Connors’ Comments for Tuesday, May 7, 2019



TUESDAY, MAY 7, 2019


FIRST RACE – From 75 to 65 degrees during the card … Stretch headwind in the beginning … SEVENTH HEAVEN was parked to a fast quarter for the lead, left the field behind in the last quarter. STITCH IN TIME forced the winner to the ¼ and yielded, gradually gapped more from before the ¾ but did hold second. MIKEY LIKES IT was wide early and took back to tuck fourth, backed out to third-over but had cover not gaining two- or three-wide late turn and ducked inside, just third over BILLIE BLUE. The latter was uncovered going to the second bend, went a good third quarter then began to tire. SERIOUS SAVANNAH was second-over when making a break past the half. ITSGOODTOBEQUEEN was offstride just before the start.


SECOND RACEPOPPY DRAYTON N took control from the pole, rated quarter two, didn’t let the first-over get past her wheel, clear in the lane. CHECKERED PAST went into the pocket to the 3/16, wasn’t gaining late but held the deuce. JERICHO DIVA sat third-in, angled two- and three-wide late turn, then angled down in between horses and came on steadily for a no-factor third. YS TALLIA went up second-over, had a short big wide burst ¾ to late turn, then flattened in the last 1/8. HOOVES ON FIRST didn’t offer much. IAQUINTA moved out third-over but gapped. HIGHLY THOUGHT OF was always near the back.


THIRD RACETRIXAR left well, eased into the pocket past the 1/8 and sat there, outside into the stretch and just did get by LIGHTFOOTEDLEGEND. The latter used the rail to force a tuck and control the pace, rated the second quarter, held on gamely late. OUR WHITE KNIGHT went up second-over, three-wide nearing headstretch, by far best of the rest. BATTLE BORN AS settled in third at the 1/8, gapped some much of the rest of the mile. KRENTLER HANOVER made a bold forward move with the wind to the 5/8, but flattened midturn. FRIEND FINDER never factored. SHOW EM ALL LINDY moved uncovered before the 3/8, was going up towards the leader but made a break on the second turn.


FOURTH RACE – Wind has shifted to a stretch tailwind … SHIVERED was the innermost of three leavers, got one to tuck and yielded to the wide one before the ¼, sat behind a relatively quick pace, to the Pocono Pike and easily. IDLE BONES N was three-wide past the 1/8, up to the lead before the quarter, went on at a relatively good clip, couldn’t stall the winner but was clear of the rest. DONATO’S WISH stayed in, so-so to be third. POUND STERLING came uncovered early on the second curve, got to the wheel of the pacesetter, could gain no more. RED MAPLE LANE was last and inside, not clear between horses the last half of the stretch. CINNABAR HALL was second-over 9/16, not much; DOLCE DUCCI moved out third-over 11/16 but also was no factor.


FIFTH RACEROSY OUTLOOK left well, kept a foe parked to the 3/8 before releasing for the pocket, to the Pocono Pike and just along over INTOVIEW. The latter was looped early, worked up to command under the finish line for the first time, kept up a steady clip, almost lasted. GLENFERRIE BRONTE N went uncovered 11/16, kept gaining despite looking to be bearing out late. MELANIE’S FILLY was on a line badly on the first turn and broke at the ¼, didn’t take the second turn well either, then weaved her way up in the third quarter, went three-wide late far turn (she looked to take that turn OK) and completed a big recovery. ALL ABOUT MADI raced up into the early pocket at the 1/8, stayed in, not a late factor. SHOCK N AWE moved outside but gapped. THE OTHER THREE never were main players on this stage.


SIXTH RACEHILLOFAMISTERY, a $210,000 well-bred yearling, moved from fifth nearing the quarter to the lead 3/8, had things his own way up front, then sprinted home in 28.1 as much the best. CASH CALF was third-over in a non-great flow, three-wide past turn and came a long way to be the distant second. LOVING LIFE raced to the lead past the 1/8, yielded 3/8, kept up until the final stages then had no sprint. KEYSTONE TASHA yielded, gapped then got tight, boxed in on the far turn but not too much once free in the Pocono Pike. BUMPER HANOVER gapped second-over. PEMBROKE GOAL had little rally up the far inside. AND MANY MORE dropped way back. PACIFIC PANTHER spotted early, started uncovered 5/8, couldn’t get to the winner but may have been racing up to second when breaking late on the turn.


SEVENTH RACECRAZY ABOUT PAT slid into third inside the outside leavers, then quarter-moved to 3/8 command in a fast half, kept on going and won very nicely. GLOBAL REVOLUTION took command at the start and forced those outside him to tuck in, yielded to the winner for the pocket, couldn’t make up any ground late but held OK. WISENHEIMER went into the early pocket, stayed in, outside stretch, evenly. CAN DO was shuffled to last, went deep in the Pocono Pike and gained. PHANTOM RUSTY tucked in behind the winner before the 3/16, also stayed in, not that much late. FRENCH MONI was second-over moving up down the backstretch, three-wide midturn but didn’t get into it. FASHION WINNER was third-over, four-wide nearing headstretch but never factored. HOT SUMMER KNIGHT started the outer train into turn two, gained most of the backstretch then stopped gaining, then tired badly in the lane.


EIGHTH RACEWRITE ME A SONG wrote her own music and lyrics and had a big hit, scorching on the pace and winning easily in 1:50.1. JUXTA COWGIRL left well, was taken hold of past the 1/8 when the winner showed no indication of yielding, actually held pretty well in the pocket. ATTENTION HANOVER was wide early, took back and spotted, then started uncovered on turn two, was even with the pocket horse on the far turn, then backed off a bit. GIGI FROM FIJI came out 3/8 but didn’t gain much at all and got back in at the half, so-so. I WISH YOU WELL was blocked on the far turn, as was MAJORETTE ANGIE – the former moved outside and went evenly, while the latter had pace while in tight quarters between horses late. BRING ME DIAMONDS gapped second-over. MISS IRISH ROSE A never featured.


NINTH RACEDJOKOVIC N improved position at the start then made a break 3/16, was taken outside, lost ground, and then regained gait to tuck fourth, backed out to second-over 5/8, three-wide midturn, had the most late, then survived an inquiry – no violations associated with the first turn break. MR COOL SEAEYRE N came from last uncovered 3/8 and grinded all the way to get head-to-head with the leader midstretch, soon overtaken by the winner but showed remarkable courage in finishing second. WAR CRY HALL went along at a good clip, held his ground well. SHOW ME THE MAGIC earned the pocket leaving, Pocono Pike, not enough. CATCH THE BOUQUET never featured. HALLANET took back to tuck 3/16 in fourth which became third when a foe broke, gapped from the 11/16. TEA PARTY POLITICS was far back. BOYZ N GUITARS made a break headed into turn two.


TENTH RACEBETTOR’S UP had a great trip second-over, three-wide headstretch and drew clear of these. CULINARY DELIGHT N looped others and had the top right away, yielded for the pocket, to the Pocono Pike and was best in a four-way photo for second. VORST was locked third-inside, to the deep Pike and gained. BYE BYE MICHELLE was looped early, pressed on to a 26.2 quarter to get the lead, had pressure from the first-over from the 5/8 onward, held gamely. DELIGHTFUL FEATHER was third-over, did not tip four-wide headstretch, gained in the lane behind the winner. JEWEL LEHIGH A was looped and three-wide, took back to fourth, then first-up before the half, was head-to-head with the leader from the 5/8, then faded in the lane.


ELEVENTH RACESHADY SECRET A got into the pocket after the 1/8 after a foe broke, thought about a quarter-move but rethought the thought, sat the pocket, came up the inside and gradually caught I CHOOSE YOU. The latter went around everybody early, made the winner rethink an early move, shook off the first-up, held well but just missed late. CARLY GIRL was second-over, gapped mid-backstretch but then was tighter ¾, three-wide late turn, loomed but not enough, most photogenic in a three-way photo for third. QUICK THRILL stayed in, to the deep Pocono Pike and had pace. MASSIVE ATTACK A was uncovered past the 3/8, challenged a long way and held well. THE NEXT THREE were never major players. LANCO EXPRESS was leaving from the rail to try to protect the pocket but broke just past the 1/8, went to the infield and stayed there.