Connors’ Comments for Monday, August 26, 2019


 MONDAY, AUGUST 26, 2019


FIRST RACEARTFUL BLISS was three-wide to the 1/8 to the lead not long thereafter, yielded to the brusher for the pocket, came out late turn and went right on by. DAFINATY was between horses to the early pocket, quarter-moved and strung the field out, offered no resistance when the winner came but far ahead of the rest. ALWAYS A BB moved from midpack uncovered 5/8, fair for the distant third. DEALIN DAN pushed away well from the rail, yielded, struggled to keep up the last 5/16. JK ONAROLL wound up second-over while not helped much by his cover, got the last check. ROCK ABSORBER sat in, not too much late. THE REST resided near the back throughout.


SECOND RACEWALKER MEISTER got the early pocket, quarter-moved, could go a moderate middle half, and still was extended to defeat BIG CC’S ROCK. The latter had forward position, got to the Pocono Pike as the pocket horse could not gain, just missed; an inquiry into a possible pylon violation just past the half resulted in no placing. FOOL OF IDEAS was second-over, three-wide late turn, finished strongly. TWIN B WRANGLER stayed in, angled wide for the stretch and was OK. NAKED CITY was three-wide to the 1/8 and two-wide to the 3/16 to claim the early lead, yielded for the pocket, empty in the stretch. PREACHER OLLIE spotted then came first-over but never headed the pocket horse. NITTANY NATION was behind cover, evenly. DAVIDS COMING HOME was three lengths off the gate and never had contact with the field.


THIRD RACEMY BOY CHRISTIAN was behind gappers entering the backstretch, gradually worked his way up raw to challenge the leader, slowly inched away from that one late. STOP RESISTIN was looped and three-wide to the 1/8 then two-deep to 3/16 command, set the pace with the field well strung-out for the most part, held stubbornly against the winner. SINISTER HANOVER cleared everybody quickly, yielded for the two-hole, tight on the turn then with little left in the lane but still a clear third. CFOUR PO took back leaving, gapped in front of the stands, backed out to second-over but didn’t gain. CELEBRITY DANTE offered little. BRANDYWINE BATTLE had some early speed, fell way back in the last split. TUIS LEGACY jumped at the start.


FOURTH RACEUNDER THE HOOD left between horses, took the pocket, considered an early brush but rethought the move as the pacesetter was strong on the lead, finally moved ¾ and went right on by, an easy winner. PRAIRIE WESTERNGAL took an early forward spot, moved out and wide for the stretch, not bad. ACTRESS HANOVER flashed some pace in the last 1/16. MY SWEET MEMORY was forwardly-placed, followed the winner out ¾, soon left raw, couldn’t gain. ODDS ON HOLLYWOOD gapped at a couple of points. MAMI HANOVER was three-wide to the 1/8 then two-wide to the front 3/16, had an open lead until late backstretch, then was engulfed in the last ¼. THE OTHER PAIR offered little.


FIFTH RACETREVOR ONE went right to the lead and never gave it up while coming home in 55.4 – 27.3, although BLANK STARE gave a big effort behind him. The latter raced out to the pocket, found a high gear in the Pocono Pike the last 1/16 and ate into what looked like a comfortable margin for the winner. LOUIE LOUIE was extended to stay third not keeping up with the front two. SEA ISLE CITY passed sluggish foes. KEYSTONE REUBEN gapped early, never close. MAJORING ARTIST had little to offer.


SIXTH RACE – Previously-swirling breeze now a stretch head breeze … JUBILARIAN kept a hole closed early and sat third until towards mid-far turn, came out and went past SABRINA DEO. The latter left under control then went up past the 1/8 to get the lead 3/8, held the front until nearing the wire. TRIXEE DE VIE made the front 3/16, turned a foe loose a like distance later and sat the pocket, angled out in the stretch, went along OK. ALFIE DE VIE never closed the hole after the breaker 11/16, next. MARIANNE FAITH moved out from the back but never gained. SIGILWIG was leaving when she broke. CELEBRITY SABRINA was near the back throughout. VODKA SODA was sitting fourth when losing her gait 11/16.


SEVENTH RACEVENTURE PRINCESS was looped early and with cover until tucking ¼ after a breaker, gave a tuck to clear the road for first-over and went out, headed the leader 5/8 but never could clear that one through the far turn, finally could draw away late. DESERT PEPPER decided to control her own fate by leaving quickly from the rail, put opponents behind her, was challenged by the winner 5/8 but wouldn’t let that one clear down the backstretch and through the turn, finally gave in midstretch. CAVIART EMMA was hung outside early, could take back to third-inside 3/8, shuffled, came back on again late. BYATHREAD HANOVER moved second-over but couldn’t stay tight behind the winner’s cover. SASSY LYNNLY left and got in behind the pole horse, started giving way late on the backstretch. MATHERVILLE wasn’t clear at the wire after not being a factor throughout. TAD KRAZY HANOVER never gained. MEZCAL MORNING went to circle a gapper 3/4, moved up well three-wide but broke near headstretch. MIZZY BRENDA K looked a bit rank at the ¼, broke and went to the infield.


EIGHTH RACESUGAR AND SPICE was three-wide to the first turn, to the front 3/16, had been headed by the first-over ¾ but that one made a break so kept the lead, held to be safe at the wire. IDEAL HANNAH backed out to follow the first-over 11/16 and was left uncovered when that one broke ¾, couldn’t gain late. MOANING LISA came out for the drive, drifted a bit wide then hit a better gear late to be in the middle of a three-way picture for second. TALK SHOW CHICA yielded, maintained the pocket, to the Pocono Pike, couldn’t gain. LAURIE LEE was badly bothered behind what looked like two hooked horses early backstretch and went wide around them, avoided further trouble and got the last check. ESPRESSO MARTINI left but took back to fifth, uncovered down the back and made a big charge, had grabbed a short lead just into the turn but soon made a break. EYE POPPING ran up on a horse 9/16 then appeared to have a wheel hooked, losing all chance. PELL MELL got tight on the horse in front of her 5/16 and made a break. THOU SHALL DANCE was outside, may have caught the wheel of a foe 9/16, with both of them quickly falling far out of it.


NINTH RACEFASHION WINNER tucked, briefly had cover on the second turn then lost it, grinded, took a slight lead early stretch and maintained it to the wire. CASH FOR GOLD tucked third, tried to be quarter-mover #2 but was left outside and worked into the pocket before the half, outside late turn, surged late to grab second over KEYSTONE SERGEANT. The latter swept three-wide from last save the breaker before the ¾, dropped down to two-wide past midturn then all the way to the Pocono Pike, almost got second. CADILLAC CRUISER was stuck inside on the far turn then angled out behind the show horse, next in line. CAJOLE HANOVER left, yielded, was quarter-mover #1, made QM #2 get in the hole behind him, got pressure, tired the last 1/8. CAN DO went to the lead 3/16, yielded to the retaker then couldn’t keep the new pocket closed before the half, fell back. DOLCE DUCCI was second-over but gapped. AQUILLO broke early.


TENTH RACEABSOLUTE INTENT put everybody in behind early in a fast opener, then yielded for the two-hole trip, outside headstretch and went by midstretch, held off the closing VODKA ON THE BEACH. The latter was second-over, wide in the lane, found his best strides a mite too late. REIGN OF THRONES tucked behind early battlers, then quarter-moved, got a slowed second quarter then picked it up, not enough at crunch time. PECORINO actually showed first past the start but was four-wide, three-wide almost to the 3/16 before taking back to tuck third, then out again raw to the second turn, held decently after a tough trip. CENTURY ENFORCER was between horses to the pocket to the 3/16, struggled a bit in the latter stages. ROGUE CHEDDAR came up the Pocono Pike with mild pace. THE OTHER TWO were away near the back and were not prominent.


ELEVENTH RACEPRAIRIE GEM was outside leaving, never went into a hole but proceeded on to the lead, just withstood the late rush of BET BIG ON BLUE. The latter moved second-over, went three-wide midturn, steadily to just miss. PAGING DOCTOR TEO was uncovered down the backstretch and challenged hard, held on well. BOSCH was looped and on the lead by the 3/16, yielded for the pocket, Pocono Pike, not enough. WHOYOUCALNCRAZY was third-over and three-wide with cover far turn, finished well. LOVING LIFE crossed right over, shuffled some, not much late. MANWILLING was not willing to stay on stride early.


TWELFTH RACE – Wind has died down … SO SO DE VIE moved uncovered around a gapper 11/16 and rolled on up, briefly with cover past the ¾ then uncovered again as the cover ducked in, swept right on by in hand. ZAZA BOY went right to the top, yielded for the pocket, half-and-half ¾ then went inside and then to the Pocono Pike, along for second. GREAT POP UP gapped down the back, outside then wide stretch and finished OK. ALOTA CHAOS gapped down the back, to the Pocono Pike and next in line. SCRAPPIN GOLD and SARONNO were always far back. AETHON gapped four lengths off the top two 3/16 yet still was out on a quarter-move, cleared past the 3/8, tired in the lane. CAMYOUBELIEVEIT had little to offer.


THIRTEENTH RACENO EXCUSES set the pace with two moves, rated the half and needed no excuses, drawing clear headstretch and going safely to the wire. HOT SUMMER KNIGHT was third-over, three-wide with cover briefly then four-wide headstretch, closed well to edge CRAZYCAT for place. The latter hugged the inside and advanced, made second midstretch but didn’t have the momentum of the horse who passed him late. KINDA LUCKY LINDY got a good second-over trip until having to go three-wide late turn, so-so late. BARNEY MAC stayed in and gapped down the back. BABY CHEY was looped, out until tucking third 3/16, then out raw again into turn two, battled a long way, held on fairly decently. ITSGOODTOBEQUEEN had too far to come. CHRISTOPHER CRAZO outdashed everybody to early command from the outside, yielded for the pocket, began getting loose in the pocket past the 5/8.


FOURTEENTH RACEYOUCANIKNOW was second-over and gradually advanced, came home in 54.4 – 27.1 individually and just had too much class for these. ROCK THREE TIMES settled into the pocket at the 1/8, went to the Pocono Pike, good but outkicked. IWILLMAKEYOUSAYWOW immediately grabbed the lead, cut a sensible half, not enough sprint late. BIG JER took back to tuck fifth, then first-up early on turn two, steadily advanced, held OK. HEARTBEAT HILL appeared to be all-out to keep up third-in at a couple of points, then had to angle wide late stretch for clearance and had some pace. ALTA SHELBY N was three-wide to the 1/8, tucked fourth, not heard from thereafter. SUPER FREEKEH gapped a strong flow while third-over, a bit at the end. ALWAYS B MAGIC gapped at the half.