Connors’ Comments for Monday, July 15, 2019


 MONDAY, JULY 15, 2019


FIRST RACE – Some stretch headwind to start; it would fade later …  warm … NOBLE PRIZE went up first-over on the second turn, grinded and worked by the leader on the turn, stayed game to the finish. KEYSTONE SERGEANT was second-over, didn’t tip wide but stayed behind the leader, with his best effort yielding second. HIGH BLUE made the top at the 1/8, yielded to the ¼, out 5/16 to retake towards turn two, set the pace with pressure from the winner, held pretty well. NOBLE ANTHONY and MONTEVERDI were third- and fourth-over, respectively, stacked wide and wider and closed well. CHAPTER AND RUTH left and yielded, stayed in, outside in a blindswitch on the turn, never did come clear. CHUCKABUCK was three-wide early then two-wide most of a fast quarter, yielded before urn two to sit the two-hole, not much late. BOY MEETS GIRL K stayed in, to the deep Pike but didn’t gain. LUCKY SHEILA broke just before the start.


SECOND RACECEE PEE PANIC was three-wide leaving then on top by the 3/16, had a clear lead around the turn, tiring a little late but with enough of a lead. BIG DUTCH spotted early, then was raw coming to turn two, one-geared it and never was closer to the winner than he was at the wire. PREACHER OLLIE stayed in and was shuffled far turn, to the deep Pike and finished with energy. NAKED CITY was on top at the 1/8, yielded 3/16 for the pocket, started to get loose at the ¾. DEALIN DAN forced the early action, stayed in, to the Pike but not enough. FOOL OF IDEAS was out behind a dull horse, three-wide 11/16 but never got close. ROCKME SOCKS OFF was never close. DANCING RUSTY was at the end of an “accordion” (the field jamming up) nearing the ¼ and moved outside, got cover but gapped it 5/8.


THIRD RACECELEBRATE IT ALL was uncovered on the second turn, gained in the slow middle half and had reached the leader, and then the lead, to the ¾, won easily. BURGUNDY B was out before the quarter, made the lead to the 3/8, got a slow midpart but still couldn’t keep out the winner, stayed on for second. MATHERVILLE had the lead before turn one, yielded to the brusher for the pocket, couldn’t reach second late. ONE MORE ROSIE moved three-wide and had some gain. LADY LONE STAR had cover but gapped it, left uncovered ¾, couldn’t enter into the main contentiousness. TAD KRAZY HANOVER stayed in, had little to offer. TAJA MAHALA broke at the ½ and went to the infield. DESERT PEPPER was three-wide early then to command past the 3/16, was readying to yield when making a break before the 3/8.


FOURTH RACEMEDOLAND JATE went uncovered past the 3/8, went 27.4 speed-grinding to clear ¾, ran off and hid. TWIN B WRANGLER was between horses to the lead past the 1/8, yielded, shuffled badly on the far turn and had to wait for the Pocono Pike, came back for a clear second. NITTANY NATION got in the outside flow, had to check midturn when the newly-uncovered horse went offstride, recovered for third. EXPLODENT stayed in, cleared long after the top ones were gone and was next in line. DAFINATY was three-wide most of the 1/8 to command at the ¼, got a second quarter breather, but still could not fight off the winner and faded badly. ASPLODE HANOVER was innermost of the quick leavers, yielded, blocked far turn, not much. SB IDEAL IN ART was outside but couldn’t keep up. DAVIDS COMING HOME broke 100 feet before the start. SHARK FLIPPER backed out to second-over behind the winner, gapped that one a bit down the back, was uncovered and into second when breaking midturn.


FIFTH RACELEGION OF HONOR moved at the quarter from fourth to the lead 3/8, drew clear of everybody in the last panel. GUARDINO started alertly and took the early pocket, gapped 11/16, then got closer as the pocket horse tired, moved outside, edged BOSCH for second. The latter advanced inside before the 5/8, outside late turn, couldn’t quite make the deuce. WINNING HABIT moved out with cover but saw it falter, ducked back inside before the 5/8, then swung wide into the stretch, couldn’t reach the major minor spoils. DEAD BOLT had little to offer. LONDON HANOVER forced an early tuck, yielded to the winner 3/8, out of gas ¾. BRANDYWINE BATTLE moved outside raw just past the 3/8, took turn two wide and gained no further. KONOPKA broke at the 3/16.


SIXTH RACEPASSION STRUCK was stuck out three-wide nearly to the 3/8 then moved on to the lead into turn two, didn’t have a problem after that. BARB’S BEACH backed out into the two-wide flow, uncovered past midturn, came on steadily as a clear second. SUGAR AND SPICE was shuffled back to last, angled three-wide late far turn, passed a lot of horses. BEAM M W was carried up in the flow, fair. MY SWEET MEMORY was underway raw before the ¼ and steadily gained in the middle half, briefly challenged the winner then tucked in the pocket 11/16, fell back gradually the last quarter. ODDS ON AVENTURE pushed very hard as the innermost leaver, finally yielded past the 3/8, gapped out down the back. BINDSAY followed the early cover, left raw to the ¾ off the top two, tucked in third late turn, little late. JEANNIES TERROR was between horses to the 3/8 then tucked, blocked far turn but didn’t gain once free. SHAKE N GO, forwardly-placed early, couldn’t offer much late.


SEVENTH RACEBEGUIN DUGOUTIER F went to the lead and went a fast quarter to keep it, slowed the second panel, sped up in the third, was a bit tired late but held off the foursome who had stayed close. EYORE HANOVER eased out second-over on turn two, gapped 5/8, left uncovered late backstretch, did his best trotting in the last 1/16 as the pace slowed. PITTSTOP KIP gave the pocket at the ¼, stayed connected, to the Pocono Pike, fair. INAPERFECTWORLD was uncovered into turn two, got the two-hole 11/16 as a rival broke, came back out headstretch but didn’t gain. MATTER HATTER was briefly three-wide in tight quarters mid-second turn, gapped down the back and ducked in, tried to gain deep in the Pike but could not. FRAC and RED MAPLE LANE never gained prominence. BAMAKO DU BOCAGE tucked behind his fellow Frenchman near the ¼, gapped down the backstretch then broke 11/16 and went to the infield.


EIGHTH RACEFRENCH MONEY tucked then was quarter-mover #2, kept up a good pace, needed a bit of late urging to keep the lead to the line. GLOBAL ICE stayed in then angled wide for the drive, was gaining well late. LAKEVIEW TAMMY made two speed moves (one “hidden”) before yielding to the winner, outside in the stretch, neither gained nor lost ground. PASSTHECROWNAROUND worked to the lead 3/16, saw two go by in quarter two, couldn’t mount a stretch charge. SCREAMING CONWAY briefly moved outside then quickly retucked, got the last check. CARRICK was two-wide but couldn’t get into the picture. SWISS PLATINUM gapped much of the way, with neither he nor THE TWO BEHIND HIM any kind of threat.


NINTH RACEBELLA AVA moved to the lead by the ¼, rated the second panel, administered the coup de grâce (mixing Latinate languages) in opening a big lead down the backstretch and carrying on to the wire; five of nine for George. GRACE AM sat third, moved out headstretch, wasn’t catching the winner but closed well. JUBILARIAN made the early lead, yielded, lost ground most of the last half, still held third. A RAY OF SUNSHINE inherited fourth after a breaker but never closed in on the top three. KEYSTONE TASHA was four lengths off the gate, found room between horses and got the last check. BELLA’S PARTY PUNK offered little. SUMSECRET had to check when FOREVER FOXY broke 9/16. MARIANNE FAITH tucked, came out at the half but jumped offstride 5/8.


TENTH RACEDIVISION BELL was uncovered just past the half, moved in the slowest quarter of the race to the lead ¾ and opened a good margin, held safe ABSOLUTE INTENT. The latter was third-over but not well-served by cover, three-wide midturn and came a long way the last 1/8. CENTURY ENFORCER made two speed moves (including, again, a “hidden” one) before yielding past the 3/8, shuffled a bit with the lead exchange early far turn then outside late on the turn, clearly third-best. ZAZA BOY took control early, saw two go by in the frontstretch, not that much late. PECORINO had a strap hanging on the left side of her head at the ¼, gained a bit late. LOVE THE ACTION didn’t get in the action. VODKA ON THE BEACH was outleft, moved up towards the 3/16, got brief cover as another horse went to the lead, then proceeded on herself to command just past the 3/8, had no answer when the winner came calling to the ¾. CAVIART CALE got good cover but couldn’t stay with it, fell back significantly.


ELEVENTH RACEWICKED WIZARD made the top past the 1/8 and didn’t have any anxious moments. PRAIRIE GEM inherited the pocket 3/16 after a breaker, went loose in the pocket 11/16, distant second. RAP SHEET moved up second-over, next-best. UNION JACK was first-over towards the clubhouse turn, didn’t gain more past the 11/16, ducked in after the far turn breaker. YONKERS HANOVER never entered into it. WING SUIT was in the early pocket but broke 3/16, recovered to catch the field.  PAGING DOCTOR TEO never was a major player. LOVING LIFE sat in, gapped behind the gapping pocket horse ¾ then broke past midturn and was taken inside. MY BOY CHRISTIAN misbehaved at the start.


TWELFTH RACEEVER AGAIN made two speed moves (yes, with a “hidden” one) then yielded for the pocket, came out in the stretch, saw AWESOMENESS grab a short lead deep stretch but kept trying and got the nod. The latter was out until the ¼ for command, had two go by him in the frontstretch, came up the Pocono Pike, put a nose in front late but was nipped. ZERO THE HERO tucked past the 1/8, was quarter-mover #2 behind the winner to the lead on the lower turn, briefly opened a good-sized lead midbackstretch but was reeled in, held gamely to the very end. CHANCELLORCULLEN N was outside on the turn and passed the stragglers. FOREVERNALWAYS made up ground to get the last check. MODERN REFLECTION was moved outside early but never generated much offense. AN THE THUNDEROLLS offered little. MR HEAVEN moved out on turn two but soon moved back in, couldn’t get into play.


THIRTEENTH RACEARCH CREDIT was wide to turn one, settled in the pocket 3/16, waited for the Pocono Pike after sitting behind a quick pace and got the job done at $95.80. WESLEY HANOVER vacated third-in late on the turn, found his best strides late. AFFAIR OF HONOR made the front between horses before the 1/8 and put the winner in behind, kept up a fast pace, wilted late. NATURAL KEMP twice had to go three-wide around dull cover, ducked inside stretch and gained. SHOW ME THE MAGIC couldn’t offer much at crunch time. SPLITSVILLE was out early with cover, three-wide before the 5/8 to circle a dull rival 11/16, but then gained no more. CELEBRITY LAMBO moved early but lacked the requisite speed to make the lead, was fading before the 5/8. SEVENTH HEAVEN was offstride off the turn before the start.


FOURTEENTH RACETACT TATE N was inside his two main early rivals and put them in behind with a 26.1 opener, yielded frontstretch for the two-hole, moved out to challenge his only late rival and went past LISBURN nicely. The latter settled in third past the 1/8, then quarter-moved, continued on at a fast clip, had to settle for second. SPEEDLING was three-wide 11/16 to two-wide on the turn, beat out the others. BOOGIE NIGHTS eased into the pocket 3/16, came out 5/8 but was left behind midturn. REACH FOR INFINITY was uncovered on the second bend, got cover 5/8 but almost immediately started gapping. THE OTHERS had no say in the outcome here.