Connors’ Comments for Sunday, August 4, 2019




FIRST RACE – 81o at first post time, dropping about ten degrees through the card … Stretch tailwind … YOU GOT TRUMPED left quickly, yielded past the 1/4 and sat behind two dueling foes, to the Pocono Pike and made the lead midstretch. CASH YOUR DREAMS was three-wide 3/16 then two-wide 5/16 to get the top, soon under pressure to keep the first-over out, shook off that one, couldn’t stall the winner but held second over SUPER FREEKAH. The latter stayed inside, went to the deep Pike and gained some late. JUPITER JOHNNY came out second-over off the second turn, three-wide 11/16 but never made a sharp advance, to two-wide on the turn, not enough. NIALL HANOVER was between horses then tucked 3/16, backed out and angled behind the sweeper before the ¾, left three-deep through the turn, not enough but was used hard. LOGAN HANOVER never factored. SIR WILL’S WISH moved at the quarter but was left out in the air, fell back late on the turn. CRUISIN’ CRIDERS lost contact the last half.


SECOND RACET’S ELECTRIC quickly made the lead, rated the half then encountered pressure from the first-over that lasted to past midturn, finally put that one away and opened some distance past midstretch. GOTHIC ROCK left and got the pocket, stayed connected in the backstretch three-horse breakaway, backed out to three-wide headstretch, didn’t get rolling until the winner was gone, finished well. GRANDPA DON came three-wide before the ¾, was moving well late, as was SOUTHERN ALLIE, who angled out behind him after taking back early. AN THE THUNDEROLLS started raw into turn two, reached the leader by the half and battled against him until midturn, then began to tire. RIVER RUNS DEEP gapped inside. CODE MEISTER moved and got to second-over but soon was gapping badly. CARMEN’S BEST was at the back when breaking 11/16.


THIRD RACEBEYOND ECSTASY left well, yielded, stayed third-in, angled out early stretch after the pocketsitter went to the Pocono Pike, had a furious last 1/16 and caught BABY YOUR THE BEST. The latter quarter-moved to command just past the 3/8, got a breather into the wind down the back, but just didn’t quite have enough quickstep very late. DANCE CLUB was in front before the first turn, yielded 3/8 for the two-hole, Pocono Pike, not enough, just holding third over ANNABELLE HANOVER. The latter was second-over, three-wide late turn, narrowed in nicely. COWGIRL LILLY moved uncovered before the 5/8, didn’t reach the leader and backed off. SAILAJA DEO wasn’t up to this task.


FOURTH RACECORAL REEF HANOVER, a little off the gate, was third-over behind going-nowhere cover, swept three-wide to the 11/16 and carried right on to cross over to the lead midturn, coasted late. DANCES WITH took back and looked a bit rank, finally got in past the ¼, inside, split horses midstretch and finished well. ARTFUL DEAL was three-wide just past the 1/8 to the lead just past the 3/16, yielded for the pocket, backed out and was uncovered after the winner sailed by, went on for third. ANTHEM pushed the early three-way dance, yielded, inside, outside behind the show horse late turn and also grabbed show. SPEAKING OF COFFEE was second-over but not doing much when blindswitched by the winner, backed out and went three-wide, got the last payday. LYONS SWEETJEN was between horses until tucking to the 3/16, then quarter-moved, got a slow second quarter then sped up, defenseless against the winner past the ¾ and faded. SO NICE HANOVER moved out two- then three-wide ¾ but broke midturn.


FIFTH RACEROCKNIFICENT defended the pocket in a lineup-minus-one, came out headstretch, sprinted and made the lead midstretch then stayed ahead of LYONS SENTINEL. The latter sat third, gapped a little in the first two straightaways, went to the Pocono Pike and gained solidly but just a bit shy. SHOULDBEENATD went right to the front and got what appeared to be her own pace, outsprinted. WINGDING HANOVER and MORE THAN KUTE couldn’t get into from the back in the sprint home. WAYSIDE moved uncovered 5/8, didn’t advance then faded badly.


SIXTH RACE – Wind had calmed … ARDEN HANOVER made the top pretty easily, pushed a foe to the 3/16 then yielded to sit the pocket, to the Pocono Pike and worked past a stubborn BFF HANOVER. The latter was out 3/16 before getting the front, got a big Q2 breather then accelerated when pressured, beaten by the pocket rocket though holding gamely. BOTTLED UP HANOVER sat third, looked a little rank when bottled up frontstretch, won a photo for third over REAL LONG HANOVER. The latter tucked fifth, started raw towards turn two and advanced on the leader, held her ground well. FEELING SWEET was second-over, three-wide late turn, got 2.5% of the check as did ENDURING HANOVER. The latter was third-over but gapping down the back, four-wide in the lane, finished well. SUGAR AND SPICE was last, finished with some pace. SILLY BUT SERIOUS could offer little. SOIXANTE HANOVER was never a major factor.


SEVENTH RACEKEYSTONE EUREKA tucked third, backed out to third-over 5/8, three-wide midturn, got up by the barest of noses over DREAM DANCING. The latter was outleft and three-wide to the first turn, found no hole and was on the rim throughout, ding-donged with the leader from going into the second turn the rest of the way, had a small lead at a couple of points, finally put away the pacesetter early stretch, was passed inside midstretch, but battled on with great courage and was just nipped by the chalk.  HARPSWELL came all the way up the inside to the pocket late turn, to the Pocono Pike and got a short lead midstretch, just failed to keep the advantage. DON’T SPEAK made two speed moves then faced unrelenting pressure from the place horse from into turn two, was passed headstretch but stayed close. ASHTINI followed the show horse, was cautiously handled without clearance most of the stretch. RODEO BEACH was three-high leaving to the front past the 1/8, yielded and sat the pocket, backed out headstretch but couldn’t enter in the late action. HURRIKANEMYSHANNON never featured. KISSIMMEE BEACH was second-over, gapped out ¾.


EIGHTH RACEALEXIS’S BEACH was in front 3/16, had things largely her own way then held off SHOTGUN PERSUASION. The latter yielded for the pocket, took her shot up the Pocono Pike, good but not quite good enough. DESTINYS CHILD moved first-over at the half, gained during and past the third quarter, then held onto the ground she had gained. ARTISTIC SPIRIT didn’t threaten; nor did SIGSBEE. ALLOW ME HANOVER was second-over but gapped; SWEET STYLE was third-over, gapped a gapper. SWEET CAMILLE was always far back. SHEBESAILIN was off the gate, made a break, and suffered “b.e.”


NINTH RACEAPLOMP HANOVER was underway at the quarter to the lead just past the 3/8, turned back first the first-over and then the Pocono Pike-shooting THE PARTY’S ROCKIN. The latter reached the front just past the 3/16, yielded a like distance later for the two-hole, to the inside and good while well ahead of the rest. WINNING WORDS had early speed, stayed in, couldn’t gain in the lane; not could SIZZLING, who was right behind her the whole way. WINDFALL PROFITS was third-over, wide into the lane and had some pace finishing. LOVE FOR SAIL moved up uncovered in the third quarter and through the turn then flattened. PRETTY PATTY PAT had little off cover. SWEET VIOLETS trailed.


TENTH RACEJK FIRST LADY left enough to protect the two-hole, then quarter-moved, got a very slow half, then came home in 55.2 – 27.2 and needed all of it to withstand SWEET ACE. The latter was wide to the first turn and was in front past the 1/8, yielded for the two-hole, edged out early stretch and gained steadily while maybe trying to run in a little. MARLOE HANOVER looked to be all-out keeping up down the backstretch, paced well in the Pocono Pike behind the top two. LYONS MONATIZE wasn’t tight 5/8, moved out on the turn and three-wide headstretch, best of the rest. PRIMROSE never entered the main picture. SPEAK TO SIRI rushed up in 27.1 uncovered down the back, but tired in the lane. FIREFLY couldn’t do much in here.


ELEVENTH RACEVERY VERY FAST left and yielded, quarter-moved, kept the field strung out until midturn, then held off the late chargers. TWO AM was three-wide leaving, took the early pocket before the 3/16, stayed in third then came out midturn, continuously gained but ran out of track. SILVERMASS VOLO angled out and then wide early stretch, very good at the wire. PRAIRIE FORTUNE left between horses to get the lead, yielded to the winner, sat the two-hole, Pocono Pike, held his ground but didn’t gain. ROCK OF CASHEL dove for the deep Pike midstretch, may have been in tight quarters nearing the line. DAYSON never entered the picture. SUPERGIRL RILEY got away slowly, came out early backstretch but never gained very much.


TWELFTH RACEZOOMING left between horses and wound up in the pocket, to the Pocono Pike and was a fair and square winner over CRAZSHANA. The latter had command before turn one, set all the pace, not enough late foot on the end. RAINBOWINTHEWEST started uncovered into turn two, one-geared it strongly to the wire. LINDY’S BIG BANG was second-over but couldn’t keep with cover. EXPLOSIVE RIDGE had some early foot, struggling inside 5/8. BIG BILL BREEZE was blocked on the far turn, but had access to the Pocono Pike and didn’t show too much. THE REST never managed to enter the main proceedings.


THIRTEENTH RACELYONS JOHNNYJNR showed good gate speed to be on top before the 1/8, yielded at the ¼ for the two-hole and tracked nicely, to the Pocono Pike and got the decision over CAPTAIN MALICIOUS. The latter was away second then moved 3/16 to the lead at the ¼, had to fight with the first-over, just failed lasting to the wire. MARCO BEACH took back early, was out second-over but gapped in the fast third quarter, inside the first-over in the stretch, appeared to be shut off just at the wire but still got third over SEAFARER. The latter went first-over 5/8, battled, held pretty well. QUAKE BLUE CHIP stayed inside, wasn’t bad late. BRING THE THUNDER moved uncovered from sixth off turn two, got cover 5/8, OK. BAY MEADOWS and JD’S NOAH were never major players on this stage.


FOURTEENTH RACEALL ON BLACK was outleft and spotted third early, moved 5/16 to the lead past the 3/8, remained in control throughout. CROSBYS CLAM BAKE made a foe tuck early, then yielded to the winner just past the 3/8, pocket, Pocono Pike, steadily to be second-best. NATURAL KEMP stayed in and was shuffled to last, got to the Pocono Pike well behind the top two and gained steadily to take third. BILLIE BLUE was second-over, wide, evenly. NO EXCUSES was uncovered towards turn two, speed-grinded, held her ground well. DIRTY SECRET left, took the pocket 3/16, stayed in, gapped late on the turn. KINDA LUCKY LADY was three-wide early in taking back to last, third-over but gapped cover.