Connors Comments for Tuesday, June 4, 2019




FIRST RACE – Stretch headwind … ROCKIN PRALINE was second-over, three-wide before the 11/16 to two-wide raw ¾, handled confidently from midstretch despite not getting the lead until late. JUXTA COWGIRL had forward position, out 5/16 to go to the lead past the 3/8, was challenged by the leader from the ¾, held well. ALL ABOUT MADI outleft everybody, yielded, inside then out on the turn, gradually wider and just missed second. ROLLING GOING GONE was looped, was parked just past a 26.2 opener to make the top, yielded for the two-hole, not enough late. ICY IYQ and A LADY SIZZLING stayed inside and never got into the main battle. JERICHO DIVA gapped third-over cover. FILLY FORTY SEVEN came uncovered into turn two but never got near the front.


SECOND RACEFRANKIE MULLINS needed until the 3/16 of a fast opener to make the top, rated quarter two, saw the first-over never get past his wheel, drew off. BASTILLE yielded for the two-hole and stayed close until the stretch, far clear of the others. EL PESCADORO needed most of the ¼ to settle in midpack, shuffled, then outside early turn and three-wide past midturn, passed quite a few horses in the lane in a good, unlucky mile. URSIS DES CAILLONS went evenly second-over. CRITICAL MASS got underway approaching the half, trotted a good third quarter but never made the winner feel uncomfortable, tired. EVERYONE’S TALKIN was third-over, blindswitched by the show horse on the turn, not prominent. PHOTO BOMBER was away third, gapped out from late backstretch. QUIET GIANT was always far back. SUM FOR ALL broke just before the start.


THIRD RACEDONTFORGETMASTER left and had cover to the 1/8, then gradually worked his way to the front before the 3/8, in charge throughout. TRIXAR was on top just past the 1/8, yielded before the 3/8, stayed with the leader in the lane but wasn’t going by. DOVER DONY was uncovered from midpack towards turn two, never pressed the leader, but trotted steadily. ALVISI HANOVER yielded at the 1/8, sat third-in, Pocono Pike, so-so. O JONNIE was second-over, three-wide early on the far turn but couldn’t come on. SHOW EM ALL LINDY was gapping near the back down the backstretch, no factor. CAVIAR’S TRIUMPH offered little from third-over. BABY CHEY tucked early, faded starting late on the backside. WILDFIRE SEELSTER broke going towards the first curve.


FOURTH RACECRUISINWITHMYBABY went to the lead 3/16, hung a foe a like distance before yielding for the pocket, to the Pocono Pike and went by for good approaching midstretch. SHOCK N AWE was underway uncovered from before the 3/8, one-geared along with great stamina and reached second. NORTHERN SWIFT was third-over, advanced in a blindswitch on the far turn then swung wide, gained late. JULIO’S GIRL had early traffic difficulty three-wide to the 3/16, then continued on to get command 3/8, set the pace, couldn’t last. GIRLOFYOURDREAMS and AMAZING SOFI were far back, angled outside headstretch, not bad but not a major factor. ROCKINMSDEMEANOR also sat in, little response late. IAQUINTA left, yielded, faded in the lane but reported back with “b.e.” HIGHLY THOUGHT OF was second-over, moved three-wide before the ¾ but went backwards.


FIFTH RACEKEYSTONE CHARGER went to the lead and forced most of a hot quarter before yielding, sat in, was able to get out near headstretch after the first-over broke clearing to the lead, won easily. SHORT REIGN got into the action three-wide to the ¾ well off the sweeper, continued on to be a clear second. WESLEY HANOVER was widest in the stretch and passed quite a few for third. TECH TITAN advanced inside, had the Pocono Pike open to him but didn’t get closer. PUERTO RICO was out most of the 26.4 first panel to get command, refused to yield to a midrace brusher, couldn’t go on in the last 1/8. LET’S BE HONEST got an early tuck, then moved 3/8 to try for the lead but was given the cold shoulder, fell back the last ¼. BOYZ N GUITARS was third-over, three-wide 5/8 to two-wide ¾, was in the process of going to the lead late on the turn but broke. MOOSE MADNESS came out behind the parked horse at the half, was blindswitched, fell back, came back with “b.e.” HOUSE HUBBY broke just at the start.


SIXTH RACELIFE WELL LIVED was wide early then went up to the lead 3/16, strung the field out with fast fractions, slowed considerably late but was way far ahead. NATALIE HANOVER sat third until going out to pass the gapping pocketsitter midturn, distant second. DUNN DEALIN was looking to edge out late turn but had no room, so to the Pocono Pike and along for third over STORMONT MANPOWER, who was right behind him then gained a bit deep in the Pike. RED MAPLE LANE and AUTEUR HANOVER never entered the main picture. CHARLES VII moved uncovered 5/8 but made no impact. MUSCLES ON FIRE was not heard from. LAKEVIEW TAMMY yielded late first turn for the pocket behind fast fractions, saw the gap between her and the winner widen much of the last half, backed through the field.


SEVENTH RACESHOW ME THE MAGIC was parked to the ¼, yielded to a brusher for the pocket, came out midturn, had no problem. EGOSNATTITUDES moved out past the ¼, three-wide early backstretch around a dull one to first-over 11/16, got new cover on the turn, second-best. SHE MATTERS spotted early, inside, slid out early stretch and came on some. TEA PARTY POLITICS left and yielded, inside, able to use the Pocono Pike after the pocketsitter pulled, but couldn’t muster much. UNDICI was on the move before the ¼ to get the lead 3/8, set the pace, not much left when asked the last 1/8. MARAT finished with a touch of trot. CLIFTON BEACH followed cover to circle the sluggish one down the back but couldn’t keep up. SWEETCHAP offered little. KIRTY DREAM was outside with cover off turn one, left uncovered 3/8, had no forward action coon coming off the second turn.


EIGHTH RACECLASSY HILL went to the top, forced a tuck, set wind-appropriate fractions, dashed clear early stretch, held off the late kick of MACH ONE. The latter moved before the 3/8 to get second-over, three-wide headstretch, showed good late foot. ABNER THE GREAT was three-wide to turn one, took into the pocket 3/16, not enough late. MAJOR MOE swung widest from last and passed quite a few horses. MATT MAJOR left, yielded, couldn’t get into the main issue late. SWELLENDAM was uncovered just past the 3/8, advanced gradually and got to the flank of the pocket horse far turn before fading. THE OTHERS were never major considerations.


NINTH RACESTAR STUDDED CAST went to the lead, forced a tuck, pushed a rival past the 3/8 before yielding for the two-hole, inherited the lead when that leader broke past midturn, withstood the pair of closers. CASINO CUTIE IT was third-over, four-wide to headstretch and finished solidly to edge HANKS TANK for second in the last step. The latter was second-over and three-wide midturn, finished steadily. HOT SUMMER KNIGHT sat in, angled out into an enveloping blindswitch to headstretch, angled further wide to gain then ducked inside past midstretch, may never have been fully clear. TIGER’S TOO GOOD moved uncovered 9/16, never threatened the pacesetter. INAPERFECTWORLD advanced up the inside, Pocono Pike, little. ELDORADO OF GOLD S was far back. SIMEON took the pocket 3/16, was helped when the pacesetter broke but came up dry in the lane. ARCHIBALD quarter-moved from third, got to the lead past the 3/8, was still clear in front when making a break past midturn.


TENTH RACE RECLAMATION took command at the quarter, saw off the first-over horse, then had to be good against two stretch rivals – and was for her sixth straight win. CLEAR IDEA was in front early, pushed the winner to the 1/4 then yielded to sit the pocket, outside stretch, made up some ground in a good race but not quite enough. SIDEWALK DANCER left and tucked in third, wide in the lane and also had a good late response. BETABCOOL N came out of seventh before the ¾ and went past the others. MAINIFICENT didn’t have too much late. GIGI FROM FIJI was not heard from. OBVIOUS BLUE CHIP was far behind most of the last half. MONICA GALLAGHER went uncovered and paced her third quarter in 26.4 to get to the leader, tired early on the turn and bore very wide on the other end of the curve. SWEET ANA HANOVER was gapping before the half.


ELEVENTH RACELYONS RIVER PRIDE was looped away from the gate, pressed on through a quick quarter time to get the lead, encountered backstretch pressure but shook that off, then had one to her right and two to her left coming at her late, but held on by a nostril. QUICK THRILL was second-over on the second turn, three-wide heading to headstretch, kept on coming and barely missed. AMATEUR HOUR tucked midpack 3/16, sat in, used the deep Pocono Pike and closed well. MISS IRISH ROSE A went directly to the lead, yielded for the two-hole, inside the winner in the lane, a step-and-a-half shy. GLENFERRIE BRONTE N came from well back to win a three-way photo for the last check. BRING ME DIAMONDS gapped down the back third-over. VICTORIA’S MUNKY couldn’t summon any gain in the last quarter. QUITE A DELIGHT filled in behind the quickest starter, moved uncovered on the second turn, challenged, tired. ASK QUEENIE broke an 1/8 of a mile before the start.


TWELFTH RACEATTENTION HANOVER started first-over before the second turn, paced 26.2 with the wind and had started to put good pressure on the leader before the ¾, battled with that one and got the best of her and the rest of this crew. INTOVIEW was out most of the quarter before hitting the front, got a big Q2 breather then sped up, could not withstand the ruthless pressure of the winner. CULINARY DELIGHT N left, yielded near the ¼ for the pocket, to the Pocono Pike, not quite enough at crunch time. SANNA CRUZA A kept a hole filled on the first turn, inside, was not clear in the stretch. BYE BYE MICHELLE left three-wide but soon was taking back into her own hole, backed out to third-over before the 3/4, and three-wide late turn, did well late. SALLY FLETCHER A had textbook cover second-over but couldn’t pace with it. BRONZE OVER N was behind a gapper on the backstretch and never worked into contention. ACEFORTYFOURAMANDA lost contact before midbackstretch.


THIRTEENTH RACEALL ON BLACK was third-over when the pocketsitter pulled, wide for the drive and up in the final steps. P L ICABOD was looped leaving, worked into the pocket 3/16, vacated the two-hole 11/16 to challenge and had the lead turning for home, lasted until the final steps. CASH FOR GOLD started outside 5/8, got cover 11/16 and seemed to lose his momentum around the turn, came up shy. MIKEY LIKES IT sat in, moved out a lane and gained but still never fully clear. CAJOLE HANOVER raced third-in after getting an early spot, had access to the Pocono Pike but did not gain. ELYSIUM LINDY outleft everybody in a 26.3 opener, rated the half, got pressure late backstretch and gave way in the last 3/16. MAXIMUSCLE broke early. BUCKETLIST HANOVER was never in the hunt.


FOURTEENTH RACELORD OF MISRULE edged outside towards the half, tucked in the pocket just past the 5/8, out again headstretch, just edged INSTRUCTOR. The latter worked for the lead, yielded 3/16 but made a regaining move, opened up a big hole behind him while going a fast third quarter as the pocket horse folded, almost held off the field. IN SPADES joined the outer flow, three-wide past midturn, hit his top gear just a mite too late. BABY KITTY was in the flow, blindswitched past midturn and soon ducked inside, to the Pocono Pike, tried hard. EASTEND EDDIE got the last check but was never a factor. LYON’S IMAGE moved on turn two, got cover, was left uncovered past the 5/8, could have retucked third towards the ¾ but elected to press on, out of gas in the lane. LEAN ON YOU never featured. REDONKULOUS gapped inside down the back then was caught behind a tired horse. MACHERATI was three-wide to the 1/8 then two-wide to 3/16 command, yielded, was all done 5/8 as the pace heated up.