Connors’ Comments for Sunday, August 11, 2019


 SUNDAY, AUGUST 11, 2019


FIRST RACET’S ELECTRIC made the lead at the 3/16, yielded 3/8 for the pocket, to the Pocono Pike, outfought WESTERN ALUMNI to the wire. The latter came out of fourth 3/16 to the lead 3/8, dealt with the first-over to his right, then couldn’t keep off the Pikeshooter to his left. ROCKIN ROGER got a great second-over trip, three-wide headstretch and was moving well at the wire. SOUTHERN ALLIE went first-up before turn two, challenged, backed off slightly in the drive. LOGAN HANOVER was third-over, gapped a bit midturn, evenly. A AND C ARTIST was caught inside, to the Pike well off the leaders, not much. I AM THE COWBOY made the front early, yielded, inside, struggled a bit from the 5/8. AN THE THUNDEROLLS went three-wide from fourth-over ¾ but never entered the picture. CARMENS BEST tucked third early, made a break 3/8.


SECOND RACEDANCIN HILL came out to the 5/8 and sailed by a tired leader ¾, opened a big lead which he maintained to the wire. GRANDPA DON was three-wide to the 1/8 then backed off to tuck fifth, followed the winner out, couldn’t go with that one and was left raw on the turn, tried hard to the finish. REGAL HOPE took the pocket early, then was shuffled badly as horses went by at the ¾ and through the turn, had a good response once free in the Pocono Pike. JK ONAROLL gapped inside, then angled out into a blindswitch on the turn, evenly late. TITUS SEELSTER was three-wide to try to get around the three laggards late backstretch but did little. ADMIRAL sat third, saw the first two go by to the ¾ and backed outside midturn but had little to offer. GOTHIC ROCK sat the pace under no particular duress, empty when challenged ¾. CODE MEISTER moved outside near the back but never gained.


THIRD RACEALKIPPE kept forward position early, stayed third-in, right to the Pocono Pike as the pocketsitter pulled out, had the best last 1/16. TEE’S SWEET RYDE was three-wide early then advanced two-wide to the lead 3/16, rated quarter two, set the rest of the pace, outsped on the end of it. PRAIRIE WESTERNGAL went to the top, yielded 3/16 for the pocket, moved out into the lane but couldn’t gain. SWEET MARTHA LOU stayed in and was shuffled to last, gained behind a wall of horses late. MIRASOL went two-wide 5/8 then three-wide midturn, not bad at the end. ABLE HANOVER was uncovered into turn two, gained on the leader throughout the backstretch but then couldn’t sustain the move. MY SWEET MEMORY backed out to second-over at the half, was blindswitched, not much late.


FOURTH RACESWEET CHERRY was parked to the 3/16 to get the front, rated the second quarter then sprinted the third, in full control. A BEACH CRUISER went to the top early and yielded for the two-hole, to the Pocono Pike but could not gain. TWIN B SONYA sat in third until coming out for the drive, evenly. UNSPOKEN PROMISE advanced up the inside down the back, so-so late. SIN CITY LORI flushed dull cover and ducked back in to the ¾, a touch of pace late. SWEET CHROME gapped the cover of FUNNY SAID, who went first-over but never got close to the leader.


FIFTH RACEJK MARDI SAYS came out second-over down the back and followed cover, tipped wide and was far and away the best. WHAT A FOX needed until the ¼ to settle back to last, came out third-over, four-wide headstretch and outfooted the others. WALK ON AIR made the three-hole past the 1/8, came out down the back and gained some, outpaced for the deuce. SAPPHIRE HILL sat in, gapped far turn. SWEET SISSY LOU took these down the road in strong numbers, tired. ODDS ON NAPLES raced into the early pocket, was loose in same much of the way.


SIXTH RACETREACHEROUS REIGN was three-wide to the 1/8 and then two-wide past the 3/16 for the lead, but had no problems once on top, with a 54 back half. BEACH BAR left well to protect the pocket, gained a little early stretch when taken to the Pocono Pike, then went evenly but held second. SWEET HEAVEN left between horses and tucked, outside 11/16, narrowed in some late. SWEET LUCY LOU stayed in, came between horses in tight quarters late and did pretty well. SYLPH HANOVER was first to offer outside 5/8, got cover, ducked back in before the ¾, no factor. RENAISSANCE LADY K couldn’t go with these. PACE BABY PACE had lost contact by the half.


SEVENTH RACEVERDI D EM got second-over cover from second-last, three-wide midturn, proved the strongest in the lane. EL PESCADORO had some speed, stayed in, went to the deep Pocono Pike and got by a bunch for second. MASSTER BLUE was three-wide a good part of the first ¼, never really tucked and came up first-over before the 3/8, grinded, held well. STARSABOVEALLERAGE angled wide from last in the main pack and closed well. MOOSE MADNESS left between horses, got the lead 3/16, set the pace, couldn’t carry the speed to the wire. PITTSTOP KIP was four-wide towards turn one, got into the pocket near the ¼ after a foe broke, to the Pike but couldn’t gain. FASHION WINNER gapped third-over. MADMAN HALL was innermost of the half of the field that left, had just yielded 3/16 when going to a run, taken very wide.


EIGHTH RACEWARRAWEE UBEAUT briefly took the pocket then moved 3/16 to the lead 5/16, got a very soft middle half without opposition, then sprinted home in 26.2 to keep STONEBRIDGE SOUL at bay. The latter burst right out to command, yielded to the winner and kept tight, raced strongly but couldn’t gain into that kind of last fraction. ANUELITA HANOVER sat in, gapped on the turn, outfooted the rest for the distant third. ODDS ON ST LUCIE came out of third just past the ¾ but could make no headway. TRILLIONS HANOVER was three-wide leaving and took back, outside to the ¾ and soon got cover, but couldn’t make a major impact. THE OTHER PAIR were near the back throughout.


NINTH RACEA BETTOR BEACH never left the rail, came all the way up to the pocket headstretch and then to the Pocono Pike, won easily to be the first horse to have two $50+ wins at PcD this year, this one at $110.80. SEAFARER was the innermost leaver and extracted a big price before turning a foe loose to the 3/8, sat the pocket, outside headstretch but was outkicked up the inside. CAPTAIN MALICIOUS was three-wide to the 3/16, then backed off to tuck fourth at the ¼, second-over, three-wide just past midturn when cover tired, did well. QUATRAIN BLUE CHIP was pushed to a hot 3/8 before getting the lead, then was under pressure from the 9/16, actually didn’t fade too badly. STAND BY ME N was gapping in last before the half, in gear far turn and widest off of it, got the last check. BRING THE THUNDER was fourth-over, behind a sluggish one and three-wide 5/8, stayed wide, could not reach. HEISMAN PLAYER took the early pocket, wanted to move at the ¼ but stayed in when the front-end duel was prolonged, uncovered with a charge off turn two, fell back midturn. QUAKE BLUE CHIP came out third-over late backstretch but had little. BAY MEADOWS was the original third-over but had nothing shortly after going outside, backed up and went back to the rail.


TENTH RACETALL DRINK HANOVER was three-wide before the first turn, then two-wide to command off that bend, rated the half then sprinted home in 54.1- 26.3 without a problem. ROCKIN PHILLY went right to the top, yielded at the ¼, kept up pretty well in the pocket. PHILLY HANOVER moved raw past the 5/8 and challenged the leader, couldn’t sustain in the sprint home. ABIGAIL DAWN was briefly outside then ducked back in, next. AFRAID NOT HANOVER was never a factor. SHE’S ALLRIGHT came out down the back from last but soon faded, then lost contact.


ELEVENTH RACEMICHELON’S FILLY went to the front 3/16, yielded past the ¼, third-in, swung wide headstretch and had a big late kick to catch ANNIE HILL. The latter was wide past the 1/8 then got the lead off the first turn, yielded to the frontstretch brusher for the pocket, went to the Pocono Pike and got the lead headstretch, no apparent excuse. MAY BRIDE HANOVER made a brush in front of the stands to the lead, went a fast half, not too much when tested in the lane. TAKE ABIT OF LIFE moved outside 11/16, gained but then couldn’t sustain the move. COP A PLEA gapped down the back, had a bit on the end. TANTRUM HANOVER left, yielded, sat in, not too much late. LOUPHORIA moved second-over past the 5/8 but faded.


TWELFTH RACETHE LAST CHAPTER left, made the top at the 1/8, yielded 5/16 but was soon on the move to retake, held out the first-over, was not threatened in the stretch. ZOOMING was four-wide early, went on and got the front to the 5/16, yielded to the retaker and stayed tight, neither gained nor lost ground late. TAG UP AND GO left well, yielded, stayed close, not enough kick late. SATIN DANCER moved out with cover past the 5/8, three-wide late turn and had some late kick. TSM PHOTO BUGGER stayed inside, didn’t have much stretch response. MAX had to swing widest, finished OK+. LINDY’S BIG BANG never made any noise. ROCK OF CASHEL had cover but couldn’t get into it. ANNAPOLIS HALL was in the middle of five leavers, tucked fourth, went first-over past the 3/8, started to retreat nearing the far turn.


THIRTEENTH RACEDE LOS CIELOS DEO (who’s now a gelding) stayed outside early, then in gear 3/16 to make the top before the 3/8, did what he had to to secure the victory. SANTAFE’S COACH stayed in until popping out headstretch, finished with high speed to nip WILD WILD WESTERN for second. The latter went to the front past the 1/8, yielded before the 3/8 and raced in the pocket, did well but just failed to hold place late. WILD BILL was first on top, yielded, in, no gain in the lane. GRANTMEAWISH never made his presence felt. WESTERN BEACHBOY moved out at the half but couldn’t go enough for these.


FOURTEENTH RACEYUGE was in the pocket early, then vacated third 9/16 and went right by 5/8, opening a good lead when the former leader broke, seemed in control to the wire. DJOKOVIC N broke at the start but caught and settled at the back of the pack, advanced along the inside, was able to wedge through between horses midstretch and finished with speed in a big recovery. NATURAL KEMP stayed in, angled out just past midturn and then wide, just along for third over PRESIDENTE ZETTE. The latter was outside until the ¼ then tucked, shuffled some on the far turn, Pocono Pike, just missed the trey. UPFRONT BILLY went to the lead, yielded to the brusher, checked slightly when the leader broke as being passed, then could not fill the hole behind the new leader/winner. GO BYEM was uncovered early on turn two, got cover but soon lost it and couldn’t get into the main action. CROSBYS CLAM BAKE and DOWNUNDERMATTER were not prominent. MAJESTIC MARVEL quarter-moved from fourth, was in the process of being passed by the winner 5/8, responded by making a break and going to the infield.