Connors’ Comments for Monday, September 2, 2019




FIRST RACE – Stretch headwind … TWIN B WRANGLER went quickly to the lead, yielded to sit the two-hole and was loose at points, but had enough in the 30.1 last quarter to overhaul the leader and then fend off DANCING RUSTY. The latter was second-over 5/8 and gradually tightened on cover, three-wide midturn, came on as the pace slowed. RIVER RUNS DEEP left and yielded, then retook the lead and went on at a very fast pace for this type, still two lengths clear midstretch but had to pay a price late. RAVE MOONRAKER N was uncovered 9/16, moved up some, then tired. NAKED CITY gapped at a couple of points, three-wide late turn but never in the mix. JK ONAROLL also never was a major consideration.


SECOND RACEDAFINATY pushed two outside foes 3/16 and yielded, moved 5/16 to 3/8 command, clear the last 3/8. THAT’S OFFICIAL was far behind at the ¾, circled up wide, outpaced the others in a good showing. FOOL OF IDEAS was three-wide 3/16 to the lead, yielded for the two-hole, started gapping 5/8, beat a bunch for third. WALKER MEISTER was between horses almost to the 3/16 for the early pocket, outside raw down the back but couldn’t make up ground. CHANCELLORCULLEN N had cover but didn’t have much and ducked inside late turn. THE OTHER PAIR were not factors.


THIRD RACEBECKY KRONOS was surrounded leaving and took back, came raw into the backstretch and went 28 flat in the third split to clear, maintained a safe advantage to the wire. EXPLOSIVE BULLSEYE was the innermost of the leavers and forced wholesale tucks, rated the half, couldn’t keep the winner out just past the ¾ but didn’t give up once passed and held on to second. ALLSWELL HANOVER had the cover of the winner but lost it into the far turn, fought well to the wire. STRONG IS SEXY was very wide leaving, settled back into the 3-hole nearing the ¼, moved outside late far turn and had some finishing speed. DESERT PEPPER took the early pocket, came up in the deep Pocono Pike but couldn’t make a major impact. THE OTHERS were outperformed this evening.


FOURTH RACESPLITSVILLE gapped in the second quarter and then gapped when behind cover down the back, but got in gear when left uncovered midturn, and trotted steadily (as the tempo declined) to catch LUCKY PROMESSES. The latter got a forward spot, then came raw off the second turn, trotted in 27.4 to get by the pacesetting heavy favorite, still clear midstretch but couldn’t sustain to the line. STARDUST MEMORIES was outside on the far turn and closed for a distant third. HIGH BLUE left quickly to command 3/16, went on in sharp numbers for these, had no answer at the ¾, evenly late. KEYSTONE BODACIOUS was blocked on the far turn, fair in the Pocono Pike. MAJESTIC MYSTIC did little, then came back with “b.e.” WAR CRY HALL pushed the favorite early then yielded for the pocket, fell back 11/16.


FIFTH RACETHE BETHINATOR had great cover second-over, closed the strongest to be along in time. ANTHEM came a long way first-over and was at the leader shortly after the 5/8, got a short lead turning for home, couldn’t quite sustain to the line. RODEO BEACH went into the pocket 3/16, to the Pocono Pike, raced well. IDEAL HANNAH went right to the lead, slowed quarter two, then picked it up when challenged midbackstretch, gave ground grudgingly in the last 1/8. TALK SHOW CHICA left for an early position, gapped before the ¾. LAURIE LEE came out third-over but couldn’t go with that flow. THE REMAINING DUO were always far back.


SIXTH RACEGINGRAS BEACH was third-over, four-wide to headstretch, closed into the 30.1 last quarter and rushed by late. FOREVER FAV briefly settled third 3/16 then was underway again on a quarter-move, encouraged to clear 3/8, was pressured, held well but got a little tired. ZAZA BOY darted out to a big early lead, pushed the brusher a little then yielded 3/8 for the two-hole, Pocono Pike, a half-step shy. SCRAPPIN GOLD was away for the two-hole, broke equipment past the ¼ and looked a little unsure of himself at times, deep Pike, fair late. BRAZEN BRAZILIAN had to swing widest and made up ground (though in a slowing quarter). OUTSPOKEN MAN went up first-over 9/16 and challenged, couldn’t sustain progress late. GREAT POP UP was well-placed second-over, three-wide late turn but not offering much. CAMYOUBELIEVE IT did not factor.


SEVENTH RACEQUARTER BLUE CHIP drifted out leaving, got in gear past the 1/8 but met resistance when trying for the lead and had to be used hard into the wind to make the front into turn two, but then spent most of the last half in the clear. SHOES GALORE took an early post, outside backstretch to retuck in the pocket, a clear second. DESTINYS CHILD circled up three-wide on the far turn and was the distant third. FINALLY FREE broke coming off the turn before the start, made a big recovery to the start and got away fifth, then second-over but gapped. LEMON ZEST got the last check. BEAM M W got an early spot, gapped down the back. BELLADONNA ZETTE overpowered the field leaving to a big early lead, pushed the winner a long way before ceding the front, all done going to the 5/8. REMY AURORA was always far back.


EIGHTH RACEELECTRIC WESTERN forced a rival to tuck just past the 3/16, pushed the next foe until finally yielding to the second turn, then was shuffled badly late backstretch and early turn, finally escaped midturn, went wide, and finished strongly for a very impressive victory in the circumstances. CLASSY HILL started raw early on turn two, went by 11/16, almost held to the wire and was good to retain second over ALTA SHELBY N. The latter was second-over, left uncovered 11/16 and went up to challenge, raced well. HES GONE BADDER was in the outer flow, ducked in near headstretch, fair late. DREAMFAIR MESA circled tired horses. SUPER FREEKEH never got a call. ALWAYS B MAGIC wanted the early lead but was given the cold shoulder and went to the pocket before the ¼, shuffled then backed out into the flow late backstretch, couldn’t keep up on the turn. ARCHANGEL THREE tucked third at the 1/8, moved 5/16 but was pushed hard before taking over the lead, surrendered the front 11/16 and backed up.


NINTH RACEAMERICAN MONI was handled cautiously early, went on late first turn to the lead to the 3/8 and soon was well-clear of these as his breeding shined through. STOP RESISTIN was between horses early, took the early two-hole 3/16, came out in the stretch and easily was the distant second. WHOUCALNCRAZY went out for early command, did eventually yield to the winner and couldn’t keep with that one the last half. BET BIG ON BLUE and MANWILLING got the last checks. PAGING DOCTOR TEO never got a call. LOVING LIFE couldn’t keep up with the top three. WAYWARD MAN was three-wide well past the 1/8, broke before the 3/16. MY BOY CHRISTIAN left but took back, came out again down the back but made no progress.


TENTH RACEROGUE CHEDDAR stayed in but only gradually improved his position inside, then came clear in the Pocono Pike and finished steadily to take the decision. JERRYTONE left very crisply, rated quarter two then picked it up, just failed to last to the line. PECORINO was looped and made the pocket before the first turn, a little loose on occasion, outside for the stretch, not quite enough. VODKA ON THE BEACH took back early, then was mired behind dull cover, four-wide late turn and finished strongly. LOVE THE ACTION used the inside route to the last payday. ARNOLD’S KING PIN was never prominent. CENTURY ENFORCER gapped second-over, then was three-wide midturn as the first-over faded, but all he did was clog that lane. SO SO DE VIE had a bit of gate speed, uncovered off turn two, faded significantly from midturn.


ELEVENTH RACEAMERICAN KRONOS was two-wide to command, yielded at the ¼ but was quick on the retake, went clear 5/8 and called the margin, four for trainer Julie Miller with only four starters, all driven by husband Andy. ANDOVERS TOUCH was last, circled four-wide late turn and put in a strong stretch showing to photo out ARCH CREDIT for second. The latter pushed early from the pole, yielded, shuffled from the 5/8 all the way to the Pocono Pike, had a response when shown open ground. TT CONWAY was second-over without much help from cover, three-wide far turn, evenly. PRETTY EDGY also was the victim of the inside shuffle. FASHION WINNER never entered the picture. KARETS was four-wide early, took back on the first turn to two-wide covered then got in fourth just past the ¼, then first-over but made little headway. ITSGOODTOBEAQUEEN left outside the winner, out until the ¼, yielded for the pocket, nothing left the last 3/8. ABSOLUT UNCERTAINTY never was in this one.


TWELFTH RACEBABY KITTY was looped, took the pocket before the 3/16, then quarter-moved, got high heat during the third quarter and reached the 3/4s in fast time, had the outside tier fade but the inside tier make a stretch attack, was equal to the challenge. SOME PLAYA was in gear quickly to be on top before the first turn, yielded to the winner, outside headstretch, just shy on the money. SI SEMALU was on a line behind the gate but straightened away and got a forward spot leaving, third-in, to the Pocono Pike but a step shy. YOUCANINKNOW tucked fourth, stayed in, had room to gain in the stretch, did gain some. AWESOMENESS was second-over, initially gapped behind a duel then got closer to cover, came three-wide and finished OK+. IWILLMAKEYOUSAYWOW never lived up to his name. ROCK THREE TIMES gapped third-over. CINDY’S PARTY BOY came with a rush from fifth just before 3/8 and was attacking the leader by the half, put on a strong challenge but then got tired on the far turn.