Connors’ Comments for Tuesday, November 5, 2019






FIRST RACE – Temperature dips from 55o to 47o during the card … Stretch headwind … THAT’S OFFICIAL was away well, pulled raw from third to the 5/8 and went right by to the ¾, opened a giant lead and was coasting. DELCO PAPA BEAR was third-over, stayed behind cover until headstretch, then showed good late jet. JOHNNY GUN followed cover 5/8, was left raw ¾, only got by the tired pacesetter headstretch, clear third. WESTERN ALUMNI was no factor. ROCKIN BILLY went out with determination early, hung the favorite almost to turn two before yielding, then got stuck behind that one ¾ and through the turn, to the Pocono Pike eventually but didn’t gain much back. FIERY LUSTRE N changed gears going to the 1/8 and headed frontward, under constant urging but did not make the lead until just before the second turn, all done when challenged to the ¾. THE OTHER PAIR lost contact with the field.


SECOND RACEMUSCLE FASHION pushed a foe almost to the ¼ then yielded to be in the two-hole, outside in the stretch and gradually worked past INAPERFECTWORLD. The latter was fairly hard-used to get the lead before the ¼, rated the next split, raced well but succumbed to the pocket rocket. MISTER PHOTOGENIC slid a 3-tuck at the 1/8, started getting loose from the top two far turn. BRUTAL STORM stayed in and gapped down the back, a little better late. SHOW ME THE MAGIC went uncovered going to the half, never reached the leader, but didn’t pack it in badly either. WORTH THE MONEY AS started the outer flow and was third-over, never got into it. BOXING GLOVES took back early, then was second-over but gapped towards the ¾. CHOCOTURE was involved early then took far back, not heard from again. BUTTER TOFFEE had an excess of cover, far back.


THIRD RACEVODKA SODA moved second-over at the half and enjoyed great cover, three-wide late on the far turn, steadily and just got up in the shadow of the wire. EQUANIMITY started grinding at the half, challenged hard, made the lead deep stretch, just missed. HALLINTHECLOUDS was looped early, gradually went up to get the lead past the 3/8 in a slow second quarter, then under pressure, held the lead well into the lane. EVIL ERMA was third-over, did not tip wide, next in line. FRONTIER CREEDA left to 1/8 command, extended the chalk a long way before yielding past the 3/8, didn’t have too much left late. NICOLE MATTERS was fourth-over, also did not go wide, so-so between horses late. EXPLOSIVE PAIGE left and yielded at the 1/8, stayed connected until the 11/16. MARIANNE FAITH gapped at the back. GREEN QUEEN lost contact.


FOURTH RACERANDOM HANOVER stayed in then moved out behind cover 11/16, put in some very nasty steps ¾ but quickly righted, then exploded through the last 3/16 to get a strong victory. HEADBANGER went up towards the first turn and gradually made the lead to the 3/8 with some encouragement, set the pace, held well. JONAH was first on top, extended a foe to almost the 3/8 before relinquishing for the pocket, outside stretch, couldn’t gain. FLASHY DUDE kept the pocket closed early, inside, not too much late. AMERICAN VISION stayed in, to the Pocono Pike but couldn’t get into it. CENTURY ENFORCER went uncovered heading into turn two, made progress in quarter three then regressed in quarter four. SMART TALKER never featured. WORDSMITH was not away well, far back late.


FIFTH RACECHOCO CHARLIE got in the outer flow, tucked in third 5/8 after there was confusion against the pegs, uncovered ¾ and moved up on the leader, went past nicely late. PLAY IT AGAIN AS cane out 3/8, lost cover to the second turn, then was going to clear off the second turn even if the leader didn’t break, kept on going at a good clip, raced well but couldn’t make the lead stand up. FOREVERHILLREIGN was in the outer flow to the half, retucked second 5/8, gapped on the far turn, held for third in a three-horse photo. WILDFIRE SEELSTER was far back but avoided trouble, closed well. CELEBRITY STALLONE was out in the flow, ducked inside for the drive and was OK in the Pocono Pike. WINNING GENE got in the outer flow, left uncovered 11/16 with the tuckers, got cover far turn but didn’t have enough. STONEBRIDGE SYMBA was three-wide to before the 3/16 then outside to the fast quarter, yielded, checked sharply when the leader broke just past the half, then fell back. MYSTICAL WYNN left, let the outside ones go, moved in front of the stands to the lead, was coming under pressure at the half when making a break and going to the infield, placed after violating at least two breaking rules. GRAPPLE HANOVER left well and got the lead 3/16, yielded, was third-in when the leader broke, and when grabbed into went offstride.


SIXTH RACETECH TITAN was well-placed in the lively outer flow, out raw on the far turn, gradually got to C-O-TO BLUEGRASS late. The latter never settled inside, went up to first-over past the ¼, grinded and wore down the leader ¾, almost held in a tremendous outing. CHRISTOPHER CRAZO had excess cover, made a good move three-wide on the far turn, took the photo for third. MARAT joined the outer flow, gapped to the ¾, evenly late. PRETTY EDGY was shuffled to last then went to the three-wide tier late turn, finished with trot. SCIROCCO IMSOSMART left fast and made the front before the 3/16, yielded past the fast quarter to sit the pocket, then got locked in badly ¾ through the turn when the pacesetter tired and lost all chance. MANDELA BLUE CHIP was in the two-wide tier, was blindswitched far turn, not a late consideration. NEW IDENTITY was shuffled horribly on the far turn and swung extremely wide headstretch but couldn’t recover enough ground. ALLERAGE ECHO was looped, continued on at the 1/8, got the lead 5/16 after a fast quarter, slowed the half but was done when challenged down the back.


SEVENTH RACESHES A MAJOR LADY refused a big pocket hole early and was out most of the 3/8 to get the top, yielded to a quick move from the pocket horse into the far turn, but fought back up the Pocono Pike and beat out HUMBLE N KIND. The latter used the rail well, stung the winner some before yielding, made a quick move to the ¾ to get by, but was caught. MUSIC MATTERS tucked third and was part of a breakaway three much of the way, came out behind the place horse into the turn and was soon left raw, lost a bit of ground late. SLICKEST COLBERT gapped a gapper in front of the stands, came along the inside and got a little closer as the pace slowed. QUARTER BLUE CHIP started to gap early, came out far turn while still off the leaders, broke late and placed for LOB. ACTRESS HANOVER never entered the main picture. BEAM M W had little. HURRICANE JOYCE broke at the 1/8. LADYBELUCKYTONITE broke

w-a-y before the start, was pulled up.


EIGHTH RACEALL ON BLACK gapped in third much of the way to the 5/8, then got in gear and was uncovered 11/16, grinded up to the leader, made the lead into the stretch, then just held off TT CONWAY. The latter was the only leaver except the rail horse, made the top easily then yielded for the pocket, had to wait for the Pocono Pike as the winner went by the leader, and couldn’t get into a high enough gear fast enough to get the win. KEYSTONE SERGEANT was third-over behind a sluggish one, three-wide late backstretch to two-wide with cover then again three-wide late turn, did well. ANDOVERS TOUCH elected to stay in, moved out midturn but gapped, evenly. MISS MUSCLE was last, angled wide late turn and came on late. INNER PEACE moved from second 3/16 to the lead, didn’t have pressure, but still came up shy at crunch time. PONDA’S MUSCLE MAN gapped. HANKS TANK moved out at the half but was empty.


NINTH RACEMALNIFICENT made the lead into turn one then yielded, came back with a quarter-move, controlled the pace, held sway to the wire. ARRIVAL took an early tuck, outside into the lane and was gaining well late. TOPVILLE ANGELINA was three-high to curve one then on top 3/16, yielded to sit the pocket, Pocono Pike, neither gained nor lost ground. SHEWEARSTHEPANTS stayed in, had some belated pace. GIRLOFYOURDREAMS avoided the clogged outer tiers and got the last check. BOOTS OFF came first-over at the half but barely got to the flank of the pocket horse before backing off. SHADY SECRET A was second-over, moved three-wide on the turn but had little. THE OTHER TWO were never in the picture.


TENTH RACE – The wind abated some late … BENSON BOYS N was second-over, three-wide midturn and kept three-deep as pocketsitter BOYS TURN pulled out late on the bend, wore that one down late. The latter was three-wide past the 1/8 and to the front 5/16, yielded to the retaker, came out of the two-hole late turn and made the stretch lead, held well. DIVISION BELL gained up the inside, couldn’t match the top two but was next in line. BEN ROCKIN left and pushed outside leavers, yielded, stayed in until the stretch, had little pop. SO MUCH BETTOR was between horses to command past the 1/8, pushed a foe to near the 5/16, yielded but immediately retook the lead, tired through the stretch. I’M NO PANSY was last most of the way. LIVINONTHEBEACH went uncovered early on turn two, didn’t reach the leader’s wheel and fell back. COLLEGE HANOVER gapped third-over.


ELEVENTH RACETHROWING SHADE took a tuck fourth 3/16, came uncovered before the 3/8, was kept out until just past the half, went a big third split then drew clear in the last quarter. PSYCHO CINDY checked behind the first turn breaker, came all the way up the inside for the distant second. RHYME N ROLL checked early, moved out and closed in some but still gapped cover, a bit late for third. PASSPORT HANOVER came outside but could make little impression. ROCK N ROLL BABE took the pocket 3/16, gapping soon off the second turn. SAPPHIRE HILL forced a tuck, then pushed the winner until just past the half before giving up the lead, had nothing left to the ¾. DISTURBED HANOVER was last when a horse broke and made an “ix,” returned with “b.e.” SWEET LULLABY was sitting fifth when breaking nearing the 3/16.


TWELFTH RACEROLLING GOING GONE was able to slip out early backstretch to second-over, three-wide late turn, just caught ATTENTION HANOVER at the end. The latter came raw from midpack 3/8, challenged hard and long (own third ¼ = 26.4), made the lead midstretch, just missed. CAROUSEL was third-over behind two different horses, moving well late. LOVINGEVERYMINUTE made the lead at the 1/8, had to go fast odd-numbered quarters, gave way. STELLENBOSCH was fair. EMPRESS DEO yielded at the 1/8 and was well-placed, may’ve bottomed out some behind quick fractions. PRAIRIE WESTERNGAL and GLORIA PIERRE were always near the back. MONEY SHOT HANOVER was originally second-over but tucked back in before the half, out in a blindswitch late turn, broke headstretch.


THIRTEENTH RACELYNBAR ROSE N made the front and yielded at the ¼, sat the two-hole, to the Pocono Pike and along nicely. TRUTH AND LIBERTY was out much of the first turn getting around a gapper, pulled again into turn two, paused when her cover bore wide then got new cover, then ducked in, came between horses in the lane and finished steadily in a mile probably better than it may look. MAGIC FORCES was limbed to a quick quarter and continued on rapidly, tired a bit, just missed second. COP A PLEA was forwardly-placed, outside past the 5/8 and went up to challenge, couldn’t quite sustain. QUEBEC BLUE CHIP left a big gap much of the way inside and outside, finished with pace on the extreme outside. EIFFEL TOWER had an excess of cover, ducked inside in the lane, fair. PRAIRIE EASTER tucked around the early gapper, moved outside late on the final turn, not all that much. OUR ELS DREAM N was not away well and never recovered. BRENDA’S GOT IT left, had cover to the ¼ then was left raw, bore wide before the 5/8 while tiring.


FOURTEENTH RACECASH FOR GOLD went right to the throttle and set a fast pace, looked to have gotten away from main challenger PERFECT STICK early stretch but saw that one come back on, held on while extended. The latter pulled out of third just before the 5/8, challenged, fell back off the turn but then kept on coming and didn’t miss by much. SEVENTH HEAVEN sat the pocket trip throughout, wasn’t gaining and trying to find more when going to a break just past midstretch. NICE STUFF was third-over behind a gapper, three-wide ¾, two-wide late turn, next. CHAS HANOVER had room to come up the inside early backstretch but couldn’t fully tighten in. ALEXANDER HANOVER never factored; nor did SWISS PLATINUM and NO EXCUSES. VIC’S WINNER was second-over but gapped out.