Connors’ Comments for November 9, 2019




FIRST RACE – Started at 30 degrees, then the temperature went UP – to a balmy 32 degrees – midcard … ENDEAVORS PRIDE was double-looped leaving, got in gear past the 1/8 and went up to grab command 5/16, was pressured on the backstretch, but was in control to the wire and won in hand. OUTKAST BLUE CHIP had an excess of cover, from three-wide ¾ to five-wide headstretch, went past the rest of the field. TOM’S AROCKIN was hung 3/16 before making the top, yielded 5/16 after a fast ¼, sat the pocket, only so-so in the Pocono Pike late. CATCH MY SHADOW moved second-over, gapped early backstretch then got tighter, urged when moving three-wide nearing late turn, evenly. BURNING MIDNIGHT slipped out third-over to the 11/16, four-wide headstretch after not being tight on cover on the turn, fair. TODDLER TANTRUM sat in, deep Pike, not too much. TALENT SOUP was third-over, gapped and let a horse out, ducked in, then was blocked late as the pace slowed. ROCKIN RIO left well, yielded 3/16, was first-over before the half and quickly moved up to press the leader, tired in the lane.


SECOND RACEWARP FACTOR THREE was out second-over, three-wide 5/8 to two-wide raw to the ¾, goy up in the last step of a battle among Pocono’s top three drivers. DAYLIGHT RUSH went right to the front, pushed until the 3/8 and yielded for the pocket, tight then went to the Pocono Pike, got a short lead midstretch, almost held to the line. TORRID BROMAC N was three-wide past the 1/8 then two-wide to the 3/8 clearing to the lead after hard work, was challenged on both sides in the stretch and held well. GRANDPA DON sat in, best of the rest. BETTER B ROLLING left, took the pocket 3/16, gapped on the far turn. DAVID THE SAINT started uncovered to the second turn, but his progress haltered at the 5/8. ZERO THE HERO was out with cover but could do little. DREAMS ARE TRUE had lost contact before the half.


THIRD RACECRUSADES moved uncovered with a big move into turn two, battled the leader and went by ¾, had 2½ lengths early stretch but saw the early leader NEAT come back nicely late, did hold on. The latter left between horses and was going to be looped at the 1/8, continued on two-wide after the three-wide horse broke, got to the front 5/16, yielded to the winner’s brush in the fast third quarter but continued to dig in, was brave in making up good ground through the late part of the race. BORDER CONTROL A backed out to follow cover 5/8 but lost that cover before the ¾, third-best while well off the top two. SEVENS HOPE A was out behind the winner but gapped. SENTENCING MEMO and BRUCE’S MAGIC were never prominent. POLAK A was shuffled on the far turn. P L LEEROY left three-wide and looked ready to go to the top past the 1/8 when making a break. AWESUM ACE left, saw one early foe break, yielded to another 5/16 for the two-hole, gapped late in the fast third quarter, broke while no stretch factor, returned with “b.e.”


 FOURTH RACEWINBAK NOELLE took back early, came out second-over 11/16, “exploded” (last split = 30.3) past a tired group late. RED HOT HERBIE was out 3/16 for the lead, saw two go by in the next 3/8 of a mile, came back out to challenge, fought the leader around the turn, continued on gamely. BURNIN MONEY followed the winner, swung wider and was up for third. CHUCKABUCK came out 3/8, briefly had cover then went on to the lead past the ½, came under pressure in a fast ¾ under the conditions, tired. SPLITSVILLE left, yielded 3/16, moved back to the lead 3/8, was passed by a brusher soon past the half, didn’t have much left late. SHIVERED was on the run as the field came off the turn before the start.


FIFTH RACET’S ELECTRIC left strongly to the lead at the 1/8, went fast odd-numbered quarters with a rest in between, got away from the field late backstretch until before midstretch, when trapped horses shook clear and narrowed in, tired a bit but had established too big a margin. ROCK ON LINE had some speed and got away third, then gapped much of the way to the ¾, then was trapped behind a tired pocketsitter / first-over “wedge,” finally got to the Pocono Pike and narrowed in strongly, but belatedly. MACHINE TEAM started first-over second turn, was never closer to the winner than at the wire. CHANCELLORCULLEN N stayed in, found a seam between horses early stretch and was gaining in the slowing tempo. CHARGER BLUE CHIP had to back out from last, four-wide headstretch, finished well. DAFINATY left, yielded at the 1/8, came up empty 5/8. SPEEDLING could do little from second-over.


SIXTH RACE – Note:  BABY CHEY went on a run early and was in front of the field until past the half; the fractions have been readjusted to ignore his tripping the beam, but the lengths behind in the race call reflect his inclusion … AUTEUR HANOVER gradually tightened on cover second-over, left raw midturn as the first-over went inside, battled ALL ON BLACK a good chunk of the stretch then went past that one late. The latter came outside 3/16 and went to the lead (ignoring BABY CHEY) 5/16, rebuffed the first-over but could not stall the winner late. GONNA FLY backed out to follow cover on the turn, OK for third. ANDOVERS TOUCH came uncovered off turn two, challenged but couldn’t stay with the leader and ducked into the pocket midturn, fell back. LAKEVIEW TAMMY was in front of the nongalloping field, yielded 5/16, started gapping before the ¾. TROLLER was outside but not keeping up, broke far turn. BABY CHEY left and was three-wide when breaking at the 1/8, ran past the half while well-clear of the field in quarter two, then dropped back. TW LAUXMONT broke past the start.


SEVENTH RACEDERECHO went to the lead, forced a tuck, then kept other rivals hung, shook the first outer wave and briefly drew clear early stretch, but then tired and had to be game to withstand DOWN ON MAINSTREET. The latter was amidst an early pack off the leaders, briefly skipped but recovered and sat seventh, pulled out behind the parked horses then went three- then four-wide before the ¾ to get around them, left three-wide on the turn when a rail horse moved outside, tried hard but just missed in a big recovery. NOX VEGAS BLUECHIP was caught inside by the parked horses, came outside just past midturn, OK for third. GRAVE DANCER left around horses, took the pocket, couldn’t gain in the latter stages. QUAKE BLUE CHIP also was caught in, went to the Pocono Pike but could not mount a rally. SUCHASENSEOFHUMOR was a bit off the gate, gapped, never entered the main picture. JUPITER JOHNNY was parked with cover, tried to gain three-wide just before the 5/8 but could not. DREAMLANDS ART was badly looped and stuck on the rim, faded 5/8.


EIGHTH RACEMASSIVE OPULENCE worked up into the pocket to the first turn, stayed tight on the leader as the others lagged, pulled out midturn and snapped right to the lead, very good mile in the chill. ZOOMING was living up to his name leaving, rated the half, sped up down the back shaking off all but the winner, couldn’t handle that one, dug in and held off the rest for the distant second. EYORE HANOVER moved uncovered from behind a gapper while fourth 11/16, OK. NOBLE ANTHONY was able to tuck third, gapped at the 5/8, so-so. ITSGOODTOBEQUEEN took back to get against the pegs, in the Pocono Pike but couldn’t gain enough even for major minor honors. STORMONT WIZARD was last the first half, moved uncovered off turn two but didn’t gain much, got cover 11/16, still never close, a bit of trot at the very end. MUAY HANOVER had little to offer. TIGRESS’S LEGACY was near the back when breaking on the far turn.


NINTH RACEYOUCANIKNOW was uncovered 3/8, speed-grinded a 27.2 third split to reach the leader before the ¾, proved the best in an across-the-track finish. DRAWING DRAGONS followed great cover, three-wide late turn, just grabbed second in the last step from MCBOOGITTY. The latter headed down the road, got a second quarter breather then had to turn the speed back on, stayed in the thick of the battle until the wire. ROYAL HEART raced into a 3-tuck at the ¼, close-up, had no room upper stretch, then found a sliver past midstretch and gained. CARRACCI HANOVER had the pocket, went to the Pocono Pike, was second past midstretch but tired slightly. FOX VALLEY INFERNO was third-over, probed for room between horses early stretch but found no hole so backed out wide and had pace on the end. HERE COMES SWIFTY stayed in, didn’t have much to offer. ELECTROFIRE never entered the picture. ONE TO DRAW TO broke w-a-y before the start.


TENTH RACEATTA BOY DAN went around a gapper early backstretch, came out midturn then swung wide for the drive, along in time. A REAL MIRACLE looked at leaving but took back, uncovered 11/16, kept coming on, may never have had the lead but steadily to grab second. JK MUSICMAN left enough to defend the pocket then was loose from the leader almost to the ¾, ducked to the Pocono Pike and got a short lead midstretch, outkicked. PALOMAR sat in, was blocked most of the stretch, had pace on the end. ALWAYS AT MY PLACE left very swiftly, had an open lead in not-huge fractions to nearing the ¾, came up short in the stretch. BLACK CHEVRON N developed a problem at the half and was pulled up.


ELEVENTH RACEMAXDADDY BLUE CHIP started uncovered on turn two, came raw 27.2 down the back and kept on coming, took the lead early stretch and defeated a rival to both sides in a superior outing. HEISMAN PLAYER let one horse go then pulled 3/16 before the second outside leaver reached him, made the lead at the ¼ and soon yielded for a new pocket, Pocono Pike, good but second-best. MAJOR OFFENSE stayed in, came out late far turn, was gaining real estate quickly late. LIMA RAIDER backed out second-over 5/8, couldn’t go enough in the last 1/8. SOMETIMES SAID went to the early lead, yielded, third-in, not more left late. INTERNET HANOVER had cover from two different horses to the ¼ then went on to command 5/16, set the pace, under attack on the far turn, faded. OUR POSITANO N gapped outside; CASUAL COOL gapped inside.


TWELFTH RACEIN SPADES was looped leaving, three-wide briefly around a breaker, in past the ¼ then on the move early second turn to the lead 9/16, not in danger thereafter. LIKE CLOCKWORK was underway uncovered 3/8, briefly had cover, again left raw, tucked n the pocket to the 11/16, finished well. STAR COMMANDER N pushed away quickly, yielded 5/16, shuffled 5/8 then to the outer tier and retucked third 11/16, held that position. URBAN RENEWAL joined the outer flow, was left uncovered before the far turn and couldn’t gain. HE’S ELECTRIC was shuffled when the pacesetter tired, couldn’t get back into the race. SHOOTER’S DREAM was challenging between horses for the lead when making a break 3/16. MAJOR CROCKER A was three-wide until getting around the early breaker 3/16, two-wide to the lead 5/16, yielded to the brusher 9/16 and steadily fell back.


THIRTEENTH RACE – Wind has picked up; a stretch headwind … WAGON MASTER sat in, then able to get out late backstretch after a foe broke, stacked four-wide headstretch and finished strongly for the upset victory. SEEL THE DEAL N made the lead 3/16 and set the pace, opened a decent-sized lead after midturn, but couldn’t sustain to the wire. CENTURY CHURCHILL was in a forward position, shuffled some behind a tiring pocketsitter then to the Pocono Pike, won a photo for third over SOMETIMESAWINNER. The latter went up a step late, tucked fifth 3/16, then was second-over, three-wide late turn, OK. LACHIE MAGUIRE N was originally fourth-over, was bothered when the third-over broke, did well to get back into it for a check. INSTRUCTOR went to the front, yielded 3/16 for the pocket, struggled most of the last ¼. SOMEBEACH BARON came uncovered into turn two, didn’t make all that much progress, then fell back in the final panel. CLASSY HILL never featured. AMERICA’S FLEET was third-over when making a backstretch break.


FOURTEENTH RACESTARS ALIGN A sat behind an early fight after tucking third, then moved at the half and gained the lead well before a fast 3/4s, mildly-urged to keep safe a narrowing-in group. BILBO HANOVER was out in the flow, looking to be going about all he could to the ¾ and on the turn, but then narrowed in late as the pace slowed down. FEELING CAM LUCKY tucked fourth past the 1/8, gapped in quarter two behind the hot tempo then moved out behind the winner, left uncovered and saw the winner get away, did well to be this close. ROCK THE TOWN was last, came through a tight hole early stretch and finished well. DAAMERICANSKY did not want to give up the lead then reluctantly did so before the 3/8, was shuffled late backstretch through the turn, to the Pocono Pike, got to second midstretch but flattened out. BONDI HANOVER finished OK as the pace diminished. BELL I NO said “no” to a yawning pocket and went out to get the front before the 3/8 in a demanding half, passed late backstretch and fell back. VAPOUR N stayed in, angled out headstretch and lost ground upper stretch, then was shut off near the wire upon coming up on tiring horses. SANTAFE’S COACH had little chance from this spot.