Connors’ Comments for Sunday, June 6, 2021


FIRST RACE – Hot; stretch headwind … BETTOR B ROLLING didn’t come off the rail until the ¾, but circled those in front of him by headstretch and ran away. NORTHBROOK RON trailed the winner at a distance that grew in the last quarter, but still beat the others. TERLINGUA gapped the early duelers, came up the Pocono Pike for the very distant third. ARTACUS went off the rail 3/4, evenly. SPORTY REDHOT kept the pocket closed during the early duel, then gapped out 5/8. BAYONET went in front at the 1/8 and hung a foe in fast fractions, had nothing left for the stretch. BIG GAME HUNTER had cover to the 1/8 then was left raw, challenged for the top but was left out in the air, fading before the 5/8.


SECOND RACEJEREMES GENERAL was looped and tucked third at the 1/8, moved outside past midturn and three-wide headstretch, kicked in late and got the decision. CASH IS KING made the lead before the 1/8, set wind-appropriate fractions under no pressure, couldn’t hold up. HES GONE BADDER secured the pocket, outside headstretch but came up a bit shy. CHANCELLORCULLEN N stayed connected, next in line. NEWS WATCH outfinished MEADOWBROOK FLASH for fifth. GRAVE DANCER was uncovered before turn two, had stopped gaining 5/8. GRANTOR HANOVER backed out behind the first-over, three-wide 5/8 but never gained.


THIRD RACEANDOVERS TOUCH took the pocket nearing the 3/16, gapped at the half then got closer through the backstretch, outside ¾ but back in on the turn, then had a clear inside path as the pacesetter bore out and was along in a slow last quarter. TW LAUXMONT would not yield while setting a monstrous quarter and half for bottom trotters, clear much of the backstretch, bore out through the stretch but still didn’t lose by all that much. CHOCOTURE was out down the back about a half an acre behind the lead, went inside the bearing-out horse late and gained (in the 32 kicker). CRITICAL MASS moved outside 5/8, carried three-wide by a drifter headstretch, so-so. LANDONFITZ gapped much of the way, got the last check up the inside. NATALIE HANOVER couldn’t stay close the last half. CHUCKY DE VIE was three-wide much of the 3/16, got in past the ¼, gapped, bore out some headstretch and had no late response.


FOURTH RACESWEET ROCKIN GIA backed off early, quarter-moved but needed the length of the frontstretch to clear to the top, tough in the latter stages. GEORGIE MARTIN N, low-going, moved alertly to second-over, three-wide to headstretch, looked to want to run in a little early stretch, then got straightened away and went on steadily. DELISHKA N put everybody in behind early, then yielded only after pushing past the 3/8, tired a bit. DIBABA N was three-wide to the 1/8, reluctantly went inside past the 3/16, uncovered 5/8 and challenged, couldn’t sustain. ROCK N ROLL ROSIE was no factor. PAIGE’S GIRL gapped cover.


FIFTH RACEGEMOLOGIST settled into the pocket early and rode the good trip, outside headstretch and went on to an easy victory. DARTY stayed third-in, went to the Pocono Pike and held second over RECIPROCALBLUECHIP. The latter looked at leaving but took back, stayed in, outside for clearance before midstretch and finished with trot. WISENHEIMER headed down the road in snappy fractions, nothing left for the stretch. BLENHEIM was third-over, three-wide at the ¾, some belatedly. WHAT A RUSH gapped early then tightened in en route to going first-over into turn two, never reached the leader, faded. KEYSTONE SERGEANT was second-over, was blindswitched, then angled wide headstretch but couldn’t contribute much.


SIXTH RACELYONS AMUSEMENTS reluctantly settled in the pocket nearing the ¼, moved outside midturn, then wide and ran down BUDDY HILL late in a very fast time for bottom-level horses. The latter went into the 3-hole past the 1/8, then started uncovered 9/16, went up with the wind and challenged the leader from the 11/16, put that one away headstretch, held gamely, far ahead of any of the others. ROCK THREE TIMES moved outside at a distance on the turn and was along for a no-factor third. IMAGINEUWITHOUTME stayed in, advanced to fill a hole late backstretch, didn’t have that much along the inside late. SEEL THE DEAL N went right down the road, under pressure from late backstretch, surrendered headstretch. NIALL HANOVER moved outside but couldn’t enter the fray. STORMONT CZAR A and BEACH BABY BEE gapped at the back. SHOREVIEW moved out uncovered 5/16, never got close.


SEVENTH RACEHOPEFUL PRAYER used inside positioning to take control of the throttle, put in a pair of 28.2 back splits to be an easy winner. VICTORIANA left between horses and went to the pocket at the 1/8, maintained second over MY ABIGAIL late. The latter was well-placed second-over, tipped wide late turn but went wider than needed and stayed wide, could not rally for the deuce. AD ASTRA was three-deep leaving, settled n third past the 1/8, uncovered early on the backstretch, challenged then started to fade past midturn. CHEESY HANOVER hugged the inside and just got the last check. QUICKEST HANOVER was far back, in tight quarters late going for the last check. THESUNRISESAGAIN was eclipsed in here. CANTABSLEADINGLADY was behind the gapping cover of SISTER CHRISTINA and tried to circle it ¾, but neither filly got close.


EIGHTH RACEAPRIL AVA was looped leaving and went on to the front in a quick quarter, yielded, loose in the pocket from the 5/8 into the stretch, but (as the pace decelerated) rallied courageously to get the decision. CAVIART CHERIE quarter-moved to 3/8 command, went 54.4 in the middle half opening a clear lead 5/8, almost lasted in a fast mile – good effort. PRAIRIE WESTERNGAL looped everybody leaving to the front into turn one, saw two go by, stayed connected, Pocono Pike, was doing very well up the inside late. CRAZY CUTE was looped, tucked fourth at the 1/8, moved uncovered 5/8, grinded all the way home after looking shook off headstretch. SKATEBOARD CHIC raced inside, evenly late. BYE BYE MICHELLE never featured. PAMMY JO moved second-over but gapped.


NINTH RACEPIPER HANOVER gradually worked her way to the lead off the first curve, finished in hand while unthreatened with back fractions of 55.2 – 27.3, top mile. MAY KARP left and forced a tuck, then let the winner go, up on the bit, just not quite as good as the winner. ALPINE left, went in behind the place horse, stayed connected, clear third. ABOVE THE CLOUDS also stayed connected while no threat. KOMMIN ON STRONG was inside, gapped ¾. MISS CLEOPATRICK was uncovered at the half and did trot up in 27.1 the third panel, but never got close and then tired significantly. DD’S DIAMOND was no factor. FORTITUDE FASHION was near the back when breaking 5/8.


TENTH RACE – The teletimer malfunctioned during the race; the official fractions were 27.1, 57.2, 1:26.2, 1:53.1 … BELLA BELLINI went up gradually and shopped a tuck fourth 3/16, uncovered past the 5/8 and soon in high gear, had a terrific battle with ANOKA HANOVER in the 26.4 last quarter, gained the advantage for good very late. The latter quarter-moved and got a rest to the 5/8, where she picked it up as the winner was coming, all-out in a ding-dong duel with the one, very good race. YOU ATO DREAM went out to instant command, yielded for the two-hole, was just off the top two and far ahead of the rest. PUB CRAWL left and took the pocket going to turn one, couldn’t keep up ¾. FORTISSIMO FASHION was last when breaking on the far turn. INEFFABLE tried to keep with cover but broke on the last bend.


ELEVENTH RACELADY CHAOS worked up to the lead at the 1/8, let a foe go 5/16 and sat on her back as she came under pressure, went to the Pocono Pike and steadily worked her way to the front. DONNA SOPRANO was looped, briefly had early cover then went on to grab the racetrack 5/16, came under bigtime pressure from FLAWLESS COUNTRY, held that one off but was caught to the inside. The latter started uncovered 5/8 and went head-to-head with the pacesetter from the 11/16, held well. MAZZARATI had the early pocket, stayed in then backed out to second-over 11/16, didn’t quite have the speed of those finishing ahead of her but stayed trying. REBEL GIRL saved ground, never a factor. GOO DOO DOLL came off the rail midturn after a foe broke, but couldn’t reach. MELANIA was third-over, went offstride mid-far turn. LOVE MUFFIN misbehaved soon after the start.


TWELFTH RACEDAZZLING REIGN went out to early control, yielded to a brusher to the half and sat connected in the two-hole, outside headstretch and drew away easily. DIFFIDENT advanced all along the inside, Pocono Pike, good to be up for second. MOVE OVER SOME made a move 3/8 to get the lead by the half in a slow second quarter, rolled on but came up shy in the drive. EVENING STROLL had the early pocket, stayed in until moving wide and wider nearing headstretch, found a better gear a little too late. KEYSTONE BARRACUDA never entered the picture. R SPEED OF LIGHT was out behind cover, never got close. VINYANA tucked third at the 3/16, backed out to third-over nearing the half but soon found herself raw as one horse cleared up top and one broke, never factored thereafter. WIXX HANOVER went into a midpack tuck 3/16, then followed a brusher 3/8, about to be left raw when breaking at the half.


THIRTEENTH RACEJUXTA COWGIRL wouldn’t let anybody by at any point, dug in tough when threatened late. JENORA N got in third past the 1/8, came uncovered 11/16, went on well but couldn’t go by. JUSLIKEAQUEEN took the pocket past the 1/8, to the inside of the winner, held OK but edged for second. ROLL WITH ANGEL stayed in, gapped a bit on the turn, then was better in the Pocono Pike late. ABIGAIL DAWN was out behind a dull second-over, ducked in past midturn, squeezed through up the deep inside with pace. A CRAFTY LADY had an excess of cover. BULLVILLEKARLA never was in the mix. BRING ME DIAMONDS moved outside but never gained. ELENIARK A was last at every call.


FOURTEENTH RACEBULLVILLE TERROR was third-over, blindswitched ¾, able to clear and go widest in the stretch, up in the last step in a blanket finish. DARK ENERGY N was uncovered towards the 5/8 and gradually gained, kept going, may have made a one-step lead two steps from the wire, just nipped. JANAID was looped leaving then went on to take over control, set the pace, was ahead until the last couple of steps. GENERAL JOY A was second-over, three-wide midturn, steadily but a quarter-step short of these. JAHAN HANOVER left for the top then yielded for the pocket, stayed tight, to the Pocono Pike, not far off. MOTIVE HANOVER took back at the start, trailed inside, went to the deep Pike, missed it all by 1¼ lengths, and didn’t get a check. HOW ARE YEE JOHN went three-wide from fourth-over ¾ blindswitching the winner, but couldn’t sustain.