Connors’ Comments for Monday, July 1, 2019


MONDAY, JULY 1, 2019


FIRST RACEDUEL IN THE SUN gapped most of the fast first half, came uncovered 5/8 and got past the tired pacesetter on the far turn, clear upper stretch but still urged, able to withstand TERROR O. The latter joined the advancing flow on the far turn and closed well into the softening last quarter. DELCO PAPA BEAR gapped cover late backstretch and part of the turn, swung three-wide to headstretch, outkicked but picked up the others. DEALIN DAN sat second behind the blistering fractions, loose down the backstretch, then pinched in when the pacesetter tired late turn, cleared to the Pocono Pike, next. CARMENS BEST put on a speed show but paced the price in the last ¼. PIECE OF THE ROCK and KC RAMBUCTIOUS BOY were never in the hunt. DAFINATY sat third in the fast pace, gapped out ¾.


SECOND RACEP L KETCHUP left and soon had the pocket, waited for the Pocono Pike, got the job done. CROSBYS CLAM BAKE came uncovered at the half and hooked up with the leader before the ¾, with those two battling the rest of the way, passed to the far inside by the winner before passing BEGUIN DUGOUTIER F. The latter looked a little rough early but soon worked his way to the top, set a good pace, got a hard challenge before the ¾, not bad at all in his first U.S. start. LAKEVIEW TAMMY stayed in, just a step-and-a-half shy along the inside. NATURAL KEMP came out third-over 11/16, outside in the stretch, mildly. C-O-TO BLUEGRASS was second-over but didn’t stay tight on his cover, not that much in the lane. DOLCE DUCCI and SHE MATTERS were always far behind. SHOW ME THE MAGIC was stuck outside midpack late on the first turn, gradually faded.


THIRD RACESPANISH ART was second-over and gapping slightly, then got in gear when his cover did to the ¾, wide headstretch and gradually went to the fore. BIG DUTCH left some, sat in, backed out and was widest off the turn, finished steadily. DANCING RUSTY was uncovered near turn two, did not find his best gear until near the ¾ then moved to challenge, outclosed by horses coming off cover. RIVER RUNS DEEP worked up wide early to the lead, yielded for the pocket, not that great a response late. SB IDEAL IN ART sat in and gapped on the far turn. ASPLODE HANOVER was not heard from. PREACHER OLLIE made two speed moves to set the pace, nothing left the last 1/8, EXPLODENT gapped third-over.


FOURTH RACEEVIE HANOVER stayed third-in, then moved outside early stretch after the pocket vacater broke, and went by BELLA AVA. The latter was the innermost of three leavers, forced tucks, then set the pace as she pleased, not quite enough to stall the winner. KEYSTONE TASHA was three-wide to the first turn, backed off to tuck fourth, evenly while far behind the top two and far ahead of the rest. WINNING GENE moved first-over but never made any headway and tucked back in. FOREVER FOXY took the pocket at the 1/8, waited until headstretch to move out but soon was on a gallop, righted the ship to get the last check. A RAY OF SUNSHINE started gapping off turn two. CELEBRITY SERENA was far off the gate and was no factor. SUMSECRET broke at the 5/8.


FIFTH RACEMANWILLING got the pocket early, gapped despite a slow quarter two then tightened in, came up the Pocono Pike and was handled confidently while going by SINISTER HANOVER. The latter went to the lead and didn’t have any pressure until the far turn, not quite enough in the latter stages although saving second vs. two late gainers. FROMMING sat third, gapped a bit most of the backstretch then tightened, outside early turn, did fairly well. BOSCH was uncovered from the 5/8 until early on the turn, wide and was gaining late. LONDON HANOVER couldn’t get into the main battle. I AM THE STORM moved out raw but had little and soon retreated back inside. GUARDING was outside midpack or back past the half, then fell back. KONOPKA broke just past the start, caught the field then broke again at the half. JIVE NINETY FIVE was two-wide moving towards the leader when jumping it off to the ¼.


SIXTH RACEAMERICAN DREAMGIRL raced up to a tight pocket, sat behind the slow half then moved out 5/8 to challenge LYONS SENTINEL, and the two baby misses put on a hard-fought duel from there in a 55.4 last half, with the former just edging the latter. The latter streaked right to the top, backed off quarter two, then gave her all in an exciting back 3/8. MORE THAN KUTE was locked in behind the gapping third-in horse as the top two got away, finally got out early stretch but only got by the gapper by a half-length for third. SPEAKING OF COFFEE was that gapper, having been looped early and settling in third 3/16, couldn’t go with the top duo from the 5/8. ITS BIN SAID got the last check while far back. PLEASE TAKE OVER was underway raw from before the 3/8, started to fade just as the top two got away. JUDY TAYLOR was second-over, finally three-wide around fading cover midturn but broke. MILLIMISTER miscued earlier.


SEVENTH RACEHALLANET tucked fifth 3/16, shuffled to last sans the breaker, outside on the turn and four-wide headstretch, passed a lot of horses in the stretch for the upset victory. BABY CHEY was out in the flow, three-wide late turn, never had the lead but grabbed second from FINNICK ODAIR right at the wire. The latter went to the top 3/16 in a fast 27 opener (last ¾ = 1:30), pushed a foe to the 3/8 then yielded, shuffled behind that one and waited for the Pocono Pike, regained some ground. CLASSIC PLAYTER left, came back out uncovered at the half and gradually got to the lead and the inside late backstretch, held the lead until the infield fountain. MARAT moved with good cover, left raw late backstretch, battled, gave way some late. SWEETCHAP was in a blindswitch on the far turn, clear midstretch but didn’t gain. PITTSTOP KIP was three-wide to the 1/8, dropped down behind cover he lost and went on to the lead after much work 3/8, yielded 11/16 and faded. CADILLAC CRUISER tried to sweep three-wide ¾ but flattened. RUFAS DE VIE broke 100 feet before the start.


EIGHTH RACEJUBILARIAN was clear on the lead to the first turn, yielded to sit the two-hole, outside into the lane and went right on by BURGUNDY B. The latter was away second, moved 3/16 to the lead off turn one, got a moderate pace, outbrushed at the end. THANKFUL FOR YOU gapped down the back and around the turn, found good strides towards midstretch and finished fastest of all. IN A GODDA DAVITA went evenly. TRICK OR TREAT was second-over in the not-so-good flow and still gapped. TAD KRAZY HANOVER offered little. MATHERVILLE was uncovered before the second turn, never menaced and was done on the far turn. VODKA SODA was outside at the ¼, third-over, gapped, broke late.


NINTH RACESILK Z TAM quarter-moved, had a clear lead off turn two to the 11/16 when MY SWEET MEMORY came up closer, stayed safe after the Pocono Pike horse broke. MY SWEET MEMORY came outside on the backstretch and drew close late down the back, was held at bay but was good for second. JEANNIE’S TERROR gapped a bit second-over past the 5/8, wide headstretch, finished steadily. BINDSAY was third-over, blindswitched, started inside the place horse early stretch but found that path blocked so angled right and finished well in tight quarters between horses. MORE MORE MORE left fast fast fast and was in front past the 1/8, yielded, inside, to the deep Pike, may have been bothered a little by the breaking horse to her right. PASSION STRUCK was looped, proceeded up to lead off turn one, yielded to the brusher for the pocket, gapped then tightened in late backstretch, to the Pike and looked to be in contention but made a break to midstretch. BARBS BEACH moved wide from far back on the far turn but didn’t reach. BEAM M W didn’t offer much. CANARY HANOVER was last, fell far back in the stretch.


TENTH RACEHIGH BLUE hit high gear quickly and set the pace, repulsed a big first-over challenge, held sway over rivals coming to both sides. KEYSTONE CHARGER came up the rail to third-in, could angle wide and wider midstretch, good but hit top stride just a little too late. CHUCKABUCK left and dropped in the pocket, Pocono Pike, just could not get by. DJOKOVIC N left and tucked third 3/16, out first-over going into turn two, challenged hard, held well. MAJESTIC MYSTIC beat out the rest. ALADIN DU DOLLAR had dull cover, three-wide with cover late turn, then had that cover break in front of him headstretch. WAR CRY HALL was third-over, gapped off turn two then got better, three-wide midturn but jumped headstretch, placed for LOB. LUCKY SHIELA improved early position, then second-over, but gapping ¾.


ELEVENTH RACEPRAIRIE COUGAR gapped the field by four lengths heading into the first turn, but moved out 5/16 and was first-over from last, was a speed-grinder deluxe, made the lead early stretch and just kept on going in a very impressive mile. SWEET MARTHA LOU backed out to second-over entering the lower turn, followed the great cover, good but couldn’t get to the winner late. ACTRESS HANOVER tucked second past the 3/16, sat in, jammed up late turn, cleared between horses and had some finishing pace. THEWONDEROUSWENDY was on top at the 1/8 and was contentious before surrendering the top past the 3/8 in a quick half, had to wait for the Pocono Pike, so-so once clear. RHYME N ROLL was stuck on the rail and angled wide after the first two went by, not enough. ODDS ON CLEARWATER had cover to the 3/16, then was raw until past the 3/8 in pursuit of the lead, went a fast ¾ with the winner coming to pressure her, gave way. SOUTHWIND THUNDRA never got close. ROSIE’S FOXY LADY gapped third-over the last half.


TWELFTH RACESTONEBRIDGE SYMBA went right to the top, slowed the half, met the challenge of the first-up horse and drew clear to the wire. PRAIRIE GEM was second-over, eased three-wide into the lane and decisioned RAP SHEET for second. The latter stayed in, waited for the Pocono Pike and had some finishing lick. UNION JACK was first-up into turn two and made a bold challenge down the back, backed off a bit. KEYSTONE THUNDER raced up into the early pocket, looked to be all-out the last 5/16. WHOYOUCALNCRAZY was third-over, four-wide in the lane, couldn’t reach. THE OTHER TWO were in the back throughout.


THIRTEENTH RACEMILITARY SECRET changed gears and went up to tuck third around an early gapper, then quarter-moved, was clear the last 3/8. CENTURY ENFORCER left sharply and had three lengths before the field reached the first turn, yielded and sat the pocket, held second in a photo over V O JOE. The latter left and got the early two-hole, out on the turn and narrowed in on the place horse. CAVIART CALE gapped most of the first half, wide in the stretch and had some pace. DIVISION BELL stayed inside, wasn’t a major factor. MEADOWBROOK CROWN broke soon off the turn before the start. THE OTHER DUO did not play major roles here.


FOURTEENTH RACEWESTERN ALUMNI left enough to secure the pocket, a bit loose behind an intense third quarter duel, retightened, to the Pocono Pike, and along in a 1:50.4 mile in the bottom conditioned class. BIG GAME HUNTER stretched these out on the lead with third-quarter pressure, held gamely but was edged by the pocket rocket. WESTERN ROCKSTAR A was uncovered early on the second turn, went up in 27 down the back to push the leader, tired some but held third in a good race. AN THE THUNDEROLLS was outleft between horses and went in third, inside, outpaced late. PAN OF STEEL tucked fifth 3/16, could not contend late. AMERICAN CHROME moved 3/8 and got cover, but started gapping at the 5/8. THE OTHERS were way behind the main crew.