Connors’ Comments for Saturday, February 29, 2020




FIRST RACE – Mild swirling breeze through the bitter-cold evening – temperature ranged from 25o to 22oCLOUSEAU HANOVER was looped early, went up to 3/16 command, set a sharp tempo and was tons the best in the opener. OUR REGAL IDEAL N was shaken up down the backstretch, moved out 3/4 and got cover, three-wide around the cover headstretch and closed for the distant second. MCBOOGITTY went right to command, yielded for the two-hole, couldn’t quite hold second late. J M JET SET raced third, outside to midturn but had little. HEREITIZ wasn’t in the main hunt, a bit of speed late. BORDER CONTROL A was not prominent.


SECOND RACESTIRLING ESCORT moved with cover before the half, lost cover before the ¾ and challenged the new leader, made the lead before midstretch and proved the strongest. IAMMRBRIGHTSIDE N moved three-wide off cover to the ¾ and remained wide through the turn, along to be second. P H KENNY was first to the top, yielded, vacated third before the half and brushed to the lead 11/16, couldn’t sustain the advantage. SKYWAY BILLY moved out and wide on the far turn, not bad. THE SPY was following the winner when blindswitched to the ¾, ducked inside for the stretch, not all that much. MR BIG LOAD didn’t make his presence felt. ALWAYS A DIAMOND was looped early, uncovered past the 1/8 to the lead 5/16, didn’t have much resistance when challenged late backstretch. MCKINLEY started well and was on top just past the 1/8, yielded 5/16, shuffled behind a tired pacesetter before the ¾ through the turn, but then had nothing once finally clear. NEAT was off the gate, gapping the last half.


THIRD RACESTOP RESISTIN moved out past the 5/8 then was soon left raw as the pulling horse in front of him went back in, circled up to get to the pocket midturn, then out again in the lane and lassoed the tiring leader. CAPTAIN KRUPNIK was off to the races with a wild pace and a big lead, but he paid the price late, still a good mile. THE MAGIC OF LIFE tailed the winner but couldn’t go with him the last 3/16. WINNING GENE gapped a gapping pocket horse, edged out 11/16 but then edged back in, out as the pocket horse totally gave way, no factor. ANDOVERS ASSET gapped at the back much of the way. HOLIDAY HANOVER left enough to ensure the pocket, then gapped from before the ¼ onward, had little left before the ¾.


FOURTH RACETOATSMYGOATS went away enough to defend the pocket behind the favorite, stayed tight, then had more late than NINE WAYS. The latter went right to the lead, set the pace as he pleased, beaten by a trip horse. SPROCKET was third-over, three-wide ¾ and passed a lot of horses to get up for a distant third. CATCH MY SHADOW sat in, shuffled to last late far turn, to the deep Pocono Pike and did well. UNCLE REIMUS tucked fourth 3/16, stayed in, to the Pike, evenly. CARRACCI HANOVER looked at leaving but then took back to last, wide in the stretch and OK. SKIP JIVE sat third until unplugging at the ¾. UNDER PAID got inside midpack 3/16, then was first-over early on turn two, never got closer than the pocket horse’s wheel. HERE COMES SWIFTY was second-over, blindswitched ¾, never made any comeback.


FIFTH RACESUMMIT CITY SWAN came out in the good cover flow, three-wide late turn and went past FANATIC nicely. The latter moved behind cover at the ½, was left uncovered past the 5/8 and challenged the new leader grinding, made the lead before midstretch but couldn’t hold off the horse on his back. CASH HIT was away nicely, kept two second quarter challengers to the outside until giving up the lead towards turn two, shuffled some ¾ then out in a blindswitch towards late turn, best of the rest. O JONNIE was quarter-mover #2, briefly three-wide 3/8, then two-wide until clearing past the 5/8, immediately under attack, not enough in the last 1/16. SOUTHWIND STORM gapped a bit in spots, not too much late. WINNING AMERICAN made the pocket at the 1/8, then was quarter-mover #1, between horses most the length of the frontstretch before clearing, came under assault, gave way past the 5/8, not much left late. SHOW EM ALL LINDY and BOLD GODDESS were far back throughout. FOREVERHILLREIGN was advancing behind cover two- and three-wide on the far bend but broke late turn.


SIXTH RACECITY HALL tucked midpack then was second-over, three-wide 11/16, advanced slowly, got to two-wide late turn, then drew off late. ANWAR HANOVER, his usual hard-to-handle self in his 2020 bow, tailed the winner, followed him three-wide then went four-wide midturn, drifted almost to the outside fence through the stretch but gained well late. FANCY COLT was in the outer flow, stayed in a blindswitch behind the winner through the far turn, had a clear path for second but was caught for that spot, clear of the others. RATHER SWELL attempted a brush 5/16 but was left out to dry, stayed in the fight to nearing headstretch, didn’t fade that badly. ABSOLUTE INTENT had too far to come. POGEY BEACH was three-wide leaving to 3/16 command, had constant pressure from before the 3/8, couldn’t hold up. FLASH LAUXMONT was between horses to 1/8 command, yielded, kept the pocket closed, had no stretch response. LIMA RAIDER was always far back. ROCK THREE TIMES was inside, kept up to the ¾.


SEVENTH RACECASH FOR GOLD went directly to the top, was yielding to an outside foe when that one broke 3/16, set the pace and won easily. SMOOTH ACCELERATION came uncovered at the half, battled gamely the rest of the way although not the equal of the winner, edged INAPERFECTWORLD for second. The latter wound up with a good pocket trip, a bit loose at a couple of points, looked likely to be second midstretch bit faltered late. KEYSTONE APACHE was next in line. SHIVERED was never prominent although getting the last check. STITCH IN TIME gapped out late on the backstretch. NEW IDENTITY was second-over, ducked in before the ¾, little. BOLD FRESH could not keep up from before the start. MEADOWBRANCH PATSY left and was wide, then two-wide and moving towards the lead 3/16 when breaking.


EIGHTH RACEROYAL HEART left well for the top then yielded to sit in the two-hole, needed late rousing to go by HORSING AROUND. The latter went to command 3/16 and rattled off a decent clip, couldn’t hold off the pocket rocket. AMERICAN MUSIC sat third, stayed in, best of the others. CONCUR was third-over. moved wide 11/16 to get back to two-wide ¾ but could make no further progress; DRUNK ON YOUR LOVE followed CONCUR but couldn’t stay with him in the last 1/4. CHEYENNE REIJANE moved second, gapped cover, was blindswitched 11/16, ducked inside, out into another blindswitch headstretch, not too much. MACHINE TEAM and ANCLE were always near the back. POP’S ROMEO “tucked” fourth although never appearing comfortable inside, moved uncovered past the 3/8 but was done past the 5/8.


NINTH RACELARRY KARR encountered little resistance to get the lead and little resistance once on top to the ¾, then had to be very good while coming home in 56 – 27.3 to just edge ROCKIN INTHE HILLS. The latter vacated third from the ¾, showed great heart extending the winner to the utmost with his own last split in 27.1. MR CENSI left well enough to maintain the pocket, outpaced by the top two. BLACKLIGHT gapped a little much of the way. HEARTBEAT HILL gapped a little until 11/16 then moved up to follow cover ¾, not that much. THE OTHER PAIR never really entered the chase.


TENTH RACETRENTE DEO started uncovered 3/8 then got second-over cover nearing the ½, three-wide midturn and pulled away from these from midstretch. WHAT’S GOIN ON was on the winner’s back, crucially could not stay with him late turn and early stretch, then kept on coming to be second. BEACH PRO left sharply to reach the front, yielded just past the 3/16 in a fast quarter and sat the two-hole, to the Pocono Pike, evenly. POLAK A was looped, as noted went a fast quarter and set the pace, was under pressure, tiring from midstretch. CLASSY HILL went uncovered at the half and pushed the leader, couldn’t sustain the move. HALF A BILLION had to swing widest from far back, moving well late. MISTER INDIANA struggled part of the last half to stay close inside, not a late factor. THE OTHER TWO were always well off the main action.


ELEVENTH RACETWIN B TUFFENUFF was four-wide and urged leaving, to two-wide to the lead 3/16, got a slow half, then had just enough coming home in the 56 back half to withstand ATTA BOY DAN. The latter was three-wide early but took back, commenced raw past the 5/8 and gained with every step from there (own last half = 55.1), just shy. SPORTS COLUMN went away well for the front, yielded 3/16 for the pocket, Pocono Pike, a step shy of the top two. HEREHECOMESAROCKIN raced third-inside, angled out to midstretch and finished well in the last 100 feet. LORD WILLOUGHBY A couldn’t gain late. ROCKEYED OPTIMIST was uncovered from last off the second turn, got cover past the 5/8, but couldn’t go with it mid-far turn.


TWELFTH RACECASUAL COOL was quickly on top, set a fast pace on an open lead the last half, all by himself. MAJOR OFFENSE sat third, waited for the Pocono Pike and took second easily. URBAN RENEWAL sat in past the 3/8 and was pinned in from there to midturn, moved outside, wide headstretch, and passed a bunch. WHEN YOU DANCE sat inside, had a bit of finishing pace inside. ALOTBETTOR N sat a pocket trip but was bottomed out by the fast pace and gapped the last half. BLACK CHEVRON N spotted, moved out to the 11/16 but didn’t gain. WILD GOOD CHASE was underway before turn two but had very little.