Connors’ Comments for Saturday, November 2, 2019




FIRST RACE – The temperature was on the high side of 40 degrees as the night began, and on the low side of that figure as it ended … KEYSTONE STEAM was three-wide a long way on the first turn then took back to follow an already-formed outer tier at the ¼, went three-wide to the 5/8 to get to two-wide just past the 11/16, grinded on and just caught TOM’S AROCKIN in an excellent outing. The latter was three-wide early then went up two-wide and got the lead before the 3/8, got pressure at the ¾ and fought hard to keep that one at bay, failing only very late. RON BAKARDI left and slid a tuck past the 1/8, inside, looked to gap slightly on the far turn, then had a decent response deep in the Pocono Pike late. ENDEAVORS PRIDE was not in the mood to let anyone go early, finally yielded before the 3/8, stayed tight, but came up short late. MAKASI never saw the inside, followed the cover of the favorite, was blindswitched 5/8 then backed out to the three-path, got cover behind the winner on the turn, not quite enough. NIALL HANOVER never factored. SPORTY SPOOK A was under tapping leaving but didn’t produce good enough gate jet, was stuck outside and went up in quarter two to challenge, tired 5/8. JACKSRLUCKYTOO had little to offer.


SECOND RACETORRID BROMAC N was very wide early, got in fourth 3/16, gapped from near the 3/8 to past the half behind the duel, then outside, retucked in a gap, out again with cover then uncovered, wore down WARP FACTOR THREE, another George Nap horse from the outermost post in the Double. WARP FACTOR THREE tucked third, then was quarter-mover #2 but was left out in the mountain air, relentlessly grinded to command on the far turn, just nipper after a very big outing. DAVID THE SAINT retucked around the fading horse late backstretch, outside late turn behind the winner, third. ROYAL HEART was horribly backed up behind a fader late backstretch, stayed inside as others fanned wide and gained well. GRANDPA DON was in the outside flow but couldn’t get into the main battle. DAFINATY made two speed moves then hung a challenger, all done late on the turn. ONE AND ONLY was far back, as was ZERO THE HERO. BUGGER BRUISER forced many to tuck early, yielded to the 3/8, then fell back sharply past the 5/8.


THIRD RACELYON’S IMAGE left and yielded, couldn’t keep the pocket shut at the ¼, first-over behind a fast pace and grinded, got the advantage late turn, then held off the closing TALENT SOUP. The latter, a bit steppy at times, tucked fourth, then moved second-over, gapped a bit then got better the longer they went. CASH YOUR DREAMS gapped gapping cover, then steadily in the stretch. R BAZINGGA stayed in, gapped down the back, blocked late far turn, inside stretch, fair. BURNING MIDNIGHT was three-wide to the first turn, tucked in the pocket at the ¼, shuffled late turn and desperately looked for clearance, in tight quarters to the line with some pace. ILLEGITIMATE SON never factored. MODERN REFLECTION zipped out to the lead and set a fast pace, didn’t have much in the last 1/8.


FOURTH RACEMISSISSIPPI STORM was outside 3/16 for command, yielded 3/8, backed up a little late turn then to the Pocono Pike, proved the best late. BILLIE BLUE moved second-over 5/8, responded with late trot. TRUEMASS VOLO filled a hole early, then was first-up 5/8 and reached the leader to the ¾, fought with that one then got an advantage, stayed in the main fight a long way. GOLDEN SON was first to the lead, yielded, sat in, gapped a bit on the far turn, evenly. THISGUYISONFIRE got in high forward gear at the 1/8 while fifth, moved up to the lead 3/8, had a moderate middle half, but then early effort took its toll in the last 3/16. LINDSEY’S PRIDE never factored. CARRICK gapped most of the way. LIONBACKER KIDD gaped cover from third-over.


FIFTH RACEROCKIN ROGER had good early jet and had the lead to the 1/8, yielded for the pocket, to the Pocono Pike and posted the 23-1 upset. TERROR AT THE BEACH was second-over, went three-wide before midturn when cover started to back up, kept coming but outpaced to the far inside. ROCK ON LINE quarter-moved from the pocket, went a big third quarter, held pretty well. CHANCELLORCULLEN N sat in, evenly. SPANISH ART was uncovered towards turn two, speed-grinded in quarter three, then stopped gaining but didn’t fade badly. CHARGER BLUE CHIP didn’t have much late after an inside trip. JENKINS CREEK backed off early and tucked, came third-over 11/16 but gapped. THE OTHER PAIR did not get in contention.


SIXTH RACERED HOT HERBIE emerged with the pocket after an outside leaver broke, stayed close awaiting clearance, to the Pocono Pike and an easy winner. SPLITSVILLE left strongly from the rail and cut the pace, no match for the winner. BURNING MONEY moved outside far turn when clear, OK to just make third over KEYSTONE CHARGER. The letter also had to await clearance, then swung widest and finished well. SHIVERED was uncovered towards turn two, didn’t really menace before fading. EYORE HANOVER started gapping at the 5/8. CHUCKABUCK was wide leaving, made a break and had a lengthy run, caught the back of the field then moved up second-over, but did not go forward after the 5/8. BOSS DU FOSSE broke near the back 9/16.


SEVENTH RACECRUSADE started a long crusade uncovered 3/8 and kept on going until making the lead to the ¾, got a big advantage late turn and early stretch, maintained an advantage to the wire although giving a little ground late. MONTY’S PLAY tucked fifth at the 1/8, came out behind the winner towards the second turn, couldn’t go as fast during the big third split and was left raw, but continued on determinedly to the wire. BLUEBERRY HEAVEN and PARTY BOY were the next two in the outside tier and both finished with pace. IDEAL WHEEL went out to early command, rated quarter two, came under attack and yielded to the winner to the ¾, fell back in the stretch. ITSNOPROBLEMMAN tucked third 3/16, gapped late backstretch. CRUISIN’ CRIDERS left alertly but took the pocket, empty on the far turn. MAJOR SUGAR RUSH was gapping before the ¼. IDEAL TYSON A lost contact down the back.


EIGHTH RACESANTAFE’S COACH went to the front, rated the half, was challenged hard down the back but had two 27.4s in him coming home for the victory. NEAT was three-wide leaving, quickly took back to tuck third, uncovered at the half and challenged hard the rest of the way, good to be as close as he was. P L LEEROY went uncovered towards turn two and had cover coming out of that bend, gradually got tight on it, so-so in the stretch. MAJOR BUCKS stayed in and was behind a tired one on the far turn, waited for the Pocono Pike, OK. DRAGONOLOGY was the first to pull outside 3/8, wound up third-over, no factor. DERECHO went out and protected the pocket, ran out of gas on the far turn. THE OTHERS never entered the picture.


NINTH RACECENTURY CHURCHILL quarter-moved and set a fairly quick pace for these under the circumstances, held together well for the victory. MISTER DAYTONA N was three-wide leaving then two-wide to the top 3/16, yielded 3/8 for the pocket, outside headstretch, tried hard but couldn’t quite make it. CLASSY HILL was in front early, yielded, sat third-in, to the Pocono Pike, a step shy. LIVE ON was forwardly-placed early, stayed in, not much late. PAPIAMENTO was uncovered approaching turn two, got as close as a neck behind the pocket horse, then gradually fell back little by little. YOUCANIKNOW was second-over, three-wide far turn but didn’t gain. FIRENGLOW A had to go four-wide late turn, too far to rally. SKYWAY BILLY was not away well and was no factor throughout.


TENTH RACEBRONX SEELSTER was three-wide to the 1/8 to command soon past that point, didn’t back things off, then came home in 27.1 and needed to with TWIN B TUFFENUFF breathing down the left side of his neck. The latter left between horses and sat a good pocket trip, to the Pocono Pike, got tantalizingly-close but just missed in a big mile. BLACK CHEVRON N left and pushed the top two early, sat third as there was a three-horse breakaway much of the mile, went uncovered 11/16 to challenge, but his bid stalled approaching midstretch. NINE WAYS gapped much of the way, evenly late. IN SPADES pulled uncovered 5/8 from far back, could have had cover 11/16 but didn’t reach it. SHAKE THAT HOUSE and MOTOWN N did not make their presences felt.


ELEVENTH RACEHE’S ELECTRIC moved out from last towards turn two, was able to go all the way up to second-over, tight on that cover, three-wide late turn, just outpaced LIKE CLOCKWORK at $124.60. The latter was looped while three-wide leaving, took back to tuck fourth, came out raw 5/8 and advanced, got the lead past midstretch and just failed to hold it. SEVENS HOPE A circled horse four-wide to get the lead, set the pace, didn’t have enough sprint. MAXDADDY BLUE CHIP left enough to protect the two-hole, slightly gapping towards headstretch, Pocono Pike, not enough. CASUAL COOL sat third, not clear in the lane. EVER AGAIN backed out to third-over, evenly late. THE OTHER PAIR were the last two much of the last half.


TWELFTH RACEMATTICULOUS GB was between horses early, was looped, refused the pocket and went on to command past the ¼, came home in 55 – 27 and looked like he could have gone around again. OSTRO HANOVER showed good early speed three-wide to take the lead nearing turn one, yielded past the ¼ for the two-hole, paced very well in his own right. STAR COMMANDER N avoided the clogged outer tiers, ducked inside in the stretch and finished nicely. BELL I NO was forwardly-placed, gapped slightly on the turn and didn’t have much sprint in the dash home. ALBERGO HANOVER went up second-over, three-wide when cover stalled, not bad. MIGHTY MR SHARKEY N was third-over but couldn’t work into it. FEELING CAM LUCKY was uncovered from sixth at the half, had nobody pull out so speed-grinded up in 27, but had his bid stall on the far turn. THE OTHER PAIR never were major players.


THIRTEENTH RACEATTA BOY DAN was three-wide to the first turn and went on to ¼ command in 26.2, had two 27.4 quarters coming on and went gamely to the line to just hold off GINGER TREE MARTY. The latter stayed fourth-in, gradually angled wide to midstretch and was in overdrive the last 50 yards, a winner one step past the wire. STARS ALIGN A left with the intention of having the pocket behind the winner, stayed there until past the ¾ when he pulled out to challenge, right in the fight to the line. SEEL THE DEAL N was between horses leaving, took back to third, got to come up the Pocono Pike as the pocket horse went outside, very close as well. MAC ANOVER went raw going into the backstretch but never made any progress, not helping THE TWO BEHIND HIS COVER. BILBO HANOVER also never factored.


FOURTEENTH RACESHARP ACTION MONEY came out nearing turn two, reached cover then was three-wide 5/8 to get to two-wide raw and challenging before the ¾, got the lead late on the turn, held off those in the wide tiers. GIBBS came out behind the winner before the 5/8, followed his wide move, tucked back second-over two-wide then three-wide again midturn to avoid a blindswitch, raced well, just did get second over FOX VALLEY INFERNO. The latter stayed in and was shuffled to last sans the breaker, backed out and quickly angled wide to four-wide past midturn, came a long way and was just photoed out of the deuce. SIMPLE KINDA MAN went into the pocket, was blocked when the leader tired past midturn, went right to the Pocono Pike but did not have a strong response. BORDER CONTROL was also caught inside, deep Pike, so-so. CARRACCI HANOVER broke midway off the turn to the start, made up a lot of ground to catch the field but wasn’t a late factor. THISBEACHRIGHTHEREA headed down the road at a quick clip, was headed midturn, fell back. CONTROL TOWER left but could find no tuck and was left outside, looped past the 5/8, didn’t fold all that badly.