Connors’ Comments for Monday, May 27, 2019



FIRST RACEAMADOR came out 3/16 and went on to the lead to the 3/8, opened up 5/8 and was well clear. MYSTICAL WYNN had nonflowing cover and was four-wide to headstretch, closed past all the others. FOREVERHILLREIGN had to angle out behind the place horse, along for third with good late trot. DARTY was second-over behind a sluggish horse, three-wide midturn, fair. NATL GUARD HANOVER was uncovered before the 5/8 but made very little progress. LOVING LIFE went to the top, yielded 3/8 and was helmet bumping the winner’s driver at the half, then couldn’t keep up when that one accelerated to the 5/8, faded. CAN’T WIN went up into the pocket at the 1/8, looked to be going all he could the last 3/8. OCEANATO HANOVER had little to offer. KEYSTONE THUNDER was caught wide a good part of the first turn, tucked at the ¼, fell back.


SECOND RACE – Stretch tailwind … DANCIN LOU worked his way up to the lead 3/16 and set a good clip for these, won handily. BEN ROCKIN was first to show on top, yielded for the two-hole, stayed tight until headstretch, preserved second. PURE SUNSHINE gapped a bit in quarter two then tightened in, to the Pocono Pike but did not gain. CENTURY ENFORCER stayed inside, could angle clear midstretch and finished with pace. RUNHAPPY TEN also gapped in quarter two then started uncovered to the half, one-geared it into the wind until getting to within a neck of the pocketsitter midturn, then had no more. CECIL CASANOVA stayed in, outside late turn, no factor. FIND ONE MORE took until the ¼ to settle back in last, not prominent. LOVE THE ACTION showed little. PLANET HANOVER was moving up second-over when making a break ¾.


THIRD RACENOBLE PRIZE was looped early, went up to the lead before the ¼, set the pace, had a stretchlong battle with SARAH’S HALL, with the $3.60 horse just holding off the $95.40 horse. The latter looped everybody early, yielded for the two-hole, came out headstretch and slugged it out with the winner all the way to the wire. SHE MATTERS settled third, stayed connected until the far turn, distant third. DANGEROUSDEWMCGREW was second-over, three-wide before midturn, couldn’t make enough of an inroad. DOLCE DUCCI came on for the last check. SWISS PLATINUM was inside, left a bad gap on the backstretch; DISTORTED DREAM was stuck behind the gapper and never surfaced. MARAT had little off cover. CADILLAC CRUISER got a slow start, then was underway uncovered 5/16, got to the flank of the pocket horse and then started to fade late backstretch.


FOURTH RACEMARCO BEACH came outside into turn two, was left uncovered at the half and went right on up into the wind to clear 11/16, called his own margin impressively. JOJO’S PLACE was three-wide towards the first turn, then two-wide the rest of that turn to the lead, yielded 3/8 but made a quick regaining move at the half, yielded again 11/16 and fell back, barely saved the place over I’M NO PANSY. The latter followed cover the first turn then paced up to take control 3/8, yielded at the half, came back a little late. BEACH MEADOWS had cover that never reached, three-wide midturn, next in line. CRIXUS, a bit off the gate, was out with cover, got the last check. CALVERY HILL went to the front at the 1/8, yielded off turn one, gradually fell back the last half. GOOSE BAY FIFTYTWO was behind the winner, left uncovered 11/16 and fell back. TOUGH AS TUFF tucked fourth, was all done ¾ and dropped far out of it. ALWAYS ABOUT CHRIS was off the gate then broke early.


FIFTH RACEUNION JACK came out before the 5/8 and quickly rushed to the lead, kept increasing his margin. TROTSKYIST tucked fourth past the 1/8, followed cover, proved a distant second. WHOYOUCALNCRAZY moved out behind the winner, left uncovered, made the pocket midturn, lasted for third. TENNESSEE WHISKEY had the early pocket, inherited the lead at the half when the pacesetter broke, couldn’t stall the winner and kept falling back. CORSAIR closed a hole on the first turn, then was shuffled behind TENNESSEE WHISKEY, got out past midturn but couldn’t make a recovery. CASIMAR HANOVER was off the gate and lost contact down the back. BRANDYWINE BATTLE went to the lead in a fast opener, made a break while still leading at the half. LONDON HANOVER went offstride just before the start.


SIXTH RACEROSIE’S FOXY LADY was out between horses early, went in third past the 1/8, got past the troubled horse, pulled out ¾, proved the best after a long fight with SILK Z TAM. The latter was three-wide to the 1/8 before making the lead 3/16 in a quick quarter, set the pace, almost held to the line. BARBS BEACH was outside late on the backstretch and got cover ¾, along for third. BEAM M W moved out headstretch and got past a couple of strugglers. PATWEARSTHEPANTS started uncovered off turn two, tucked in the suddenly-vacant pocket 5/8, didn’t have much left in the stretch. MARVALOUS MARLEY didn’t move. JUKEBOX HERO was the innermost of three leavers, yielded for the pocket 3/16, came to a jog past the half and was taken inside the pylons, was pulled up.


SEVENTH RACECELEBRITY BIANCA moved out before the half but lost cover to a break, grinded up in the 1:00.2 last half and gradually got the decision. TAJA MAHALA spotted third, then quarter-moved to hit the front 3/8, couldn’t make the lead stand up. BRIMFULL tailed the winner’s cover, OK late. JUBILARIAN was parked 3/16 before making the top, yielded 3/8 for the two-hole, went to the Pocono Pike but couldn’t get into the main battle. KEYSTONE TASHA was the first to get the lead, yielded, gapped midbackstretch but then got tighter, was not clear in the stretch. BELLA’S PARTY PUNK sat in, moved out on the turn but didn’t become a major factor. CELEBRATE IT ALL broke w-a-y before the start. PINEBUSHSEVEN started outside before the half but broke. MISS RIGHT NOW had not long tucked in fourth before losing her gait before the 3/16.


EIGHTH RACEMISS REAL IDEAL got the top 3/16, yielded at the ¼ and sat a good two-hole trip, to the Pocono Pike and went by easily. STOOD UP was three-wide before turn one, went on to the lead at the ¼, rated quarter two then picked it up, had no answer for the winner. MORE MORE MORE was out and got a good early spot, outside midturn but could not summon any more more more. JEANNIES TERROR and TEMPRA HANOVER both were off the main pack down the back; the former came up the inside, the latter closed on the outside. ZEYNEP did well to be not bothered any more by the breaker than she was, but had little in the latter part. PRAIRIE COUGAR and WICKED N WONDERFUL were outside on turn two when scattered wide by the breaker; the former made a good recovery. SWEET LUCY LOU, not looking to be easy to drive, went up to get into fourth near the ¼, hard to hold in the hole to the 3/8, was angling outside turn two when making a break and coming close to going to her knees, causing trouble behind.


NINTH RACEJUMALAY MASS worked out the pocket trip, came outside midturn and drew away for an easy win. TRIXEE DE VIE was in front 3/16, had a horse alongside to the ¾, held on for second. BECKLEHAM sat in, angled wide before midstretch and finished with trot. CASH CALF tucked fifth to the 3/16, technically got to the “pocket” late on the turn, Pocono Pike, fair. QISS ME BLUE CHIP also hugged the inside, deep Pike, so-so. CRITICAL HANOVER was second-over past the ½, three-wide 11/16 back to two-wide with cover midturn but tired at that point. MARIANNE FAITH was third-over, ineffective out in the three-path. WINNING GENE was wide leaving, got cover at the 1/8 then lost it 3/16 and had to spend the mile on the rim raw, done ¾.


TENTH RACEALLIE’S FINALE was second-over, three-wide 11/16 to two-wide raw midturn, outdueled RON BAKARDI in a long duel. The latter was out 3/16 before securing the lead, not pressed until the 7/8, held very gamely late. ROCK THREE TIMES yielded to sit in the two-hole, tired in the stretch but still third. SHARKY’S WAY started uncovered into the second curve, didn’t reach the leader, looped midturn. R N NATE was out with the winner’s cover but couldn’t stay with it, three-wide far turn, evenly. SPEEDING tucked third at the 1/8, considered a quarter-move but rethought, gapped down the backstretch. CHANCELLORCULLEN N was never in it. BRACKLEY BEACH was offstride 50 yards before the start.


ELEVENTH RACEDAFINATY had the controlling speed with a fast opener, forcing tucks, rated the half, then did not let anybody get within a length of him. NAKED CITY raced out into the pocket, urged in the Pocono Pike and raced well but second. NITTANY NATION was double-looped and in third past the 1/8, swung out in the stretch and made up a little bit of ground. SB IDEAL IN ART got a forward spot, inside, not too much late. THAT’S OFFICIAL was uncovered just before turn two, grinded up until drawing even with the pocketsitter approaching late far turn, couldn’t sustain but not a bad race. ASPLODE HANOVER and ROAD UNTRAVELED were behind the gapping cover of ILLEGITIMATE SON. IDEAL DEAL gapped inside near the back.


TWELFTH RACEALLI NUI left and made sure of the pocket, stayed close, outside early stretch and had the best sprint home. ODDS ON NAPLES left between horses, tucked third, came out behind the winner in the lane, wasn’t going to catch her but did pass BLUE IVY for second. The latter was three-wide to the first turn, on top just before the 3/16, outsprinted in the final stages. ACTRESS HANOVER was a distant best of the rest. TANTRUM HANOVER moved outside before the half but never got close. QUEEN BEE HANOVER gapped most of the last half. STELLA Z TAM had little to offer. SLICKEST COLBERT made a third quarter break.


THIRTEENTH RACEO JONNIE went directly to the top, rated the half, withstood the first-over, went briefly clear shortly into the lane, then just had enough to preserve the win over ALL ON BLACK. The latter was fourth-over, three-wide without then with cover on the turn, then four-wide past midturn, finished with excellent foot. FRENCH MONI moved uncovered from midpack before the 3/8, reached the leader 5/8 and fought, appeared to get left behind headstretch but kept digging in. CLASSIC PLAYTER got into the pocket at the 1/8, struggled to keep close in the last ¼. KEYSTONE SERGEANT was second-over, gapped a bit 11/16, three-wide midturn, fair. BETTER CALL SAUL raced inside, had the Pocono Pike but couldn’t gain. C-O-TO BLUEGRASS did not factor. MANDELA BLUE CHIP was third-over, was blindswitched, not too much. FRAC was near the back throughout.


FOURTEENTH RACESOME PLAYA was away third, underway before the ¼ to make the front just past the 5/16, strung most of the field out, then came home in 27.3. ALWAYS B MAGIC was initially looped then went on to control 3/16, yielded to the winner, stayed connected until the last 1/8, far ahead of the rest. MR PROFETA was uncovered before the second turn, went 27.2 down the back to challenge the winner, but could not sustain that move the last 3/16, clearly third. MISTER SPECIAL T offered little. HES GONE BADDER was the first to the front, relinquished, was gapping before the ¾. CIRRUS DE VIE and LOGAN HANOVER were never prominent. ROARING REI gapped second-over. FOOL OF IDEAS gapped a gapper third-over.