Connors’ Comments for Tuesday, August 6, 2019




FIRST RACE – Stretch headwind … HIGH BLUE left well, set the pace under a hold, opened a big lead early backstretch and kept it to midstretch, when she tired after the fast fractions but had a big enough cushion. STARDUST MEMORIES was out with cover before the 5/8, left raw when cover broke and went up to the pocket, narrowed in throughout the last ¼. LET’S BE HONEST followed the place horse, couldn’t keep up past the ¾ and was two-wide raw through the turn, a clear third. WHITE PANTS FEVER was outside then three-wide into the backstretch around the struggling horse, three-high the duration, flattened. GWALLY took back to tuck 3/16, outside on turn two, had to go three-wide off that bend as cover stopped, to uncovered and looking to make the pocket past the 5/8 when going on an extended break, placed for violation of the breaking rules. KEYSTONE BODACIOUS was away for the pocket, left behind before the 5/8. BIONESS tucked third, came out 5/16 and advanced raw, then suddenly slowed down dramatically off turn two.


SECOND RACEPERCY BLUE CHIP was two-wide leaving and looped, gradually worked her way by to command 5/16, strung out the field down the back and had lost everybody but GATORS BEN WINNING by the far turn, hustled late to keep that one safe. The latter was three-wide early then two-wide to the lead 3/16, yielded 5/16 for the pocket, loose in the pocket late backstretch but then tighter, couldn’t go with the winner late but far ahead of the rest. SAPPHIRE HILL was the innermost of the leavers, lost contact with the top two 11/16, held for third in a photo over GIRLOFYOURDREAMS, who stayed in. SUCCESSFUL OUTLOOK was never in the hunt. WHISKERSONKITTENS was four-wide approaching the first turn, gradually took back, then out again second-over, left uncovered when her cover drifted wide before the 11/16, never close. MASSIVE ATTACK A was never prominent. OOH REAL GOOD started uncovered before the half, never got close then drifted wide.


THIRD RACEMASS FORTUNE K let a rival loop him early and continued on to ¼ command, drew away from these as much the best. PAPI HANOVER was quickest away, yielded for the pocket at the ¼, couldn’t keep up in the two-hole before the ¾, held for second. KRENTLER HANOVER went evenly along the rail. TOTAL DIVA was inside, gapped on the far turn. WILDFIRE SEELSTER came out 5/8, was blindswitched, went on for the last check. MATTERLEI tucked, then was uncovered at the half, went 27.4 down the back to enter contention but couldn’t sustain and fell back. KLYDE DA GLIDE went three-wide from far back ¾ but flattened out. BRIARWOOD BELLE jumped just before the start.


FOURTH RACEGLORIA PIERRE moved just after the fast opener, made the lead and got a breather in quarter two, under encouragement from the half on, rebuffed a 27.1 challenge from the first-over, looked ripe for the plucking by POPPY DRAYTON N but held on grittily. The latter made the lead just past the 1/8 and got a rival to tuck at the ¼, yielded to the winner and stayed tight, to the Pocono Pike, had aim, came up just shy. MY KIWI LADY N was third-over, four-wide from midturn, not quite enough to reach the top two. MALNIFICENT had to swing five-wide in the lane and finished well. HEAVENLY BET was second-over, three-wide ¾, evenly, returned with “b.e.” HURRICANE CALLEIGH was in the outer flow, gapped cover, was behind a wall headstretch, angled in and between horses, fair. LIVE ODDS was put in play raw 3/8, made a big challenge, but had little left in the lane. MARY CATHERINE A was four-wide early, three-wide to the 1/8, then two-wide until getting in the pocket at the ¼, gapped out to the 5/8.


FIFTH RACEPUERTO RICO showed speed and kept his main rival out to the 5/16 before yielding, sat just off the midrace duel, outside stretch and went right on by. LIONBACKER KIDD needed 5/16 to clear to the front, immediately under pressure, shook that one off before the 5/8 but could not stall the winner. WESLEY HANOVER was trapped in to the ¾ and around the turn, utilized the Pocono Pike to get third. AUTEUR HANOVER was third-in, gapping before the ¾. SPRING IN PARIS moved two-wide before the 5/8 and went three-wide 11/16 to clear a retreating opponent, couldn’t reach. PRETTY EDGY and NEW IDENTITY were always near the back. CAJOLE HANOVER was three-wide to the 1/8 then went behind cover which he lost at the 5/16, couldn’t summon the speed to go on for the lead, already tired before the 5/8.


SIXTH RACEWILBERFORCE yielded the front past the 3/16, reclaimed the top in front of the stands, strung out the field in a quick mile for this level. ABSOLUT UNCERTAINTY was parked past the 3/16 in a fast opener for the lead, yielded for the pocket, not enough but held for second. BRUTAL STORM went around a gapper on the far turn, to the Pocono Pike but couldn’t make the place. SWEETCHAP sat third, had nothing left ¾. KIRTY DREAM and BUDDY WHITE was always far back. PACIFIC PANTHER was outside down the back, advanced some, tried to duck back to the rail midturn but got in tight quarters and made a break. CADILLAC CRUISER broke past the start.


SEVENTH RACEELLA IS AWESOME moved out raw 3/8 in front of the parked horse, hooked up with the leader at the half, with those two going at it until headstretch, from where the winner drew clear. LAYER CAKE took the lead past the 1/8, yielded off turn one for the pocket and stayed tight behind the duelers, to the Pocono Pike, second-best. D GS SHADOWSBELL was three-wide past the 1/8 to the lead past he ¼, got a Q2 breather then was under attack by the winner, couldn’t hold the lead. DOV’S SONG was last, circled wide early on the far turn and picked up the rest. GLENFERRIE BRONTE N was outside early behind the parked favorite but gapped that gapper. FOOLISH TERROR, looking hard to handle, was very wide early and backed off, outside midpack, continued on when getting cover 3/8 but couldn’t keep up. CLASSIC CARPET struggled to keep up the last 3/8. ART ANGEL BABY faded far back. ENGLISH ROSE N broke at the 1/8.


EIGHTH RACEMIKEY LIKES IT was second-over to the second turn, uncovered ¾ as his cover cleared, ducked in the pocket on the turn then came out again headstretch, swept right on by. MISS MUSCLE was far back, swung three-wide on the far turn and finished strongly. QB KEMP moved 3/8 and wound up third-over, left uncovered past early far turn, evenly. INAPERFECTWORLD was immediately on top, yielded after pushing a rival for the pocket, shuffled upper far turn when the leader tired, then outside, ducked to the Pocono Pike, couldn’t build enough momentum quickly enough. EL PESCADORO got the last check. U NEED STONES was looped and took a tuck third, uncovered towards turn two, speed-grinded to and then by the leader ¾, but was all done headstretch. ANDOVER THE CASH was always far back. CHUCKABUCK was looped, went on top just past the ¼, rated the second split, but then could not resist the first-over ¾ and fell back through the field.


NINTH RACEMARION GONDOLIER moved second-over, left raw on the far turn as his cover made the lead, trotted on strongly in a quick time for this level. VIC’S WINNER took the early pocket, shuffled a bit upper far turn when the lead changed hands then backed outside, went on steadily for second. OPTIMIST BLUE CHIP spotted third, uncovered 9/16 and got to the front near the ¾, tiring and couldn’t hold second late. SEVENTH HEAVEN closed well after being well out of it most of the way. ROUNDTOWN ROCKER was third-over, not enough. WISENHEIMER never featured. THE ERM was leaving when breaking a few steps after “GO!” CASH FOR GOLD had the lead easily with THE ERM breaking and was clear on the front until early backstretch, then had no resistance when challenged ¾ and tired badly.


TENTH RACEVORST was parked 5/16 before making the top, then was urged not to yield to the retaker and kept command, held very gamely to the line. ATTENTION HANOVER came out off the first turn and was uncovered a long way, looked to be falling back headstretch but had a resurge in deep stretch to grab second from SUMMER CHARM. The latter pushed the winner well past the fast ¼, yielded, looked to retake but retreated when that idea was not warmly received by the winner, pocket to Pocono Pike, had her shot, just a mite tired very late. BELIEVE IN ME was yet another tonight who circled wide from way back to get a share. SHADY SECRET A was not a factor. MODESTA came second-over before the half, didn’t have enough kick in the last quarter. BETABCOOL N never featured. SANDY’S BEACH couldn’t enter contention from third-over.


ELEVENTH RACEMONICA GALLAGHER stayed close in the brutal opening fraction then quarter-moved in front of the parked horse to the lead, saw off the first-over challenger and stayed strong to the finish. SALLY FLETCHER A got the pocket behind the early runaway, stayed in, went to the Pocono Pike and had pace. MICHELON’S FILLY hugged the pylons, to the deep Pike and took third, beating out many who were in the outer tiers. BYE BYE MICHELLE streaked 25.2 to the quarter, yielded for the pocket, paid the price for the early exertion in the lane. AZREAL AS IT GETS circled nonflowing outer tier horses. ROLLING GOING GONE came uncovered off turn two and went up to the leader down the back, but couldn’t sustain forward progress in the last 1/8. TAY TAY M left but could find no hole, got cover past the half, blindswitched, didn’t fade terribly. WHAT A FOX showed little. KG ROCKS tried a wide move from far back but couldn’t get into the action.


TWELFTH RACESPECTRE made the lead before the 3/16, really didn’t have serious threat to his command and held well. P L KETCHUP went straight to command then yielded for the two-hole, battled hard but had to settle for second. KEYSTONE SERGEANT sat in, gapped far turn, clear third-best. TRIXAR decided to go frontward past the 1/8 but was out uncovered the duration, faded. CLARION HALL, who may have had a problem with his sulky’s right stirrup as Allard’s right leg was at an unusual angle, followed the parked horse 3/8, tried to go three-wide around him 11/16 but could not. CHIPLOSIVE sat third-in and stayed connected, was deciding on a stretch path when his plugs were popped, but he then broke. RUN LINDY RUN ran at the quarter ran.


THIRTEENTH RACETHEREISAPACEFORUS raced behind unpromising cover, was still far back when taken wide into the lane, but had a big last 1/16 and picked up everybody late. BLAISE MM HANOVER was outside most of the ¼ to get the lead, yielded to a brusher 3/8, vacated the pocket before headstretch, took over early in the lane and held the lead until the final couple steps. PEPPER GUY spotted early, came back out 5/8, didn’t gain much late backstretch through the turn, then did a little better late. MACHINE TEAM quarter-moved to 3/8 command, gave up the lead early stretch but still fought the rest of the way. WILLIAM MCWHISKERS was the first on the lead, yielded, gapped the third quarter, then a bit closer, Pocono Pike, not enough. SOUTHERN FLIGHT stayed in, went to the deep Pike but didn’t make much of a dent. BLUEBIRD GOLDWYN started slowly then lost contact in the last half.