Connors’ Comments for Tuesday, July 23, 2019


TUESDAY, JULY 23, 2019


FIRST RACE – Stretch tailwind, calming some later … WAR CRY HALL left for the pocket and stayed connected, outside into the stretch and just got by NORTHERN DREAM. The latter quickly cleared to command from PP9, set the pace, held very gamely and just failed. MAJESTIC MYSTIC was third-in, couldn’t stay with the top two late but clear of the rest in third. PEMBROKE BADA BING was third-over, was four-wide going to the ¾ and all the way through the turn, actually did pretty well. STARDUST MEMORIES and CADILLAC CRUISER were both away slowly and never gained prominence. BOY MEETS GIRL K was looped and left out on the rim, faded in the last quarter. LET’S BE HONEST was second-over, three-wide at the 5/8 but couldn’t get around the parked horse. TREASURE QUEST K broke before the ¼.


SECOND RACETAY TAY M pushed out then surrendered for the pocket 3/16 and defended it behind a fast pace, to the Pocono Pike, made the lead midstretch, won over challengers on both sides. CRUISINWITHMYBABY ducked to the deep Pike after an inside trip, closed well. IDEAL CLASSIC angled to two-wide midturn and then three-wide for the stretch, edged NORTHERN SWIFT for third. The latter was last and behind dull cover when sweeping up three-wide 11/16 to uncovered on the far turn, held well after her big (and well-timed) challenge. LAYER CAKE had traffic woes throughout the last quarter. FOOLISH TERROR was used to the lead 3/16 in a quick quarter, then put up a wicked half for these keeping a foe parked, tired in the lane. ELLA IS AWESOME didn’t show all that much. TOPVILLE CAMARO broke just before the start, recovered, moved outside, couldn’t gain. ART ANGEL BABY had cover to the 3/16 then had to take all the air in a very fast first half, tired significantly in the last quarter.


THIRD RACEFORTUNE TELLIN LADY made the lead at the quarter, got a slow second quarter then finished well to be safely clear of these. WINTER OLYMPICS emerged with the early lead, pushed the winner to the ¼ then yielded for the pocket, couldn’t gain on the leader but was clear of the others. THANKFUL FOR YOU stayed in, wide in the lane and finished well. KEYSTONE LUMINOUS was well-placed behind the top two but could summon little late. NEVER LATE KAIT gapped second-over. CONTEPARTIRO DEO was uncovered past the 3/8, challenged strongly down the back then quit suddenly on the turn and drifted wide. DW’S AUBREY left between horses, was looped, made a bad break 3/16, recovered, went three-wide on the second turn and to the 5/8, then fell far back. SWEET HEART AS was last when making a backstretch break.


FOURTH RACE OVERSERVED went to the top 3/16, set the pace as she pleased, stayed in control through the stretch. SAXON left, yielded for the pocket, steadily. ROGER RABBIT tucked fourth, finally committed outside ¾, got cover, wide, moving well a bit belatedly. DUKE OF LINDY came out of third on the turn but didn’t have much and retreated back inside. ROCK PARTY looked for live cover but didn’t find it. F X HANOVER made a break well before the start. MAHOMES offered little. SPRINT SKATER was already gapping out soon off the second bend. KLASSEN HANOVER jumped offstride early.


FIFTH RACEBETABCOOL N went to the lead and went fast enough to discourage any early challengers, kept going at a good clip and had more than enough to down CHECKERED PAST. The latter considered pressing on past the 1/8 but then tucked third 3/16, blocked on the turn then outside to headstretch, good in the lane. SNEAKY GIRL protected the pocket early, stayed tight under the stretch, then couldn’t stay connected to the top two. ROSY OUTLOOK gapped; she and USE YOUR NOODLE, who was three-wide to the 3/16 taking back, avoided the clogged outer tiers and got the minor spoils. GIRLOFYOUDREAMS was first-over at the bottom of the lower turn, gained well to the 5/8, then backed off bit by bit. MAJORETTE ANNIE went three-wide from second-over but couldn’t circle her dull cover. THE LAST TWO also were hindered by nonflowing outer lanes.


SIXTH RACE INAPERFECTWORLD went away to secure the two-hole, then quarter-moved, rated quarter two then sped up to the point that the first two in the outer tier ducked in in front of a gapper, held the field safe in the lane. OB KEMP was third-over but found himself first-over near the ¾ as the two in front of him tucked, kept on going very gamely. SWEETCHAP was away well and was on top before turn one, yielded for the pocket, outclosed for place late. YOU CANT HABIT was looped and tucked fourth 3/16, uncovered to turn two, wasn’t gaining that much when looking back and seeing an empty 3-hole, took it 11/16, evenly thereafter. BAMAKO DU BOCAGE circled those in front of him for the last check. KABANG was second-over, dropped inside late backstretch, empty the last quarter. DUNN DEALIN was never a major consideration. MANDELA BLUE CHIP offered very little. DOLCE DUCCI went into the three-hole before the 3/16, then gapped out starting at the 9/16.


SEVENTH RACEMR COOL SEAEYRE N went to the top, pushed a parked for past the 5/16 before yielding, retook going to the half, dug in grittily to hold off a wall of challengers. MIKEY LIKES IT was out until almost the 3/8 before making the top, yielded to the winner, a bit loose in the pocket down the back, to the Pocono Pike and almost got the big money. DOWNUNDERMATTER kept the pocket closed, inside, to the deep Pike and was not far off at all. ALEXANDER HANOVER tucked fifth before the ¼, then was second-over, briefly blindswitched then slid clear early stretch, steadily (although the pace was slowing). NEW IDENTITY was far back along the inside, blocked behind a wall through the stretch. EL PESCADORO closed well from an impossible spot. NOBLE ANTHONY was third-over, three-wide late turn, didn’t quite have enough late kick. ITSGOODTOBEQUEEN got a 4-tuck, first-up going to turn two, pressured the leader down the back and around the turn, then tired (still missed only 2¼ lengths).


EIGHTH RACEFINAL DREAM was three-wide to before the 1/8, went up to command, clear much of the final half, mildly coaxed to stay clear. KRENTLER HANOVER backed out to be third-over 5/8, three-wide to the ¾, distant second-best. TRIXAR and GRACEFUL both came a long way, wide and widest in the stretch, passing many horses. REVE TOJOURS left well and had the pocket, but was loose from the 5/8. HOLIDAY HANGOVER was three-wide most of the 3/16 then tucked near the ¼, out again raw to turn two, couldn’t sustain his bid late. SHOW EM ALL LINDY was second-over, briefly blindswitched late turn, came clear but didn’t have much. AQUILLO left but took back and wound up near the rear, then gapped inside. FORBIDDEN SONG kept a hole shut early, nothing left in the last quarter.


NINTH RACELINDY’S BIG BANG came uncovered off the second turn, was in a bitter battle with the pacesetter from the 11/16, had a head up on the turn, finally put the leader away late stretch, then had to resist NATURAL KEMP. The latter stepped around the pole horse then yielded for the pocket, started edging wide into the stretch rather than use the Pocono Pike, quickly hit high gear and just missed. ROUNDTOWN ROCKER made the lead 3/16, kept going at a decent clip, hard-pressed by the winner and was right there until the final yards. BRUTAL STORM stayed in, gapped 5/8, best of the rest. HALLANET backed out of third to be second-over 11/16 but soon was gapping cover. CHIPS STARR and CAN DO were never big factors. WILBERFORCE went to a gallop an 1/8 before the start.


TENTH RACESIDEWALK DANCER moved out past the ¼, went to the lead after the leader broke 3/8 and kept up a fast pace, gamely withstood KEYSTONE RIPTIDE. The latter pushed the 26 opener then yielded, inherited the pocket when the winner brushed past the breaking former leader, to the Pocono Pike and raced very well. NEVERFORGETWHOUR was uncovered at the half, never in the winner’s face but stayed close and took third. A CRAFTY LADY was second-over, didn’t circle on the turn, edged wider early stretch and had some late pace. SHADY SECRET A came up the inside for the last check. JK JAZZITUP could make no headway from third-over. SHEBANG N stayed in, not prominent late.


ELEVENTH RACENEXTROUNDSONME made the front towards turn one, yielded 3/16 to sit the two-hole, to the Pocono Pike and was best in a four-horse drive to the wire. P L KETCHUP sat third, outside headstretch, steady trot in a fast last half. BAG O CHIPS was three-wide early to command past the 1/8, rated the half then rolled on, stayed in the fight to the line. SMOKEE MIRRORS was inside, wedged in very tight quarters between horses midstretch, looked shut off nearing the wire. WILDFIRE SEELSTER didn’t offer much. BRIARWOOD BELLE also did not factor after an inside trip. LIGHTFOOTEDLEGEND followed the parked horse but gapped, then had little when swung three-wide. RUN LINDY RUN got away midpack two-wide and stayed out the whole route, didn’t threaten the front end, tired. FINNICK ODAIR never factored.


TWELFTH RACELAST FLIGHT IN N was away alertly for the two-hole, to the Pocono Pike and gained n the 55.1 back half to just edge EMPRESS DEO. The latter had control quickly, rated the half, then sprinted home, just caught on the end by the pocket rocket. ELLA CHRISTINA was second-over behind nondynamic cover, wide midturn and edged that one for third. YOU SHOULD BE HERE tucked fourth at the 1/8, then proceeded uncovered before turn two, got to within a neck of the pocket horse down the back, then went evenly in the fast dash home. BYE BYE MICHELLE sat in, room up the inside late, fair. SHEZALLAPPLES A tucked third, started gapping down the back, not much late. ROLLING GOING GONE never entered the main action from third-over.


THIRTEENTH RACEMONICA GALLAGHER was close-up in the early mix, uncovered off turn two and rushed to the lead before the ¾, drew clear in a very fast time. SHEWEARSTHEPANTS tailed the winner’s excellent cover, went up to the pocket to the ¾, not gaining on that one but not being gained upon by the others late. CULINARY DELIGHT N forced a very rapid quarter and just beyond then yielded, slipped out third-over 11/16, left uncovered on the turn, distant third. HURRIKANE SHORTY couldn’t keep up with the lively outer flow. SALLY FLETCHER A was parked past a fast opener, then pushed some more before yielding to a foe before a quick half, shuffled to the ¾ and on the turn, didn’t have sharp pace once clear. PRAIRIE EASTER gapped in the fast early battle, tightened but couldn’t enter contention. INTOVIEW was far back throughout. LIVE ODDS was three-wide much of the ¼ before being briefly behind cover, left raw 5/16 and on to the lead past the 3/8, had no resistance when challenged late backstretch.


FOURTEENTH RACEROCK N SHARD N was underway late first turn to grab the top, under pressure down the back but shook that one off and was clear entering the lane, tiring late but enough to hold on to the wire. NARCIAN JEWEL left well and forced a tuck, yielded to the winner, wasn’t keeping up on the far turn, but dug back in as the pace slowed late and was good for second over HEAVEN’S CHALLENGE. The latter was towed up nicely second-over, three-wide from midturn to two-wide early stretch, fair late. MISS IRISH ROSE A and POPPY DRAYTON N were the next two in line in the two- then three-wide tier far turn, finished well. KEYSTONE NIKKI took the pocket past the 1/8, inside, sought clearance in the lane but didn’t find it. PIREAUS floated outside early then finally got in just past the ¼, not heard from again. WHEN SHARKS FLY was at the rear most of the way. DIAMONDTOOTHGERTIE quickly got a tuck, came uncovered towards turn two and went 27 raw down the back to press the winner, but couldn’t sustain that bid.