Connors’ Comments for Monday, October 28, 2019




FIRST RACE – Temperature went downward through the 60s on the card … FOOL OF IDEAS got into the two-wide flow on the turn, three-wide past midturn, widest and had easily the most pace late. BETTER BANGBANG went to the lead 3/16, yielded 5/16 for the pocket, to the Pocono Pike, did beat out the others. AN THE THUNDEROLLS was third-over, then second-over when the original occupant of that space broke, but never got tight on cover, OK late. SOUTHERN ALLIE had a chance to settle fourth but decided to go on, cover 3/16 then raw to 5/16 command, was under pressure, not enough late. DEALIN DAN left well and yielded, stayed in, not that much late. JOE SIX PACK was uncovered into turn two and had reached the leader by the 9/16, battled that one to and just past a fast ¾ before giving way. KAYLAS BLUES broke well before the start. TWO BEAT, looking very hard to handle at many points, moved out second-over, immediate gapped then soon broke and was taken to the infield with nobody next to him.


SECOND RACEFIERY LUSTRE N quarter-moved from fifth but didn’t have the necessary speed to clear in a slowish second split, pressed on raw, got head-to-head with the leader nearing the ¾ then took the advantage late turn, urged to hold off MYSTERY ISLAND. The latter stayed in, angled out in front of the gapping third-over and swung wide in the lane, closing well. BEVERLY HILL BILLY left, accepted a 4-tuck, then moved behind the winner, went steadily without threatening. NOUDIDNT BLUE CHIP made the top towards turn one, yielded and kept the pocket closed behind a duel, had to await the Pocono Pike, fair in same late. NAKED CITY was wide leaving and took back to sixth, evenly. RIVER RUNS DEEP was on top 3/16 in a fast quarter, held on to the lead and was pressed nearing the ¾, gave way the last 3/16. THE OTHER THREE were near the back throughout and were not factors.


THIRD RACEALYVIA DEO moved third-over in a good flow, three-wide midturn, worked past MABEL SIMMONS before deep stretch. The latter wound up third after an early breaker and gapped behind a duel early, narrowed in, uncovered off turn two and challenged, went to the top to midturn, held fairly well in a quick clocking for these. DIAMOND NINA left, forced a tuck in a very fast opener, only to see that horse come out again, yielded, then was shuffled as the pacesetter tired, to the Pocono Pike and regathered pretty well. QUESO FRESCO was outside past the 27.2 quarter, tucked then came right back out and went to the lead, under pressure down the back and yielded on the turn. EVIL ERMA had good cover from the winner, couldn’t stay with her late turn into the stretch, then broke early stretch. SVF BLUSHINGBRIDE got away third, then broke going into the first turn. EXPLOSIVE FEELIN was disconnecting from the half.


FOURTH RACE – Stretch headwind starting to pick up … CELEBRATE IT ALL was uncovered into turn two, grinded, proved much the strongest here. EQUANIMITY made a quarter-move from fourth, couldn’t handle the winner but was far ahead of the rest. VODKA SODA got to the front in short order, yielded, outtrotted home but won a three-way photo for third. NICOLE MATTERS was second-over, gapped, evenly late. FRONTIER CREEDA had the early pocket, thought of moving early but decided against, in, between horses late. BUMPER HANOVER never factored. MARIANNE FAITH was actually the first horse to show but saw many others pointed forward so took back towards last, never got in it. TRIXEE DE VIE was leaving but broke shortly into the race.


FIFTH RACESTOP ACTION hit the front 3/16, rated the half, then threw successive 27.3 quarters in a very impressive victory. ROGUEONECOMMANDER went right to the top, yielded and sat the two-hole, not enough sprint late, did hold second. ROLL WITH DOM stayed semi-attached to the front group, found good strides a bit belatedly. CAVIART SAGE couldn’t go with the top two ¾, tired. THE OTHER TRIO were in their own battle for the last check, well off the top four.


SIXTH RACECAN DO was second-over behind a gaining first-over, was able to drop inside late turn then went to the Pocono Pike and overhauled CON AIR HALL. The latter was three-wide to the 1/8 then grabbed the 4-hole, moved first-over 3/8, challenged hard, went by midturn, had to settle for second. DEACONS VALLEY was fourth-over, went three-wide before the ¾ and was wide the duration, OK late, came back with “b.e.” PRETTY EDGY yielded nearing the quarter for the pocket, was badly shuffled on the far turn, able to eventually clear to the inside and did well regaining ground. MARAT was third-over, blindswitched, evenly. DOLCE DUCCI also was shuffled back and had to swing out widest, OK going under the wire. CRITICAL HANOVER never entered the picture. SWAN MOTION spent most of a fast quarter outside to get the lead, rated the half then had the heat turned up, passed midturn and fell back.


SEVENTH RACEFOLLOW YOUR HEART quarter-moved and had an easy time of it, coming home in 55.3 – 27.1 for George Napolitano Jr.’s 5000th win at Pocono. SURF THE WEB made the top at the 1/8, yielded for the pocket, kept up very well in the fast numbers home. SWEET TRUTH got a forward spot early, stayed with the top two until late on the turn, far ahead of the others. IDEAL SPEED went 27.2 raw down the back but couldn’t sustain that kind of speed, very distant fourth. CARDINAL VIEW had cover but didn’t enter the picture. LOST MY LIGHT started gapping down the back. STEPPING OUT ART was well off the gate and was badly beaten. TRAY SURREAL jumped at the start.


EIGHTH RACECFOUR PO took the pocket 3/16, then made another speed move before the parked horse ranged up, set the pace under mild pressure, was tested by TUIS SHADOW midstretch but held for the win as that foe jumped offstride. The latter got to the lead, yielded for the pocket, went to the Pocono Pike, looked to get to at least even terms midstretch but broke nearing the wire, placed for a double LOB. CELEBRITY DANTE tucked, stayed in, had a decent response along the inside late. AMOS HART was stuck inside, out in a blindswitch near headstretch, didn’t come clear until a wide foe broke headstretch, then finished very sharply. KILKENNY did not get away well, got the last check. KREDIT KARMA broke just before the start, recovered, went to second-over then three-wide 5/8 to two-wide on the turn, but had no more to give in his recovery. FANTASTIC FEELING was outside with cover early then stuck raw on the rim, passed far turn. APOCALYPSE moved outside, three-wide without cover past midturn, broke upper stretch.


NINTH RACE – Wind has died back down … LEMON ZEST moved 9/16 and got cover just past the 5/8, three-wide late turn, closed sharply to win very nicely. HUMBLE N KIND was three-high to turn one to the lead before the ¼, rated the half, didn’t come under fire until the stretch, held well. ACTRESS HANOVER made the front towards turn one, let a foe go by nearing the ¼ for the two-hole, moved outside into the drive, steadily, had every opportunity. MUSIC MATTERS got to the Pocono Pike, gained some then flattened a little late. DANCIN’ ANNA followed the winners cover on the turn, fair. SLICKEST COLBERT was forward-thinking when running early, caught the field but never entered the main dynamic. DEAR DIARY got a position, uncovered just past the 5/8, tired midturn. ROSIE’S FOXY LADY never featured.


TENTH RACECAPTAIN KRUPNIK was three-wide before the first turn to the lead at the 1/8, had an open lead at the ¼ and then a huge lead at the half when the pocket horse broke, very fast and sharp score. MY BOY CHRISTIAN tucked 3/16, outside far turn and along for the distant second. JESSIEJESORJESSICA gapped down the back, gained a bit in the Pocono Pike. KEYSTONE THUNDER gapped a gapper early then was never close after inheriting the pocket at the half, fell back.  GROVER HANOVER and TEARDOWN THIS WALL had no say in this fast mile. SINISTER HANOVER had the pocket, started gapping at the ¼, broke at the half. UNION JACK broke just past the start.


ELEVENTH RACEBOLT OF SPEED came out third-over down the back, three-wide ¾ through the turn, just up at the very end. SWEETONTHEBEACH was three-wide to the 1/8 and two-wide to a 27.1 quarter, rated, then had to deal with a pocketpuller, kept that one at bay, almost lasted to the line. CANARY HANOVER showed some speed and yielded, got to the pocket 5/8, Pocono Pike, not quite enough. IDEAL BUBBY made the top at the 1/8 and pushed a rival a like distance before yielding for the pocket, came out 9/16 and challenged hard, held well. BOTTLED UP HANOVER followed the winner’s wide cover on the turn, couldn’t match that one’s stretch kick. BEAM M W was no factor. HAM AND CHEESE was underway before the 3/8, got cover 9/16, blindswitched at the ¾ through the turn and into the lane, but not much once clear.


TWELFTH RACEPHANTOM RUSTY was hung 3/16 for the lead, yielded, wound up third-in, got access to the Pocono Pike as the pocketsitter came out on the turn, enough to beat out NO EXCUSES. The latter was first to move from the front half of the field 11/16, got cover, wide and came on steadily to just miss. KEYSTONE SERGEANT was third-over, widest in the stretch and moving well late. CHUCKY DE VIE had cover most of the way to the 3/16 and then went to the lead 3/8, soon yielded for the pocket, came out on the turn but actually lost a little ground. TT CONWAY angled out in the lane, very slow to get clear. MIAMI moved out 3/16, left uncovered 3/8 and quickly went to the lead, overpowered in the lane. MUAY HANOVER was far back, angled inside early stretch and was OK. L DEES COURAGEOUS was two-wide with very little. SERIOUS SAVANNAH broke at the half.


THIRTEENTH RACECLASSY HILL moved out past the 1/8 to the lead before the ¼, yielded to a brusher, gapped in the 26.4 third quarter then got closer, outside stretch and won handily. DRUNK ON YOUR LOVE was wide early, went into the early pocket, wound up third-in, gapped far turn, then to the Pocono Pike and up for second. REDHOT ROMEO gapped slightly down the back, then was locked in on the turn, came clear early stretch, fair. WINDSUN GOTHAM was uncovered before the half, didn’t make up ground in the big third panel, but continued on steadily. SPROCKET quarter-moved, went a giant third quarter but couldn’t carry the speed to the wire. MR P M didn’t offer much. THE OTHER TRIO did not factor here.