Connors’ Comments for Sun Stakes Saturday





FIRST RACE – Intermittent rain in the couple of hours before the races made the track “good +1” throughout the evening … BEACH MEMORIES left between horses and got in the pocket at the ¼ after a wicked opener, stayed tight, outside headstretch and outpaced ROCK THE TOWN to his far inside. The latter was three-wide to the 3/16 then backed off to tuck third, came up the Pocono Pike, didn’t miss by much. FEEL THE NEED A felt the need for speed and paid a 25.3 price to maintain the top from the rail, went on at a good clip, tired just before midstretch. BORDER CONTROL A followed IDEAL ROCKY wide from the 11/16 to headstretch, then moved a lane wider and closed well. The latter was urged leaving but made a break, from which he recovered quickly, was fourth-over when moving three-wide 11/16, stayed three-deep the duration, not bad. PEMBROKE WILDCAT was third-over, blindswitched while two– and three-wide then ducked inside, to the Pocono Pike well off the front three, fair. ALLSTAR PARTNER came all the way up the inside, wasn’t keeping up much of the stretch, then gained but was blocked at the wire. AMERICA’S FLEET was second-over, badly shuffled n a blindswitch on the turn, didn’t gain once clear.


SECOND RACEATTA BOY DAN dove into fourth behind the early battlers, then came out second-over at the half, left uncovered 3/4, showed typical great courage in wearing down SLIPIN SKIP. The latter left, went into the early pocket, then was underway again at the half, made a strong move to clear at the ¾, would have beaten many a field of this caliber with that kind of mile. MAYFIELD DUKE slipped outside third-over in front of a gapper, best of the rest. STILL FRISKIE was the innermost of three contenders leaving, got one to tuck then let the other go 5/16, shuffled ¾ when the pacesetter tired and had to wait until past midturn before getting out, inside the show horse stretch and recovered some ground. P H KENNY had enough to get the last check. BELIEVEINTHESPIRIT never entered into the main competition. CONCUR was first to pull out towards turn two, wound up third-over but gapped. WARP FACTOR THREE was three-wide early, went on to the lead 5/16, offered no resistance when challenged to the ¾. ROCKIN M trailed throughout.


THIRD RACEROCKIN PHILLY was tapped approaching the start and got away very swiftly, yielded to the frontstretch brusher to sit the two-hole, outside early stretch and had the better last 1/16 to win over TRILLIONS HANOVER. The latter tucked third, then quarter-moved, strung the field out in fast numbers, couldn’t find more when challenged late. ANNIE HILL came uncovered past the 9/16, gained some then fell back late turn, distant third. AFRAID NOT HANOVER kept the pocket closed early, struggled in the last ¼. WHAT A FOX never moved. SYLPH HANOVER was wide leaving but backed off to tuck fifth 3/16, came out second-over but had little. MARGRET HILL gapped at the back, then was out behind dull cover, never in it.


FOURTH RACESOMETIMESAWINNER was fourth-over, three-wide before the 5/8 and quickly built up momentum to keep going four-wide and circle the field into the turn, a runaway. WAGON MASTER moved into the three-wide lane past the 5/8, gained behind cover then continued three-wide raw on the turn, came a long way for the distant second. FOX VALLEY INFERNO was third-over, out into a three-wide blindswitch as the winner looped by, left three-wide then two-wide uncovered on the turn, steadily for third. JEREMES GENERAL made two speed moves, yielded to the winner but held fairly well otherwise. BLOW A CLOUD N came out to the ¾ in a blindswitch, stayed blocked to the wire. OUR REGAL IDEAL N was shuffled to last 11/16, never could get into it. BETTOR SPIRITS N was second-over, left uncovered on the turn and ducked inside, not much late. CASH IS KING was looped and wide, was left uncovered after the retaker cleared, ducked into the pocket late backstretch but the tank was already on empty. GRAND PRIORITY was three-wide to turn one to the lead nearing a fast quarter, yielded before the 3/8, empty 5/8.


FIFTH RACEHIGHALATOR left and was looped, tucked third 3/16, uncovered into turn two, was asked for maximum performance the last half and gave it, hitting the 3/4s in 1:20 and going on to win in 1:48, fastest in North America this year on a 5/8-miler. DEALT A WINNER came out second-over 5/8, left uncovered on the far turn, up for the distant second. WHITTAKER N joined the outer flow, ducked in for the drive, steadily. ROCKIN RON had cover but soon lost it, tucked in the pocket ¾, flattened a bit. MAC’S JACKPOT never factored. HITMAN HILL was three-wide to the first turn then two-wide to command just past the 1/8 in a scorching :25.2 opener, soon yielded, then shuffled out of it behind the tired pacesetter from the 11/16. FILIBUSTER HANOVER was away second from the rail, moved out in front of the winner to the 3/16 and brushed to the lead, went on at a thundering clip, had no more left after being passed past the 5/8.


SIXTH RACE – Stretch headwind freshening … HANNELORE HANOVER protected the pocket leaving, quarter-moved to 3/8 command, could get her own pace up front, then sprinted home in 27.4 into the wind to keep RICH AND MISERABLE at bay. The latter was three-wide early and cleared to the lead before the 3/16, extended the winner a bit before yielding 3/8, couldn’t summon the quick speed to match the winner’s sprint home. TIGHT LINES sat in and was shuffled to last behind a gapper, got to the Pocono Pike early stretch and had a very good last 1/16. ICE ATTRACTION went uncovered and advanced in 27.3, but flattened out in the last 1/8. MUSCLE DIAMOND stayed in, not that much late. OPTIMIST BLUE CHIP was second-over but gapped. SUCH AN ANGEL trailed.


SEVENTH RACETE KAWAU N took a while to make the lead 3/8, but got a breather, then had just too much for this collection. MAJOR AUTHORITY won an early battle, hung the winner to the 3/8 then yielded for the two-hole, did OK+ to hold second. BABY KITTY was underway uncovered on the second turn, paced in 26.4 with the wind down the back to get close to the leader, but couldn’t sustain the last 3/16. CLASSY HILL was stuck inside, had some belated pace in the Pocono Pike. ER ROCK MY WORLD left and yielded, stayed in, looked all-out the last 3/8. NOX VEGAS BLUECHIP was stuck behind dull cover. SHOREVIEW was third-over behind a gapper, three-wide mid-far turn but could make no headway. CITY HALL never gained prominence. SHOOTER’S DREAM moved second-over but then gapped off cover most of the rest of the way.


EIGHTH RACECAPTAIN TREVOR tucked fourth, then started first-over early on turn two, grinded home in 54.2 and hold off the closing ODDS ON BOCA RATON. The latter got a good second-over trip, three-wide late turn, steadily but not enough. ESCAPETOTHEBEACH lost cover at the ¼ and went on to the lead, got a rest in quarter two, but didn’t have enough sprint at crunch time. SEMI TOUGH was third-over, didn’t tip wide on the turn, next in line. LATISSIMUS HANOVER gained inside off turn two then was blocked far turn. out in a blindswitch, found a high gear between horses belatedly. CAPTAIN MALICIOUS made the lead before turn one, saw two go by before the 3/8, couldn’t get back into the main action. FABRICE HANOVER was far back, four-wide late far turn, couldn’t reach. MAJOR DECISION never got a call. LYONS JOHNNYJNR was looped, gradually worked up to quarter command, yielded 3/8 for the pocket, packed it in mid-far turn.


NINTH RACESTONEBRIDGE SOUL left strongly, pushed a foe most of the way to the 3/8 before relinquishing for the pocket, right behind the epic third quarter duel, cleared in the Pocono Pike and produced enough to take the victory. ZERO TOLERANCE had the early pocket, inside and gapped much of the fast third quarter, then tighter and moved to two-wide late turn, found a sliver of room through the stretch and had late pace to claim the place. WARRAWEE UBEAUT went the uncovered route into turn two, went 25.4 down the backstretch and took the lead but wasn’t allowed to clear, tried hard to the wire. ODDS ON ST LUCIE was third-over, three-wide on the far turn, finished steadily. TREACHEROUS REIGN was three-wide early, went up but needed until almost until the 3/8 to take the lead, then had extraordinary pressure from the first-over but didn’t allow that one to get around her, stayed in the fight until the end. PHILLY HANOVER was three-wide with cover on the turn and widest in the lane, finished rapidly. BLUE IVY had room inside but couldn’t gain late. ST SOMEWHERE did not feature. TALL DRINK HANOVER was five-wide as the gate sprang then three-wide to the 1/8, had cover to the quarter, regained cover 3/8, gapped past the 5/8.


TENTH RACESHAKE THAT HOUSE was three-wide just past the 1/8, then two-wide almost to the ¼, got the lead then yielded for the pocket, outside headstretch and had the most of these. BRASSY HANOVER stayed in, caught behind a tired one past midturn and started to head out into a blindswitch then ducked back in and went to the Pocono Pike, passed a lot of horses on the far left. CAPTAIN VICTORIOUS was out with cover most of the ¼, then on to the lead 5/16, shook off the first-over into the turn, could not make the lead stand. AFLAME HANOVER was fourth-over, did not relish having to go five-wide so steered into a blindswitch late turn and advanced, then found room between horses midstretch and finished solidly. HURRIKANE EMPEROR came through early and hung the winner almost to the ¼, yielded, back out raw just past the half, challenged in 26.1 down the back but soon after started to give way. PROOF was in good second-over position but gapped, three-wide but with little. AIR FORCE HANOVER showed first but then took a tuck fourth, stayed in, no factor late. HIGHLANDBEACHLOVER was never prominent. LYONS NIGHT HAWK was third-over behind dull cover, four-wide late turn but had no gain.


ELEVENTH RACETHIS IS THE PLAN was three-wide to the 1/8 and soon after to the lead, yielded to sit the two-hole, responded when asked to go to the lead past midstretch then held off MCWICKED. The latter was uncovered to turn two, didn’t gain in the 26.2 third quarter, came on on the turn but fell back a bit off the curve, but showed true determination digging in hard to the wire. WESTERN FAME quarter-moved out of third, went a big third quarter trying to lose the outer tier, failed to last past midstretch. DUPLICATED N tightened in down the back, moved three-wide mid-far turn and wider headstretch, moving fastest of all at the wire. MISO FAST was fourth-in and caught behind a struggler on the turn, had no room in the stretch and had to be grabbed into nearing the wire. BECKHAM’S Z TAM left for position, not a factor at crunch time. SPRINGSTEEN was outside but didn’t enter the main picture. DORSODURO HANOVER was bothered when LATHER UP broke off turn two and never reentered contention. LATHER UP spotted early while looking rough, broke off of turn two.


TWELFTH RACEMARSEILLE fired away and put SWANDRE THE GIANT in behind him while the others were five lengths back and beyond early, ratcheted down quarter two, picked it up again as the first-over came, opened up three lengths early stretch, then just held off the monstrous late rush of GREENSHOE. The latter was third-over, three-wide with cover ¾, four-wide headstretch, still five lengths out before midstretch, but trotted what may have been the fastest last 1/16 ever at Pocono to just miss. GREEN MANALISHI S was second-over, three-wide 11/16, may have had to steady slightly when the two-wide foe made a break, good but outkicked. SWANDRE THE GIANT was outside 3/16 before taking the yawning tuck, stayed connected, came up shy in the last 1/8. WITTYVILLE sat in, behind a gapper late turn but little once clear. GOES DOWN SMOOTH moved out on the second turn but ducked back in, out two-wide in a blindswitch turn then forced wide by the breaker, didn’t recover. OSTERC tucked third then gapped big-time early, moved into turn two, very much in contention when making a break midturn. SUMMIT IN SIGHT was fourth-over, broke far turn.


THIRTEENTH RACESOHO WALLSTREET A was first-over at the half, went 26.3 down the back to challenge the leader and kept on the pressure, determinedly carried on and edged OSTRO HANOVER. The latter left, put a foe in behind, yielded to the quarter-mover for the pocket, to the Pocono Pike, may have gotten a nose up just past midstretch, edged out. DRAWING DRAGONS was out in tight quarters on turn two, third-over, wide late on the turn and had some late foot; an inquiry into how he got outside before the half revealed no reason for a placing. ALWAYS AT MY PLACE took the two-hole 3/16, in, gapped on the far turn. ANOTHER DAILY COPY quarter-moved and kept up a brisk pace, couldn’t sustain in the lane. ROOTIN TOOTIN was second-over but couldn’t keep up headstretch. K RYAN BLUECHIP was in tight quarters on turn two, fourth-over, advanced in a blindswitch on the turn but then had to back out widest, came on too late. IDEAL WHEEL never factored. SANTIAGO STYLE gapped inside.


FOURTEENTH RACEDAKOTA JACK quickly made the top, called the tune and was never threatened. SOME PLAYA was away well to defend the pocket, not catching the winner but not to be caught for second. ALL WEEK stayed well-placed, evenly late. SENTENCING MEMO had to go widest headstretch around moribund horses and closed well. CAPTAIN DEO sat in, angled out early stretch, some finishing lick. TULLOW N was uncovered towards turn two, went up in 26.4 the third split and got a head past the pocketsitter, but ran out of gas the last 3/16. SOMEBEACH BARON went three-wide ¾ to try to circle struggling cover but had little. CANBEC KINGKAZIMIR was second-over but gapped. BOOK BINGE never made his presence felt.