Connors’ Comments for Tuesday, September 3, 2019




FIRST RACE – Stretch headwind … TURVILLE HANOVER stayed connected while forwardly-placed, out midturn and wide headstretch, just up on BAG O CHIPS. The latter had the early lead and yielded, came out ¾ to challenge, made the lead midstretch but was shortening a bit late. FANATIC was three-deep to the first curve to the front 3/16, yielded nearing the 3/8 during a rapid tempo, came out behind the first-over headstretch then ducked inside of that one, not far off at all. WILDFIRE SEELSTER was behind a gapper way out of it much the way, gained around the far turn then ducked into the Pocono Pike and continued his progress. JUBILARIAN sat midpack with little. DUNSINANE HALL started to leave a big gap going to turn two. HOLIDAY HANOVER was outleft and had cover to the 3/16, then out raw a like distance to make the lead and went on at a good clip, gave way. BRIARWOOD BELLE didn’t show much.


SECOND RACESHEZALLAPPLES A was uncovered going into the backstraight and soon was fighting with the leading JANUARY A, went at it with that one a long way before going away very late. The latter spotted early then quarter-moved, rated the half, was joined by the winner 5/8 and fought long and hard with that one, held until past midstretch. SHADY CAROLINE had superior gate speed to make the front, yielded to the brusher, came two-wide near headstretch and eased three-wide early stretch, couldn’t go with the first two. LIONESS HANOVER was looped, got in to the 3/16, inside, Pocono Pike, not that much. FOOLISH TERROR had good cover but had trouble staying with it. ROCKLINDAROCK lost contact the last half; she and THE OTHERS had no say in this.


THIRD RACEWINNERESS went on to set the pace from the 3/16, had to dig in to keep PHANTOM RUSTY at bay. The latter showed some speed, then sat third until the 11/16 when going raw, tried very hard right to the wire. DOWNUNDERMATTER was pinned inside, then showed good trot in the Pocono Pike and almost took second. VERDI D EM looked all-out to keep up at a couple of points, then angled wide, had some trot. HOT SUMMER KNIGHT was the first to show, yielded for the pocket, gapped on the far turn. EL PESCADORO did not have good cover. CHOCOTURE never was a major danger. DJOKOVIC N again broke early, recovered and got to second-over, but couldn’t keep up.


FOURTH RACEEYORE HANOVER started uncovered approaching the clubhouse bend, grinded steadily and got to the lead in deep stretch. BIG BILL BREEZE was three-wide early, into the two-hole 3/16, to the Pocono Pike and made the lead midstretch, couldn’t quite keep it to the finish. DELCREST MAGICSTAR went out between horses and got forward position, stayed in, may’ve been in tight quarters inside late. LAKEVIEW TAMMY put everybody in behind with a 27 opener, got a breather then dialed the speed back up, couldn’t carry the speed all the way. FRAC was shuffled back and was in heavy traffic, showed some trot once clear. CHAS HANOVER gapped the winner’s cover 9/16. MAC DEENO tried to make progress around a sluggish two-wide tier past midbackstretch but didn’t make much progress. NEW IDENTITY never factored. SERIOUS SAVANNAH gapped a gapper third-over, blindswitched, very little.


FIFTH RACEKG ROCKS was looped and parked just past a quick quarter, set the pace, held off VINTAGE BABE late. The latter tucked, then moved uncovered, got into the pocket ¾, came out again for the stretch, good but had to settle for second. FAMILY ROLL CALL gapped backstretch cover, ducked in on the turn, split horses late to be third. ARRIVAL moved with the outer flow, left uncovered to the ¾, flattened out some late. EXOTIC DANCE was also outside, evenly. PIREAUS never entered into it. LAYER CAKE tucked, was shuffled, but still very far back. NEWSDAY circled everybody leaving, yielded just off turn one, started gapping 9/16.


SIXTH RACEWESLEY HANOVER went right out to the pocket, stayed tight, to the Pocono Pike and worked by CAJOLE HANOVER. The latter headed right down the road, rated Q2 then sped up in Q3, held well but came up shy despite encouragement. CASH LEEBROOK was uncovered going into turn two, challenged, fell back a bit but won a three-way photo for third. AUTEUR HANOVER gapped inside down the back, then had some trot between horses late. ANDOVER THE CASH tucked third at the 1/8, so-so along the inside late. YOU CANT HABIT was second-over but couldn’t stay with cover. SWISS PLATINUM offered little. CHUCKABUCK broke well before the start and could not repair the error.


SEVENTH RACEINTOVIEW was four-wide leaving, three-wide to the 1/8, and then worked to the top 3/16 in a wicked quarter, set the pace, just held off I CHOOSE YOU. The latter was just inside the winner during the grueling first quarter and wound up in the two-hole, moved outside in the stretch and inched in but couldn’t get by. SAPPHIRE HILL pushed hard early from the wood, stayed third-in, to the Pocono Pike, flattened slightly midstretch. NARCIAN JEWEL looked at leaving but saw quick ones to both sides and took back, then uncovered early on turn two, didn’t reach the leader, held evenly. HURRICANE CALLEIGH was second-over, three-wide early final turn, did not gain. ACEFORTYFOURAMANDA never entered the hunt. A LADY SIZZLING gapped third-over. MASSIVE ATTACK A, not away well, tried to sweep three- and four-wide from the back but was ineffective.


EIGHTH RACEALEXANDER HANOVER was first-over at the half and advanced, drew clear in the lane despite the slowing last quarter. DOLCE DUCCI was out in a blindswitch late turn, didn’t clear until just past midstretch then could come between horses with a steady burst. GOLDEN ZETTE was third-over behind a gapper, three-wide through the far turn, steadily in the slowing pace. CADILLAC CRUISER was uncovered 3/8 and got cover at the half, gapped, evenly. WINERY HANOVER was in the early pocket when running to the 3/16 and was taken inside the pylons, recovered and passed some late, but was placed for violation of the breaking rules. RED MAPLE LANE went to the lead in a fast quarter, encountered pressure from the winner on the far turn, not much left late. PONDA’S MUSCLE MAN was shuffled out of it when the pocket horse gapped. SHE’S UNCORKED was parked early, got into the two-hole after the late first turn breaker, came up empty in the last quarter. PRIME POWER N jumped before the start.


NINTH RACE ARCHIBALD backed out to third-over in front of a gapper late backstretch, three-wide on the far turn and drew away from these. LINDY’S BIG BANG gapped badly third-over, found a better gear wide headstretch and passed six horses in the lane. SHIVERED was second-over, edged three-wide headstretch, fair. TSM PHOTO BUGGER yielded for the pocket, inside the pacesetter in the lane, evenly. THERAPUTIC was far back inside, came through along the inside late. GO BYEM was uncovered into turn two, put in a good challenge but couldn’t sustain. P L ICABOD was in front 3/16, rated the second quarter, pressured from shortly into the backstretch, gave way. BILLIE BLUE was three-wide to the 1/8, took back to fourth, in, blocked, angled in the lane but never got into the picture.


TENTH RACELADY DELA RENTA A spotted fourth, came uncovered before the half, advanced by pacing her third split in 26.1 raw, then continued along strongly late in an impressive victory. LYONS RIVER PRIDE had a good battle to the 1/8 before yielding, almost immediately retook, stepped her game up to 26.4 down the back, good to stay within a length of a strong winner. BETTORHAVEANOTHER was pushed just past a sub-13 1/8 to get the lead, yielded for the two-hole, stayed connected, good in the Pocono Pike to win a photo for third over SIDEWALK DANCER. The latter was second-over, gapped ¾ in the wicked third split, but dug back in again in the lane. VORST was a bit off the gate and gapped much of the lane, had some finishing speed. ALWAYS GIGGLING couldn’t go with these.


ELEVENTH RACEKEENE OLIVIA left well to the lead at the 1/8, yielded at the ¼ for the two-hole, was a bit crooked coming out of the hole headstretch, but got in gear quickly and made the lead before midstretch, then held off MODESTA. The latter got a forward spot, backed out to second-over ¾ then had to go three-wide when cover tired, found her best strides a bit too late. ISLAY N came all the way up the inside and gained well. RENAISSANCE LADY K was looped under a controlled leaving, in gear 1/8 to the lead at the fast ¼, went the usual slow-fast middle splits (the trend with the wind), tired in the lane. SHEBANG N was bothered 9/16 when directly behind a breaker and gapped after that incident, to the Pocono Pike, salvaged the last check. OCEANIA was gapping inside. SALLY FLETCHER A moved uncovered 3/8, steadily advanced to the ¾, then ran out of gas. OSPREY BLUE CHIP was never close. NERIDA FRANCO N was out second-over in tight quarters, right up on her cover’s back when making a break 9/16.


TWELFTH RACEATTENTION HANOVER was shuffled and looked buried headstretch, but got to the deep Pocono Pike as they fanned five-wide headstretch, finished steadily and just along after the pacesetting KOTARE YARRA N made a late stretch break. BETABCOOL N was fourth-over and followed cover, five-wide headstretch and gaining strongly as the pace slowed to just miss. PRAIRIE EASTER spotted, then was first-up, went 26.2 in challenging, fell back off the pacesetter, then had to be taken in hand and moved over very late when the leader broke while looking in his path. MALNIFICENT was third-over and four-wide headstretch, OK but outkicked. TAY TAY M made two speed moves then yielded for the pocket, gapped late backstretch, then evenly late. COVEREDNDIAMONDS N was second-over and three-wide to headstretch, outkicked most of the lane, then appeared to have to be taken in hand when the first-over moved over to avoid the breaker. KOTARE YARRA N quarter-moved, went a big third quarter under pressure, left that one behind and had a good lead midstretch, but tired, then made a break 100 feet out, placed. BRUNHILDA was behind a wall of horses in the lane, then checked behind the breaker. USE YOUR NOODLE made the top at the 1/8, yielded, sat inside, not too much late.


THIRTEENTH RACESHEWEARSTHEPANTS was looped leaving, went up to the lead at the ¼, rated then sped up when BELIEVE IN ME challenged, had a long hard battle with that one before prevailing. The latter yielded, sat third until the 5/8 when coming raw, challenged the winner very hard and didn’t give an inch of ground late. FAITHFUL DESIRE circled three-wide to get the top at the 1/8, yielded to the looped winner to sit the two-hole, stayed close, to the Pocono Pike, loomed but came up a bit shy. SANDY’S BEACH was uncovered at the half then got cover 5/8, gapped late backstretch and on the turn, then found a better gear a little too late. NEON SKY N gapped inside. TYRONBETTORSELLA N struggled much of the last half. DEWAR N SODA gapped third-over. ROLLING GOING GONE lost contact in the last half.


FOURTEENTH RACEHERE COMES SWIFTY took early control from the pole, yielded to the 3/8 brusher for the two-hole trip, outside headstretch, took a while to find high gear, then finished strongly to nip CATCHA LEFTY A. The latter stayed right with cover second-over, three-wide headstretch, another who took a bit to find high gear but finished rapidly. BORN TO BE BAD was away third, out 5/16 to the lead just past the 3/8, didn’t get much pressure and briefly drew clear on the turn, then wilted. SPORTSMANSHIP raced into the early pocket, clear up the inside in the stretch, OK. MONTY’S PLAY and LEAN ON YOU were gapping down the backstretch and couldn’t get into the main action. THE OTHER PAIR were always near the back.