Connors’ Comments for July 6, 2019




FIRST RACE – Track rated “sloppy +1” throughout … SLIPIN SKIP was looped early, got into the pocket after a very fast opener, came out in the lane and went right on by. BENJI’S BEST came all the way up the inside from last, got free in the Pocono Pike well off the lead headstretch, came zooming through the lane. TOM’S AROCKIN looped the field to the 1/8, forced a tuck, kept on at a good clip with third quarter pressure, tired after the hard usage. FERNADO was second-over, three-wide midturn, best of the rest. PAPRIKE BLUE CHIP was widest in the lane and moving OK at the finish. LYON’S IMAGE was third-over, blindswitched later on the turn, ducked in, not that much. LIMA RAIDER was first-over into turn two, challenged then fell back through the last ¼. DAMION DIESEL HAHN left, was in the pocket then conceded same after the fast opener, struggled from before the ¾.


SECOND RACEONE THROUGH TEN was quickly on top, opened up a big lead with a big third quarter and was still clear just before midstretch, then gave way a bit and just did survive the charge of OUR REGAL IDEAL N. The latter spotted third at the 1/8, came out to the ¾ and steadily ate into the winner’s cushion, good last ¼. ROCKIN CELEBRATION sat in, edged outside on the turn, next in line. PEMBROKE WILDCAT was wide early, took back, then remained outside, mostly raw, and one-geared it steadily to the finish. THUNDER SOME WHERE stayed in, Pocono Pike, evenly. BONFIRE BLISS was away well and sat in the pocket, unplugged late backstretch. IC A FREE SPIRIT could never get into the main action. CASEY HANOVER gapped down the back then broke. DANCIN HILL was out behind the parked horse, galloped 9/16.


THIRD RACEGOES DOWN SMOOTH yielded early then quarter-moved, strung the field out and won by himself. FAITHFULANDTRUE spotted third, tightened in on the pocket horse late backstretch and outside on the turn, along for second. MACMORRIS HANOVER was three-wide towards the first turn to the lead at the 1/8, yielded, lost ground bit by bit in the two-hole the last half but did hold off DARTY for third. The latter gapped most of the way, up the Pocono Pike and just missed the show. NIGHT HALL had little to offer. ZACK’S GOT THE W was a bit off the gate, trailed then broke into turn two.


FOURTH RACEROCK THE TOWN left swiftly to take over past the 1/8, saw two go by him in quarter two and was back out raw off the second curve, got to the lead ¾, the best of these. BRO HANOVER was outside much of the ¼ before tucking, started the outer flow, gapped the cover of the winner down the back then was left raw before the ¾, ducked in to headstretch, clearly second. MOM’S CROSSROADS was behind stagnant cover, three-wide late on the turn and edged BEACH MEMORIES for third. The latter was looped and was hung past a fast quarter to the lead, yielded, then was shuffled when the pacesetter was overtaken, evenly up the inside late. STILL FRISKIE spotted, came out at the quarter, left raw 5/16 and went on to the lead, passed before the ¾ and fell back. FANCY COLT was in the two-wide flow but gapped. JEREMES GENERAL was never a big factor. SLUGGEM N went about three-wide into the second turn, stayed out in the three-path until fading.


FIFTH RACELINDY’S CRAZY HALL was three-wide leaving and worked on to the top, kept the field strung out despite getting a Q2 breather, seemed in control even as MASS FORTUNE K narrowed in. The latter considered leaving between horses but took back, outside late turn and closed in steadily if a bit belatedly. EXPLOSIVEBREAKAWAY left enough to defend the pocket, couldn’t make a dent in the stretch. INNISFALLEN was never prominent. HOLIDAY HANOVER came uncovered early down the back, gained some then had no more to give. REVE TOJOURS gapped out 11/16.


SIXTH RACEATTA BOY DAN was four-wide to the first curve, took back to tuck 3/16, but then on the move again at the ¼ first with then without cover to the lead before turn two, stepped clear down the back and held off his only serious challenger, AMERICA’S FLEET. The latter made two speed moves then yielded to the winner, stayed pretty close to the wire. SOMETIMESAWINNER had to go four-wide late backstretch to try to circle dull cover, was left out three-wide on the far turn, up for third, reported back with “b.e.” CASH IS KING left some, was caught in behind a tired horse on the turn, to the Pocono Pike and had a mild rally. BORDER CONTROL A was three-wide with cover on the turn, fair on the far outside. P H KENNY was second-over, three-wide 11/16 to circle a tiring rival but never made up much ground. FOX VALLEY INFERNO didn’t get a call. FEEL THE NEED A went up first-over towards turn two but was left behind down the back. BLOW A CLOUD N was three-wide to the 1/8 then two-wide to the lead at the ¼, saw two go past in short order, then couldn’t stay with them from before midbackstretch.


SEVENTH RACECROSBYS CLAM BAKE left, forced the ¼ then yielded for the pocket, went to the Pocono Pike, gathered to find his best stride midstretch and powered away. MUSCLE FASHION left between horses and tucked third, to the deep Pike and won a multi-horse photo for second. BEGUIN DUGOUTIER F was outside to a quick quarter, set the pace, held to midstretch. MONTEPULCIANO was uncovered into turn two, pressed the lead and briefly got a small advantage on the turn, held his ground well. TWO HIP DIP was out second-over, gapped much of the backstretch then tighter, went three-wide, only missed second by a half-length. MARCH AWARENESS sat in, was in tight quarters late. SPLITSVILLE swung wide, OK but couldn’t reach. BETTER CALL SAUL was third-over, couldn’t get into the main fight.


EIGHTH RACESISKEL rode the mile outside, covered until going wide near headstretch, outpaced everybody to the wire in a big mile, paying $108.80. IAMMRBRIGHTSIDE challenged for the early lead, took a tuck in the pocket coming off the first turn, to the Pocono Pike, had a response but was outkicked. AWESOMENESS backed out to follow the winner, wide in the lane and with late foot. ALWAYS B MAGIC sat in, angled out and gained gradually in the stretch while not appearing fully clear. NORTHERN VIRGIN had little chance stacking wide from last. ER ROCK MY WORLD refused to yield, hounded throughout, tired. HERE COMES SWIFTY gave the pocket past the ¼, gapped a bit down the back, to the deep Pike, didn’t gain while looking a little rough. NAMEISONTHEHALTER was blocked through the stretch.


NINTH RACEALWAYS AT MY PLACE tucked midpack to the 3/16, then was out second-over and rode up with good cover, wide in the lane and drew away. NIMBLE AND QUICK left and yielded to sit the two-hole, to the Pocono Pike and did well late to hold off CAPTAIN DEO. The latter was third-over, three-wide and briefly blindswitched late turn, hit high gear midstretch and got by quite a few horses late. DEETZY slid in third 3/16, then led the outer charge 3/8 and battled hard with the leader, showed the effects of the usage late. TE KAWAU N was inside, to the Pike but didn’t have much to offer. SOMEBEACH BARON was in front before the 3/16 in a good opener, had pressure a long way on the lead, gave way. TULLOW N was fourth-over, four-wide late turn but quickly flattened. THE OTHER TWO gapped at the back down the backstretch; one caught the back of the pack, one did not.


TENTH RACECHIPLOSIVE left quickly to make the top, got a big lead when the two battling for second behind him ran 5/16, stayed clear much of the way, then was tiring late but held together for the victory. FINAL CLAIM was in the pocket early, made a break 5/16 while possibly in close quarters and went to the infield, recovered and third-over, finished very strongly. CONSUS VICTORY wound up second-over, uncovered on the far turn, went on gamely. FORECAST moved uncovered, gained, tucked in the pocket on the turn, to the Pocono Pike, could not gain late. STINGLIKE A B K suddenly found himself second after two breakers early in the frontstretch, couldn’t sustain in the last ¼. ROCK MY MUSCLES was three-wide leaving but took back, in, angled wide late turn but didn’t gain then broke. PRACTICAL CAT was looped early and parked, made a break 5/16, recovered but broke again.


ELEVENTH RACEOSTRO HANOVER yielded 3/16, stayed third-in until the 11/16 then moved to challenge, briefly was in the pocket on the turn then outside headstretch, powered away. ROOTIN TOOTIN had two-wide cover to the 3/16 then up uncovered to 5/16 command, well-clear in second. BALLERAT BOOMERANG had dull cover, wide late turn, came a long way to be third. DAKOTA JACK was on top 3/16 and yielded for the two-hole 5/16, struggled from the 5/8. SEVENS HOPE A was uncovered on turn two but never got close. SOME PLAYA was never a playa here. MUSIC IS ART was last when breaking 9/16.


TWELFTH RACEPRAIRIE PANTHER did a “shake’n’bake gearshift” to advance to fourth early, then was uncovered just past the half, speed-grinded, a strong winner. SOHO WALLSTREET A took the early lead, yielded to the favorite, slipped out behind the winner headstretch, good once in high gear. DRAWING DRAGONS was third-over, three-wide late turn, not bad. CRUISE PATROL was second-over, didn’t offer that much but had “b.e.” I’M A BIG DEAL looked to be about all-out inside. BEACH BOOGIE pressed on at the 1/8 and made the front 5/16, got pressure later in the backstretch, engulfed headstretch.


THIRTEENTH RACETOPVILLE OLYMPIAN tucked third 3/16 then quarter-moved to reach the lead 3/8, got a rest to the half then picked it up, fought off the first-over, then just did withstand the closing thrust of CALVIN B. The latter pulled out at the ¼, got cover just before turn two, advanced well second-over until going three-wide past the 3/4, went on bravely and almost took it all. BILBO HANOVER wound up five-wide towards headstretch, moving very strongly late. BLAISE MM HANOVER was third-over, four-wide on the turn, came up somewhat shy. BASS PLAYER was first-over before the second turn, challenged, held pretty well. BOOK BINGE was on top first, yielded and stayed in, Pocono Pike, not too much. MAJOR AUTHORITY was out 3/16 to take the point, pushed the winner a bit then yielded, empty in the pocket. CLASSY HILL did not get a call.