Connors’ Comments for Sunday, June 30, 2019



SUNDAY, JUNE 30, 2019


FIRST RACE – Stretch tailwind much of the card … ONE THROUGH TEN made the front into turn one, yielded past the 3/16 and sat just behind a duel, got access to the Pocono Pike and had enough to outkick this field. JENKINS CREEK was third-over, moved three-wide before the ¾ and had to stay three-deep on the turn, four-wide to headstretch, made up a lot of stretch real estate. MASTER OF PUPPETS stayed in, went to the Pike behind the winner, wasn’t quite staying with him late. DANCIN HILL made the front past the 3/16 and was immediately under pressure (54.4 first half, 58.1 second half), lasted a long time on the lead. WESTERN BAYAMA was closer to the paddock than the inside pegs headstretch, finished nicely. SILVER BULLET gapped a bit midrace, slid out to two-wide and then three-wide just avoiding a blindswitch, clear path stretch but not enough. ACHILLES BLUE CHIP moved out behind the parked horse then was three-wide soon off turn two to first-over, fought hard with the winner, tired late. UNDERTAKER left and had cover most of the quarter then was left raw, didn’t have the speed to reach the top, faded starting on the backstretch.


SECOND RACECASEY HANOVER was on the move at the ¼, briefly covered then uncovered to the lead 3/8, controlled this one the last half with 55.4 – 27.3 speed. YOU GOT TRUMPED moved not much past the 1/8 to the lead off the first turn and in turn let the winner go, a little loose in the pocket down the back and a little more loose in the stretch but a clear second. ROCKIN BILLY cleared quickly, saw two horse brush by, inside, evenly late. P L LESTER stayed in, outside stretch but didn’t gain. DANCIN REBEL had little chance from behind dull cover. HORSING AROUND was second-over, three-wide to the ¾ and got back to two-wide but then couldn’t gain. RECORD MACHINE was never in the hunt. UBER HANOVER came uncovered into turn two, never reached the leader and fell back significantly through the last quarter.


THIRD RACELYONS HEDGEABET left and sat a fine pocket trip, just enough late kick up the inside. BIG THONG made the lead, set the pace as she pleased, bore out some in the lane and was just outsprinted first start after a layoff. MICHELON’S FILLY edged out past midturn, didn’t gain. PRAIRIE EASTER and PARKIN IN HEAVEN looked like they were going about all they could the last 5/16. A OLIVEINMYMARTINI gapped at the back past the half, outside 11/16 but didn’t gain.


FOURTH RACETOM’S AROCKIN was arockin out of the gate to command, yielded 5/16 for the two-hole, up on the bit and anxious to go entering the stretch, to the Pocono Pike and won easily. IC A FREE SPIRIT came uncovered at the half, gradually worked forward, did well to get second ahead of DAMION DIESEL HAHN. The latter had to back out off the rail and swing wide early stretch, closed well. PAPRIKE BLUE CHIP was parked 5/16 for the lead, tired in the lane. AMERICAN MUSIC gapped second-over. BENJI’S BEST backed off early to tuck in, was third-over, blindswitched, not a late factor. LYON’S IMAGE went three-wide from last ¾ but didn’t gain. CRUISERWILLWIN gapped inside.


FIFTH RACESWEET LUCY LOU quarter-moved from midpack, didn’t have a hard middle half, got some pressure on the turn but stayed safe with a 27.2 back quarter. CAROUSEL was uncovered from sixth just past the 3/8, gradually grinded up, right at the leader on the turn, tried very hard to the wire. TAKE ABIT OF LIFE was three-wide to the 1/8 to the lead thereafter, yielded for the pocket, not enough sprint late. ILANA Z TAM left between horses and got the early two-hole, stayed in, out to headstretch, got in the path behind the place horse and gained squeezing between horses. I CHOOSE YOU was second-over behind fine cover, three-wide late turn, not much. BA BA BA BANANA was in the early mix to the 1/8, stayed in, had room but not too much pace. TOPVILLE OLIVIA backed out to third-over, four-wide to headstretch but made no impact.


SIXTH RACEEXPLOSIVEBREAKAWAY was out 3/16 until getting the lead, got a soft half, then prevailed by coming home in 56.3 – 28.1. THE LIONKING AS yielded 3/16 to sit the pocket, to the Pocono Pike, closed well but couldn’t reach the winner. MAX broke at the start, caught the field, was blocked fourth-inside on the far turn, wanted to go headstretch but had to wait until midstretch for clearance, then finished with a big rush to edge INAPERFECTWORLD for third. The latter sat in, struggled to stay close the last 5/16. DON was second-over, three-wide midturn but didn’t gain; INTEROVER was third-over behind DON but similarly did not work his way into the picture. MUSCLE FASHION spotted third, then was uncovered 3/8 and went up to the leader, faded midturn. MONTEPULCIANO broke past the start.


SEVENTH RACE – The corrected fractions from the TV were 26.2, 55, 1:23.3, and 1:51.2 … ROCKIN RIO went right to the lead and carved out a hot pace, had to be roused midstretch to stave off the charging BORN TO BE BAD. The latter went out for the two-hole trip, cut into the winner’s margin but couldn’t get there, far ahead of the others. DULL ROAR spotted midpack, came outside on the turn and was along for a no-factor third. ROCKIN CELEBRATION tucked early, didn’t have a whole lot left late. SPEEDLING gapped much of the first half then got underway raw at that station, but never got to the pocket horse. JK PRIDENJOY went evenly in the fast mile. THE REST were well back.


EIGHTH RACEMARION GONDOLIER moved out second-over 11/16 and three-wide headstretch, trotted past these late. BILLIE BLUE left some, moved out 5/8 raw, grinded and got a short brief lead just past midstretch, second-best. P L ICABOD was three-wide to clear going into the first turn, didn’t get pressure until mid-far turn, tired in the lane.IL MAGO left between horses for the pocket, to the Pocono Pike but had little kick late. KEYSTONE CHESTER stayed in, did not seem to be going all that well the last 3/8 and lost ground late. SARAH’S HALL broke leaving.


NINTH RACEBILBO HANOVER tucked at the 1/8, moved out at the ¼ and went up to the lead, rolled on, clear the last quarter. HERE COMES SWIFTY left, induced a tuck, then yielded to the winner, couldn’t keep up the last ¼ and just did save the place over DR DRAKE RAMORAY. The latter was third-in, came out in the stretch and closed well. AWESOMENESS stayed on the inside, not too much. THE ONLYEST ONE tucked, then was second-over, three-wide around the fading parked horse to two-wide turn, between horses in the lane with little. ALWAYS B MAGIC and NAMEISONTHEHALTER never factored. ZERO THE HERO, looking hard to handle at times, left, went into the pocket off the first turn, finally committed to a second move at the half but was tiring by the 5/8.


TENTH RACE – Wind has diminished … TWO AM left, forced a tuck, then let the favorite go off turn one to sit the pocket, outside headstretch, didn’t start to gain until midstretch but finished very well and won confidently. THE VETERAN was outside early, set down at the 1/8 and to the front off the first bend, dictated the pace, just outsprinted on the end. GOLD MEDAL SWAN left and tucked, stayed an even third. DI OGGI stayed in, gapped on the far turn. NO EXCUSES backed out to second-over 11/16 but got no help from his cover. QUALITY KEMP pulled from last 9/16 but never got near the front end, tired.


ELEVENTH RACESTAR COMMANDER N left, put outside leavers in behind, then relinquished after pushing the brushing favorite past the 3/8, to the Pocono Pike and put in a move that carried him past the pacesetter midstretch. SPORTS LEGEND waited for the early smoke to clear then quarter-moved, was left out to before turn two by the winner, went fast the third quarter, held well but had to settle for second. IMSTAYNALIVE left and got the early pocket, inside, outside early stretch and hit a high gear past midstretch. YEAHNAH also stayed in, to the Pike but didn’t have enough forward motion. LISBURN didn’t have flowing cover, three-wide midturn, evenly late. HEARTBEAT HILL left, settled in third 3/16, moved out raw just past the 5/8 but could get no closer than the wheel of the pocket horse. THUNDER SOME WHERE gapped at the back.


TWELFTH RACESATIN DANCER stepped right out from the pole and put others in behind, yielded to the chalk to sit the two-hole, loose on the far turn but tightened in and went right by in the Pocono Pike. KARETS finally settled in the early pocket 3/16, third-in, moved outside on the turn and went by late for second. BLENHEIM tucked to the initial curve, then quarter-moved, came up short nearing the wire. CRAZY ABOUT PAT and CHUCKIE ME gapped inside. ITSGOODTOBEQUEEN never got a call; nor did HOT SUMMER KNIGHT. FRANKIE MULLINS broke at the 11/16.


THIRTEENTH RACEMARCO BEACH sat in the pocket, went to the Pocono Pike and proved the best in the stretch. ABSOLUTE INTENT vacated the three-hole past the ¾ and advanced, but was outpaced to his far inside. STAND BY ME N went to the front approaching turn one, set the pace as he pleased, gave way a good bit late. ALLGONOWHOA and BAY MEADOWS were never in contention. MAJOR PEPPER started to gap past the 1/8 then made a break, was soon pulled up.


FOURTEENTH RACENIMBLE AND QUICK again was both leaving to the lead, yielded for the two-hole, roused on the far turn, outside early stretch and caught BASS PLAYER as the card finishes with five “pocket rockets” in races with little outside movement, and with its first winner to pay more than $10. BASS PLAYER got the early pocket then improved that position by one at the quarter, came home in 55 – 27.2 and still was caught. BRO HANOVER stayed in, went to the deep Pocono Pike and was along for third over ALI just to his right. The latter sat third, went to the Pike, lost a little ground. RATHER SWELL moved uncovered before the 11/16, couldn’t go with the top four but got the last check. THE OTHERS made no impression on this event.