Connors’ Comments for Sunday, March 1, 2020


 SUNDAY, MARCH 1, 2020


FIRST RACE – Temperature just above freezing all night … BARBADOS (whose temperature Sunday night was in the 70s) was outside the whole mile, grinded forward uncovered from the 3/8, never gave in and took the decision in a brave showing. JUSTIFIED made two speed moves to control the throttle, held well. MILANO HANOVER protected the three-hole from a tucker past the 1/8, moved outside midturn, came on just a touch too late. ROCKIN BILLY was between horses leaving, finally got in front towards the 5/16 but immediately yielded for the pocket, no response late. OWN IT left under encouragement, was four-wide to the first turn and three-wide past the 1/8 until taking back to drop in fourth, stayed in, evenly late. ROCKIN CELEBRATION was buried inside and was back to last, gained a bit in the latter stages. NIALL HANOVER had an excess of cover, went three-wide ¾ but couldn’t enter contention. MCCITO was third-over, gapped then was blindswitched ¾. RUFO followed the winner, gapped out 5/8.


SECOND RACEPEMBROKE BADA BING showed fine early jet to cross right over from post nine, set the pace, took pressure, took a couple of nasty steps off the turn but quickly squared up, game to withstand rivals, then survived an inquiry into the headstretch situation. GRUDEN defended the pocket and had the perfect trip, outtrotted late. AXIOS tried to go second-over but gapped cover and went back in far turn, outside late and closing well. KEYSTONE ANGEL was outfooted early and settled in third 3/16, started uncovered off turn two and challenged, held well. MAJESTIC MYSTIC went outside on the far turn and proved best of the rest. HANDSOME DEVIL gapped inside. GWALLY was not heard from. SMART AS A WHIP jumped it off 100 feet before the start. ZACK’S GOT THE W was midpack when miscuing 3/16.


THIRD RACEMAX went to the lead at the 1/8 and seated a prime rival, came home with 28.2 quarters and appeared to win a bit more confidently that the margin may suggest. TWO AM left, had cover then raced up into the pocket 3/16, a bit loose on the turn but then hit a better gear early stretch and was narrowing in well. MY LINDY WINNER came uncovered at the half, trotted a 27.4 third split to get close but then began backing off. TRUEMASS VOLO was forwardly-placed, evenly. ALTERNATIVE FACT didn’t show much. APLOMB HANOVER, slow starting, moved outside but gapped. SWEET CHAPTER couldn’t keep up the last half.


FOURTH RACEJEWELS FORREAL left between horses, was forced to accept the pocket near the ¼, sat the two-hole, to the Pocono Pike and outfinished her opposition. BEACH BAR started uncovered nearing the lower turn, grinded, made a short lead before midstretch, outfinished to her inside but good. YES DOUBLE DOWN was second-over, got closer to her cover nearing the far turn, OK late. ENGLISH ROSE N backed out to third-over off the second turn, gapped, then had some pace nearing the line. LOVIN MISS DAISY N forced two foes to grab leather early, got pressure on the lead, wilted. JUSLIKEAQUEEN was three-wide 3/16 then realized the top was not in her future and took back to fourth, no factor late. STICK THAT LIP OUT didn’t do much here.


FIFTH RACEMR HOUDINI was looped and between horses to the 3/16, then up for the lead 5/16, set the pace, shrugged off his only challenger. NEWCASTLE left a ton from post nine and made the lead at the 1/8, yielded 5/16 for the two-hole, came outside past midturn but could not go by. WORTH THE MONEY AS started uncovered 5/8 and one-geared it to third. BUTTER TOFFEE backed out behind cover ¾ but couldn’t rally that much. LAKEVIEW TAMMY showed some speed, stayed inside, not too much late. ARCH CREDIT also sat in, couldn’t gain in the Pocono Pike. MISTER PHOTOGENIC failed to get into the picture. CHAS HANOVER was last in the main pack, did not have a free lane in the stretch. COASTAL REGION was looped and three-wide until the 3/16 where making a break.


SIXTH RACEP L ICABOD went to the lead and saw three contenders make breaks in threatening positions, bore out a little but stayed safe. MANDELA BLUE CHIP tagged along and got second after the pocket horse broke. That horse was ALVISI HANOVER, who had trouble keeping up from the 5/8, made a break and went to the infield, regained the course and went on OK; an inquiry showed no violation of any breaking rules. CAN DO avoided trouble. LONDON HANOVER moved out 9/16, left uncovered to the 11/16 as his cover broke, not too much. WHAT DA MATTER U and MILLVILLE ROAD were both off slowly and way off the main bunch. FRANKIE MULLINS got in fourth 3/16, moved out raw 9/16 but broke late in the backstretch. CORDOBA HANOVER was three-wide to the 1/8 and looked ready to clear just beyond that point but misbehaved.


SEVENTH RACETYSON was on top at the 1/8, kept a foe parked to the 5/16 before yielding for the pocket, to the Pocono Pike and had enough to defeat his crew. KANDY KORN backed out to third-over before the 11/16, stayed three-wide with cover late turn and into the stretch, gradually angled four-wide and finished very nicely to win a four-way photo for second. KEYSTONE SERGEANT started uncovered 3/8 but soon got cover, three-wide late turn, not bad but outtrotted from behind for second. ZOOMING came uncovered early on turn two, challenged although they weren’t going that much, held his ground OK. BIG BILL BREEZE was three-wide to the first bend then two-wide to the 5/16 for the lead, set the pace under pressure, gave a little ground very late. CAMPBELLINI never factored; nor did SWISS PLATINUM. SMOKEE MIRRORS originally moved out third-over, gapped and went back in then moved out again ¾ but had little to offer. SERIOUS SAVANNAH wasn’t helped by sluggish cover.


EIGHTH RACEBLACKWELL RUBY IR forced the ¼ then yielded only to immediately retake, ran off in the last quarter. SWEET LULLABY stayed in, blocked with horse on the far turn, had to wait for the Pocono Pike but then showed good acceleration to decision SURE R LOOKIN GOLD for second. The latter was three-high to the 1/8 then went in third to the ¼, behind the gapping pocket horse far turn, moved outside, closed well but outsped a little for the place. CLEARLY BETTER worked hard to get the lead just off the first turn, yielded readily to the retaking favorite, struggled in the pocket the last 5/16. MORE MORE MORE moved second-over, gapped cover then got tighter later on the backstretch, tipped three-wide, OK late. RHYME N ROLL took until the quarter to get in fifth, not heard from thereafter. ACTRESS HANOVER was not heard from. SWEET SISSY LOU moved uncovered into turn two, never reached the leader before fading.


NINTH RACEALWAYS B MAGIC was outside the duration, only briefly with cover, challenged the pacesetter very hard, put a nose up on the turn, maintained a slim advantage to the wire to take the final. NAKED CITY came out behind the winner 3/8 and stayed right with him, wide late turn, almost made it. MYSTERY ISLAND was inside until coming out in a blindswitch far turn, angled wide and proved best of the others. TOUGH MUDDER kept a hole closed early, then came out before the winner to the lead 3/8, had that one at him the last half, not quite enough to the wire. SPEEDLING was four-wide leaving, dropped down to two-wide, couldn’t get around a stubborn foe and took the pocket just past the ¼, inside, shuffled far turn, Pocono Pike, had late response. SMART TALKER was third-over but gapped at the half despite urging and let a foe out, then was wide mid-far turn to go around that one, pretty good race. AUTOTUNE HANOVER was last and buried, no room in the lane. SOME GOLD backed out in front of a gapper to third-over 5/8 but then himself gapped far turn. DAFINATY would not yield early, finally did so 3/8, had had enough ¾.


TENTH RACECHARGER BLUE CHIP, wide leaving, was in front 3/16, yielded before the 3/8 but was right back out to regain command, shook off pressure on the turn and left these well in his wake. GRANDPA DON was into uncovered mode nearing turn two, couldn’t step with the winner but did better than the rest. CARMENS BEST was looped leaving, went up to take over the lead before the 3/8 then yielded back to the winner, gapped the last ¼ but still held third. MIDNIGHT DYLAN N was first to the top, yielded, inside, blocked far turn, Pocono Pike but not a great late response. SHARKNADO gapped inside down the back, then finally came clear deep in the Pike and had a bit of pace. MR CARROTTS was third-over, three-wide ¾ but failed to improve his position. ACHILLES BLUE CHIP was second-over, blindswitched ¾ and struggling the last 3/16. CORNER CON ARTIST was never in the picture. MASTER THE VIEW had an excess of cover, never got into the main battle.


ELEVENTH RACECAPTAIN MCKEE tailed cover towards turn two and was left raw at the half, fought with that one down the back, got the lead at the ¾ and drew away. JERRYTONE went around everybody for 1/8 command, shuffled during the lead changes then popped back out third-over 5/8, closed well in a good race. I’M NO PANSY tailed the winner, couldn’t keep up on the far turn but lasted for third. BETTER THAN CASH moved out 3/8 after the early parked horses had cleared and brushed to the top at the ½, under pressure from the winner and submitted ¾, not too much late. ONEDARKKNIGHT was three-wide early while looped, had cover then left raw 5/16 to 3/8 command, yielded at the half, to the Pocono Pike but his early exertions caught up with him. GOLD STAR YODER was looped, took 5/16 to make the top, yielded, shuffled on the far turn then outside when the two horses hooked up, couldn’t gain. COLLEGE HANOVER showed little. GENESSEE SEELSTER sat in, moved two-wide mid-far turn but hooked wheels with CENTURY FURY, who was trying to gain three-wide, past midturn.


TWELFTH RACE – Fractions 28, 56.1, 125.1, 154.3 … MAGIC FORCES made the lead just past the 1/8, rolled on nicely, looked to be passed by ATTENTION HANOVER just past midstretch but fought on and got the headbob. The latter yielded for the pocket, tightened back in late on the backstretch, to the Pocono Pike, appeared to get a long nose up in midlane but lost the photo. TAKE ABIT OF LIFE was second-over, three-wide late turn, raced well. JERICHO DIVA was third-over, didn’t have enough kick. ROLLING GOING GONE sat in, last headstretch, didn’t want to try the deep Pike so sat a long way awaiting room between foes, then had very good speed belatedly. HEAVENLY BET gapped early, didn’t have much. MELANIE’S FILLY was uncovered to the 5/8, tired.


THIRTEENTH RACECRAZYCAT went out and tucked midpack to the 1/8 stayed in and advanced to third-inside past the 5/8, got room in the deep Pocono Pike and shot right through for a nice victory. MUSCLE STAR left well to the lead before the 1/8, yielded to the favorite for the pocket, went to the Pocono Pike, where he was outkicked by the others but defeated all the rest. BROADWAY ATHENA was far back on the rail, found room between horses just past midstretch and had a sharp late kick. LAGERFELD was away second then improved position by one just past the quarter, set the pace, didn’t have enough and drifted out a bit. PERFECT STICK moved out second-over 5/8, lost her action soon past that then regathered before the ¾, edged AIRMAN KELLY to get the last check. The latter went uncovered towards the 5/8 but couldn’t mount much of a threat. THE OTHERS were never major players tonight.