Connors’ Comments for Monday, May 6, 2019



MONDAY, MAY 6, 2019


FIRST RACE – Low 70s for the twilight card … UHLAN NOIR started uncovered 3/8, methodically grinded his way to the lead to the 3/4, ran away and hid the last quarter. CHIPS STARR got to third-over, three-wide headstretch and along for the distant second. LINDY’S BEST YET moved out off the second turn but couldn’t reach the winner, uncovered on the far turn, just held MARAT off for third. The latter showed early speed and yielded, shuffled on the far turn and outside headstretch, found clearance and closed determinedly. BOOTS AND CHAINS gapped from fourth-over. RUN AND TELL PAP made the lead at the 1/8, yielded at the ¼ for the pocket, shuffled out of it when the winner went by ¾. TSM TITUS T never featured. CHARLIE ONA HARLEY was three-wide to the 1/8 then two-wide to the fast ¼, got pressure down the backstretch and was done before the ¾. SWEETCHAP fell way back in the stretch.


SECOND RACEFIND ONE MORE came out to the ¾, wide into the stretch, second after the trouble headstretch and wore down L DEES HAWKINS. The latter moved out before the ¾, inherited the lead into the stretch, had to settle for second. SO IT GOES was in the pocket, had to duck inside the headstretch breaker, fair late. NORTHBROOK RON was out on the turn, avoided trouble. BEACH MEADOWS was four lengths off the gate, inside, had to go inside the pylons to avoid trouble into the stretch and didn’t recover. PRIMO CAPITANO went at a pretty good clip, was challenged later far turn, ran headstretch and had to stay in his lane because horses were already ducking to the Pocono Pike. MARCO BEACH was three-wide leaving, hit the first turn and went out to about five-wide, caught the field and moved out before turn two but went out wide again.


THIRD RACESOUL STRONG went uncovered into turn two, grinded up 5/8, cleared headstretch, and drew away in a 28.3 last quarter. STOP RESISTIN was third-over, gapped a gapper mid-backstretch then got closer, swung wide and was OK+ late for second. BROWNIE sat in, gained a bit in the Pocono Pike. CAPITAL T HILL got a slow start, finished OK wide in the stretch. PEMBROKE YOYO was away second then improved that position by one with a move 3/16, set the pace, was challenged 5/8, to his credit kept the winner outside on the far turn, but then had no more. KEYSTONE BENTLEY was the only quick leaver, yielded, struggling to stay tight much of the last half. LONDON HANOVER had primo cover but gapped 5/8, fell way back late.


FOURTH RACE – Stretch tailwind … TOPVILLE OLIVIA emerged with the lead 1/8 after an opponent broke, yielded for the pocket, to the Pocono Pike and got the job done. DLITEFULACQUISTION was four-wide to the 1/8 getting around a breaker, then two-wide to the lead at the quarter, slowed down quarter two even with a helping wind, had a pesky uncovered horse hounding her, held well. BARBS BEACH moved raw 5/8 and challenged, held her ground pretty well. SHADY GREY had some early speed, inside, not all that much late. MY SWEET MEMORY got a length lead quickly while three-wide leaving but made a break, back to last, third-over, good recovery. ROSIE’S FOXY LADY was second-over but was rough-gaited and gapped. BEAM M W never entered the fray.


FIFTH RACESHEENA’S BOY took control from the pole and was on an open lead almost the whole way, looked like a seasoned professional breaking his trotting maiden in sub-1:55. UNION JACK came out down the back and retucked third, out top of the lane and a clear if distant second. MYSTICAL WYNN defended the pocket but couldn’t keep up in it, did hold for third. CORSAIR spotted third, gapped ¾, no factor. FUN HAVER started gapping down the back. THE OTHER THREE were all off the gate and never in the main hunt.


SIXTH RACEANGEL OF THE NORTH went to the lead, yielded 5/16 for the pocket, gapped at the half but quickly narrowed back in, outside ¾, had a long fight with WINNING GENE before getting a decided advantage late. The latter was out 5/16 for the lead, went a relatively quick half (57.4, vs. 1:00.4 back half), stayed in the fight to the end. TRIXEE DE VIE went up to the pocket ¾ and got tighter, to the Pocono Pike, a step shy. BRIARWOOD BELLE moved uncovered then got cover to the ¾, three-wide headstretch and was gaining some when breaking early stretch, ran home, placed for violation(s) of the breaking rule. PUMA BLUE CHIP took back early, not prominent. SIGILWIG was off the gate, three-wide to the 1/8 then raced two-wide, tired 5/8. CRITICAL HANOVER, off the gate, was out behind the parked horse, went three-wide 5/8 and was left in the three-wide lane, never in the late picture. MARIANNE FAITH, off the gate, broke just before the start.


SEVENTH RACEIAMMRBRIGHTSIDE moved from third 5/8 and quickly got into gear, went up to challenge, took a short advantage top of the lane and gradually inched away. ACHILLES BLUE CHIP left and inherited the lead (the first quarter was, unusually, the slowest of the race), kept on rolling stringing out most of the field, held well against the winner. RUFFLE UP wound up in the pocket, loose from the half, just did hold third over FOX VALLEY INFERNO, who struggled to stay close in fourth. TSM GANNICUS T passed the others. SPANISH ART moved outside on the far turn but ran. I RUN THIS SHOW and ALWAYS B MAGIC were always far back. LETTUCEROCKU A stayed with the car leaving, had four lengths heading into the first turn while wide, then ran.


EIGHTH RACEBA BA BA BANANA moved well into the wind in a 29.4 backside to reach contention, put a head up midstretch, enough to win this event. THEWONDEROUSWENDY left from the rail and accelerated 3/16 to force a pocket tuck, then yielded past the 3/8 for the pocket, went to the Pocono Pike and did well for second. STORM SURVIVOR spotted leaving, then moved 5/16 to the lead nearing turn two, had the winner come to her down the backstretch, stayed just about even until early stretch. OOH REAL GOOD wanted to go on for the lead but was persuaded by the rail horse to take a tuck, not all that much along the inside late. SURE R LOOKIN GOOD was carried up third-over but couldn’t enter the main battle. LOUNATIC took back to tuck fourth, gapped in quarter two, no factor the last half. SERENA SAID went up nicely behind the winner, did not tip wide for the stretch, made a break midstretch. THE OTHER PAIR gapped at the back.


NINTH RACE – 53.3 first half, 59.1 back half, and the 7-8 horses at the ¾ finish 1-2 … CAVIART CALE was fourth-over, stormed four-wide late turn and easily ran down the faltering front end. I’M NO PANSY was a gapping last past the 3/4 but then gained as the pace slowed, widest late and finished well. JOJO’S PLACE was looped leaving and went on, put up fractions of 26 and 53.3, held off the midrace challengers, but was understandably tired late. ASTAIRE was third-over, out to three-wide but was blindswitched past midturn, had to wait for the top two to go by and then finished picking up ground. RADLEY HANOVER went right to the top to the first turn, forced a 26 quarter before yielding, likely bottomed out by the wild pace. CALVERY HILL was looped and got in fifth 3/16, not a late presence. HULKING closed an early gap by the half, was second-over, well-placed three-wide midturn but just didn’t have any left. GUMPTION was forwardly placed in the wicked half, went first-over before the 5/8 but was fading into the far turn.


TENTH RACEDONT JUDGE A BOOK made the lead to the first turn and yielded 3/16 for the pocket, stayed just off the contested pace, to the Pocono Pike and won handily. VODKA ON THE BEACH shut a hole on turn one, gapped third-inside much of the last half, then found pace in the Pocono Pike and made up ground on the winner when coming clear late. CENTURY ENFORCER was between horses and looped, briefly had cover 1/8 to 3/16 then out on the rim raw, right in the leader’s face throughout, was extraordinary game to miss only a length. RICKYBOBBYNTHEHAUS went three-wide to the first turn and proceeded two-wide to the lead 3/16, set the pace with pressure, not enough. MOTIVE HANOVER was third-over, stayed two-wide, appeared to be going what he could upper stretch then may have been shut off late. SCIROCCO MISTYSAID moved second-over past the 3/8, three-wide past the 5/8 and stayed three-high the duration, flattened in the last 1/8. LOVE THE ACTION was never prominent. BEN ROCKIN gapped at the ¾. CECIL CASANOVA was last at every call.


ELEVENTH RACEKARETS went right to the lead, forced tucks and parked horses, in solid control while going a fast time for this class. EL PESCADORO spotted, sat third-in, outside near headstretch after the winner had gotten away, OK for second. NATURAL KEMP was caught inside, to the Pocono Pike and gained some for third. SIMPLY VOLO raced away well and got the pocket, bottomed out in the last quarter. MANDELA BLUE CHIP was third-outside behind the parked horses, was stuck behind them and went inside on the far turn, took the last check. CHELSEES A WINNER was three-wide to the 1/8 then took back to follow cover, tried to go around the parked horse to the ¾ but faded alongside on the turn. CRESURREY was looped, in gear to the 3/16 but was given the cold shoulder by the strong winner, fading before the ¾. TOTAL DIVA galloped 50 feet before the start.