Connors’ Comments for July 21, 2019


 SUNDAY, JULY 21, 2019


FIRST RACET’S ELECTRIC left and yielded at the 1/8, back out uncovered 9/16, grinded up, proved to have the most late. TWIN B WRANGLER stayed on the winner’s back, closed well to be second at 95-1. DUEL IN THE SUN was three-wide to the 1/8 then parked past the ¼ for the lead, went along at a pretty good clip, got tired late. DELCO PAPA BEAR joined those circling the fader but gapped on the far turn. MASTER OF PUPPETS was never prominent. CARMEN’S BEST broke going to the first turn. RIVER RUNS DEEP made the lead at the 1/8, pushed the chalk past the ¼ then yielded for the pocket, started backing through the field late backstretch.


SECOND RACEWESTERN DYNASTY moved around a gapper from fourth-over then followed three-wide cover a long way, four-wide headstretch and had the most to get up late. P L LESTER backed out behind the winner and was five-wide in the lane, just up for second. SIR WILL’S WISH got the pocket, was running up on the tiring leader late turn and had to move outside as that one went into the Pocono Pike, then ducked in to the Pike once past him and did well late. THUNDER SOME WHERE was two-wide with cover until the 5/8, whereupon he went three-wide raw, three-deep the duration and paced on steadily. KEYSTONE STEAM couldn’t get around the pole horse early and was left outside without cover, battled on gamely. ONE AND ONLY was not prominent. SIR BRADFORD got jammed in the same predicament as the show horse late turn and went to a break early stretch. ROCKIN BILLY was on the lead before turn one, set the pace, tired midturn, cut the last pylon before the stretch then drifted into the Pocono Pike. DANCIN DOUG was four-wide to the 1/8 outside horses taking back, outside near the back the duration, gapped.


THIRD RACEWARRAWEE UNIQUE was three-wide leaving, made the front 3/16, rated the half, didn’t get much pressure until the stretch, then had all he wanted from STAND BY ME N, just did hold that one off. The latter was between horses early to the pocket, under a hold in quarter two, outside headstretch, inched up in the lane but couldn’t quite inch by. BAY MEADOWS stayed in, gapped 11/16, distant third. BURNING DESIRE was involved early, pulled from third 5/8 but couldn’t sustain his challenge very long. OREN moved outside but gapped cover.


FOURTH RACE – Posted fractions of 28.4, 57.3, 1:26.4 and 1:55 corrected on the official chart to 27.4, 56.4, 1:25.4, 1:54 … MAX went up gradually off cover to past the 3/16 then uncovered a like distance before making the lead, finished strongly. WHEN DOVESCRY got the lead just past the 3/16, pushed the winner before yielding, sat a tight pocket, grudgingly gave ground midstretch. THE LIONKING AS was first on top, yielded, to the Pocono Pike, held third over JEZZYS LEGACY. The latter vacated fourth 11/16, gained some on the turn, OK late. THE OTHER THREE were in the rear and did not factor in this contest.


FIFTH RACEAMERICAN MUSIC left for the pocket, loose at times and three lengths off at the 5/8 but tightened in, outside stretch and paced away from pacesetter DAMION DIESEL HAHN. The latter quickly had the lead, was firmly in control to the ¾, but came up short in the latter stages and just did hold second over GOTHIC ROCK. The latter got a quick tuck third, went to the Pocono Pike and almost took second. YOU GOT TRUMPED gapped at several points, was rough on the far turn, but came on a bit late. JENKINS CREEK had the cover of ALLGONOWHOA, but neither made the front part of the field. THE OTHER TWO didn’t have enough in this mile.


SIXTH RACEPITTSTOP KIP had a clear lead most of the way, then had to dig in to hold off BROADWAY SISSY. The latter got forward position, came out raw 5/8, ducked in the pocket past the ¾, outside early in the lane and made up ground but couldn’t quite catch the winner. SHE MATTERS was loose in the pocket almost all the way, held for a distant third. ANDOVER THE CASH never factored. SWISS PLATINUM was last most of the way. SHOW ME THE MAGIC tried to move up second-over but could not.


SEVENTH RACEZERO THE HERO was second-over but gapped most of the backstretch, closer 3/4, wide late on the turn, paced away. RUPP was outside early, reluctantly took third at the 1/4, out again raw into turn out and put heavy pressure on the leader, had the lead briefly headstretch but outpaced by the horse on his back while bearing out a little. AN THE THUNDEROLLS stayed in, had room in the Pocono Pike and got third late. REACH FOR INFINITY was third-over, struggled on the turn, went inside of the top two in the lane, fair. THAT’S OFFICIAL defended the pocket and stayed close, had room right away into the stretch as the leader bore out but couldn’t respond. ER ROCK MY WORLD was quickly to the lead and insisted on defending that position, rated quarter two, was challenged hard down the back and through the turn, bore out turning for home and gave way. HES GONE BADDER trailed.


EIGHTH RACEUPFRONT BILLY raced between horses to the pocket at the 1/8, went to the Pocono Pike and just got by a stubborn THE ERM. The latter was three-wide to the 1/8, two-wide to crossing over at the ¼ in a fast opener, rated then sped up, still in control midstretch but got reeled in in the shadow of the wire. DELI-DELITE was uncovered into the second curve, never reached the leader but didn’t give any late ground. TSM PHOTO BUGGER left and yielded, was third-in, angled out in the stretch and found room inside the show horse, OK. CROSBYS CLAM BAKE spotted, to the Pocono Pike, evenly. THERAPUTIC gapped second-over 11/16, evenly. MADMAN HALL had a bit of trot finishing. GWALLY and CHOCOTURE couldn’t make their presence felt here.


NINTH RACEALPHA D’URZY moved out with cover 3/16, lost cover past the ¼ and went on to the lead just past the 3/8, had a good lead the last half despite some bearing out. GYM RAT methodically moved up to the front just off the first turn, yielded past the 3/8 for the two-hole, was a bit loose in the pocket most of the last half, but retained second. BOSS DU FOSSE was uncovered towards the half, couldn’t advance enough to pressure the leader, held well. LAKEVIEW TAMMY left and forced the ¼, yielded, stayed in, not too much late. GLOBAL ICE came out down the back but was gapping cover to the 11/16. MOOSE MADNESS was three lengths off the gate and struggled at the back.


TENTH RACESAY YOU DO was four-wide early before backing off to tuck, then moved second-over, three-wide late turn, just up in the final couple of steps. VERY VERY FAST raced between horses to a fast quarter then took back, came again 5/8 and grinded hard at the lead, very determined in the stretch to just miss. SCIROCCO ROB took advantage of the pole and kept ‘em three-deep to the ¼, then yielded, Pocono Pike, may have gotten to even terms midstretch, just outtrotted on the end. PRAIRIE FORTUNE was third-over, never tipped wide, best of the rest. WINNING SHADOW was three-wide the entire 27 opener, made the lead before the 3/8 and continued on quickly, got big-time pressure, couldn’t sustain in the lane. SIR JOHN F wasn’t up to this assignment.


ELEVENTH RACEDIXIE STAR N went out to grab the racetrack early, pushed the favorite to the 5/16 then yielded for the pocket, to the Pocono Pike and worked on by. TEQUILA PARTY was outleft, went on up to the lead 5/16, didn’t get pressure until the far turn, just failed to maintain against the pocket rocket. ODDS ON NAPLES sat third-in, weaved for a clear path upper stretch, OK. TAKE ABIT OF LIFE was second-over, advanced, swung three-wide and finished well. CAROUSEL spotted midpack early, then was first-up before turn two, held position down the back then advanced towards the ¾,fell back a little late. I CHOOSE YOU was third-over, tipped widest towards midstretch, finished well. PRAIRIE COUGAR was not keeping up midturn; OOH REAL GOOD was behind that one and never did find stretch clearance. LOUNATIC gapped at the back.


TWELFTH RACE TWO AM was three-wide to the first turn and looped a foe to get the lead, yielded to that one to sit second, came out headstretch, hit high gear midstretch and worked past MISSISSIPPI STORM. The latter tucked third early, then moved 3/16 to go up and get the lead, kept up at a fast tempo,  did very well but couldn’t maintain the lead against the winner. OPTIMIST BLUE CHIP was fastest away, yielded, stayed in, stayed reasonably-connected to the top two in the fast race. TAG UP AND GO stayed in, never a major consideration. CRAZSHANA was looped and tucked fourth 3/16, then underway raw 9/16, gained at the 5/8 and beyond but was flattening out on the far turn. BLENHEIM started the outer flow into turn two, got cover early backstretch, three-wide past midturn but couldn’t get into it. CRAZY ABOUT PAT was always far back. CR BLAZIN BEAUTY had cover but also had little trot.


THIRTEENTH RACEJK MUSICMAN started uncovered past the 3/8, had pressure on the leader before the 5/8, worked to the lead late turn, drifted out considerably in the stretch but kept a clear lead in a big effort. STAR COMMANDER N advanced nicely second-over from last, swung inside the winner when that one started to drift, game to hold off SPORTS LEGEND for second. The latter tucked third 1/8, gapped at a couple of points midrace, then swung wide late on the far turn, also went inside the winner, finished well to just miss place. ANNIHILATION was a quick starter, yielded for the pocket, faded in the stretch. HANDSOFFMYCHIPS and MISS U BIG MIKE did not work into contention. YOUCANIKNOW took over at the 1/8 and set a fast pace with outside pressure from before he 5/8, gave way the last 3/16.


FOURTEENTH RACESILVERMASS VOLO tucked early, gapped midrace then in gear going to the 5/8 and advanced raw, kept coming and coming and coming and got the nod on the money. GOLD MEDAL SWAN was away second then improved that position by one past the ¼, set the pace with building pressure, held to the last step. CHESTNUT SCHOFIELD was in front past the 1/8, yielded, started to get loose in the pocket ¾ but won a three-way photo for third. MARION GONDOLIER sat in, shuffled a bit far turn, to the Pocono Pike, decent rally. BILLIE BLUE gapped from second-over ¾. PRESIDENTE ZETTE went wide from third-over to little avail. PHANTOM RUSTY gapped at the back.