Connors’ Comments for Saturday, June 27, 2020




FIRST RACE – Track variant “+1” throughout the night; “sloppy” the first half of the card and “good” the second … Mild stretch headwind to start which would pick up after a few races  … LACHIE MAGUIRE N was four-wide early and three-wide to the 1/8, pressed forward and gained command before the 3/8, fought with ROYAL HEART from before headstretch, coaxed home to the win. The later made the lead 3/16, yielded for the two-hole before the 3/8, outside late turn, gave it his best shot, just a little shy. ROCK ON PRECIOUS was stuck in and shuffled behind a fader, out in a blindswitch on the turn then came up the inside in the stretch, OK for the distant third. ROCK ON PRECIOUS had all kinds of excess cover, widest in the stretch and finished with some speed. UNDERTAKER moved uncovered into turn two, didn’t reach, tucked third far turn, fair. WICK N was second-over, three-wide then two-wide far turn, not too much. TOM’S A ROCKIN was three-deep early then tucked back, was in the outer tier, left three-wide midturn, not enough. B’S YANKEE never got close. TOUREG SEELSTER pushed the early action o the 3/16 and yielded, gave way badly past the 5/8.


SECOND RACEMARCO BEACH moved uncovered 5/8, retucked in the pocket, came out again in the stretch, drew clear while drifting out some. LAKE CHARLES moved 3/16 but hard to work hard to get the lead 3/8, set the pace, could only last for a DH2 with RAZOR’S EDGE. The latter left a big gap in front of the stands, got closer and went uncovered, steadily gained and got the tie for second. CENTURY FURY swung wide in the stretch and had some pace. CECIL CASANOVA gapped from past the 5/8. GLACIS was outside with cover, went between horses in the stretch, not enough for minor honors. BLACKLIGHT led a lineup out of the gate, pushed an early challenge before yielding for the two-hole, started to give way at the ¾. LOUD SPLASH was last at every call.


THIRD RACEPALOMAR did not leave but was underway uncovered before the 3/8, charged right up and cleared a stubborn leader at the ¾, all alone. IYQ YQR made two speed moves, held the favorite out a long way on the backstretch until yielding the lead before the ¾, tired but still held second in a good outing. ROCK THREE TIMES joined the outer flow and went three-wide on the second turn, rushed up to tuck a distant third, kept coming and didn’t miss second by all that much. ABSOLUTE INTENT was shuffled to last, three-deep down the back around a sluggish two-wide tier, uncovered on the turn, edged BAMSKI for fourth. The latter was outside, blindswitched, inside, not prominent. SAND STERLING was outside before turn two, never could keep up with the winner, broke late. THUNDER SOMEWHERE tucked, then was shuffled, no recovery. CHACHING HANOVER was forwardly-placed early, then was trapped and shuffled to last. UNION STATION was three-wide early then two-wide to the ¼, yielded, couldn’t keep up 5/8.


FOURTH RACEJK MUSICMAN tucked, moved out at the ¼ then went back in when the parked horse could not clear, vacated the pocket to go three-wide 5/8, quickly to two-wide and challenged, could not clear the leader, finally drew off (in a 30 kicker). STOLEN CAR was three-wide leaving, was given the cold shoulder by a stubborn frontstepper, got to duck in the pocket 5/8, outside behind the winner in the stretch and showed great tenacity to rally for second. MR RIGHT HANOVER was outside far back on turn two, got cover 5/8, three-wide midturn and made up some real estate. BUSBOY HANOVER moved outside from last far turn, then angled far inside in the lane and had pace. TAKE IT BACK TERRY was looped early and tucked, moved out well off the top two 5/8, couldn’t get closer. WORKIN THEM ANGELS went right to the leader and battled very hard with two different game challengers, finally tired in the stretch. THE OTHER DUO never were prominent.


FIFTH RACEPHOTOBOMBR HANOVER was quarter-mover #2, had to work to clear into turn two, but then ran away from these in the last half. MARINER SEELSTER let between horses, took back to tuck fourth, rallied in the Pocono Pike for the distant second. MAKO BANNER N left hard, yielded for the pocket but was quickly out on the regain, pushed the winner a distance before yielding into turn two, soon started gapping that one. BABY KITTY was buried inside, split horses in tight quarters late while finishing with pace. PROVEN DESIRE was three-wide to the 1/8 to command 3/16, saw two brush by, came outside on the turn in hopes of gaining on the gapping pocket horse but could not. THE OTHER PAIR were not involved in this one.


SIXTH RACEBULLY BOY was underway from fifth at the ¼, trotted 27.4 against the wind to get the lead into turn two and immediately stole clear while continuing at a very fast clip, tiring late but uncatchable. ARMAGEDDON SEELSTER got in fourth at the 1/8, came out down the back as the winner got away, gained steadily into the declining pace. IM SECRET got an early spot, then followed cover, gapped it on the far turn, finished OK. GOLDEN SON was first to the top, yielded, locked in and shuffled badly, finally could clear outside on the turn, better mile than it may look. WHAT THAT IS avoided enough trouble for the last check. KEYSTONE SERGEANT also was stuck inside and shuffled out of it. LAGERFELD followed early cover then went on to 5/16 command, yielded on turn two and almost immediately couldn’t stay with the horse who just passed him. FINAL DREAM went out to the lead, yielded 5/16, was stuck behind a gapper but didn’t seem to have much. MISS MUSCLE left a big gap at the back the last half.


SEVENTH RACENUCLEAR DRAGON came out into a blindswitch 11/16, cleared and swung wide for the stretch and closed very nicely. OFFICIAL DELIGHT was pushed almost to the 3/8 in his effort to make the top, went on in the third quarter, held off all but one. DAKOTA JACK was forwardly-placed, moved out uncovered 11/16, went an OK mile. SENTENCING MEMO was outside on the second turn, finally moved to three-wide near midstretch and narrowed in. MR D’S DRAGON was very reluctant to give up the lead from the rail, did nearing the 3/8, had little left late. CHUMLEE A was urged early, four-wide to the first turn then took all the way back to sixth, moved to follow a parked horse then went three-wide 5/8 as he stalled, left three-wide as horses vacated the rail late backstretch, tired the last 3/16 after exceptionally hard use. EVER AGAIN did not achieve prominence. OZONE BLUE CHIP was three-wide early, couldn’t find a hole and was left out the rim, faded from the 5/8.


EIGHTH RACEPAT MATTERS left to maintain the pocket, moved out early stretch, and the 9-10 shot caught the 8-10 favorite TWO AM. The latter went between horses to the lead in a hot quarter, no match late for the pocket rocket. MUSHANA sat in, came up the inside for third. WISENHEIMER kept a hole shut late first turn, stayed connected, evenly late. THE LION KING AS was three-wide leaving, could find no hole so had to spend the mile on the rim, held extremely well. MARION GONDOLIER came out down the back, moved three-wide but didn’t gain. CRAZYCAT swung widest from last but couldn’t reach. MUSCLE STAR didn’t enter the fray. MYSTICAL WYNN gapped in last then broke early on the far turn.


NINTH RACEFATHER SARDUCCI went up second-over, three-wide at the 7/8 and had the most pace late. ROCK THE TOWN cleared to the lead quickly, yielded to the favorite, to the Pocono Pike and got a short lead before midstretch, but was outrushed by the winner. ALWAYS AT MY PLACE stayed in, to the inside in the lane, OK. ATTA BOY DAN was looped leaving, bypassed the pocket and grabbed command past the ¼, rated quarter two then was under attack, came up short. STARVIN MARVIN spotted midpack just past the 1/8, inside and blocked on the turn, moved outside in the stretch, slow to get going but moving well at the wire. SOMWHERENBROOKLN N had cover from the winner two- and three-wide but didn’t have enough. BILBO HANOVER and LATE MAIL N gapped down the back. ROCK LIGHTS went raw into turn two, paced his own third split in 26.4 to fight with the leader, but that move sapped his energy.


TENTH RACERICH AND MISERABLE was content to stay in the three-hole until the ¾, then trotted home strongly to win for fun. OBRIGADO made two moves to control the throttle and went along at a snappy tempo, no match for the winner but did hold second. MAX was parked to the ¼ to make the top, yielded for the two-hole, angled out behind the winner before midstretch, couldn’t get the deuce. SCIROCCO ROB moved later in the backstretch and soon was third-over, then second-over as his cover broke, OK late. SHEEZ ON A CRUISE gapped midrace, fair inside late. PAPPY GO GO was never in this event. EXPLOSIVE BREAKAWAY moved out ¾ and looked to be in good position but soon jumped off his chances.


ELEVENTH RACEROCK THE DEVIL left between horses for the pocket, considered a quarter-move but rethought that tactic and stayed in the pocket, to the Pocono Pike and got the decision. STAR COMMANDER N showed speed, sat third-in, right to the deep Pike and finished steadily. REBELLIOUS was three-wide to the 1/8 to the lead not long thereafter, went a fast third quarter, couldn’t quite last to the line. GENTLEMANJIM II IE came out uncovered 5/8 and paced his third quarter in 26.3, continued on to the line although not gaining. HEARTBEAT HILL gapped down the back, far back but got the last check. PYRO never exploded. TIGER BARON was behind dull cover. KASEY JOHN A moved “second-over” but didn’t have much. CLOSING STATEMENT got rank 100 feet before the start then made a break.


TWELFTH RACETURBO HILL left and secured the pocket, to the Pocono Pike, paced to the lead, then withstood SKYWAY QUINTON to his left. The latter spotted third at the 1/8, stayed in, to the deep Pike and finished steadily. GOLDBERG came out second-over past the 5/8, three-wide headstretch, pacing well late. THE REAL ONE came all the way up the inside. ROCKIN RON made the front just past the 1/8 in a 26 opener, went on, came up short to the wire. MACH N CHEESE eased out raw 5/8 but was not a major danger. OCEAN COLONY angled widest in the stretch and had a bit of pace. SHADOW CAT struggled third-over. KNOCKING AROUND disconnected from before the ¾.


THIRTEENTH RACETELLITSABB was four-wide to the 1/8 and three-wide most of the ¼ en route to 5/16 command, set a quick pace and was equal to this challenge. WAR DAN DELIGHT N was three-wide to the 1/8 and between horses to the ¼, wound up in the pocket, came out into the stretch, gained back a little late. THE MOONSHADOW N stayed in the two-wide tier early when he saw he would have cover, paced up, went three-wide late turn, big mile. VIRGIN STORM sat in, blocked from before the ¾ through the turn, OK in the Pocono Pike late. LETS HAVE ANOTHER was third-in from early backstretch, gapped slightly the last 3/8. ARTIE’S IDEAL was shuffled to last, had good late pace from a tough spot. BRANQUINHO was wide early but took back and was two-wide near the back until near the half, then was second-over, kept trying one-gearing. CAVIART STENSON pushed the quarter from the rail, came raw past the half, faded in the last panel.


FOURTEENTH RACEELWELL did not leave sharply, wide early then in gear at the 1/8, gradually worked to command before the 3/8, dismissed the challenger to his right then held off the late bid of the one to his left. JJ FLYNN tucked, sat in and gapped slightly down the back, better in the stretch to just miss. CALIFORNIA CRUISIN made the lead at the 1/8, yielded for the pocket, outside to headstretch, good but a step shy. TOPVILLE OLYMPIAN started raw before turn two but got cover at the half, three-wide midturn, outpaced. VORACITY was third-over, four-wide late turn, couldn’t reach. RAINBOW ROMANCE N and URBAN RENEWAL were never major players. DRAWING DRAGONS left well, challenged in 26.4 raw during the third quarter, tired on the far turn.