Connors’ Comments for Tuesday, August 27, 2019




FIRST RACE – Stretch headwind … HIGH BLUE, three-wide without then with cover early, could have had a 5-tuck late on the first turn but pressed on, had two-wide cover to the 3/8 then went on to the lead past the ½, opened up a big lead and was not threatened. WAR CRY HALL kept a hole tight early, backed out behind the winner and was soon left raw, went to the pocket 11/16, clear second-best. SPLITSVILLE sat in then was sent widest in the lane and outfinished the others. STARDUST MEMORIES spotted, came out at the half but gapped, left raw, one-geared it home. KEYSTONE BODACIOUS left to the lead 3/16, yielded, was able to slip out around a fading rival and left raw to the ¾, tired. LUCKY PROMESSES spent most of the last turn four-wide, didn’t reach. LET’S BE HONEST broke at the start. SHORT REIGN never entered the picture. CHUCKABUCK had cover early, left raw 3/16 and on to the lead 3/8, yielded just past the half and it wasn’t long before he was gapping the winner.


SECOND RACEEXOTIC DANCE was in a lively two-wide flow, left uncovered 11/16 and challenged the new leader, went by late turn and opened a little distance, then started to shorten up but had enough to hold off the others. TYRONBETTORSELLA N was two-wide then three-wide most of the final turn, kicked in with good pace late. I CHOOSE YOU followed the place horse on the turn then ducked all the way in to the Pocono Pike and made up ground. ROCKLINDAROCK took the early pocket, came out before the half, cleared 11/16 but had been passed well before headstretch. MY SISTER LUCIE inherited the lead when a foe broke at the 1/8, yielded in front of the stands, was shuffled behind a tiring horse then came out in a blindswitch on the far turn but gapped. ACEFORTYFOURAMANDA was very wide leaving, needed until almost the 3/8 to make the top, yielded 11/16 and fell back. GIRLOFYOURDREAMS had little along the inside. MASSIVE ATTACK A had the lead until breaking at the 1/8 and going to the centerfield.


THIRD RACEREADY TO ROCK gradually worked forward early, settled into a 3-tuck before the 5/16, uncovered 11/16, got into the pocket on the turn, outside early stretch and had enough to take the measure of GRACEFUL LADY. The latter was on top 3/16, had a clear lead in quarter two and then again late backstretch, caught in a two-horse dash to the wire. GERTRUDE HANOVER came off the rail to avoid a shuffle far turn then was pushed three-wide by a breaker, finally ducked inside that one headstretch and was a distant third. BEAUTIFUL MRS A was inside, passed tired horses. SOUTHWIND CAZE left and yielded for the two-hole 3/16, couldn’t keep up at several points and faded. SWEET SOFIE T moved outside, uncovered late turn when making a break. FOREIGN TRADE never factored. LADY WILLOW jumped soon off the turn before the start.


FOURTH RACEUSE YOUR NOODLE parked a foe most of a 26 opener then sat the golden two-hole trip, up the Pocono Pike to a midstretch lead then withstood SHEZALLAPPLES N. The latter was third-over and four-wide late turn, finished with good energy. PARKIN IN HEAVEN was second-over, moved three-wide just past midturn, caught from behind while not reaching the leader. MARY CATHERINE A stuck to the inside, a bit off the winner in the Pike, OK. SHADY CAROLINE tucked third and gapped off the early battle, then was uncovered into turn two, paced 27 raw down the back to challenge, couldn’t sustain. INTOVIEW had pace finishing from an impossible spot. LIONESS HANOVER was pushed most of a roaring 26 opener to get command, moderated the half then had to speed up, tired in the stretch, came back with “b.e.”


FIFTH RACEP L KETCHUP streaked to the top and set fractions that both strung out the field and bottomed them out, withstood the late gain of TRIXAR. The latter went into the pocket past the 1/8, loose at times but basically pretty close, gained late but not quite enough. BAG O CHIPS gapped throughout but stayed steady. FANATIC vacated the 3-hole past the 5/8 but went backwards. WILDFIRE SEELSTER got the last check. KRENTLER HANOVER had very little to offer. DUNSINANE HALL gapped early then broke 5/16. Both PRINCESS DEO and BRIARWOOD BELLE broke an 1/8 before the start.


SIXTH RACELADY DELA RENTA A went first-over 9/16, speed-grinded, came her last half in 54.2 to surge past ROCKIN THE BOYS A very late. The latter yielded, then quarter-moved, pushed to get to the lead, then had to keep up the speed, held gamely. JK JAZZITUP sat in, slipped out behind SHEBANG N past midturn, wide and just caught that one for third. The latter looped a horse to make the top, pushed that rival to the 5/16 before conceding the lead, shuffled far turn, wedged out late turn, OK but just caught for the distant third. ATTENTION HANOVER was far back on the backstretch, had to swing widest near headstretch and had some late pace. OSPREY BLUE CHIP was never prominent. PERCY BLUE CHIP was looped and out 5/16 for the top, hung the brusher a bit then yielded for the pocket, fell back at the ¾. COVEREDNDIAMONDS N was second-over, with ROCK N SHARD N right behind her, but both could make no impact.


SEVENTH RACEVOODOO MAN put everybody in behind with a wicked 26.2 quarter, got pressure from the big favorite throughout the last quarter but gamely kept him at bay. EXPLOSIVE RIDGE stayed connected behind the early duel, went uncovered into turn two, grinded and gradually moved up, had aim on the lead through the stretch but came up a bit shy. GLOBAL ICE was three-wide to the 1/8, tucked third at the ¼, struggled to keep tight, stayed even to be third. WESLEY HANOVER was between horses early then went into the pocket on the first turn, may’ve been bottomed a bit in that fast opener. SWISS PLATINUM gapped early and never entered the main picture. FINNICK ODAIR tried to move up two-wide but could not. THE REST likewise were never in the main picture.


EIGHTH RACEISLAY N tucked, gapped off the first turn, then better and out second-over after the retaker past the half, three-wide midturn, needed the length of the stretch to wear down the game MODESTA. The latter pushed away from the pole, kept a rival out well past a 26.1 opener, made a retaking move on the second turn, under constant pressure to headstretch where she had a brief clear lead, couldn’t quite withstand the winner. PRAIRIE EASTER was fourth-over and four-wide on the turn, narrowed in as the pace slowed a bit, reported back with “b.e.” TAY TAY M was last, was widest of all in the stretch and closing well. ITTY BITTY was third-over, blindswitched far turn, never clear but was going all she could. PIREAUS stayed in, to the Pocono Pike but couldn’t get closer late. SHEWEARSTHEPANTS kept the hole closed early, moved with cover but lost it past the half and challenged, couldn’t sustain the move. CHECKERED PAST was out a very fast 5/16 to make the lead, yielded just past the half, was getting loose after the ¾. YOU SHOULD BE HERE was never there.


NINTH RACELIONBACKER KIDD spotted fourth at the 1/8, moved raw 9/16 with the wind and cleared to the lead just past the ¾, saw off the late challengers. EL PESCADORO was three-wide leaving then two-wide to a fast quarter, yielded past the 3/8, moved out behind the winner as the pacesetter tired, tried hard but couldn’t quite reach. LAKEVIEW TAMMY was forwardly-placed, followed the place horse out on the turn then swung wide, step-and-a-half short. BRUTAL STORM escaped a shuffle then ducked back inside, next in line. NEW IDENTITY made two speed moves before the 3/8, tired when challenged towards the ¾. FRAC moved outside but gapped, letting the inside horses escape a shuffle on the far bend. THE OTHER PAIR stayed in the back throughout.


TENTH RACEECLIPSE ME N took the pocket at the 1/8, quarter-moved and got a breather in quarter two, then came home in 54.2, drew off in the last quarter. DIVAS IMAGE was uncovered into turn two, went 26.3 down the back to get close to the leader, then couldn’t stay with her but tried hard to the line to handle the rest. BETTORHAVEANOTHER was quickly in front, yielded to the winner, couldn’t keep up on the turn, fair. BETTOR’S UP had early speed, shuffled a bit on the turn, but got to the Pocono Pike and didn’t gain very much. VORST was a couple of lengths off the gate and gapped early backstretch. SIDEWALK DANCER was second-over but gapped 1/16; ALWAYS GIGGLING was right behind that one and never got into the main action.


ELEVENTH RACETALENT SOUP forced a tuck then yielded to a foe 3/16, quick to retake, was pressured hard by NOX VEGAS BLUECHIP, who got a half-length up on the turn, but fought back to defeat that rival. The latter moved uncovered from fifth to the second turn, stormed up in 26.3 down the back and got ahead of the winner but couldn’t clear, tried to the wire. ONE AND ONLY was three-wide to the first turn then two-wide to 3/16 command, yielded for the pocket, stayed towards the inside in the lane, next-best. MASTER OF PUPPETS couldn’t quite go with his cover during the speedy third split, won a photo for fourth over YUPPER, who tucked third early then went evenly. THE OTHERS never entered into the main picture.


TWELFTH RACEPERFECT STICK was first-up approaching McCarthy’s Corner, advanced nicely down the back and was head-to-head with MR HOUDINI the last 5/16, just getting the nod over that one. The latter went right to the lead at the 1/8, got a breather to the half then stepped it up, was in a long fight with the winner and just came up shy. P L ICABOD yielded for the pocket, outside stretch, held evenly. INNER PEACE left between horses and soon tucked in third, fair. PHANTOM RUSTY was second-over but was slightly off his cover throughout. THE OTHERS found that racing from behind was not a good place to be in general on this night.


THIRTEENTH RACEBETABCOOL N was four-wide to the 1/8, three-wide to the 3/16, then two-wide to the top at the ¼, yielded and sat just off the dueling horses late backstretch and through the turn, to the Pocono Pike and barely got the nod over NEWSDAY. The latter was three-wide to the 1/8 then two-wide to the 3/16, yielded but retook the top in front of the stands, under pressure from JANUARY A from the 11/16 onwards, showed great courage. The latter was first-over and sprinted up in 26.4 to take on the leader from the 11/16 to the wire, not far off at all. DEWAR N SODA was third-over, crucially blindswitched from the ¾ to midstretch, then found a seam and barreled home. BELIEVE IN ME got inside at the 1/8, clear but didn’t have enough late. IDEAL CLASSIC left well, stayed in and was shuffled, evenly on the far inside late. ARRIVAL was three-wide from fourth-over ¾, not bad. SANDY’S BEACH was second-over, couldn’t stay with cover. VINTAGE BABE never got a call.


FOURTEENTH RACEP L LEEROY made the lead at the 1/8 and stayed strong throughout, in no danger in the stretch. SOME PLAYA left enough for the two-hole, lost ground in the stretch but did hold off LIMA RAIDER for second. The latter stayed in, came on a bit in the latter stages. PAN OF STEEL left and tucked third before the first turn, came uncovered 9/16, fell back late. SPEEDLING gapped second-over. MACHINE TEAM had to briefly check before the half behind a breaker and never reconnected. SI SEMALU gave way significantly. MONTY’S PLAY broke going into turn two.