Connors’ Comments for Monday, August 5, 2019




FIRST RACE – Stretch headwind at the beginning, but it didn’t  stay around long … Horses all over the place in the opener … CROSSFIREHURRICANE joined the outside flow, left uncovered 11/16 and went up into the pocket on the turn, outside stretch  and had the most late. FOOL OF IDEAS left and pushed the ¼, yielded, shuffled, out in a blindswitch 5/8 then left uncovered, angled in on the turn and up the Pocono Pike late for second. CHANCELLORCULLEN N was three-wide with cover much of the first turn, then two-wide with cover, then two-wide raw, didn’t take turn two well, but still went on to the lead before the 5/8 and opened a good margin, reeled in by the top two. NITTANY NATION was shuffled, angled wide for the stretch and was next. DAVIDS COMING HOME was slow-starting and gapping early, passed tired ones. PREACHER OLLIE made the lead 3/16, yielded, had to check when the pacesetter quit then got through along the cones, outside, nothing late. DUEL IN THE SUN was six-wide briefly, three-wide to the 3/16, then two-wide with cover, followed the show horse as he went by 5/8 and tucked in the pocket, faded the last split. THE ROCK was out in the two-path with very little. THAT’S OFFICIAL was three-wide to the 3/16 then two-wide to the 3/8 trying for the lead, was passed into the backstretch, then stopped badly and was taken inside the pylons to avoid causing trouble.


SECOND RACEARTFUL BLISS was able to cross over by the 1/8, rested in quarter two then had pretty clear sailing on the lead, withstood the inside rush of TWIN B WRANGLER. The latter yielded for the pocket, a trifle loose then tightened in on the turn, Pocono Pike and kept on coming. JK ONAROLL was second-over, three-wide to headstretch, narrowed in from midstretch. DANCING RUSTY sat in, looked all-out down the back to keep up, then had pace along the inside late while possibly in a big tight. SHARK FLIPPER couldn’t get into it from third-over. THE OTHER TRIO also did not make their presence felt.


THIRD RACEJUSTTHEWAYUARE AS hung a foe past the ¼ then yielded for the pocket, pulled from there 5/8 and went right by, drew clear late. DESERT PLAYER went around the stopping pacesetter and tucked second, couldn’t stay with the winner late. VENTURE PRINCESS and SASSY LYNNLY also circled up late backstretch and took the next two spots. TAD KRAZY HANOVER was very wide around a breaker to the 3/16, took back, won a photo for the last check. LADY LONE STAR was shuffled badly when the pacesetter stopped. MATHERVILLE was three-wide early, got the lead off the first turn, surrendered without a fight 5/8 and jog walked home. VODKA SODA broke early, caught the field but broke again. PINEBUSHSEVEN was wide early going frontward but broke past the 1/8.


FOURTH RACEWING SUIT was three-wide to the 1/8, finally got to the lead 5/16, had some pressure but was able to dismiss it late. MANWILLING looked at leaving but took back, uncovered before the ½, grinded on the winner’s flank late backstretch through the turn, kept going on well. NATL GUARD HANOVER spotted, sat in, angled out a lane early stretch then came between horses on the end, not bad. PRAIRIE GEM, four lengths off the gate, narrowed in from far back down the back, stayed to the inside and finished well. TRUMAN JR HANOVER pushed the winner just past the ¼ then yielded for the two-hole, not much the last 3/16. WHOUCALNCRAZY went three-wide on the far turn to circle the gapping cover of MERCEDES BOY but could make no further inroads. LOVING LIFE made a break at the half and was taken to the centerfield.


FIFTH RACECHEERIO HILL spotted third, bided his time to the 5/8thne took control with one big move to the lead just past the ¾, all by himself (Eric Carmen). GREAT POP UP had the pocket early, moved out behind the winner ¾, proceeded along to catch ZAZA BOY for second. The latter overcame the outside draw to quickly take the top, rated the half then sped up, no answer for the winner ¾ and couldn’t hold second late. SCRAPPING GOLD got by the rest. WELS FARGO was outside, had to delay when his cover tired and bore wide, didn’t get back into it. WINNING CHIP never got close. TAIL HOOK moved outside on the turn but broke in the lane. CAPTAIN FEELGOOD spotted, moved out at the half but couldn’t gain then drifted wide before the 5/8.


SIXTH RACESERIOUS SAVANNAH tucked then kept the hole closed past the 1/8, moved out 5/8 and grinded from behind the fast fractions, just got by a stubborn VOODOO MAN. The latter used track geometry to control the throttle in fast numbers, fought gamely but had to settle for second. SWISS PLATINUM moved out behind the parked horse, three-wide to the ¾ to two-wide midturn, narrowing in well a bit belatedly. CLASSIC PLAYTER left between horses and took the pocket, a bit loose from the 5/8 on. TIGRESS’S LEGACY took much of the ¼ to settle inside, stayed in, not prominent late. KANDY KORN gapped before the 5/8. KEYSTONE ANGEL was three-wide with cover but never entered contention. RED MAPLE LANE never got close. AQUILLO was three-wide early, backed off to the ¼ but could find no tuck and had to stay two-wide, faded.


SEVENTH RACEPASSPORT HANOVER had cover to the ¼, then went on to the lead 3/8, rebuffed the first-over, kept to mild encouragement to stay clear. PRAIRIE WESTERNGAL was parked to the ¼ for the lead, yielded 3/8 for the two-hole, not catching the winner but not to be caught for second. THEWONDEROUSWENDY pushed the ¼ and yielded, sat in, tired in the stretch but clear of the rest. ELLEOFADELI was second-over but couldn’t quite stay with cover, evenly. RHYME N ROLL got backed up to last, swung wide and gained some. SWEET MARTHA LOU went up raw in 27.3 down the back but couldn’t sustain the move. MIAMI HANOVER never entered into it. STOOD UP gapped third-over. ROSIE’S FOXY LADY was forwardly-placed but came up empty in the latter stages.


EIGHTH RACESUMSECRET spotted then stayed in, got to the Pocono Pike and outfooted a close group home in the slowing kicker. TRIXEE DE VIE did not keep the pocket shut at the ¼, came first-over 5/8 but had not advanced enough to keep the pocketsitter from swinging out headstretch, came back between horses for a game second. GRANDMA HEIDI was out a long way early before tucking and then soon was second-over, came wide in the lane and gained with the declining tempo. JUBILARIAN left, had to steady 3/16 when a foe broke, raced up into the pocket 5/16, outside late turn, not enough. SIGILWIG headed right down the road, tired. SABRINA DEO was last save the breakers, gained inside, then tried to split horses in the stretch with trot – if clear, she might have been as good as second, but without clearance she ran up on horses and made a break. MARIANNE FAITH had not been involved, behind the same wall of horses in the lane, had to serve sharply to avoid the late breaker. WINNING GENE was offstride w-a-y before the start. EXPLOSIVE PAIGE was two-wide battling for the lead towards the 3/16 when making a run.


NINTH RACEBROADWAY SISSY tucked third, stayed in, got access to the Pocono Pike as the pocketsitter angled wide, along in the late stages. SPLITSVILLE got the lead past the 1/8, rattled off fast splits, just failed to sustain his advantage to the wire. ELDORADO OF GOLD S gapped much of the first half, then moved uncovered past the 9/16, grinded, gave a little ground late. RED HOT HERBIE went to the top then yielded, backed out of the pocket on the turn and swung three-wide for the stretch, OK but not enough rally. BURNIN MONEY raced second-over but couldn’t make an impact. STITCH IN TIME was never close. PRIME POWER N moved out third-over late backstretch, broke midturn.


TENTH RACEV O JOE came through at the start, yielded at the 1/4 but quickly regained, strung out the field, easy winner. JESSICAS BEACH BOY was three-wide past the 1/8 to the lead at the ¼, yielded for the pocket, kept up well until the stretch, salvaged second over CENTURY ENFORCER. The latter was out between horses then backed in third, gapped at a couple of points, then was coming back a little late. SMART TALKER was side-by-side with the first-over well off the top three done the back. ABSOLUTE INTENT was second-over but not helped by cover, three-wide late turn, got the final check. BUELLER and I’M NO PANSY were at the back. MACH WEST came raw off turn two but had very little to offer.


ELEVENTH RACECLASS SIX left and sat in the pocket, backed out to third-over midturn as the leader started to fade, quickly angled to four-wide headstretch and powered away from SI SEMALU. The latter had an excellent trip second-over, three-wide headstretch, never had the lead but kept on going for second. HURRIKANE KINGKONG tucked third 3/16, stayed in, rallied well between horses late. JUMPING JAKE was uncovered into turn two and had reached the leader by just after the half, fought with that one, finally put that one away but the effort in doing so had tired him. GRAVE DANCER was not a major factor; KEYSTONE STREAM also was far back. INSTRUCTOR couldn’t reach from third-over. TOUREG SEELSTER was on top at the 1/8 and set the pace, had hard pressure from just after the half, was tired mid-far turn.


TWELFTH RACEARCHIBALD moved out with cover 3/8, lost it and continued on to the lead at the half, opened a sizable advantage down the backstretch with a fast third quarter, stayed well in control. MADMAN HALL went to the lead, put a foe in behind, saw two go by in quarter two, stayed behind the gapping pocket horse until midturn, was recovering some ground late. MEADOWBRANCH RICKY moved 5/16 to command past the 3/8, yielded at the half and gapped in the fast third split, lasted for a clear third. PHANTOM RUSTY left and took the early pocket, stayed in, just held fourth over CHARLIE ONA HARLEY, who was behind him inside and came clear early stretch. ITSGOODTOBEQUEEN had to go three-wide 11/16 around unproductive cover, never got close to the lead. PITTSTOP KIP never got a call. GYM RAT was in the early scramble but broke. ALEXANDER HANOVER took back early, moved uncovered at the half but was empty.


THIRTEENTH RACEFOX VALLEY INFERNO was three-wide to the first turn then two-wide to the lead 3/16 in a 25.4 opener, rated some, opened up only to have the 1-20 favorite tuck behind him ¾, braced for a challenge from that one and held him off in a 1:51 mile in the bottom class. DRAGONOLOGY came uncovered at the half, grinded up into the pocket ¾, didn’t stay there long but took the fight to the winner, good but could only emerge second-best. MARTY MONKHOUSER A was last, circled three-wide through the final turn and grabbed the distant third. JOE LARRY N CURLY was far back, split horses early stretch and gained some. DEALMAKER was second-over but gapped badly. POLAK A was four-wide to the first turn, three-wide 3/16, and then two-wide before tucking at the ¼, couldn’t stay with the winner much of the last half, fell way back in the lane. CABBIE’S DELIGHT couldn’t go with the two-wide flow. ROCK N ROLL LEGACY was the innermost leaver in the scalding opener, yielded, nothing left late in the mile.


FOURTEENTH RACE – The correct time for the mile was 1:56.1 … EVERYONE’S TALKIN went away in tandem with the quick-starting CAN DO and took the pocket, took the Pocono Pike and proved best in a wild scramble to the wire. ANDOVER’S TOUCH started uncovered just before the 3/8 and grinded away, held with bravery. CAN DO accelerated quickly and went right to the top, had a long challenge from the first-over, also held well late. FRAC was third-in, to the deep Pike, couldn’t quite get there. SCREAMING CONWAY was third-over, wide in the stretch, fair. LAKEVIEW TAMMY circled wide from last and did well. CARRICK was second-over, gapped a bit down the back, so-so late. MOOSE MADNESS was not a factor. BABY CHEY was fourth-over, broke headstretch.