Connors’ Comments for Saturday, June 1, 2019





FIRST RACE – Warm, with stretch headwind; rain came midcard, causing downgrading of track conditions … WARP FACTOR THREE raced up into the pocket before the 3/16, gapped slightly in the fast third quarter then tighter, outside stretch and by easily. BORDER CONTROL A got forward position, gapped down the back, outside behind the winner to midstretch and won a five-horse battle for place. JEREMES GENERAL took back early amidst a host of potential leavers, was buried inside, got access to the Pocono Pike and responded late. BRO HANOVER was first-over, never close to the top two in the fast third panel, held his ground pretty well. ROCK THE TOWN circled everybody quickly, set a very fast pace, paid the price late; again claimed for $40,000 to tie the PcD record. WAGON MASTER gapped cover, swung wide along with CONCUR, and both did OK late from an impossible spot. DR DRAKE RAMORAY stayed inside, shuffled some behind a gapper and broke before headstretch. … Six of the eight claimed, for a combined $202,000.


SECOND RACEBEACH BOOGIE took control with a 25.4 start, just had too much pace for this grouping. ARCHANGEL THREE hustled up to the first turn to secure the pocket, clearly second best. WE THINK ALIKE was wide early, slid into third and defended that spot 3/16, outside stretch, didn’t gain. MUSTANG ART was three-wide 11/16 from way back, gained two-wide most of the turn then back out three-wide, good mile. O’ SUNDLAND was away for early positioning but found all filled holes and tucked in fourth just past the ¼, got the last check. BILBO HANOVER and DEALMAKER never got into it. CLASS SIX got a midpack spot early, first-over into turn two, made some progress but then tired in the stretch. THE CATAMOUNT KID gapped cover.


THIRD RACEALII NUI left right onto the pocket, stayed tight and moved out headstretch, came her own back fractions in 55.1 – 27.2 to catch favored ABIGAIL DAWN. The latter grabbed the early lead easily, rated the half, left all but the winner far behind in a good race. PACE BABY PACE couldn’t quite keep up early and late, but held third over SYLPH HANOVER. The latter stayed in, not too much along the inside. ANOTHER BEACH DAY gapped down the back. SWEETER LULU wound up second-over behind non-great cover, never got close. SEA PRINCESS vacated fourth 9/16, got a head up on the third-in horse ¾ but never got closer before tiring.


FOURTH RACEOUR REGAL IDEAL N was in front at the 1/8, let a foe go 3/16 to sit the pocket, eased out into the stretch and finished strongly. SANATTLE SLEW advanced along the inside to third-in, got to the Pocono Pike and had willing late pace. SOMEBEACH BARON was three-wide most of the 1/8 en route to 3/16 control, kept on rolling, tired in the lane. WESTERN DELIGHT N wound up second-over down the back, three-wide through the turn, finished OK. BELIEVEINTHESPIRIT stayed in, fair. TOWNSLIGHT HANOVER was outside near the back throughout, couldn’t enter contention. GERARD N MO moved out second-over but wound up first-over when the early challenger abruptly backed off past the half, faded. WESTERN DYNASTY pushed the 1/8 and yielded, came on a quarter-move but couldn’t muster much speed, then dropped back suddenly after the half.


FIFTH RACETREACHEROUS REIGN was three-wide to the 1/8 to the lead 3/16 in a 25.3 first split, pushed a brusher the length of the frontstretch before relinquishing for the pocket, outside past midturn so as not to be locked in by a sweeper, drew away in 1:50.3, a North American season’s record. AS TIME GOES BY was second-over, three-wide ¾ through most of the turn then to two-wide with cover, very good to be second. RENAISSANCE LADY K barreled out of fourth at the ¼, needed the entirety of the frontstretch to clear, continued on quickly, gave some late ground. LOUPHORIA gapped early backstretch, inside, then angled out midstretch and had pace on the end of it. SWEET SISSY LOU made the lead going to the first turn and yielded, little left for the drive. ROCKNROLL ANNIE showed speed, moved raw at the half but stopped gaining by the ¾. SWEET CHROME was away last, lost contact down the backstretch.


SIXTH RACEFERNADO had the pocket at the 1/8, shuffled a bit with the hotly-contested half then moved outside, could retuck in the pocket 11/16 then came back out before mid-far turn, made the lead early stretch, good winner. MARCED MAGIC followed the winner’s cover, wide late turn, steady pace through the stretch. FOX VALLEY INFERNO was third-over and four-wide in the lane, very good lane. JK PRIDENJOY had to swing five-wide headstretch, too far to come. ROCKIN CELEBRATION was three-wide to turn one, then left outside to the 3/8 in searing fractions before getting the lead, yielded immediately, gapped ¾, to the Pocono Pike but not much left. ROCK ON LINE was three-wide with cover early then two-wide until the 3/8, left raw and rolled right on to the top in a 53.4 half, kept the winner out on the turn, then had no more left to give. ROCKIN BILLY was involved in the furious upfront battle to the 3/8, yielded, clear in the stretch with little. HORSING AROUND was away last from the rail and was never in the hunt. CASEY HANOVER was far back when breaking late far turn.


SEVENTH RACESUCH AN ANGEL left between horses and took back to third, started uncovered at the half and went 26.4 raw with the wind to fight the leader with the rest struggling behind, finally put that one away then had enough to resist the late inside move of VERY VERY FAST. The latter lived up to his name early but couldn’t clear the pole horse and reluctantly took the pocket 3/16, gapped in the third quarter sprint then got closer late turn, steadily up the Pocono Pike. KARETS refused to yield from the pole, got a breather in quarter two but having to trot 27.1 under great pressure in the odd-numbered panels proved too much late. PRESIDENTE ZETTE got fourth just ahead of CRAZY ABOUT PAT, who tucked fourth, then gapped the gapping pocketsitter. CHUCKIE ME and SEVENTH HEAVEN (who was a couple lengths off the gate) never entered into it. CR BLAZIN BEAUTY moved escond0over but couldn’t keep up. CHOCOTURE fell back.


EIGHTH RACE – Rain began during the race … DRAWING DRAGONS was first to show, yielded 3/16, moved out raw 9/16 and made a big move to take command to the 11/16, in control from there. GRAND PRIORITY followed the winner out, got to retuck in the pocket, but couldn’t stay with him in the stretch. ATTA BOY DAN was wide early, then on the lead 3/16, backed out to follow cover 11/16 as the pacesetter faded, went on for third. P H KENNY joined those passing the pacesetter to the ¾ but only went evenly thereafter. GALLERY OPENING was always far behind. BEACH MEMORIES was looped, cover to the 3/16 to the lead 3/8, was challenged past midbackstretch and slowed dramatically. BREAKTIME HANOVER fell far back, as did CONSTNTLYSIDEWYS A, who was outside past the first half.


NINTH RACE – Track rerated to “good +1” … The television gave the half time as 56.4; the chart says 54.4 … WAR-N-MUNN was parked 3/16, yielded readily to the retaker and sat the two-hole trip, outside early stretch, got going and made the lead two pylons from the finish, held off GHOST PINE. The latter was third-over, four-wide late on the far turn, eating up the ground late to just miss. BLAYDE HANOVER was third-inside, went to the Pocono Pike early stretch as the winner pulled outside, didn’t have quite enough acceleration in the last 1/16. TEXAS TERROR N moved out to the 3/8 and got excellent cover to the ¾, three-wide midturn, steadily but outkicked by the place horse. TOPVILLE OLYMPIAN yielded 3/16 but came again quickly to retake, under intense pressure the rest of the way, couldn’t sustain. STORMONT CZAR A was caught inside, hard to tell how much he had late. DANCIN DRAGON never factored. MR D’S DRAGON went uncovered 3/8 to avoid being locked in and rushed up to the leader by the ½, argued the third quarter then soon tired.


TENTH RACE – In continued drizzle, the track was again rerated to “sloppy +1” … STONEBRIDGE SOUL was parked with cover early, lost cover at the 1/8 and went on to the top just past the ¼, rated the half, shook off the backstretch challenger, then was roused again a bit late as SWEET HEAVEN was gaining quickly to her inside. The latter sat third-in, got access to the Pocono Pike early stretch and ate up much of the stretch difference, but not all of it. PRETTY N FAST was wide leaving to 1/8 command, yielded off the first turn, had trouble keeping up in the pocket from before the 7/8. ALKIPPE stayed in and was a no-factor best of the rest. BLUE IVY went up second-over, three-wide midturn when cover stalled but did not gain. SKATER CHICK was third-over in a dull flow, swung widest, couldn’t come close. A BEACH COWGIRL came up raw 3/8, went 26.4 down the back to make the leader work, then tired past the ¾.


ELEVENTH RACE – The wind, diminished since the rain came, is now calm … WARRAWEE UBEAUT got underway just past the ¼ to the lead just past the 3/8, stepped home in 27 in control. PHILLY HANOVER went to the lead and forced a tuck, then yielded to the winner, did well to stay as close as she did in the fast kicker. ANNIE HILL was uncovered just before the 11/16 and advanced some, inside headstretch, third. ABLE HANOVER moved with cover late backstretch, fair. SHE’S ALLRIGHT showed good gate speed, tucked second past the 1/8, inside, struggled the last 3/16. WHAT A FOX never factored. MAY BRIDE HANOVER was last at every call.


TWELFTH RACETHE REAL ONE came outside off turn two, perked up when getting cover 5/8, three-wide near headstretch, still fourth midstretch but had the good velocity late to carry the day. HITMAN HILL defended the early pocket, moved out raw 5/8 and kept advancing, kept on very nicely. ALWAYS AT MY PLACE drifted out then got in gear at the 1/8 and went on to command before the 5/16, kept rolling, under pressure on the far turn, held well but came up a bit shy. OSTRO HANOVER followed cover two- and three-wide, did not tip wider until well into the stretch, good late. CROCKETS CULLEN N showed sharp gate speed, yielded for the pocket, couldn’t reengage in the lane. SANTIAGO STYLE gapped inside late backstretch. THE OTHER TWO never entered the main conversation.


THIRTEENTH RACEDOG GONE LUCKY went up to the point 3/16, kept a rival parked, handled the sweeper brushing to first-over, then drew clear in the last ¼. MARION GONDOLIER followed the 5/8 sweeper, left uncovered on the turn, steadily for second. CRAZSHANA took a while to settle in first turn, went outside behind the parked horse to turn two, three-wide to the 5/8 to two-wide 11/16 to the pocket on the turn, tired some in the lane. CROSBYS CLAM BAKE did OK+ on the extreme outside from an impossible spot. KENNEL BUDDY was inside, little to offer here. CELEBRITY EVENTSY went to the front then yielded 3/16 for the pocket, struggling late backstretch. OOH RAH and WAR CRY HALL did not make their presence felt. LUCKY COLBY was double-looped and three-wide well past the 1/8, then could find no hole and was left two-wide raw, looped past midbackstretch.


FOURTEENTH RACETURBO HILL made the top before the 1/8, relinquished in the 26 opener for a two-hole journey, responded quickly when shown the Pocono Pike and had enough to outkick ROOTIN TOOTIN home. The latter was third-over, three-wide from the 11/16 to the wire, kept digging in and gaining. MIDWAY ISLAND showed speed, came first-up at the half and pressed the leader from the 5/8 on, faded slightly late. CASUAL COOL was three-wide leaving and then two-wide much of the way to a 26 quarter in getting command, had outside pressure from the 5/8, wasn’t able to sustain. WHO’S BETTER was fourth-over, came between horses early stretch, evenly. SPRINTER N moved uncovered 3/8 then got cover at the half, gapped it, never was a serious threat. ROYAL HEART gapped at the back down the back. BIG GAME HUNTER gapped inside 5/8.


FIFTEENTH RACEMISTER DAYTONA N was looped early, made the early pocket 3/16, sat third-in, roared diagonally late turn to the space which the second-over couldn’t fill then wider, had a full head of steam headstretch and won strongly. ER ROCK MY WORLD was quickly in front of the field, yielded 3/8 for the pocket, to the inside of the pacesetter stretch and good but not as much as the winner. EVER AGAIN came out of third at the half and gained in the slowest quarter of the race (the third), held third in a photo over SHOOTER’S DREAM. The latter spotted, stayed in, gained along the inside late. SIMPLY SUSATIONAL was third-over, three-wide to try to get around dull cover on the turn but didn’t keep the winner locked in, fair. ROCKIN IN THE HILLS was gaining late from far back. SAMS A CHAMP A moved just before the ¼ to 3/8 command, set the pace, empty shortly past headstretch. THE WAYFARING MAN gapped second-over. … Total claims for the night: a record $468,000.