Connors’ Comments for Sunday, May 26, 2019


SUNDAY, MAY 26, 2019


FIRST RACE – Track was wet from residual water and opened as “good +1” for races 1 to 3; then more rain came and it was reclassified to “sloppy,” staying at ”+1” for races 4 through 6 and then “+2” thereafter until the end … RICH AND MISERABLE went up gradually to fourth at the 1/8, came uncovered 11/16, charged up to the leader on the turn, appeared to get a nose up midstretch, was passed by the pacesetter, then reclaimed the advantage in the final steps. TOP EXPECTATIONS went right to the top and set a good pace, had a bitter fight with the winner in the last 3/16 and was just nipped. MASS PRODUCTION had the winner’s cover, gapped it a little on the turn, then finished well. GOLDEN SON yielded for the two-hole trip, not enough in the stretch. BLENHEIM was shuffled on the turn, couldn’t get back into it. LUMINOSITY sat third, fell back at the ¾.


SECOND RACECASHENDASH HANOVER, like another leaver, took a hole as soon as the rail horse showed he didn’t want to yield, came out when the pocket horse pulled out on the turn then swung wide of him, had the most going to the wire. CATCH MY SHADOW didn’t want to yield but did 5/16, pulled the pocket just after the ¾ and had the lead late on the turn, was outfooted and just did hold second. KC RAMBUCTIOUS BOY stayed in, had to wait and angle behind the winner midstretch, with that hesitation possibly costing him second. T’S ELECTRIC wanted the lead but didn’t get it until the 5/16, was passed without a huge fight headstretch. SILVER BULLET avoided the moribund outer tier and got the last check. CODE MEISTER was four-wide early then tucked fourth, underway raw to turn two but never got close to the leader. DANCING RUSTY had struggling cover. SONNY THE SHARK was second-over but gapped before the ¾.


THIRD RACEIDEAL FLIP went right to the front, rated the half as a headwind started to grow, then had an easy time of it the last half. QUEENACE BLUE CHIP sat third, to the Pocono Pike and passed ALLGONOWHOA for second. The latter left, went up into the pocket 3/16, a bit loose much of the last half, outfooted for the deuce. ABSOLUTE INTENT raced inside, evenly late. AMERICAN MUSIC had to go four-wide from last around gummed-up outer tiers, finished OK. LIVINONTHEBEACH moved three-wide from second-over ¾ but had little. BAY MEADOWS spotted, then started uncovered before turn two, never headed the pocket horse and faded. SHARK FLIPPER was third-over, went up into a blindswitch far turn, no factor late.


FOURTH RACE – The rain restarted … KEYSTONE ABBEY went right to the lead, rated quarter two, then was in control after the slow half. JOPLIN raced into third just into turn one, gapped a little ¾ then tightened back in, to the Pocono Pike and OK+ for second. DAWN OF GLORY was second-over, wide, moving well at the wire. SIGILWIG got the pocket, also gapped late backstretch but also retightened, evenly late. LINDY MISSSUNSHINE slotted fourth before the 1/8, uncovered at the half, didn’t put pressure on the leader, held late ground OK. SKY IS MINE broke just past the start, made a decent recovery, but she and THE OTHERS never were in the major battle.


FIFTH RACENOMO VOLO went right to the lead, rated the half then sped up, appeared to have more than enough to withstand NAVARONE HANOVER late. The latter defended the early pocket against the chalk, raced well late but was not getting to the winner. GRIMMIE HANOVER gapped at the back of the main pack at a couple of points, then split horses before midstretch and came through with solid trot. FATE SMILED went evenly. SWIZZLE STICKS was eased back into third 3/16, came out raw past the 5/8, slowly advanced to headstretch, then tired. HALLINTHECLOUDS broke right at the start.


SIXTH RACETERROR O moved out second-over with good cover, three-wide late turn, powered off late. BONFIRE BLISS was out to the ¼, then could tuck into the pocket, to the Pocono Pike and may have gotten a nose up before midstretch before the winner unleashed his kick, enough for the deuce over AN THE THUNDEROLLS. The latter gapped early then went up to third-over, three-wide with cover on the turn, not quite as sharp late as the winner but good. THAT MAN OF MINE rolled on the lead, came under pressure on the turn, tired. WESTERN BAYAMA gapped down the backstretch, then swung widest and was OK going under the wire. WELL PLAYED OUT was no factor after a ground saving journey. WESTERN ALUMNI was forwardly-placed, out raw 5/8 and pressured the lead on the turn, then had no more left. DANCIN HILL was three-wide past the 1/8, then two-wide with cover to the ¼, then left raw two-deep, faded early backstretch.


SEVENTH RACEJEZZYS LEGACY was hemmed in early by parked horses, got out before the 5/8 as one of them broke, then was three-wide shortly thereafter and got to two-wide as the other parked horse faded, the best in the stretch. SOUTHWIND STORM gained along the inside avoiding breakers, wide in the stretch and finished well. CARDINALE set all the pace, couldn’t sustain to the wire. GIANT POSSESSION also raced pretty well after avoiding trouble while inside. EXPLOSIVE PAIGE was three-wide to the 1/8 then stuck on the rim raw, faded before the ¾. MAKING SPARKS never showed much spark. LOLLIPOP LINDY moved third-over, gapped when the second-over broke then made a break near the ¾. MALIBU S worked up into the pocket, began to get a little loose on the turn and then ran headstretch. MA WAS RIGHT wound up parked with cover until making a break coming off turn two.


EIGHTH RACEMATTERLEI was underway past the first turn to the lead past the 3/8 and got a slow half, came home well and saw off ALTERCATION. The latter went out to the lead and forced tucks, yielded to the winner for the pocket, to the Pocono Pike, raced well. FRAULEIN BLUCHER was uncovered into turn two, was raw in a 57.3 last half over a bad track and kept on trying. SAND LAUREN BLU gapped a bit second-over and ducked in ¾, gave ground in the lane. SCIROCCO DONNAHILL swung wide and did well to get the last check. TOUGH TOOTSIE was no factor. BUMPER HANOVER was outside until tucking third 5/16, then lost any chance even for a good check when shuffled behind the tiring BUSHY TAILS. The latter had speed, then gapped out down the back. EQUANIMITY couldn’t keep up third-over and broke headstretch.


NINTH RACEAZREAL AS IT GETS yielded for the pocket and stayed tight, outside headstretch and had more pace than SWEET SISSY LOU to the wire. The latter was on top at the 1/8, rated the half, then wasn’t as quick as the winner late. TOPVILLE OLIVIA left and settled in third early, to the Pocono Pike but lost stretch ground. PRINCESS GLYDANA was uncovered from last at the ¼ and went 57 the middle half to get near the leader, faded some but still an energetic showing. JK LOCKHERUP did not factor; nor did SLIPPERY NOODLE. ANOTHERPRETTYFACE backed out behind the parked horse before the ½ but gapped. FLIPPING FUN backed out behind the parked horse past the 3/8 but got rough on the second turn and was wide, never got back into the main event.


TENTH RACEASIAGO was the only leaver and had things her own way up front, unthreatened. FADE INTO YOU was away in the pocket, maintained that positioning throughout after retightening around the turn. THE ICE DUTCHESS was third-over, had to come four-wide into the stretch and was flying late, with personal back fractions of 56.1 – 28. JAZZY FASHION was second-over, gapped a bit down the back, wide on the turn, did well though outkicked for third. ANTONIA came out raw to the 5/8, got only to the leader’s wheel, held OK. THE OTHER PAIR stayed in and were not contenders.


ELEVENTH RACEMILLIES POSSESION tucked fourth early, thought about quarter-moving but went back in when FIREDBYLINDIE came out, started uncovered 9/16 and was just a grinding machine, last half 56.2 mostly raw. BEAUTIFUL SIN was second-over, gapped slightly on the turn, looked to get better the closer they got to the wire. FIREDBYLINDIE tucked third then quarter-moved, rated the half, got pressure from the winner, OK but not enough for the top two. SOUTHWIND CASHA had the early pocket, inside, to the deep Pocono Pike and outfooted MAGICAL BELIEFS for fourth. The latter went to command, yielded to the quarter-mover to sit the two-hole, to the Pike but not much response. WINDY CORNER was third-over, some in the lane. RUSH LANE gapped and was no factor.


TWELFTH RACEHANOVERS BEST raced up into the pocket, waited until headstretch then pulled out, went by late. SPRING IN PARIS moved out second-over 5/8, left uncovered early on the turn, kept coming in determinedly. CAN’T TOUCH IT left enough to insist on setting the pace, tired towards midstretch. FASHION RACHEL tucked fourth, then went uncovered early on turn two, retucked third on the far turn, next in line. MIMI’SPEARLOFLINDY and MISTY LANE were removed from the main group down the backstretch. RIDINONARAINBOW sat third-inside to the ¾, then gave way. LADYLILLI went outside into turn two but broke at the half. RUN LINDY RUN was off the gate, then galloped at the ¼.


THIRTEENTH RACEMAJOR PEPPER moved up in the good backstretch flow, four-wide past midturn and just swept around everybody in the lane. SONG CYCLE SENESE tucked, gapped most of quarter two then started raw on turn two, paced by 11/16, almost held on to the wire. SUDDENLY SAM advanced with cover, three-wide midturn, OK but without as much late foot as the winner. PREACHER OLLIE was looped and made the early pocket, badly shuffled ¾ then out in a blindswitch past midturn, ducked back inside and regained ground in the Pocono Pike. DAMION DIESEL HAHN outleft everybody, yielded to the early mover, slipped out 5/8 and was left raw before the ¾, fair late. YOU GOT TRUMPED gapped a bit then was shuffled, angled very wide before midstretch and gained some ground back. IT’SGOODTOBEDAKING was last-over, had too far to come. CRUISIN’ CRIDERS came out 3/16 to go to the lead past the ¼, set the pace, had nothing left 11/16.


FOURTEENTH RACEDEMI HILL went up second-over, three-wide midturn and built momentum quickly enough to be able to outfoot ABLE HANOVER home. The latter gapped down the back then zoomed three-wide ¾ and four-wide midturn when the winner moved to the three-path, kept on motoring well to the line. BA BA BA BANANA raced out to command, yielded 3/8 to a brusher to sit the pocket, to the Pocono Pike, may have gotten a short lead midstretch but could not build momentum quickly enough to avoid being outrushed. I CHOOSE YOU was away in the pocket, moved quickly 3/8 to go right around the leader, held on pretty well in the stretch. WHAT A FOX was third-over and blindswitched early turn, ducked inside, moved out a lane early stretch and got the last check. BIRCH ISLAND BETTY protected a hole early and was forwardly-placed, little late deep in the Pike. JK MARDI SAYS took a tuck fourth, then went first-up on the second turn, challenged down the back but tired ¾. THE CAPTAINS ANGEL lost contact just past the half.