Connors’ Comments for Saturday, August 31, 2019




FIRST RACE – From 70o at first post to the high 50s by the last … TOM’S A ROCKIN was wide early and worked up to the lead by the ¼, got a breather in quarter two then turned on the jets, coming home in 55 and staying clear the last 3/16. YOU GOT TRUMPED made the front to the first turn then kept the winner out until the quarter, all-out the last half but held very gamely to retain second from NIALL HANOVER. The latter was first on the lead and yielded, third-in then Pocono Pike, couldn’t quite reach the deuce. CASH YOUR DREAMS pulled at the ¼ lest he get caught in by a parked horse, grinded raw, held well. KEYSTONE STEAM came up the inside, shut off in late stretch. LYNN’S IMAGE got an early spot, stayed in, angled out late turn but didn’t gain. AMERICAN MUSIC was outside the duration, got cover at the ¼ but was gapping it by the half. OUR ART AND HEAVEN came out at the ¼ to get in the already-formed outer tier but never factored. ROCK ON LINE was last, lost contact in the last ¼.


SECOND RACETEXICAN N hit the top before turn one, yielded off same but moved quickly before the 3/8 to the lead shortly after that point, had a pair of 27.2s coming home to draw clear of these. KING HARVEST stayed third-in, blocked late turn until the Pocono Pike, then made up some ground for a good second. P H KENNY was fourth-in, found room in front of a gapper late turn and quickly angled four-wide, finished very well to edge UNDERTAKER for third. The latter had good cover second-over until it tired midturn, three-wide late turn, OK late. BELIEVEINTHESPIRIT was underway first-up before turn two, went at the leader hard in quarter three, then began paying the price midturn. BEACH MEMORIES was out just past a good quarter, yielded for the two-hole, empty in the stretch. PERSISTENT THREAT A offered little. JEREMES GENERAL gapped third-over; URBAN RENEWAL was fourth-over, no factor.


THIRD RACETORRID BROMAC N eased up to third leaving, then quarter-moved, kept rolling, was untouchable in the last quarter. REGAL HOPE left for the early pocket, pulled from third 5/8, wasn’t getting to the winner but went on to hold second over JENKINS CREEK. The latter was last, stayed in, to the Pocono Pike, not far from the distant place. MOM’S CROSSROADS was inside, gapped later on the backstretch, then moved two- and three-wide, couldn’t reach. WELL PLAYED OUT left, made the front and put a foe in, yielded to the winner, empty in the lane. MAKE IT BIG gapped much of the first half, moved out past the 5/8 but almost immediately started gapping cover.


FOURTH RACER BAZINGGA was out most of the ¼ to get on top, yielded but was quick on the retake, opened some space 7/8 but saw his lead eaten into by CONCUR through the lane, just held on. The latter was four-wide early and three-wide to before the 1/8, then had cover to the ¼, then went on to the front, then yielded for the pocket, looked to be struggling a bit far turn, but went to the Pocono Pike and did well to get close to the winner. IN ROCK WE TRUST was buried inside, out into a blindswitch late turn, found room between horses and finished solidly. ALWAYS A DIAMOND left three-wide but soon took back, then was second-over, had room to duck in late turn then went to the Pike, so-so. OREN was third-over, didn’t enter the main dynamic of the race. QUAKE BLUE CHIP was always far back. HAYDENS LITTLE MAN started uncovered into turn two, couldn’t reach the winner but got in third midturn, little late. MASTER OF PUPPETS angled wide from last but was too far back. GRAVE DANCER kept an early hole closed, then gave ground much of the last 3/8.


FIFTH RACEATTA BOY DAN left but was forced to take the pocket in a 25.4 quarter, moved out early frontstretch but was left out all the way to the second turn before making the top and continuing the fast pace, had three coming at him in the lane but held with his usual rare gameness – and was claimed out of his twelfth straight race. ROCK THE TOWN used his superior gate jet to seat the winner, then pushed him before allowing him to make the lead, tried him again in the Pocono Pike and was not far off. BENJI’S BEST was last early, wide around a 3/16 breaker and caught the field, uncovered 11/16, tried very hard to the wire. PEMBROKE WILDCAT got a great inside trip, deep Pike, a step shy. WARP FACTOR THREE was gapping early then broke 3/16.


SIXTH RACECONWAY KELLYANNE pushed the ¼ then yielded but quickly regained command, set the pace, seemed safe once her main foe broke midstretch. KEYSTONE SERGEANT came uncovered from midpack at the half, challenged, ducked inside and then to the Pocono Pike, made a break and ran home, in violation of the breaking rules and placed last. CONMAN CROWN sat third, came out late turn and was gaining well late but didn’t look to be catching the winner. BURNIN MONEY also came off the rail late turn, next in line. MUAY HANOVER came up the inside with a touch of late trot. MOOSE MADNESS went up to the lead at the ¼, yielded for the pocket, little left the last 3/16. KANDY KORN was outside early and would have had good cover if able to stay with it. SHE MATTERS left between horses but broke.


SEVENTH RACEREBELLIOUS gradually made his way to the front off the first turn, rebuffed an early mover, then withstood a late thrust by ANOTHER DAILY COPY. The latter left between horses to the lead, yielded past the ¼ for the two-hole, angled out early stretch, gained but not quite enough. ART DANCER showed speed from the rail, couldn’t keep up in the stretch. ASAP HANOVER backed out to third-over late backstretch, came between horses in the lane and had some speed. WESTERN JOE came out with a rush 5/16 but didn’t have the speed needed to clear, faded. SOHO WALLSTREET A came up the inside, not a factor. ALWAYS AT MY PLACE followed second-over, three-wide midturn but came up empty tonight. CITY HALL had difficulty keeping up.


EIGHTH RACELARRY KARR went to the lead past the 1/8 in a fast opener, dealt with the first-over and had more than enough in reserve late. DRAWING DRAGONS left between horses to get the two-hole, to the Pocono Pike, not quite enough. NIMBLE AND QUICK too the inside route, evenly late. MAXDADDY BLUE CHIP got a forward position early, moved uncovered at the half and challenged, gave a bit of ground slowly through the last quarter. MAJOR OFFENSE came out second-over ¾ in front of a gapper, moved three-wide but couldn’t make much of an impact. FOX VALLEY INFERNO saved ground, not a threat. ANWAR HANOVER pulled behind cover, had to go three-wide around it past the 5/8, got to third-over ¾, no further response. BRAVO TEX N went uncovered before turn two but then couldn’t keep up when he got cover. FIRST CLASS HORSE was near the back throughout.


NINTH RACEHALLIE’S COMET wound up second-over and gapped most of the backstretch, better ¾ and three-wide midturn, only got the lead in deep stretch. SOMEBEACH BARON left and had cover to the ¼, then made the lead before the 5/16, yielded to a brusher to sit in the pocket, outside late turn, evenly late while never ahead. TOASTMYGOATS made a big move past the ¼ to set the pace, came under pressure, disposed of that one, lasted a long way in the stretch. BILBO HANOVER maneuvered for stretch room and closed well along the inside. SAMS TRIPLE CROWN stayed behind the winner, couldn’t match that one late. CENTURY CHURCHILL had an excess of cover. DAKOTA JACK hustled away to protect the early pocket, inside and shuffled, no forward pace late. TOPVILLE OLYMPIAN was on top past the 3/16, saw two go by, out again first-over at the half and challenged, rebuffed and fell far back.


TENTH RACEHIGHALATOR left well and seated a rival, pushed his main foe to a fast quarter then let him go to sit the two-hole, came out early stretch and found an extremely high gear to get the lead in characteristic determined fashion. BACKSTREET SHADOW didn’t leave with high speed but worked his way to the lead in 26.1, kept on going fast with nobody reaching him until the stretch, then just got out-1/16d by the pocket rocket. SCOTT ROCKS left hard, took a tuck to the first turn, got the Pocono Pike when the pocketsitter pulled, not quite enough. PRAIRIE PANTHER was not fast in the first half, moved out to grinding position early in the backstretch, never got close but held his ground very well. DONTTELLMEAGAIN was inside and shuffled, angled wide for over the half the stretch and then exploded late. DEALT A WINNER sat in, couldn’t get into the thick of it. SPRINGSTEEN was out before turn two, got cover into the backstretch but it didn’t advance, nor did he in the last ¼. SHINEONUCRZYDIAMND A gapped down the backstretch. THE WALL was too far back.


ELEVENTH RACESANTIAGO STYLE worked out a third-over trip after a heated half, went four-wide past early stretch and was up in the last two strides. SOMETIMESAWINNER stayed right with the lively outside flow, three-wide midturn, briefly made the lead deep stretch only to be overhauled. SHARP ACTION MONEY was underway at the ¼ and rolled up to the lead 3/8, yielded to the retaker at the half and sat in the pocket, to the Pocono Pike and got a short lead midstretch, outkicked late. TACT TATE N was a bit off the gate, widest in the stretch and flying late. EPAULETTE A was three-wide to the 1/8 then to the lead 3/16, pushed an early brusher before yielding then quickly took back the top at the ½, came under immediate pressure, lasted until midstretch. ROOTIN TOOTIN lost cover at the half and battled on raw in a fast third quarter, tired some. DREAMS BEACHBOY left between horses, yielded, shuffled, up the inside evenly late. MIGHTY MR SHARKEY N was the innermost of three leavers, yielded, shuffled back, clear in the stretch but didn’t gain.


TWELFTH RACEFUNKNWAFFLES went away from the rail quickly, strung out a brusher the length of the frontstretch before yielding for the pocket, came out late turn and swarmed right on past. REDNECK BLAZE A tucked third, on the move shortly off the first turn to the lead before the second, couldn’t handle the winner in the lane but held on for second over WESTERN HILL. The latter protected the pocket leaving, stayed in, to the Pocono Pike but couldn’t quite grab the deuce. WINBAK WILLY T went evenly late after a rail trip. THEFREEDOMFIGHTERN was never a major presence. SPEEDLING tried coming uncovered just past the half, was urged 5/8 but could offer little. PICKLED PREACHER was at the back throughout.


THIRTEENTH RACESPORTS COLUMN left and worked to the front before the 5/16, rolled on the lead, under a great deal of pressure and was headed on the turn but fought back with toughness. BLAISE MM HANOVER moved second-over 5/8, edged wider entering the stretch, just missed. WAGON MASTER was under tap-urging to the start but it didn’t have much effect, stayed in then angled out behind the place horse near headstretch, good if belated late pace. CARRACCI HANOVER had the front at the 1/8, yielded to the winner for the two-hole, Pocono Pike, so-so late. MARINER SEELSTER sat in, used the deep Pike and had a little gain. BETTER B ROLLING yielded at the 1/8, came back out early backstretch and pressed the leader very hard, as noted getting a small advantage late turn, but couldn’t sustain. NEWS WATCH was never on the radar. GINGER TREE MARTY broke early.


FOURTEENTH RACEBONDI HANOVER sat third-in until late on the turn, swung wide and outpaced the two rivals to his left in the last 1/16. CASH IS KING got the early lead then yielded to sit the two-hole, edged out early stretch, to the lead past midstretch but couldn’t hold the advantage on the money. FEELING CAM LUCKY was three-wide early and then gained control before the 3/16, rolled with quick numbers stringing the field out and was clear most of the backstretch and through the far turn, but tired late. EVER AGAIN came out towards turn two but never gained much, but best of the rest. FEEL THE NEED A wasn’t a factor. HEARTBEAT HILL rode half-and-half down the back, stayed in, little. THE OTHER PAIR were never in the hunt.