Connors’ Comments for October 26, 2019




FIRST RACE – High mid-50s to low mid-50s during the card … Occasional light rain, but not enough to change the track condition … First race correct fractions: 26.3, 55.1, 1:24.1, 1:52 … BURNING MIDNIGHT wound up in the pocket after the two in front of him got tangled up to the 3/8, moved outside late turn, wide and finished strongly in a good last quarter for the win. PALOMAR tucked, got through to be third past the 3/8, came outside first-over 9/16, made the lead into the stretch, almost held the advantage to the wire. TALENT SOUP quarter-moved from third and went by easily when the leader broke 3/8, under pressure, had to settle for third. KEYSTONE STEAM left, tucked third to the 3/16, ran up on the breaker 3/8 and sharply checked, but got back on course, gapped on the far turn. NEAT never got into the main dynamic of the race. NY WHITESOX left well to the lead, had a foe brushing to him when making a break just before the 3/8. ENDEAVORS PRIDE tried to gain wide 11/16 but could not. SURE PLEASE wound up two-wide as KEYSTONE STEAM regained the course, got cover but didn’t show too much.


SECOND RACETORRID BROMAC N went up early, had cover to the ¼, made the lead 3/8, shook off the first-over, held gamely to the finish. R BAZINGGA was second-over, looked all-out to stay close down the back, better on the turn and three-wide past midturn, finished steadily. ONE AND ONLY swung four-wide from last and passed many horses at 152-1. P H KENNY was three-wide leaving then two-wide to a fast quarter, yielded 3/8 for the two-hole, not enough late. ROCK ON LINE yielded at the ¼, clear along the inside in the stretch but couldn’t get into it. DAVID THE SAINT sat in, had no clear path in the stretch. CASH YOUR DREAMS was uncovered towards turn two, made a good third quarter move, couldn’t sustain the progress late. LUCK N ROLL K was third-over but empty mid-far turn.


THIRD RACEROCK THE TOWN left solidly and had the lead by the 1/8, yielded to the brusher and sat tight in the two-hole in fast fractions, to the Pocono Pike and to the lead, withstood the closers. EVER AGAIN went on a bit early then yielded, stayed in until headstretch, found his best strides a mite too late. MISTER DAYTONA N also sat in, gapped a little down the back, found room between horses to midstretch and was moving well at the wire. SIMPLE KINDA MAN was underway from third 3/16, set fast fractions without pressure, but couldn’t hold on. YOUCANIKNOW was behind dull cover, three-wide midturn, enough for the final check. BORDER CONTROL A never entered contention. NOX VEGAS BLUECHIP started uncovered at the half but never got close. ROCKINWITHTHEBEST never contended.


FOURTH RACECHUCKABUCK wound up with the pocket when the outside challenger broke at the ¼, came up the inside in the stretch and went by SPLITSVILLE with line shaking. The latter was on top, saw an outside foe start to go by him at the ¼ but then that foe ran, leaving him to set the pace, had pressure in the third quarter, held pretty well. SHIVERED moved outside 11/16 then three-wide midturn as cover stalled, next. LUCKY PROMESSES was underway 5/16, pressed the leader down the back but stopped gaining before midturn. BOSS DU FOSSE went up early, was challenging for command and was ahead when going offstride coming out of the first turn.


FIFTH RACEMAXDADDY BLUE CHIP moved outside but then ducked in mid-second turn when he saw he was going to be in the middle of a five-horse outer tier, advanced to third-inside, swung out headstretch and found a higher gear midstretch to beat out A REAL MIRACLE. The latter was the first on top, forced a tuck into a big hole, yielded to the brusher, outside early stretch, outkicked home. CASUAL COOL quarter-moved, had no threat until the stretch, then didn’t have enough. MONTY’S PLAY stayed inside and had room inside in the lane, gained only mildly and looked to be on a line at the wire. AMERICA’S FLEET was at the end of a bad cover flow, ducked in later on the turn and got the last check. CENTURY CHURCHILL tried to circle wide around dull cover but could not. DAAMERICANSKY left, wanted the lead but took back into a big pocket hole 3/16, underway again at the half, not a big threat before fading. STEVE SAID gapped early, moved second-over, three-wide ¾ but had very little and went back to two-wide.


SIXTH RACERED HOT HERBIE got to the lead and was a strong winner. WESLEY HANOVER maintained the pocket, gave ground in the stretch but held second over SOUL TRAIN. The latter sat third, evenly in the lane. C-O-TO BLUEGRASS never threatened. MOOSE MADNESS looked to be struggling to find more the last ¼ but never did. MR HOUDINI broke early, did well to catch the field. DONTFORGETMASTER gapped early then broke off the first bend. BABY CHEY broke as the field neared the backstretch before the start.


SEVENTH RACEWAR-N-MUNN left between horses to the lead to the 1/8, yielded 3/16 for the pocket, outside early stretch and just got to KING HARVEST. The latter, back in 4 days, was three-wide early then two-high to 3/16 command, went a big third quarter fighting a tough challenger, just missed. DRAWING DRAGONS was inside of the two above, yielded, gapped at points in the middle half, tighter and to the Pocono Pike, fair. GIBBS was third-over behind dull cover, three-wide ¾ through the turn, closed very well. THEREISAPACEFORUS sat inside, gapped a bit down the back, so-so in the lane. SKYWAY BILLY stacked widest from last, not bad. IDEAL WHEEL was uncovered towards turn two and went 26.4 raw down the back to extend the leader, held until the last 1/8. PEMBROKE JOEY was out second-over but was gapping by the half.


EIGHTH RACETEXAS TERROR N was out in the non-flow, three-wide midturn and ate up the ground on a tiring leader to sail right by. STARS ALIGN N came uncovered just past the half and went 26.4 in the third split to open up a huge lead, but couldn’t stall the winner. BETTOR THAN SPRING left, took a pocket tuck 3/16, shuffled then in the path behind the winner, couldn’t quite stay with him but did race well for third. STOLEN CAR gapped much of the first half then moved with cover, would lose that cover beyond the 5/8, evenly thereafter. MR D’S DRAGON went out for early command, yielded to the early brusher, was badly shuffled at the ¾ as locked in, didn’t look to have a clear path in the lane. BADIX HANOVER was hustled away, then decided to let the outer horse tuck so as to be able to make a quarter-move, was left behind by the backstretch brusher and gummed up the inner tier. ANDREIOS KARDIA never got into the main picture.


NINTH RACEURBAN RENEWAL went to the pocket leaving, then quarter-moved in front of BEYOND DELIGHT, made the lead then had that foe in his face (and sometimes even slightly beyond it) the rest of the way in fast fractions, gritty to get the decision. BEYOND DELIGHT was wide early as the front end sorted itself out, started to go up 3/16 then had to wait for the winner’s move, again left raw and had an advantage at the half and ¾, refused to go away in a splendid performance. BONDI HANOVER moved to third-over 11/16, did not go three-wide, split horses in the stretch and photoed out MAC ANOVER. The latter tucked third, back outside to second-over just before the 5/8, three-wide to headstretch, fair late. SANTAFE’S COACH was last, showed speed on the far turn while out wide, not bad from where he was. POLAK A put everybody in behind early, yielded to the winner, did keep the pocket closed, outside stretch but couldn’t gain. HEARTBEAT HILL sat in, not much in the Pocono Pike late. THE OTHER PAIR were never in the main battle.


TENTH RACEFUNKNWAFFLES was quarter-mover #2, covered to the 3/8 then onward to the lead at the half, had no problem with these. OURLITTLEGENERAL A had cover behind the winner then was left raw just past the half, challenged, fell back but still retained second. FEELING CAM LUCKY was in a lively flow, three-wide to headstretch, fair for third. ALBERGO HANOVER pushed to the ¼ and yielded, saw three foes go by him in quarter two and was shuffled to last, came out in a bad blindswitch nearing headstretch, split horses with pace in a very unlucky performance. ROCKIN INTHE HILLS was three-wide just past the 1/8 then two-wide to the lead just off the first curve, saw two go by in quarter two, gapped down the back inside, not that much. ALWAYS AT MY PLACE left between horses, took a tuck, then was quarter-mover #1 to the lead 3/8, yielded to the winner at the half, struggled from midturn. ASAP HANOVER didn’t offer much.


ELEVENTH RACENINE WAYS gapped into the backstretch then got tighter and went to third-over, three-wide with cover to four-wide to headstretch, just along. STAR COMMANDER N was three lengths off the main pack before the first turn and was last most of the way, went five-wide in the lane and almost got there as the pace cooled. BELL I NO left and was looped, tucked, then came out behind the parked horse into turn two, three-wide ¾ through the turn, made the lead deep stretch but was outkicked, though not by much. ATTA BOY DAN was parked with cover to the 3/16 then given the cold shoulder in the cool mountain air, still fighting until just before midstretch, beat all the horses who had rail trips. TOPVILLE OLYMPIAN left, defended the pocket throughout, couldn’t offer too much late. MAJOR CROCKER A was three-wide early then two-wide to before the 3/16, went very fast fractions to keep a challenger parked, paid the price late. MODERN REFLECTION sat in, didn’t have much late.


TWELFTH RACEIN SPADES gapped on the first turn then was hustled into gear to make an early move but was kept out on the rim in a very hard fight, showed the moxie to pace on and get the victory. REDBANK BLAZE A gapped after the winner moved, then tightened at the half, went three-wide 11/16 and was left out wide the duration as the top two held their ground, along for second late. SHOOTER’S DREAM made the front at the 1/8 and would not surrender command during a fast pace, tired midstretch. BILBO HANOVER was best of the rest. DREAMS BEACHBOY gapped outside. OUTKAST BLUE CHIP was last most of the way. SI SEMALU yielded at the 1/8 and kept the pocket closed, was bottomed out in doing so.