Connors’ Comments for Tuesday, October 27, 2020


FIRST RACECROSSFIT was three-wide past the 1/8 and on top to the 5/16, got pressure from a brusher before the half but kept that one outside, stayed safely ahead of the pocketsitting CASH FOR GOLD late. The latter went between horses to the lead to the 3/16, yielded to the winner and stayed tight in the two-hole, outside in the stretch but second-best, though a clear second-best. STRIKING ENCORE was innermost of the leavers and yielded to the 3/16, stayed in, outtrotted by the top two and just saved third over ONE DIRECTION. The latter was outside and picked up his game decidedly in the last 1/8. MR HOUDINI gapped near the back near the half, passed the rest. BOSS DU FOSSE never got close. PILGRIMS TIDE tucked fourth, was on the move before the winner cleared and was raw from the 3/8, challenged, had a right to tire after doing much hard work. NICE STUFF gapped for much of the mile.


SECOND RACESNUF ENUF HANOVER was very wide early then settled behind cover, rode that until going three-wide 5/8 to two-wide to the ¾ still off of the leader, but went on determinedly and got a well-earned decision. SENDMETOTHESTARS was out with cover to the 3/8, went three-wide and cleared everybody to the second turn, opened a large lead that she held until early stretch, couldn’t hold off the winner but went a big mile. AMERICAN CHANCE was caught in with all the parked traffic, angled two- and three-wide later on the turn, had late speed. LOUD BRAZILIAN was behind dull cover, three-wide midturn and finished steadily. HELLO TOMMY was the first on top, yielded, shuffled as stuck behind a tired pocketsitter on the far turn, then to the Pocono Pike, but couldn’t build enough speed for a better check. SEARCH LIGHT went on to the lead 3/16, parked the foe behind her, was circled by a sweeper into turn two and gapped that one the rest of the way. TSM PRINCESS TEDDI never got in the main picture. PINEBUSH SWEETIE was three-wide to the first turn, briefly behind cover then left out raw, never could clear and faded. KISSIMMEE BEACH joined the outer tier early but never got close.


THIRD RACEBELIEVER sat in until the far turn, moved two- then three-wide when the pocketsitter came out, found best strides very late and was up in a four-horse photo. TRICKY DICK sat fourth-in, had the 2-in and 3-in come out late turn and thus had a clear shot up the Pocono Pike, indeed did get a small lead midstretch, outkicked late. FATHER OF IRELAND protected the pocket throughout, outside nearing headstretch, just a bit shy. PREACHER MAN took command and kept a foe parked, was attacked on both sides in the stretch, didn’t miss by that much. WORLD BANK gapped at a couple of points. RARE MUSCLE raced up frontward first turn but found no hole nor ever could make the top, fading before the 5/8. COMMAND THE MARKET fell far back.


FOURTH RACETHEMYSTERYISOVER was three-deep to turn one then two-wide until tucking third 3/16, gradually got closer down the back, had brief cover then was let raw when the lead changed hands ¾, kept to his task and caught LOU ED ZEPPELIN. The latter took the pocket, gapped then tightened on the leader off the second turn, outside 5/8 to clear at the ¾ and opened his own clear lead on the turn, but came up shy late. BAYONET hustled right to the lead and strung out the field past the half, yielded the lead ¾ but came back in the stretch with some tenacity. TSM BATMAN outpaced HOLY MOMENT for the no-factor fourth. LAGUNA BEACH BOY and SWEET SUCCESS fell far out of it.


FIFTH RACEHOSTILE moved behind good cover off the second turn, gradually wore down ASTEROID in the last couple steps. The latter tucked early, started uncovered on turn two and grinded, had the lead ¾ but couldn’t cross over, just missed in a good race. TUFF TO BE LINDY went right to the lead, hung a foe almost to the 3/8 before yielding, then shuffled in the pocket much of the turn and until the Pocono Pike, closed well but couldn’t recover enough. DOMINIC DE VIE spotted third, backed out to third-over to the ¾ as the outer tier was proving livelier, finished steadily. SHIPSHAPE HANOVER made an early break but caught pretty quickly, then caught the field, inside on the far turn and got the last check. DAGON HANOVER was looped and pressed on towards the top, finally getting it nearing the 3/8, under pressure from the first-over and tired in the last quarter. BARCIA HANOVER gapped down the backstretch. RIGHT MAN never got a call.


SIXTH RACETRUMP THAT went into the pocket when the rail horse showed he wanted to cut it, able to slip outside late backstretch as the gapping second-over appeared to drift out a bit, uncovered ¾ and right by on the turn, drew away. DULL ROAR sat in, was in the pocket late backstretch and managed to escape a shuffle by following the winner several lengths off him on the turn, second-best. GARRETT’S GUIDE was last, passed a lot of horses while four-wide through the last quarter. ADIOS MUCHACHOS and QUAKE BLUE CHIP went evenly in getting the last checks. J M JET SET was very wide early, settled into fourth 3/16, then moved second-over, gapped and may have drifted wide. THISBEACHRGHTHEREA went in third past the 1/8, started first-over at the half and advanced, got the lead at the ¾ but was used up by then. SKYWAY BILLY was behind dull cover, moved three-wide 11/16 but didn’t gain. THORN IN YOUR SIDE left with intent and put up some good numbers, finished once passed ¾.


SEVENTH RACECOMMANDER PARIS N made the front at the 1/8 in by far the fastest quarter of the race, had a long challenge from the first-over, held him out, then trotted away in the stretch. NEW IDENTITY preserved the pocket early, stayed close behind the backstretch duelers while the others gapped, not in the winner’s league but held for second. PRETTY EDGY tucked third, gapped a bit down the back then got closer, gained on the place horse some late. D’DREAM was mired by excess cover, two-wide off the far turn, went between horses and then dropped inside to photo out PERSEVERANCE for fourth. The latter moved uncovered into turn two and went right up to fight the leader, gave a little ground around the turn, and then a lot in the stretch. ALEXANDER HANOVER found an early spot, then was behind nonadvancing cover and never got in the main battle. TROTTING Z TAM moved second-over but gapped. HOLY KOLY was never prominent. PUMA BLUE CHIP went out three-wide from last ¾ but didn’t gain.

EIGHTH RACEALWAYS HOTSPEED was looped and three-wide to the 1/8, then two-wide to the top past the 3/16, held off the hard challenge of the first-over and the late Pocono Pike move of MOVE THE LINE. The latter outleft everybody by far, yielded before the ¼ for the two-hole, to the Pocono Pike, gained incrementally but really did not look like a threat to go by. YER SO BAD, looking a bit hard to handle, moved uncovered 5/8 and went right up to challenge the winner, was held at bay but raced with energy. DANCING MACHINE was second-over, evenly. LOST MY LIGHT sat in, didn’t gain late but was well ahead of the others. PERFECTLY SAID wasn’t heard from. CARDINAL VIEW was way off the gate and way behind. A B COLLINS was a bit off the gate then ran going to turn one.


NINTH RACECAPTAIN KRUPNIK left between horses and got command at the ¼, yielded to sit the two-hole, to the Pocono Pike, and got by ADAGIO DE LA TOUR a bit more easily than the margin may suggest. The latter pushed out from the pole, yielded but retook right away, had a bunch on his back headstretch, held off all but the one right behind him. MUSCLE STAR moved out behind the parked one before turn two, three-wide from the 11/16, steadily. PHANTOM RUSTY got an early tuck, vacated third-in for a blindswitch before the ¾, ducked in in the lane, wasn’t keeping tight early stretch, then had no clear lane, hard to tell if he had more trot. UNCLE LEO, very wide early, was left uncovered 5/16 and charged up, held on quite well considering the extra real estate covered. KRENTLER HANOVER gapped. AUTEUR HANOVER broke at the half.


TENTH RACENOME HANOVER wanted the early lead but was forced to accept the pocket 3/16, back to third-in 5/8 as a sweeper went by, got out just in front of a gapper midturn, wide and finished nicely. SUPER MAC forced the winner to tuck, rated the half, was quickstepped past by a foe 5/8 but stayed up tight, to the Pocono Pike and briefly had the lead back midstretch, won a five-way fight for second. BOLTMAN stayed in, came up the deep Pike with solid pace. BRAZEN BRAZILIAN tucked past the 1/8, got out third-over but couldn’t keep up in the fast third quarter, wide in the lane and had some lick on the end of it. SURFER BEACH was second-over but lost cover past the 5/8, went up to challenge the new leader, held OK. LOU’S SWEETREVENGE had an excess of cover far turn, went to two-wide late turn and followed the winner’s path until he was shut off with pace late. MOONLIGHT SHADOW was not prominent. BEACH FIRE K vacated third before the half and went up with a roar to clear 5/8 while pacing his third quarter in 26.3, but could not sustain in the lane.


ELEVENTH RACEREALLY A VIRGIN left and took the two-hole, then quarter-moved and strung out the field almost to the 11/16, looked to be in control before midstretch but then needed late rousing to have enough for a foe to either side. SWEETONTHEBEACH had the early lead, yielded for the two-hole trip, found his best strides a little too late. BREAK THE DEAL popped out of fourth 11/16, never got closer to the winner than at the finish. MOSSDALE LOTTEE N was last most of the way, found Pocono Pike clearance and gained a lot of ground in the last 1/16. RT DON’T SPEAK was never a factor. SOMEWHERE NORTH got in third 3/16, empty on the far turn. THE OTHER THREE were outside at a distance.


TWELFTH RACECONSUS VICTORY left well to the point at the 1/8, saw two go by, went up the Pocono Pike as the pocketsitter pulled out headstretch, just got the nod. SIMPLY VOLO was looped early and three-wide to the 1/8, then two-wide to the lead at the ¼, yielded 3/8 for the two-hole, vacated that spot headstretch, in the fight to the wire. BELLA AVA quarter-moved from fourth and set the pace, tired midstretch. LIONBACKER KIDD was first on top, yielded, angled out when clear midstretch and finished well. YUGE was second-over, gapped late backstretch then got closer, had to go three-wide midturn around the breaker, never entered the main picture. FRAC and CHOCO CHARLIE were near the rear throughout. BUTTER TOFFEE was gapping in last. TOTAL DIVA was out raw on turn two, hit a higher gear 5/8 and battled the leader, appeared to be looking for more when breaking midturn.


THIRTEENTH RACEURBAN RENEWAL went into the two-hole at the 1/8, gapped slightly past the 5/8 and was rocked, hit a better gear and zoomed right by when tipped into the Pocono Pike. KHUN RATHA A started uncovered 3/8 and was on a long grind, did very well to grab second over CAPTAIN MALICIOUS. The latter took early command, rated the half then picked up the pace, didn’t have enough to the wire. DREAM OF LUCK was third-over, three-wide from midturn and finished well. ARTOFFICIAL FLAVOR had to swing widest and also finished with pace. SURF THE WEB was second-over, blindswitched midturn while gapping some. GOLDEN GESTURE wasn’t keeping up 5/8. HOW ARE YEE JOHN was three-wide to the 1/8 and got in fifth at the ¼, broke early backstretch, caught the field but was in a tough spot.


FOURTEENTH RACETHATSWHATISAID N was the innermost of three leavers, let them go, moved uncovered 3/8 with urging and cleared before the 5/8, maintained the advantage to the wire for George’s sixth of the day. MIGHTY MR SHARKEY N made the lead between horses at the 1/8, forced a tuck, yielded to the winner’s brush but stayed close and even came back a little bit late. AUDACIOUS WARRIOR was in the early-forming outer tier, went inside late backstretch and came through for the distant third. WARRAWEE TOTAL moved with cover just past the half, three-wide late turn, some on the end of it. MY DELIGHT was three-wide to the 1/8 and then took the two-hole 3/16, struggled from the 11/16. MOTIVE HANOVER was far behind, moved three-wide 11/16 but couldn’t gain enough. ALLIE’S FINALE was outside but never factored. WINDSONG JACK moved with cover but lost it before the 5/8, stopped gaining far turn. ABSOLUTE INTENT gapped early and never featured.