Connors’ Comments for Monday, June 3, 2019


MONDAY, JUNE 3, 2019


FIRST RACE – A swirling wind throughout the day – the direction would show if the fractions were influenced any … DRAFT YEAR quarter-moved to command and maintained a controlling lead to the wire. SARAH’S HALL came out 5/8 and gained to the point where she could drop into the pocket late turn. not getting to the winner late while far clear of the rest. DANGEROUSDEWMCGREW was never close but steadily came on the last 5/16 for third. PASSTHECROWNAROUND got an alert start to gain early control, yielded to the winner, gradually loosened the last ¼. CADILLAC CRUISER was up into the pocket at the 1/8, struggled from the 5/8. SWISS PLATINUM and MANDELA BLUE CHIP were never in the main picture. KEYSTONE ANGEL ran coming off turn two.


SECOND RACEDANCING RUSTY got a spot sixth 3/16, stayed in with two parked horses outside him, backed out before the 11/16 and soon three-wide, swept around a clogged tier and back to second-over far turn, then wide again late on that bend and drew away from these. SB IDEAL IN ART stayed in, got out midturn, angled behind the winner then four-wide headstretch, passed tired horses late for second. DAFINATY left well from the pole, looked ready to yield 5/16 but then did not as the parked rival got rough, battled with that one in a fast half, had a sweeper to contend with down the backstretch, kept him at bay, but then was understandably tired. ROAD UNTRAVELED kept the pocket closed behind the constant front-end battle, to the Pocono Pike but could make no gain. NITTANY NATION was inside, out into a blindswitch two- and three-wide the latter part of the turn, couldn’t gain in the lane. WELL PLAYED OUT, last early, moved out behind the two parked horses, was three-wide 9/16 and cleared them to challenge first-over before the ¾, but had no more in the tank through the stretch. BRADY B BRAVE emerged between horses to challenge for the lead, looked ready to clear 5/16 but got rough and had to be steadied, then was left outside, looped later backstretch. IDEAL DEAL offered very little. HYBRID HEIDI was gapping while outside midpack the first half, then fell way out of it.


THIRD RACEBLACKJACK spotted behind the early duelers at a distance, tighter past the 3/8, joined the tier sweeping by the pacesetter and uncovered 11/16, went right up and had the lead by headstretch, clear winner. LONDON HANOVER got early position, uncovered on the second turn and cleared to the lead off that bend, kept on going and got horses to tuck behind him, tired late but held the distant second. WHOYOUCALNCRAZY moved out at the half, tucked in second, so-so late. DRAIN THE SWAMP was away slowly and wasn’t close at any point, but did show some late kick. BOSCH made the lead at the 1/8, yielded off turn one, backed outside as the pacesetter gave way, retucked third 11/16, faded. GUARDINO was on the run an 1/8 before the start. KEYSTONE BENTLEY was three-wide to the 1/8 to the front off turn one, clear much of the second quarter, then backed through the field. CASIMAR HANOVER broke past the ¼. CELEBRITY THEO made an error late backstretch.


FOURTH RACEALEX TYE yielded 3/16, moved before the 3/8 just ahead of MILITARY SECRET, got the top and then kept that rival outside in a 27.2 quarter with the prevailing wind, drew clear the last 3/16. NOTWITHOUTAFIGHT got the lead after a fight to the 3/16, yielded 3/8 and kept the pocket closed until the far turn, held on for the distant second. PECORINO moved outside 5/8, three-wide late on the turn as his cover faltered, moving pretty well late. MILITARY SECRET tucked third, came out past the 5/16 but had the winner step out just in front of him, went up to challenge but could not clear despite a hard fight, tired mid-far turn. MOTIVE HANOVER gapped outside. TO THE MAX was already leaving a big gap behind the top three going to turn two. THE LAST THREE lost contact early.


FIFTH RACEMYSTICAL WYNN took control to the first turn and yielded off same to sit the two-hole, kept tight most of the way, eased out early stretch and went by KRENTLER HANOVER willingly. The latter went to the lead off the first bend and set a wind-aided even pace, good but couldn’t deal with the winner, far ahead of the rest. IT AINT THE WHISKY moved out at the 5/8 but stopped gaining by the turn, still third. GRAPPLE HANOVER was third-over behind dull cover, three-wide past midturn and next. NATL GUARD HANOVER gapped at the half, later moved out but gapped cover. LOVING LIFE was not able to keep up from the 5/8. TEARDOWN THIS WALL was offstride coming off the turn before the start. OCEANATO HANOVER had very little. CAN’T WIN was already leaving a hole before the half.


SIXTH RACESEASIDE BLISS gapped in the second quarter, then was tighter and uncovered before the 5/8, took over the lead when the pacesetter broke past midturn, enough to hold off KEYSTONE TASHA to her inside in a 30.4 last quarter. KEYSTONE TASHA tucked third past the 1/8, tightened up in third late backstretch, came through on the inside late turn and went to the Pocono Pike, couldn’t quite make it. BRIMFULL left enough to hold the pocket, very tight on the leader to the ¾ then moved out behind the winner, was left two-wide on the turn, not enough late. TAJA MAHALA went to the lead and set a quick quarter and half, came under pressure on the turn and broke past midturn, going to the infield. CELEBRITY OLIVIA was already gapping 5/16, still got a check. PLAY IT AGAIN AS was second-over 11/16, three-wide midturn and looking in good position but broke and went wide. EQUANIMITY was six lengths off the gate and had to dodge a breaker at the start, far back. THE OTHER PAIR ran coming off the bend before the start.


SEVENTH RACETAKE ABIT OF LIFE left and had cover early, then pressed on to the lead just past the ¼, set the pace as she saw fit, then turned back the late inside charge of ACTRESS HANOVER by a whisker. The latter was first on top, yielded, started uncovered off the second turn and was able to tuck into the pocket 11/16, came up the inside and barely missed getting the decision. SALSALITO was out with cover then left raw 11/16, tried hard. SOUTHWIND THUNDRA was on top at the 1/8, pushed the winner just past the ¼ then yielded, started getting loose in the pocket 5/8. TANTRUM HANOVER swung wide ¾ to try to circle dull cover but didn’t gain much. QUEEN BEE HANOVER offered little. ROSIE’S FOXY LADY was outside but couldn’t keep up. STELLA Z TAM had little.


EIGHTH RACELADYLILLI got underway raw 5/16 and made the lead just past the half, was in control of the situation from there. CRITICAL HANOVER went right to the lead, yielded and stayed inside, inside in the stretch and a clear second. TRIXEE DE VIE also was a groundsaver, along for a no-factor third. SIGILWIG filled in third at the 1/8, back out again uncovered before the ¾ but could not gain. EVIE HANOVER left and was three-high to the 1/8, then two-wide to get control off the first bend, yielded coming off turn two, moved outside in the stretch but tired and bore out badly. WINERY HANOVER didn’t enter the main picture. MARIANNE FAITH broke right at the start. SHEGOBOOM HANOVER sat in, backed out to two-wide on the far turn, very little. WINNING GENE broke before the start, caught the field but dangled outside near the back then faded.


NINTH RACESWEET LUCY LOU moved uncovered before the 5/8 from behind a gapping pocketsitter and went up to challenge, paced right on by to the lead and finished out in 27.2. ODDS ON CLEARWATER was the only leaver, yielded off the first turn, gapped most of midrace in the two-hole then tighter on the turn, to the Pocono Pike and along for second. FARGO HANOVER made a delayed move towards the front, reached the top past the quarter, had a clear lead much of the middle half then was joined by the winner, ran out of gas in the lane. SWEET MARTHA LOU was along for a very distant fourth. JEANNIES TERROR started uncovered nearing turning two, got cover 5/8 but couldn’t stay with it. SHADY GREY couldn’t stay with the top ones 11/16. THE OTHER PAIR were never close.


TENTH RACESEAFARER was wide early to the lead 3/16, put away the first-over and then drew clear powerfully with a 27.1 last quarter in a 1:51.1 mile for “nw2.” CAPTAIN CASH raced up to secure the pocket, outside stretch, held respectably. DIVISION BELL got early position, sat third-in, to the Pocono Pike, not enough. CANDY MAN got the next check by staying in. MARCO BEACH was out at the quarter, got cover before the half, was briefly three-wide 5/8 as a foe eased off the rail but got back to second-over, three-wide far turn, not a bad mile with all the adventure in it. BEN ROCKIN was never in the hunt. CENTURY ENFORCER tucked fifth, then went first-up before the half, went 27.2 against the win to challenge the leader down the back, paid the price for his efforts in the last 3/16. FIND ONE MORE eased off the rail 5/8 but was empty. PURE SUNSHINE was last at every call.


ELEVENTH RACECENTURY FERRARI stayed connected in fourth, moved out into the lane and wider to midstretch, had the most late kick. SHIPSHAPE bided time early, followed cover then went up to the lead to the 3/8, set a good clip, just caught late. ACTOR HANOVER let an outside leaver go then came out 3/16 in front of another opponent, went to the lead then let that one go 3/8, outside again headstretch, stayed right in the mix. JOJO’S PLACE was in front at the 1/8, yielded, stayed connected, to the Pocono Pike, not very far off. ASTAIRE stayed connected with the main four but couldn’t gain on them. THE OTHERS were disconnected from the main pack from before the 5/8.


TWELFTH RACEMR PROFETA stayed midpack, then came out with a rush past the 5/8, three-wide when the pocket horse pulled into the far turn and circled the front ones on the curve, ran away and hid in an overwhelming performance. ROARING REI was three-wide on the far turn although not with the speed of the winner, circled the others for the distant second. CIRRUS DE VIE also picked it up in the lane and was third. BIG DUTCH sat in and was trapped as the 1-2 paths were collapsing on the turn. FOOL OF IDEAS got the last check. SEE YOU FRIDAY was never close. UBER HANOVER raced third, struggled much of the last half. IOWA NEIGHTIVE left and yielded 3/16 for the pocket, came out again ¾ but was empty and clogged the inner tiers in conjunction with the pacesetter. ASCOT ENCOUNTER A was away quickly to 3/16 command, set a good clip, nothing left the last 3/16.


THIRTEENTH RACESPLITSVILLE was away third then quarter-moved, set the pace, saw the far turn challenger break, then kept going to defeat C-O-TO BLUEGRASS. The latter was three-wide to turn one, took the early pocket, sat in, angled out once the first-over broke before midstretch and had a big late charge. PRETTY EDGY assumed command at the start, yielded to the winner, went to the Pocono Pike, not quite enough. NATURAL KEMP sat in, weaved for stretch clearance and finished with trot. CLASSIC PLAYTER was third-over, wide but didn’t reach. KEYSTONE SERGEANT wound up second-over, couldn’t stay with his cover the last ¼. FRAC was always in the bac. LE TISSIER gapped first turn, then was underway raw before the half, grinded, got closer on the turn, then faded early stretch before making a break.


FOURTEENTH RACENOX VEGAS BLUECHIP got a good cover trip second-over, three-wide late turn, proved to have the most in the nightcap. ANWAR HANOVER started raw towards turn two, went up in 27 down the back to pressure the leader, held on very well. LIMELIGHT BEACH was briefly wide early to 3/16 command, rated the half, but couldn’t last to the wire. NIMBLE AND QUICK was buried inside on the far turn, finally shook loose in the Pocono Pike but couldn’t get rolling fast quickly enough. OOH BAD BOY left well to command past the 1/8 then yielded to sit in the pocket, not that much along the inside. ALWAYS B MAGIC was third-over and had to swing four-wide headstretch, too far to come; “too far to come” is also the right comment for fourth-over R N NATE. PERSISTENT THREAT gapped and was never a threat. HALL BRO left, yielded, sat third-in, empty in the latter stages.