Connors’ Comments for Tuesday, May 28, 2019



TUESDAY, MAY 28, 2019


FIRST RACE – Stretch headwind … “Fast +0” until the last race … ANDOVERS TOUCH utilized his inner speed to perfection, forcing one opponent to tuck and then leaving one parked, had a persistent first-over in ALEXANDER HANOVER from the 11/16, just fought off that one. The latter came out into turn two in front of the parked horse, got to the leader 11/16 and was dogged in his pursuit, came up just shy. EI EI O was out behind the parked horse, three-wide before the 5/8 to two-wide with cover, gapped that cover, steadily for the distant third. MAGIC VACATION spotted midpack, came out to third-over midturn, couldn’t quite get the show. SPLITSVILLE took the inside track to the last check. NATURAL KEMP was never a forward presence. SIMEON left between horses, went into the pocket 3/16, struggled from the 5/8. PRETTY EDGY never got a call. QUIET GIANT was left out three-wide to the 3/16 then two-wide, got cover past the 3/8, but was all done down the backstretch.


SECOND RACEBYE BYE MICHELLE showed high gate speed, took the pocket 3/16, then escaped from behind the pacesetter as the lead changed hands ¾, went on strongly to the line and held off A LADY SIZZLING. The latter stayed in, able to come out behind the winner midturn, finished well. LYONS HEDGEABET had some early foot, went uncovered into the second turn, went 26.3 with the wind down the back to the lead ¾, but could not sustain late. ROSY OUTLOOK forced the winner to tuck, went along at a good clip and then was pressured hard, yielded the lead ¾, tired. VICTORIA’S MUNKY made her way through for the last check. GIRLOFYOURDREAMS was second-over but was gapping by early backstretch. THE REST never entered into the main action in a quick mile.


THIRD RACE LEVITATION went on between horses to get the lead at the fast ¼, yielded for the pocket behind a pace that stayed quick, to the Pocono Pike and had the most late. MASSAMILLION pushed the winner to the 1/4 and yielded, third-in, deep Pike, safely second. GET TO DOIN IT quarter-moved and continued in big numbers on the lead, not enough in the stretch. CASINO CUTIE IT finished gaining in the diminishing tempo while widest. CHARLIE ONA HARLEY was inside, squeezed between horses past midstretch and finished alertly. HYWAY MARCUS was third-over, three-wide midturn but ineffective. BLUE SWAN started uncovered towards curve two, reached the leader and pressured that one through the turn, then gave way. MUSCLES ON FIRE spotted, then backed out to second-over off turn two but gapped and was blindswitched. STRIKING ENCORE was three-wide to the 3/16, took back to tuck third, pinned in, couldn’t gain enough once clear in the stretch.


FOURTH RACEPHANTOM RUSTY yielded early for the pocket, to the Pocono Pike, took over midstretch and handled the opposition. MIKEY LIKES IT was first-up going to turn two, speed-grinded in 27.3 with the wind down the back, never had the stretch lead but went on gamely to grab second. CAJOLE HANOVER set the pace with fast odd-numbered splits, tired some. ITSGOODTOBEQUEEN was third-over, widest and gained some in the decelerating tempo. BILLIE BLUE stayed in, not clear in the lane. MATTER HATTER was second-over but gapped slightly down the back, three-wide midturn but never got much going. MAXIMUSCLE broke at the start. MOONSTAR MISSION broke entering the backstretch before the start.


FIFTH RACE IWILLMAKEYOUSAYWOW ceded the lead 3/16 but was right back out to retake, bottomed out the field and in no danger late. MESSI N was uncovered coming off turn two, proceeded steadily forward for a good second. THE DARK SHADOW raced to the lead 3/16, yielded for the two-hole, went to the Pocono Pike, gained slightly then flattened out. AMERICAN CHROME was third-over, three-wide with cover on the turn, then decided to duck in between horses and finished well. JUMPING JAKE was second-over, three-wide midturn, couldn’t get into the main fight. NATHAN FEELSGOOD was looped and went into third past the 1/8, gapped out 5/8. BRADY B BRAVE gapped out 5/8.


SIXTH RACELYONS RIVER PRIDE quarter-moved to 3/8 command, rebuffed the first-over and dashed clear early stretch, good winner. NARCIAN JEWEL was out past the 1/8 to get the lead, yielded 3/8 for the pocket, outside early stretch, took a couple of strides to hit high gear then finished well. ASK QUEENIE was second-over, three-wide midturn, best of the rest. CRUISINWITHMYBABY was first to show then yielded for the early pocket, inside, not too much late. ROCKINMISDEMEANOR was shuffled back to last, angled out and gained late between horses. NORTHERN SWIFT started first-up off the second bend, gained steadily until late turn, then started to fall back some. JUICE HANOVER was third-over and three-wide with cover far turn, didn’t gain, reported back with “b.e.”


SEVENTH RACEBOYZ N GUITARS moved out with cover off the first turn, lost cover to the 3/8 and went right on to grab the top, an easy winner. BROADWAY SISSY was second-over, gapped down the back then better on the turn, wide and up for second. CLIFTON BEACH was third-over, swung widest midstretch and was gaining late. WESLEY HANOVER took the early pocket, came out uncovered towards the clubhouse bend, challenged down the back but flattened out thereafter. KANDY KORN never settled inside, went up 3/16 to the lead in front of the stands, yielded to the winner, struggled the last 3/8. TEA PARTY POLITICS made the front, put a foe in then saw two others brush by, gapped out. BRUTAL STORM broke near the back 3/16.


EIGHTH RACE – There is no marshmallow candy called a “Cherry Peep” … but there is a trotter named CHERRY PEEP, who raced second-over, was three-wide late turn, and came home well into a slowing pace (first half = 57.3 vs. second half = 59.3). LAKEVIEW TAMMY was third-over, four-wide near headstretch, photoed out TOTAL DIVA for second. The latter started the two-wide train to the second turn, in gear 11/16 and was even with the leader late turn, held ground well. SHOW ME THE MAGIC sat in and was last, angled to the path behind the winner in the stretch and gained. KEYSTONE CHARGER gained the lead 3/16, yielded and shuffled on the far turn, to the deep Pike, mildly. MIDNIGHT ZETTE left and had cover to the 3/16, then up to the lead 5/16, yielded to the winner, no response late. P L KETCHUP was off the gate three lengths, too far to come. RED MAPLE LANE stayed in, not clear in the stretch. NATALIE HANOVER showed speed, yielded then came on a quarter-move and set the pace in a fairly quick time, empty late.


NINTH RACEPOLAK A left, yielded 3/16, was quarter-mover #1 and yielded again past the 3/8, to the Pocono Pike, made the lead past midstretch and won nicely. TULLOW N tucked in 3/16, then uncovered towards turn two, grinded a long way, held very bravely. GRAVE DANCER was second-over, gapped a little on the far turn, but finished well. CLASSY HILL was quarter-mover #2 to command past the 3/8, couldn’t last. LORD OF MISRULE went to command 3/16, saw two brush by, sat in, to the deep Pike, appeared clear but didn’t have enough response. FIREBALL was inside, angled out late turn and wide into the stretch, couldn’t reach. TASTE OF HISTORY took a while to settle inside, no factor. THE OTHER TWO were always near the back and couldn’t enter the main picture.


TENTH RACERECLAMATION tucked fourth, then came out first-over behind JUSLIKEAQUEEN, sat on that one’s back until near headstretch, tipped wide, needed the entire lane to edge out that stubborn foe. The latter was three-wide to the first turn then tucked third, came again off the first turn but was left out to dry, put intense heat on the leader, wore that one down on the far turn, held with extraordinary courage. FREAKONOMICS was third-over, finished very strongly. KEYSTONE RIPTIDE wanted the early lead but was made to tuck 3/16, outside in a blindswitch headstretch, appeared all out and not clear. SHEBANG N sat in, Pocono Pike, couldn’t go with these late. CULINARY DELIGHT N took advantage of the pole and refused to yield, was pressed virtually the whole mile, tired. THE OTHER TWO were always the last two and didn’t enter contention.


ELEVENTH RACE – Shift to stretch headwind … GIGI FROM FIJI yielded and sat in the pocket behind wicked fractions, to the Pocono Pike, made the lead early stretch, proved best in a race with a 29.3 kicker and five horses within a length at the wire. GLENFERRIE BRONTE N closed an early gap, second-over down the back, three-wide off the turn, narrowed in. ROLLING GOING GONE moved third-over before the ¾, four-wide in the lane and came a long way. MISS IRISH ROSE A sat in, was under a stranglehold the first part of the stretch looking for an inside path, then moved out, found a seam, and was coming fastest of all late. ALL ABOUT MADI tucked third at the 1/8, got to the deep Pike and was second midstretch inside the winner, but was caught by the closers. JUXTA COWGIRL charged through at the start, set a fast pace, had little left at the end. CAVIART SCARLETT moved outside 5/8, got in gear on the far turn and pressed the pacesetter, tired alongside that one.


TWELFTH RACENEVERFORGETWHOUR took the pocket past the 1/8, popped back out raw at the half, speed-grinded with the switched wind down the back and challenged, wore down the leader by early stretch and held off the others. INTOVIEW made the lead towards turn one, yielded for the pocket, Pocono Pike, steadily but not enough. MAINIFICENT stayed in, was locked in late turn, out into the path behind the winner and gained. STRAWB’S CHIPPIE N and DARK FORCE were gapping second- and third-over down the back then tightened, went three- and four-wide in the stretch and had good speed. WESTLUCKYCAM was last, closer to the paddock than the inside pylons headstretch, no shot. BRAZUCA had gate speed, quarter-moved to 3/8 command, rolled down the road, folded in the lane.


THIRTEENTH RACELORD CROMWELL was looped leaving, worked his way up with then without cover to the point just past the 3/8, dealt with the third quarter challenge, very powerful mile. TSM PHOTO BUGGER made up a huge chunk of ground from near the 11/16 to headstretch, then kept coming on and grabbed second late. P L ICABOD had the early pocket, came out 3/16 in front of the winner, went up to command then let the winner go, not quite enough in the stretch. CASH FOR GOLD was on top quickly then had a clear lead after a rival broke towards turn one, yielded, out again first-over and pressed the issue to a fast ¾ and just beyond, then got a bit tired. STARSABOVEALLERAGE and SWANCREDIT could not make an impression here. STAR STUDDED CAST gapped out near the 5/8. WISENHEIMER left, was two-wide headed for the first turn when miscuing. URSIS DE CELLIONS went to a gallop before the 5/8.


FOURTEENTH RACE – Rain before the last race, changing the surface to “sloppy +1” … CHUMLEE A yielded for the two-hole and stayed connected in the four-horse breakaway during the last quarter, to the Pocono Pike and finished strongly. SLUGGEM N went up second-over, wide headstretch, didn’t miss by much and won a three-way picture for second. SEVENS HOPE A rolled down the road, got pressure going to the 5/8, stayed in the fight all the way. HEEZ ORL BLACK N moved uncovered towards turn two, reached the leader 5/8 and fought with him, also held very well. INSTRUCTOR gapped third-over. WINBAK WILLY T tucked in, not heard from again. DULL ROAR was looped and took third 3/16, gapped down the back. GOTTA MINUTE N could offer little. HURRICANE BEACH, three lengths off the gate, lost contact on the far turn.