Connors’ Comments for July 30, 2019


 TUESDAY, JULY 30, 2019


FIRST RACE – Hot and stretch headwind to start; the charts indicate a drop of 20 degrees after the storm went through … MODESTA reluctantly took the pocket 3/16, moved out behind cover 5/8, got to retuck in the new pocket ¾, outside past early stretch and wore down HEAVENLY BET. The latter refused to yield to the winner, then pushed another challenger the length of the frontstretch before yielding to that one, back out again 5/8 and went back to the lead before a fast 3/4, couldn’t sustain the advantage late. HURRICANE CALLEIGH gapped cover ¾, inside late turn, to the Pocono Pike and finished willingly. GLORIA PIERRE was three-wide on the far turn but couldn’t gain enough. WYNNFRITH quarter-moved but was left out the length of the frontstretch before clearing, all done when challenged late backstretch. MASSIVE ATTACK A never entered into it.


SECOND RACE – Speed couldn’t sustain, with a 31 last quarter … THERAPUTIC got an early forward position, emerged uncovered from midpack past the 3/8, didn’t gain much down the back but kept to task and grabbed the advantage very late. DOWNUNDERMATTER was third-over in a nongaining flow, circled three- and then four-wide on the far turn, steadily narrowed in. MIKEY LIKES IT had to angle widest from last and gained as the pace slowed. PHANTOM RUSTY was buried fifth-in, outside headstretch and steadily gained in a seam through a wall of horses. LIONBACKER KIDD was three-wide to before the 3/16, then took back behind cover, eventually got in before the 3/8, in, deep Pocono Pike, couldn’t gain enough. CHAS HANOVER was second-over but gapped, then was shut off midstretch as he went evenly while others tired. CHOCOTURE surrendered the lead nearing the ¼, sat in the pocket, to the Pike but didn’t respond. P L ICABOD was out past the 3/16 for the lead, yielded to the chalk, outside headstretch but faded. CELEBRITY EVENTSY was three-wide with cover early, then two-wide then briefly three-wide without cover to circle a parked foe, onward to the lead 5/16, continued on at a decent clip, nothing left in the stretch.


THIRD RACE – A brutal rain started during the race … COMMON SENSE S took the pocket early, moved 5/16 to the lead 3/8, widened the last 5/16. HEAVEN came off the rail on the far turn and was the very distant deuce. CAN’T AIME tucked third, gapped at points down the back, Pocono Pike and third. MEGAN IRIS HANOVER came outside ¾ and passed a couple. DESERT PEPPER took the early lead, yielded to the winner 3/8, loosened more and more in the pocket from the 11/16. FOREIGN TRADE never entered into it. MONEY GRABBER gapped throughout. READY TO ROCK broke well before the start. MEEP HANOVER looked wanting to gain early position but broke.


FOURTH RACE – Track now rated “sloppy +1,” and the temperature descends … HEART N SOUL DEO left and took the pocket past the 1/8, waited then came out late turn and drew away late. HABANERO K went right down the road, not enough to stall the winner, managed to hold second over P L NOTSONICE. The latter was outside midpack much of the first 5/8 then started to advance some, to third headstretch and ducked in then to the Pocono Pike, not far off second in a giant effort at 72-1. THANKFUL FOR YOU followed cover around the far turn and had some trot finishing. DJ’S MIDNIGHT JAZZ was never a factor. SOUTHWIND CAZE spotted early, was gapping by the half. GERTRUDE HANOVER was always far back, as was KAIKOURA. KEYSTONE LUMINOUS was three-high to turn one, slotted third, moved out 5/8 but soon lost her action and went wide.


FIFTH RACESCHWARTZ BROS BEATY briefly took the pocket then moved out 3/16 to challenge and go by 5/16, pacing 27.3 against the wind in quarter two to cause a breakaway threesome, had that become a breakaway twosome down the back as FOOLISH TERROR went around the gapping two-holer to tuck in the pocket, looked threatened by that one on the turn but again drew clear, a bit tired late but only after a big mile. FOOLISH TERROR spotted third, came out 5/8 as the pocket horse disconnected and became the new pocket horse, challenged on the turn but couldn’t give any more late. A LADY SIZZLING had cover from way back, went three-wide, dropped inside stretch and a clear third. JERICHO DIVA misbehaved behind the gate an 1/8 from the start, caught the field, advanced the last 3/8. BIG CHUTE struggled alongside the fading former pocket horse down the back jamming things up, got the last check. LAYER CAKE left a huge gap starting early and continuing most of the rest of the mile. CLASSIC CARPET and DOV’S SONG were disconnected the last half. SNEAKY GIRL went to the early lead, pushed the winner during the second quarter a bit and yielded, was tired by the 5/8 after the fast half.


SIXTH RACEAMIGO VOLO went right to the lead, slowed into the win in the frontstretch then strung out everybody with a 28 with the wind down the back, won by himself. ROCK PARTY settled into the pocket, stayed fairly close to the winner until the ¾ then unplugged – and still beat the rest by almost 15 lengths. MAHOMES came outside on the turn and was far back but third. BARGAIN BOB took an early tuck, couldn’t keep up the last 3/8. MASS FLOW gapped a gapper from midbackstretch. KLASSEN HANOVER stayed flat. MERGER HANOVER was wide leaving when he ran. ROGER RABBIT was out with cover at the 1/8 when he miscued.


SEVENTH RACEROUNDTOWN ROCKER was the first to the lead, yielded 3/16 for the pocket and was the only one to stay close to the winner, went by him nicely late. WILBERFORCE made the lead 3/16, didn’t have enough to stave off the pocket rocket. QB KEMP came out to go around a gapper late backstretch, three-wide on the turn, along for the distant third. MAGIC N SPICE was three-wide most of the quarter in taking back to last, threaded through on the turn then made up a lot of ground in the stretch – much better than the line may suggest. BRUTAL STORM came out 5/8 but didn’t do much. STARDUST MEMORIES tucked in third past the ¼, gapped out down the back. GUARDING was outside midpack until being left behind. BIONESS was behind GUARDING, tried to go three-wide around him before the 5/8 but never could.


EIGHTH RACETRIXAR went in from to the first turn, soon yielded for the two-hole, pulled at the half and went right by the pacesetter, in control the rest of the way. RUN LINDY RUN got forward position early, followed the winner out early backstretch and went into the pocket where he was loose much of the rest of the way, good but not a big threat for the top spot. GRACEFUL didn’t keep with cover around the far turn but then had finishing speed. BRIARWOOD BELLE tucked, gapped in front of the stands, got to the two-wide tier and was left uncovered, advanced raw, never reached the leader. TOTAL DIVA gapped a gapper 3/8, out around the tired horse then back in, not too much late. FINNICK ODAIR was never in the mix. WILDFIRE SEELSTER got a slow start and never made much forward progress. WINNING LEGENDS was three-wide leaving then two-wide 3/16 to get the lead, set a fast quarter and half, then was all done when challenged not too long off the second turn.


NINTH RACE – Wind has calmed … ANDOVER THE CASH improved position early, came first-up into turn two, gained, looked to duck briefly into the pocket on the turn but was two-wide again entering the stretch, trotted away. NORTHERN DREAM was three-wide to the 3/16, then two-wide a like distance to get the front, held off all but the winner. KEYSTONE ANGEL was third-over, blindswitched ¾, ducked in, up the inside in the stretch and was edged out of the deuce. AQUILLO was second-over, three-wide late turn, fair. ABSOLUTE UNCERTAINTY had to fan widest in the lane and was gaining late. CADILLAC CRUISER came three-wide from fourth-over 11/16, four-wide late turn, flattened. REVE TOUJOURS was between horses until taking the pocket 3/16, shuffled out of it behind CHELSEES A WINNER. The latter went out well, put rivals in behind then yielded 3/8, empty at the 5/8. HOUSE HUBBY was offstride just before the start.


TENTH RACEEMPRESS DEO left well, yielded 3/16 after making the parked horse do work, sat tight in the pocket, outside stretch and just got by in the last couple strides. QUEEN LOSTRIS N did some work to clear 3/16, went a fast third quarter, almost held all the way to the line. LAST FLIGHT IN N sat in third, to the Pocono Pike and closed solidly. BELIEVE IN ME went uncovered just past the half, barely got to the wheel of the pocket horse but went on evenly. LA ALWAYS A MARTINI was locked in last-in, had some pace once accessing the Pocono Pike. SANTA CRUZA A was never close to the front, gapped on the far turn. BETABCOOL N was third-over but did not have good cover. ELIZA DUSHKU N was out at the half but gapped out by the ¾.


ELEVENTH RACEBYE BYE MICHELLE pushed a foe to the 5/16, yielded then retook, under severe pressure down the back but would not let the first-over clear, regained control and stayed safe with good late energy. PERCY BLUECHIP needed 5/16 to work to the lead, yielded to the retaking winner, gapped slightly in the third quarter battle, Pocono Pike, won the battle for second. HURRIKANE SHORTY was second-over, a bit off cover in a big third quarter fight, swung three-wide late turn, OK. LIVE ODDS came with a rush raw past the 3/8, had almost a length advantage down the back but just came up shy of the speed needed to clear and cross over, tired a bit. WHEN SHARKS FLY kept the hole closed early, in, had to angle out widest for the stretch, moving well under the wire. THE OTHERS did not feature.


TWELFTH RACEATTENTION HANOVER was underway before the ¼ from third to the lead 5/16, kept up a good clip, had to resist a strong challenge from ROLLING GOING GONE and could do so. The latter made the front going to the first turn, yielded 3/16, stayed third-in until late on the turn, then outside and ate into the winner’s margin only to come up just shy. WHAT A FOX was three-deep to turn one to command 3/16, yielded for the two-hole, not enough late. TAY TAY M came first-over just past the 3/8, never made much frontward progress but held her ground well. GINA GRACE N sat in, never in the hunt. PIREAUS was second-over, tried to sweep up to the ¾ but could not. THE OTHER DUO were in the back throughout.


THIRTEENTH RACECAPTAIN MORGAN buzzed out strongly to gain early command, 26.4 to the quarter, rebuffed a late second quarter challenger, then the third quarter challenger who swept by the original outside foe, then also withstood inside-shooting P L KETCHUP in a very game performance. The latter left to gain the pocket, a bit loose down the back but tightened back in, into the Pocono Pike, good but outfought late. SPECTRE came three-wide at the half whether his cover was to clear or not, could not power by the leader, held his ground very well. STONEBRIDGE SYMBA was third-inside, to the deep Pike but could not summon enough. TOWN HALL JUSTICE followed SPECTRE’s second half path but could not stay with him from before the ¾. BAG O CHIPS did not enter the main picture. FRAULEIN BLUCHER was outleft, contemplated tucking fourth but decided to press on, was hung out to dry and quickly fell back 9/16.


FOURTEENTH RACEIDEAL CLASSIC was fourth-in, got access to the deep Pocono Pike as a foe angled out upper stretch, came through and won a blanket finish. CULINARY DELIGHT N made the front in good order, yielded to the early mover for the pocket, to the Pike, steadily to just miss. MALNIFICENT was first-over at the half, grinded, appeared to get the lead midstretch, just missed, finished with “b.e.” GHOSTTOTHEPOST moved outside past the 3/8 and got cover at the half, second-over, wide, couldn’t quite reach. SHEWEARSTHEPANTS came away early with the pocket, third-in, angled out a path early stretch but had to check, then angled out more, appeared to have room between horses very late, not far off. PRAIRIE EASTER was underway before the ¼ to 5/16 command, set a fairly quick pace in the muck, couldn’t sustain. NORTHERN SWIFT was last, behind a wall until able to angle to the extreme outside, which was as the pace slowed, a bit near the wire. GIRLOFYOURDREAMS couldn’t get into it from third-over.