gapped a little then got tighter on the turn, swinging wide headstretch but lost gait. PEE WEE HANOVER disconnected the last half.


EIGHTH RACEMILIEU HANOVER got a great second-over trip from seventh, three-wide headstretch and beat out a stubborn A BETTER GAME. The latter launched uncovered 3/8 and grinded up, may never have had the lead but steady and game to the finish. ALTA MADEIRA N was third-over, stayed on the winner’s back a ways into the stretch, gaining. DELIGHTFUL SUMMER wound up in the pocket after a lineup minus a breaker, Pocono Pike, couldn’t rally enough. BEACH CRAZY left, saw his main early rival break at the 1/8, really backed off quarter two, didn’t have enough strength at crunch time. DRESDEN stayed in, room in the deep Pike but not enough. GALLERIA GAL stayed in, gapped ¾ then got tighter, made up some ground before being shut off near the wire. TIAMOGONEDANCEN was going up to challenge going to the first turn but took a bad step, was taken wide and back to last.


NINTH RACEWHAT A DAME pulled from fourth 3/16 and went on to command 3/8, faced the pressure of first-up SHARE THE WEALTH and held gamely. The latter was innermost of three leavers and protected the early pocket, pulled raw from third 9/16 and grinded away solidly, very good race. CASH INFUSION was third-over, had gapping cover from the 5/8 but did not go three-wide until late on the turn, flying late. BLESSINGSANDFAVOR was three-wide almost to the 1/8, crossed to the lead beyond that spot, yielded for the pocket 3/8, Pocono Pike, just a bit shy. TRAIN was between horses leaving and tucked third at the 1/8, inside, moved out in the stretch and did OK. BY A HOFF HANOVER left a slight gap most of the way, not too much late. SCIROCCO BIG JOHN didn’t get in the main hunt. CAPITAL T STORM moved out before the half, soon got cover, but soon wasn’t keeping up with it.


TENTH RACEBRAVO TEX N was looped and three-wide early, took back, then was second-over, three-wide midturn, didn’t look like he was going to make it upper stretch, but dug in and gradually wore down SULLIVAN in a game showing. The latter left four-wide to loop the field, yielded past the ¼ but was quick on the retake, went 26.4 down the back to try to lose the field, a tactic which worked except against the game winner. CLASSIC PRO was looped two-wide and pressed on to quarter command, yielded, loose in the fast third split, to the Pocono Pike, had to settle for third. YOUMAKEMYHEARTSING followed the winner but could not match late steps with him. AMERICA’S GUEST, on a line on the turns, moved raw at the half, gained a little in the quick third split, then backed off. CHICKEN NUGGET was at the back throughout.


ELEVENTH RACEPRIMARY COLORS made a sharp move at the ¼ to the lead 3/8, came his last quarter in 27 to withstand the persistent challenge of DONTPASSME HANOVER. The latter was uncovered towards turn two, went his last half in 55, lost a little ground straightening onto the stretch but tried hard to the wire. BARRYWHITE HANOVER was parked past the 1/8 for the lead, yielded 3/8, stayed close until the stretch, beat out the rest. DIVINE RIGHT was last in fourth-over, four-wide stretch and finished strongly. MOVE THE LINE yielded, sat in, evenly in the sprint home. PARKLANE TERROR was second-over, did not go wide on the turn, not quite enough quick speed late. BLOODHOUND got forward position, sat in, shuffled, out in a blindswitch headstretch, searched for room to split horses to no avail. SOLARCTIC was third-over, three-wide late turn, no late kick.


TWELFTH RACETUESDAY MORNING came grinding off the second turn, made the lead in midstretch, held off BANZAI AS from off her back. The latter as noted was second-over, gapped a bit, was moving well late. PAPI HANOVER left and forced tucks, rated the half, got pressure, could not hold on. CAN’T SAY NO took the pocket to the 1/8, a trifle loose much of the last half, Pocono Pike, came up shy. POSSESS THE STONE tucked third, OK midtrack late. GOLDEN GENES was last, wide in the stretch, a little at the end. PRAIRIE VALUE and MUFASA AS gapped in the last half.


THIRTEENTH RACEWAR-N-MUNN, briefly three-wide early, went on to take control 3/16, slowed the half, sprinted home in 27, just enough to hold off CAVIART ROCKLAND. The latter went to the top then yielded to the winner, stayed tight, didn’t tip out until nearing midstretch, then finished with a big surge to just miss by a diminishing margin. OURRHYTHMNBLUES N was forwardly-placed, gapped far turn, next. STATEMENT MADE A gapped on the first turn then tighter, not prominent; nor was CIGAR SMOKING TONY. SEXY BLUE CHIP rode outside midpack without getting close. TERRY A HANOVER had cover, tried to circle it before the ¾ but didn’t have too much in the sprint home.


FOURTEENTH RACEGRANT ME THIS kept a hole closed to the 3/16, made a burst at the half to clear by the 5/8, kept rolling to emerge the winner. JERICHO DIVA was third-over then second-over then first-over to the ¾, was moving well at the wire. CRUISIN THRU TIME had to back off to tuck fourth 3/16, came out with cover, left uncovered 5/8, tucked in the pocket to the ¾, not enough kick late. TSM ARTEMIS T joined the flow and had some late pace. RELLA TIVITY left well from the rail, set the pace until challenged down the back, gave ground from the 5/8. RHYME N ROLL was away in the pocket, rethought a quarter-move, out of gas past midbackstretch. SWEET SALLY SUE began losing contact 3/8. SHADY MEMORIES broke entering the second turn.