Connors’ Comments for October 29, 2019





FIRST RACE – Temperature hovered around 60o all evening … Stretch headwind … EIFFEL TOWER was third-over, three-wide around stalled cover midturn, closed well and won measuring as the pace decreased. JK JAZZITUP made the lead, yielded 3/16, had two go by before starting another move 5/16 that brought her to the top past the 3/8, pressured on the lead in a fast tempo, held very well. GIRLOFYOURDREAMS was shuffled back to last, wide and gained. SHEWEARSTHEPANTS was out 3/16 and soon lost cover, on to the lead 5/16 then yielded past the 3/8 for the pocket, Pocono Pike but couldn’t gain. FAMILY ROLL CALL was second-over but gapped the third quarter and on the turn, went between horses in the lane and came back some in tight quarters. UNBEAMLIEVEABLE was out 3/16 for command, saw two brush by, shuffled some but little late response. UNSPOKEN PROMISE moved first-up behind the fast half, put hard pressure on the leader in a fast 3/4s, faded the last 3/16.


SECOND RACEFOREVERHILLREIGN sat in and looked buried fourth-in, but was able to use the deep Pocono Pike and had a very sharp last 400 feet to be along easily. WALKINGINTHERAIN started uncovered from seventh to the second turn, moved up quickly to challenge with a big third split, got the lead as the pacesetter jumped, just did hold second in a picture over PILGRIMS LASS. The latter was in front 3/16, yielded 5/16 for the two-hole, not always snug-tight, to the Pike, almost second. WINNING GENE was inside, angled out late turn, not that much but beat the others. VOODOO MAN left some and yielded, backed out to second-over 11/16, left uncovered after the far turn breaker, couldn’t gain. KEYSTONE ANGEL gapped at the back. WHOYOUCALNCRAZY was shuffled to last, three-wide far turn but couldn’t gain. STOP RESISTIN went up with cover to the 3/16, then went on to take the lead 5/16, set the pace, briefly clear early backstretch then met a challenger, broke late turn and went inside the pegs.


THIRD RACEGLORIA PIERRE launched uncovered early in the backstretch after the first half, grinded up, proved to best gamely with contenders on either side. COP A PLEA had a great trip second-over, wide late turn, drifted a bit wider in the lane, just missed. ANNABETH got a forward position third, then came out 5/16 but was given the cold shoulder and had to retreat to her own hole in the big half, blocked on the turn, angled between horses midstretch and tried hard – unlucky mile. GIGI FROM FIJI left and yielded, moved 3/16 to the lead 5/16 then stayed going quickly to force the early brusher to retreat, further pressured by the winner, didn’t fade much. AMERICAN EMPRESS N made the lead before he first turn, yielded, kept the pocket tight so the 5/16 brusher had to retreat, to the Pocono Pike, may’ve felt the effects of being close to the fast pace. ALBANY GIRL gapped third-over. BRENDA’S GOT IT was hard to take back early, then never entered the main fight.


FOURTH RACEARCHIBALD was handled patiently while wide early, then had cover to the 3/16, then made the lead just before the 3/8, strung out the field and won easily. MIKEY LIKES IT raced out to the lead, forced a tuck, finally yielded to the 3/8, outside in the lane but couldn’t gain, but far ahead of the rest. DEKEYSER left, took back to go in the early pocket 3/16, in, Pocono Pike, no gain. STARSABOVEALLERAGE was at the back of the main pack, outside on the turn and wide, almost along for third. ALEXANDER HANOVER sat midpack and had little to offer. MAJESTIC PRESENCE came uncovered off the second bend but never reached the wheel of the pocket horse before tiring. THE OTHER THREE were disconnected from the main action.


FIFTH RACECAROUSEL yielded at the 3/16, sat third-in until midturn then challenged, paced his own last half in 55 to win easily and impressively. MALNIFICENT was out with cover early, tucked third 3/16, then moved 5/16 into the wind and got the lead into two turn, defenseless against the winner but well clear of the rest. LYNBAR ROSE N made a break before the start and was five behind the field at “GO!”, saved ground down the back then two- and three-wide on the far turn, very good recovery. ARRIVAL was on top 3/16, made a brusher work before yielding for the pocket, not much late in the fast back fractions. K J’S CAROLINE was no factor; nor was TWIST OF FATE, who got away slowly. SHADY SECRET A went uncovered before the 5/8 but didn’t gain much before fading back.


SIXTH RACELIMA MOONSHINE went to the front past the 1/8, rated quarter two, then just did not let anybody get in front of her. CLASSIC PLAYTER and ALLERAGE ECHO sat 2-3 throughout, with both holding their relative positions late. KANDY KORN was second-over, went around a tired foe before midturn, next in line; MATTER HATTER followed the cover of that one and had a little bit on the end. BOW TIES N BOURBON was about 2½ lengths off the gate, uncovered towards turn two but never got close. MANDELA BLUE CHIP and RED MAPLE LANE never entered the picture.


SEVENTH RACEPRAIRIE EASTER quarter-moved from third, had no difficulties in a 55.4 back half. CHAR N MARG was third- then second-over, wide headstretch, didn’t find her best strides until very late, then closed strongly. INTOVIEW left and took the pocket, inside, Pocono Pike, almost took second. PARKIN IN HEAVEN left and forced a foe to tuck behind, yielded for the pocket, came out in the stretch but both drifted wide and lost ground. LIVE CRISIS came out in a blindswitch late turn, had to go very wide to find clearance, fair late. BA BA BA BANANA moved with cover but was left raw when cover drifted wide off turn two, never was a major factor although not out of the hunt for minor awards. PELICAN BLUE CHIP finished close to the outer fence as horses had to go wide around a drifting horse. OSPREY BLUE CHIP tucked fourth at the 1/8, went uncovered past the 3/8, drifted wide off turn two and fell far back.


EIGHTH RACEBIGBOY ROSCO was between horses until getting the front 3/16, pushed a bit then yielded before the 3/8 for the two-hole, moved out behind the first-over near headstretch and then wider, went to the lead and won in hand. CASINO CUTIE IT was uncovered towards turn two, speed-grinded against the leader and got a short advantage early stretch, held very nicely. INAPERFECTWORLD was three-wide to the 3/16, then two-wide to before the 3/8 to get command, had pressure from the place horse, did hold for third over TIDQUIST. The latter was second-over but gapped most of the way, evenly late. SHOW ME THE MAGIC was not a big factor after an inside journey. GONNA FLY was innermost in a three-way early duel, yielded, faded. HANKS TANK couldn’t keep up in the outer tier. MISTER PHOTOGENIC never factored.


NINTH RACEMASSIVE OPULENCE went right to the top and never surrendered control, drew clear on the turn and won in a reduced gear. TW LAUXMONT got an early spot, came up the inside down the back then swung wide off the turn, wasn’t catching the winner but picked up good ground. BOOTS N CHAINS went up to a 3-tuck near the ¼, outside alongside the gapping pocket horse down the back, stayed on evenly. PONDA’S MUSCLE MAN was away for the pocket, unplugged later on the backstretch, little left late. MAJESTIC SUNSET, PENNIMAN, and BROADWAY SISSY were never prominent. DONTTEASEHIM was second-over but couldn’t go with cover. DONATO’S WISH was starting to gap off turn two when he made a break, taken inside the pylons.


TENTH RACEKIMBERLEE kept the pocket closed in the early war, sat in 5/8 then quickly backed out when second-over became available, then gapped and didn’t show much until midstretch, then found a high gear and was along over TELL ME A JOKE. The latter started uncovered 5/8 and gradually worked up, went to the lead in the stretch, almost lasted. CAY’S BLESSING sat in, angled widest early stretch and stormed home. MEDUSA was three-wide past the 1/8, then followed cover until nearing the 3/8, then went on quickly to the lead after blazing fractions, didn’t slow down in the backstretch but had to pay the price late. ECLIPSE ME N left between horses, stayed parked well past the 26 opener until getting the front, quickly yielded for the two-hole, struggled to stay close from the ¾. SHES PUKKA N burst through from the rail and kept horses hung, finally relinquished to the 3/8, in, to the deep Pike but could not reach. JUSLIKEAQUEEN went to the outer flow down the backstretch, couldn’t keep pace.


ELEVENTH RACEGRANDMA HEIDI was on top before the first turn, set the pace as she pleased, came home in 57 – 28.1 and kept PLAY IT AGAIN AS at bay. The latter sat a great two-hole trip and did very well to stay close to the winner. CHOCO CHARLIE did not come off the rail and was a clear third. ALLTHEFIXINS moved out of third 11/16 but couldn’t offer much in the latter stages. MISS YOU KELLY moved out uncovered before the 5/8, got cover 11/16 but gapped it on the turn. THE OTHER PAIR never got close.


TWELFTH RACEGOLD STAR MYSTI quarter-moved from second, out until the 3/8 for the top and continued on at a good clip, just had enough to hold in at the wire. FOOLISH TERROR was three-wide leaving to command before the 3/16, pushed the winner before yielding for the pocket, had the Pocono Pike, found a higher gear a mite too late, just missed. ROLLING GOING GONE was third-over, flying late. KG ROCKS came outside near turn two, got cover early in the backstretch, sent wide, good but was outclosed. LOVIN MISS DAISY N gapped from before the ¼ until off the second turn, then pooped the plugs and was urged into a high gear, challenged raw, held in there pretty well. BETABCOOL N was surrounded by horses in the stretch. MAJORETTE ANGIE was widest in the dash to the wire and had horse from a hard spot. STELLENBOSCH sat in, looked all-out to stay close from the ¾.


THIRTEENTH RACE – A thriller … CORDOBA HALL assured himself of a clear stretch path by setting the pace, including a 26.4 first quarter, had pressure, but held together in a close finish. MARION GONDOLIER raced into the pocket, went to the Pocono Pike, just missed. RUBBER DUCK tucked third, came back uncovered and fought with the leader, held his ground very well. MAJESTIC MARVEL was third-over, three-wide with cover on the turn, wider and gained late. PRAIRIE FORTUNE worked in fourth 3/16, came out in a horrible blindswitch late turn, kept looking for any path while nearing running over horses, never found clearance while certainly with horse. STORMONT WIZARD was uncovered early then wound up second-over, three-wide midturn, not quite enough. RAINBOWINTHEWEST was last, tried to find a path between horses but had no luck. ZOOMING was not prominent.


FOURTEENTH RACESCANDALICIOUS was the innermost of the leavers and went away quickly enough to put everybody in a hole, rated the half, then came home in 55.1 withstanding pocketsitter ATTENTION HANOVER. The latter tucked, sat the two-hole, went to the Pocono Pike, raced well but had to settle for second. MODESTA stayed inside, edged VORST for third. The latter got a 3-tuck, gapped off the second turn then closer and uncovered past the 5/8, couldn’t reach the winner. PRAIRIE COUGAR did not get away very quickly. TRUTH AND LIBERTY was second-over, gapped ¾. CAVIART CHERIE was very wide leaving, took back, could find no hole so took all the way back to last at the ¼, finished far back.