Connors’ Comments for July 28, 2019


SUNDAY, JULY 28, 2019


FIRST RACE – Stretch headwind to start; the wind would shift around just before the midcard rain … MODERN REFLECTION was in the middle of a huge early 25.4 battle, took the pocket for a second or two then came brushing to get the lead before the 3/8, continued on at a spanking clip, separated from the field. KEYSTONE STEAM was blindswitched third-over, angled out late on the turn and came from way back to be along for second. YOU GOT TRUMPED utilized the rail to force early wholesale tucks in the rapid opener, then did yield in front of the stands, unplugged from the leader 5/8, may have been in close quarters with the first-over on the turn, stayed on pretty well, then had an inquiry into his possibly violating the pylon rule, but no placing was made. SIR WILL’S WISH was the first to go two-wide, then got cover, three-wide late turn, mild rally. PEMBROKE JOEY may have had some traffic issues upper stretch. SPANISH ART was out in the flow but broke while three-wide midturn. GOTHIC ROCK tucked to the 3/16, then had little to offer. DAMION DIESEL HAHN was three-wide most of the first turn, tucked off same, came back out first-over, didn’t reach the winner, tired.


SECOND RACECARMENS BEST left and tucked third, could wait to go outside well after the pocket horse pulled to challenge the leader because of a gapper, went three-wide late turn and swept to the lead. TERROR O came all the way up the rail to the pocket on the turn, blocked late turn then went to the Pocono Pike when clear and gained well. BIG MACH was shuffled to last, three-wide with cover on the turn, flying past a bunch late. T’S ELECTRIC grabbed the pocket early, then gapped most of the way to the half, then pulled out to challenge raw, fought with the leader, passed by fresher horses. MASTER OF PUPPETS was not prominent. DELCO PAPA BEAR left strongly, had a big lead most of the half, then was joined by the pulling pocketsitter and fought with that one, gave way, returned with “b.e.” THAT’S OFFICIAL went third-over but was behind a gapper, three-wide ¾, but himself could gain little. TWIN B WRANGLER was second-over but gapping most of the second half, blindswitched, no factor.


THIRD RACECRUISING IN STYLE was outside before the quarter with cover, lost cover past the 5/16 and went right on to the lead past the 3/8, opened a clear lead before the 5/8 and was on his own late. PUERTO RICO left and yielded, shuffled a bit, to the Pocono Pike and showed good determination to get home second ahead of THE LIONKING AS. The latter made the lead at the 1/8, saw two go by in the second quarter, stayed behind the gapping pocket horse until almost headstretch, outkicked for place. AUTEUR HANOVER gapped on the far turn, evenly late. CLARION HALL moved outside 3/16, took until past the 5/16 to make the lead, quickly yielded, gapping from early backstretch. WESLEY HANOVER couldn’t do much tonight.


FOURTH RACELINDY’S BIG BANG moved out past the 3/16 and sped to the lead, showed his dominance in the last quarter. MEADOWBRANCH RICKY was parked 3/16 for the front, yielded to the winner, couldn’t gain late and was extended to hold the deuce over VIC’S WINNER. The latter was on top early, yielded, stayed in, angled wide midstretch and almost made second. BUCKETLIST HANOVER stayed connected, came on late to catch PITTSTOP KIP for fourth. The latter moved raw 5/8, made a little dent, but couldn’t sustain his gain in the lane. MAGIC VACATION and QUICK DEAL never entered into it. GYM RAT broke just at the start, caught the field but couldn’t get back into it. KANDY KORN broke 11/16 while gapping and far back.


FIFTH RACE – The wind has gone to a quartering wind … TEQUILA PARTY was three-wide almost to the 3/16, then had cover again that long, then left raw and went quickly to the top, finished in 27.2 to be a good winner. DIXIE STAR N was quickly on top, fought hard with a challenger before yielding before the 3/8, back out uncovered 5/8, game to edge WESTBEACH for second. The latter was out almost to the 3/8 before making the lead then quickly surrendered same to the winner, could not preserve the deuce behind the strong winner. CAROUSEL moved second-over, OK late. GIRL’S GOT RHYTHM wound up third-over, finished with speed. AIRBORNE HANOVER gapped inside 11/16. ABLE HANOVER also stayed in and gapped. KEY WEST gapped fourth-over. BA BA BA BANANA gapped at the back.


SIXTH RACE – Rain before the race; track downgraded to “sloppy +1”; wind now reversed from direction at start of card … ANDOVERS TOUCH was looped and rode in the two-path, with cover to the quarter then uncovered to the 3/8, went on with the pace and had enough to take the decision. BETTER CALL SAUL was three-wide until just past the 1/8, then two-wide to the front just off turn one, yielded 3/8 for the pocket, to the Pocono Pike and pressured the winner but didn’t go by. SPLITSVILLE went to the top past the 1/8, yielded past the ¼ and stayed in, then angled wide headstretch and finished very well. BROADWAY SISSY was looped and three-wide to just past the 1/8, then two-wide with cover to the 3/8, where left raw, continued on steadily but without enough speed to threaten. SWISS PLATINUM gapped inside, as did VOODOO MAN. SHOW ME THE MAGIC joined the outer flow down the back but struggled to keep with it, faded. STREETCHAP was on the gate but then lost gait as the wings went away.


SEVENTH RACETSM PHOTO BUGGER was in front before the 1/8, put a foe in behind, got a rest down the back then sped up, took a clear lead late backstretch and around the turn, then tired and had the field catching up, but had enough to take the victory. BILLIE BLUE came uncovered 5/8, finished steadily. DIRTY SECRET was gapping the gapping pocketsitter on the turn, inside stretch and fair late. BIG BILL BREEZE left, tucked in second 3/16, struggled late backstretch onward. THE NEXT THREE all suddenly found themselves way behind as FREDDIE MAC came to a walk; the first two made decent recoveries. CAJOLE HANOVER jumped at the start. FREDDIE MAC was keeping up midpack until just past the half, when he gradually slowed way down.


EIGHTH RACESCIROCCO ROB buzzed out of there, yielded past the ¼ but was quick on the retake, drew clear past midbackstretch and never had a doubt thereafter. MISSISSIPPI STORM was out until just past the ¼, yielded, started to be loose later in the backstretch, was a clear second showing courage. MAX was second-over, had to go three-wide 5/8 when cover faded, to two-wide turn and carried on to be a clear third. SIR JOHN F stayed in and was next. CRAZSHANA was out behind MAX but couldn’t stay with his three-wide move and was three-high raw on the turn, got the last check. KARETS was always far back. NO EXCUSES was never close. VOLARE was three-wide to the 3/16, tucked third, came back out at the half but had little and faded between horses from the 5/8.


NINTH RACE – Wind diminished after storm came through … SEVENTH HEAVEN moved from the pocket at the ¼ and set the pace, mildly roused late to keep off PANAMANIAN HANOVER to the inside. The latter was in front early, yielded for the two-hole, stayed with the winner pretty well. CHUCKIE ME spotted fifth, came out 5/8, made a little bit of progress until nearing midstretch, then suddenly in high gear, just missing second. STITCH IN TIME was forwardly-placed but could offer little. MANWITHAMISSION was second-over but didn’t get into the thick of it. CLASSIC PLAYTER gapped most of the way. PUMA BLUE CHIP sat in, broke 5/8. ALVISI HANOVER broke at the start.


TENTH RACESAY YOU DO yielded to an early rival then regained command, shook off the first-over challenger, finished strongly to stay in control. WINNING SHADOW made the lead just past the 1/8 then yielded for the pocket, fell back early in the stretch then was coming back on late. CLASSICALITY sat third-in, to the Pocono Pike and showed ability finishing. FASHION CREDITOR came uncovered 5/8 and threw high heat at the winner on the far turn, couldn’t sustain. SUPERGIRL RILEY was second-over but gapped cover 11/16.


ELEVENTH RACESPRINGSTEEN came uncovered early on turn two and roared up in 26.3 over the off going to clear to the lead, was firmly in control. JK MUSICMAN was on the winner’s back, couldn’t quite go with him in the last quarter but clearly second to complete an appropriate SPRINGSTEEN – MUSICMAN Exacta. SPORTS LEGEND quarter-moved, extended the winner a bit but could not answer his brush, did well for third. WILD BILL was in the two-wide flow, evenly. STAR COMMANDER N came a long way to get the final payday. JM’S DELIGHT took the pocket past the 1/8, shuffled on the far turn, cleared in tight quarters between horses and had some late response. MY DELIGHT tucked, couldn’t keep up most of the last half. YOUCANIKNOW was insistent on the early lead from the pole, yielded to a brusher, out of gas before the ¾. HANDSOFFMYCHIPS gapped before breaking.


TWELFTH RACESILVERMASS VOLO started uncovered before turn two, grinded up down the back, had a slight advantage on the turn, kept on going and worked clear. UPFRONT BILLY sat in, was shuffled to the back of the main pack, outside midturn and three-wide in the lead, finished with good trot. SEVEN IRON also was caught in, had to wait for the deep Pocono Pike and got third over KINDA LUCKY LINDY. That foe went to the top, had a challenger break at the 1/8, yielded to a brusher, sat the two-hole then went to the Pocono Pike, not a great response. EXPLOSIVE RIDGE broke at the start, recovered and gradually worked his way up to second-over, but couldn’t sustain any gain. CHESTNUT SCHOFIELD made a quarter-mover, got pressured by the winner, faded in the stretch. ZOOMING was three-wide just past the 1/8, was two-wide challenging for the front approaching the ¼ but broke. CRAZY ABOUT PAT moved with the winner’s cover but broke off the second turn.


THIRTEENTH RACEYEAHNAH pushed an early foe to the 3/16 then released to sit a tight pocket, came out of the hole sideways early stretch, went right by, drifted a little, but was competitive and held off SEAFARER.  The latter was third-over and not helped by cover, four-wide into the lane, looking to be lugging in while flying late and had to be steered out of the path of the winner. STAND BY ME N made the lead 3/16, rated quarter two then sped up down the back, shortened midstretch. A BETTOR BEACH went first-over into turn two, never got to the leader, tired. QUAKE BLUE CHIP sat in, gapped down the back, not a factor. CRIUS N ROCK was second-over, three-wide midturn but could not gain. SUPER FREEKAH was well off the gate then totally lost contact with this group.


FOURTEENTH RACEROCK OF CASHEL came uncovered off turn two then got cover 5/8, wide headstretch and along in the final strides. GOLD MEDAL SWAN, though the line may not “show” it, led three times in this mile: early, before yielding for the pocket; after being a “hidden” quarter-mover #1, upon which he again yielded for the pocket; and at midstretch, where he utilized the Pocono Pike to get a lead which he just missed defending to the line. TAG UP AND GO came out of third uncovered 5/8, steadily but not quite enough. OPTIMIST BLUE CHIP tucked third at the 1/8, then was quarter-mover #2, set the pace, was passed by midstretch though holding decently. MARION GONDOLIER, off the gate, was third-over, found best strides a bit late while doing well at the end. CASH FOR GOLD raced up for command 3/16, saw two brush by, tired in the lane. FASHIONWOODCHOPPER got a slow start and never featured. BEGUIN DUGOUTIER F started fading 11/16.