Connors’ Comments for Tuesday, June 25, 2019


TUESDAY, JUNE 25, 2019


FIRST RACE – Stretch headwind … GWALLY was buried fifth-in, saw the third- and fourth-in go outside midturn and got to the deep Pocono Pike, had trot in the 1:29.3 – 30.3 back stages and was up for the decision. CAJOLE HANOVER sat fourth-in, angled wide late turn, steadily and up for second nearing the wire. ANDOVERS TOUCH left quickly, forced a foe to go very quickly to get by and sat in the pocket, to the Pike but outtrotted to both sides. WISENHEIMER was three-wide to the 1/8 then continued on to get the lead in a 26.4 opener, set the pace, just a step shy. LAKEVIEW TAMMY was fourth-over, saw the back parts of the outer tiers were not lively and ducked in behind the winner, gained some. CRESURREY spotted third, moved out midturn, outtrotted. GLOBAL ICE came on third-over on the second turn, followed the backstretch sweeper back to two-wide, no factor. KANDY KORN was parked with cover, three-wide 5/8 to first-over but couldn’t get close. AQUILO dangled outside midpack, never was a major consideration before fading 5/8.


SECOND RACESUCCESSFUL OUTLOOK was out 3/16 in a very fast opener to get the lead, continued on at a fast clip, held off SEA’S IDEAL. The latter came out uncovered 5/8, retucked in the pocket ¾, out again late turn, tried to wear down the winner but came up a bit shy. MASSIVE ATTACK A followed the parked horse on the second turn, three-wide 9/16 to second-over 5/8, ducked in late turn, clear third. SHOCK N AWE was stuck inside, then swung out and passed several horses with late pace. GIRLOFYOURDREAMS gapped, then was caught behind a fading one far turn, to the Pocono Pike, got the last payday. HYBRID HEIDI tried to follow the show horse but couldn’t keep up. FLIPPING FUN was never a factor. IAQUINTA pushed in a fast opener and yielded, started gapping 11/16. FOX VALLEY BAILEY was out with cover early then had to spend life on the rim, fell back from early backstretch.


THIRD RACEROCK SWAN was well-placed, moved out on the turn and had a good late kick to be along. VALIDATION made the pocket then inherited the lead as a foe broke, yielded 3/8 for the pocket, came out as the winner as going by in the stretch and outfooted SABIA DREAM for second. The latter went up cautiously and took until the 3/8 to get the lead, set slow fractions, was outsprinted. TEST MATCH stayed flat. NEXT LEVEL STUFF was on the lead at the 1/8 but made a break just past that point, couldn’t recover. WILL YOU DANCE broke at the 1/8 and was taken off the course. KEYSTONE BRYNN was not away well, gapped, broke far turn.


FOURTH RACEPUERTO RICO headed down the road, never had an anxious moment in a fast time for this class. HANKS TANK left and got the pocket, couldn’t make any inroads on the winner but was far ahead of the rest. PANAMANIAN HANOVER sat third, gapped on the far turn. SWANCREDIT was stuck behind the third-in on the turn, to the Pocono Pike and almost third. MARCH AWARENESS was never prominent. HUMBLEBRAG HANOVER gapped backstretch cover. MOOSE MADNESS moved raw 5/8 but didn’t gain much before retreating. SHE’S UNCORKED lost contact at the ¾.


FIFTH RACEIMPRESSIVE FASHION made the top at the 1/8, slowed the half then sped up, got her head cocked left past midturn then bore out to about 3½-wide near headstretch (where the Pocono paddock is) but caused no interference, regathered and was drawing clear again late. APERFECTCRYSTAL came raw from midpack 5/8, had not yet reached the winner when that one went wide and ducked inside of the drifter, did well for second. IRELAND left for the lead, yielded to the winner, could come right through nearing the stretch as the winner bore out, outtrotted. HEAVEN got forward position, sat in, got right to the Pocono Pike as the pocketsitter didn’t need it with the drifting winner, made a break just past midstretch and was DQd for LOB. SHE MUST BE MAGIC started raw on turn two, got cover 5/8, not enough in the last 1/8. DESERT PEPPER was never prominent. BYATHREAD HANOVER gapped, made a break mid-far turn.


SIXTH RACEPAULIE WALNUTS got the early pocket, had a clear path headstretch as the leader bore out some, sailed right by in a 28.1 last quarter for baby trotters. STEEL SCHOONER went to the top and strung out the field, another who bore out late turn but not as much as the leader in the last race, was trying to come back on the winner late. BARGAIN BOB was outside 11/16 to get around a gapper, third. WATERSHED HANOVER spotted third behind a runaway top duo early, gapped most of the way. MAHOMES showed some speed then made a break at the 1/8. THE REST were always far behind.


SEVENTH RACEROCKIN RIO streaked away to a big lead, “moderated” the half then took off in 26.3 down the back to open a huge lead, tiring late but with an insurmountable edge. THEREISAPACEFORUS went on up for the 3-hole past the 1/8 when there was a big gap, outside down the back eight lengths off the leader, retucked in the pocket, the only one to come remotely close to the winner. AN THE THUNDEROLLS moved with cover, lost it on the turn then went inside midturn, clear for third. ILLEGITIMATE SON was shuffled behind the bottomed-out pocketsitter then went around him. WESTERN ROCKSTAR A was well off the gate and gapped at the back, then got in gear on the turn and made up ground. TOUGH AS TUFF wasn’t so tough in this lightning mile. HES GONE BADDER made the pocket, started to bottom out soon off turn two.


EIGHTH RACEKEYSTONE SERGEANT tucked, out second-over at the half, three-wide late turn, along right on the money in the 31 kicker. FOX CAST was parked 5/16 for the top, hung out the potential retaker and had to contend with him from just after the half all the way to the wire, just failed. WESLEY HANOVER made the lead, yielded 5/16, tried to regain the lead but got the cold shoulder and found the pocket closed up, argued with the leader the last half, held very well. CARRICK came out in a blindswitch midturn, ducked inside early stretch and gained steadily to the inside of the pacesetter. SWISS PLATINUM was third-over, did gain some in the slow last quarter. KABANG got in fifth towards the ¼, outside 11/16 and tucked around the fading two-holer, went to the Pocono Pike but tired midstretch. TEA PARTY POLITICS settled in the early pocket, filled the hole when the horse who was trying to retake backed off and tried to tuck in, then unplugged 11/16. FORCA BARCA was outside but making no impression, was wide on the far turn, returned with “b.e.” KEYSTONE ANGEL broke early.


NINTH RACEINNER PEACE had a clear lead before the 1/8, had only the pocket horse stay close until late backstretch, then was all by himself in fast time. BLUE SWAN came out to the 11/16, soon got cover, three-wide past midturn and along for the distant second. MIGHTY NICKY left a big gap as the head of the second half of the field until the backstretch, came out with cover, four-wide near headstretch, had a bit. DANGEROUSDEWMCGREW gained up the inside, to the Pocono Pike, so-so. MISS MUSCLE gapped at the ½, narrowed in some and was in the deep Pike, got the last check. TIGER’S TOO GOOD made the pocket before the 1/8, stayed pretty close to the leader until the 11/16 then bottomed out. MANWITHAMISSION gapped the top two, better late backstretch and went outside, but stopped to a walk under the wire. NORTHERN MAJOR broke at the start.


TENTH RACEROCKIN THE BOYS A made the lead 3/16, stepped home with twin 27.2 quarters to be an easy winner here. BYE BYE MICHELLE made the lead, yielded 3/16 for the two-hole, outside headstretch, couldn’t gain in the sprint home but held the deuce. LYNBAR ROSE N gapped off the second turn but was tight by the other end of the backstretch, Pocono Pike, couldn’t make second. KIMBERLEE followed cover, wide, best of the rest. LYONS RIVER PRIDE was wide early then took back to tuck midpack, not heard from again. BETABCOOL N improved position early, uncovered 3/8, got a slight advantage over the third-in on the far turn but never got closer then faded. THE OTHERS did not feature.


ELEVENTH RACEGOLDEN TRICKS came out behind the parked horse, went three-wide around that one 5/8 then continued on two-wide to the lead midturn, drew away. NEXTROUNDSONME was loose in the pocket at times, then backed outside after the winner went by, good for second. MAGIC MVP was looped, tucked fourth off the first turn, sat in, moved wide early stretch and had trot finishing. O JONNIE stayed in, then came out in the lane but didn’t move up. HANOVERS BEST and TRIXAR were never major factors. TOWN HALL JUSTICE rocketed away from the gate and put up a 26.4 quarter, held the lead until past the ¾, fell back once passed by the winner. SHOW EM ALL LINDY dangled outside early, advance in quarter two but was tiring before the 5/8.


TWELFTH RACEKG ROCKS was fighting with NARCIAN JEWEL for the lead 3/16 when that outside foe went offstride, went a big third quarter to gain domination, won handily. WHEN SHARKS FLY left between horses and tucked, then was in the pocket, gapped when the pace intensified down the back, but stayed to task and was as clear second. NORTHERN SWIFT ($9 bet on her to show) hugged the inside and avoided all the congestion, won a photo for the distant third. IDEAL CLASSIC got an early spot, then was in gear first-over 3/8, put some pressure on the leader late backstretch but then could not sustain. YES DOUBLE DOWN swung five-wide into the stretch and got the last check. ICY IYQ pulled out and initially gapped, then tighter, four-wide on the turn but couldn’t gain contention. LAYER CAKE backed out to second-over but just clogged the two-wide tier. NARCIAN JEWEL was three-wide past the 1/8 then two-wide, looked ready to clear but broke 3/16, recovered then had to check sharply behind the breaking SAPPHIRE HILL, who had been off the gate, entering the backstretch.


THIRTEENTH RACETSM PHOTO BUGGER was four-wide to the first turn and crossed over past the 1/8, yielded for the pocket, stayed in until nearing midstretch, then moved out and just nipped CR BLAZIN BEAUTY at $92.00. The latter was innermost of a four-horse leaving wedge, had the pocket, then quarter-moved, set the pace, faltered very late. ALEXANDER HANOVER was two-wide among the four leavers, tucked third, in, Pocono Pike, OK. BUCKETLIST HANOVER was stuck fourth-in, began angling wide early stretch and finished well. EL PESCADORO was outside before turn two, got cover then went three-wide around it 11/16 to two-wide and gained on the leader, but then could not sustain. FREDDIE MAC wanted to leave but broke a couple of steps in and kept a horse wide, recovered, fourth-over, had trot on the far outside late, placed for the early interference. SCIROCCO IMSOSMART was never prominent. FRENCH MONI had to stay three-wide to the 1/8 with a breaker two-wide, was third-over, couldn’t follow close to the three-wide sweeper 11/16. MAN OF MUSCLE was three-wide early, took back to fourth, uncovered on turn two, was swept past to the ¾.


FOURTEENTH RACEMOM’S CROSSROADS retucked around a gapper late on the backstretch, moved out on the turn and three-wide nearing headstretch, picked up all the horses who had been close to the juggernaut pace. MR CENSI left, yielded, was quarter-mover #1, yielded again, stayed tight, to the Pocono Pike, briefly had the lead deep stretch, caught very late. MACH DÉJÀ VU tucked, was quarter-mover #2 to the lead just past the 3/8 then came under intense pressure in intense fractions, held well. BIG GAME HUNTER was outside midpack nearing the quarter, had two horses vacate holes and brush to the lead, leaving him uncovered just past the 3/8, had to go two-wide raw in tough fractions, held well until past early stretch. DEALMAKER was out second-over, blindswitched late on the turn, evenly. IMAGEOFAROCKER was on top towards the 3/16 in a rapid opener, saw two rush by, inside, didn’t have that much late. JOE LARRY N CURLY was never close. VICTORY SINGER was off the gate and soon had lost contact.