Connors’ Comments for Sunday, May 5, 2019



SUNDAY, MAY 5, 2019


FIRST RACE – High to mid-50s through the card, and “sloppy +1” throughout … P H KENNY left inside of two fast starters and maintained the pocket, snapped out headstretch and quickly went to the lead. CARMENS BEST left between horses to 1/8 command, kept a challenger parked out the duration, shook that one off on the far turn, not enough for the winner and just held second over ARTFUL BLISS. The latter stayed fourth-in, swung wide early stretch as the outer tiers clogged, finished solidly. BIG DUTCH was third-in, had a bit of trouble at times keeping tight-up. AN THE THUNDEROLLS stayed inside and got the last check. THE CATAMOUNT KID was blindswitched behind mired cover on the turn, ducked in, not that much. CC’S DESIRE rode outside the whole way, third-over, four-wide midturn but had too far to come for even minor awards. UNDERTAKER was three-wide leaving then had to take the air two-wide, faded past the ¾. RIVER RUNS DEEP was outside midpack early, went up to second-over, went three-wide ¾ but had little.


SECOND RACEKINDA LUCKY LINDY started uncovered 3/8, speed-grinded up and went to the lead ¾, drew away. ALEXANDER HANOVER was three-wide to turn one and two-wide to the 3/16, on top, yielded for the pocket, came clear headstretch as a horse drifted out, clear but distant second. NOBLE ANTHONY was outside behind the winner but couldn’t stay with him 5/8 and uncovered thereafter, OK for third. LET’S BE HONEST set the pace with two moves, rated the half but couldn’t handle the speed of the winner ¾, drifted out headstretch and tired. CHOCOTURE came up the inside for his 6.5%. PRETTY EDGY was shuffled some on the turn, moved outside in the lane but didn’t offer much. MARCH AWARENESS moved out third-over to little effect. CADILLAC CRUISER broke just before the start.


THIRD RACEKC RAMBUCTIOUS BOY was behind fine cover second-over, raw ¾ as his cover cleared, strong to the wire to go past that one. YOU GOT TRUMPED was underway off the second turn and paced strongly past the 5/8 to clear ¾, good if tiring some late. BIG TOP HANOVER was wide and took back all the way to last, got in the backstretch flow, three-wide late turn, flattened some but far ahead of the others. RELENTLESS DREAMER spotted third, shuffled to last then outside but couldn’t keep up. HES GONE BADDER yielded for the pocket, was badly shuffled when the pacesetter gave way. AMERICAN CHROME was directly in front, received a challenge late backstretch and had nothing left with which to fight.


FOURTH RACERICH AND MISERABLE was a bit off the gate and was in hand two-wide early while the leavers resolved themselves, then in gear 3/16 to command nearing the 3/8, under pressure from MUSCLE FASHION but stayed in control. The latter came out past the ¼ and was left raw 3/8 as the winner cleared, unafraid to go up and challenge, very gamely to hold second over NOBLE PRIZE. The latter grabbed the early lead, yielded for the two-hole, a bit loose at several points the last 5/16, settled for third. AUTEUR HANOVER backed out to what became second-over, gapped cover on the turn, so-so. CHIEF JUSTICE spotted fourth to the 3/16, then backed out to third-over, three-wide later on the turn, not much gain. CHRISTOPHER CRAZO got early position, was shuffled back, outside to clear a gapper on the turn then back inside, not very much late. DANCE HALL BOUNCER raced into the pocket 3/16, started to gap out 5/8. J S PEYTON ran an 1/8 before the start.


FIFTH RACETULLOW N was innermost of three leavers, got the wide one to take back then yielded to the middle one past the ¼, only to retake 3/8, clear most of the last half and won under a hold. REAL LUCKY N lived up to his name, coming all the way up the inside and finishing well in the Pocono Pike. CALVIN B was between horses most of the ¼, finally to the top past that point, yielded just past the 3/8 for the pocket, not tight in same most of the last half, lasted for third. R N NATE stayed in. outside late turn but had no gain. MATT MAJOR moved outside late backstretch but faced clogged outer tiers, had to go four-wide past midturn, little shot from there. WYNBERG COURAGE N was not away well, no factor. ONE TO DRAW TO was three-wide past the 3/16, then was able to tuck third off the first turn, came back out for more past the 5/8 but couldn’t gain. JK HEAVEN SENT was out raw at the half, had little, got cover that didn’t flow, three-wide turn but just clogged that lane.


SIXTH RACE – Drizzle, and the start of a stretch tailwind … QUIET GIANT was three-wide early to third at the 1/8, uncovered at the ½ and grinded, moved up on the turn, got the job done in a slowing last quarter. STORMONT HANOVER got the pocket early, a bit loose down the back then tighter ¾, to the Pocono Pike to the lead midstretch, couldn’t quite sustain. SKIDAWAY swung wide in the stretch and was going fastest of all late. CAJOLE HANOVER set a pretty good pace, couldn’t sustain to the wire. KANDY KORN stayed in, gained midstretch while never clear, then shut off nearing the wire. SARAH’S HALL was second-over but couldn’t do much late. HOUSE HUBBY went offstride just before the start.


SEVENTH RACEBLAISE MM HANOVER sat the pocket trip, pulled out late on the turn, and went to the lead handily. ZERO THE HERO came up the inside late backstretch, to the Pocono Pike and outfooted TJ BLAST for second. The latter was in front before turn one, set the pace without much opposition, couldn’t make the lead stand. SWELLENDAM stayed inside, angled out early stretch and was gaining at the end. CLASSIESISTAR N came out behind dull cover 5/8, never factored. CHINA KING and GOTTA LOVE HIM were always near the back. SOUTHERN ALLIE vacated the 3-hole 5/8 but made no progress before retreating.


EIGHTH RACEWATKINS was looped, on the move past the 1/8 to take control before the 3/8, shook off the first-over then held off the inside charge of CRAZY CAT. The latter was second-over, ducked back in ¾ when cover no longer advanced, into the Pocono Pike, narrowing in but couldn’t quite take it all. MUSCLE AVE was on the lead near the 1/8, carried the winner a ways then yielded before the 3/8, out headstretch but lost a little ground. PERFECT STICK was third-over, three-wide mid-far turn, some late speed. KRISTY’SGINGERGAL was last, widest in the lane but too far to come. CHARLES VII had little, came in VI. MR HOUDINI left well, yielded, moved raw at the half, all done ¾.


NINTH RACEAMERICAN MERCURY had some speed, moved out and came with a rush in front of the stands, briefly three-wide before the second turn and went on to the lead at the half, much the best in here. BAY MEADOWS got the lead, yielded 3/16, came back out past the 5/8 and proved best of the rest. AMERICAN MUSIC was on top 3/16, yielded past the 5/16 then quickly regained the lead only to quickly surrender it to the winner at the half, couldn’t keep up in the last quarter. IDEAL CHILL had cover the first 3/16 then spent almost that much time uncovered to get the lead, saw two go by by the half, angled two- and three-wide late turn but did not gain, far ahead of the rest. TAKETHEMONEYANDRUN stayed inside and got the final payday. CIRRUS DE VIE was far back with sluggish cover, wide a long way on the turn with little chance. MARC MELLOW MAN spotted midpack then was not heard from again. MR HEAVEN was outside but was never close. ABSOLUTE INTENT suffered “b.e.” early, was taken to the outside by the ¼, pulled up.


TENTH RACETWO AM started on the grind 3/8, was superior to these and just wore down the front end, drew away. TRUEMASS VOLO was outside past a fast ¼ to the 5/16 for the lead, had the hounding presence of the winner alongside just past the 5/8, held in there to beat several for second. MARION GONDOLIER moved fourth-over, four-wide in the lane and finished with strong trot. CHUCKABUCK was third-over, three-wide nearing the stretch, steadily. WINNING LYRIC stayed in and was shuffled to last, in tight quarters through the lane, gained some. P L ICABOD raced out for the early pocket, inside and shuffled, Pocono Pike but not too much. VERY VERY FAST went right to the lead and forced a tuck, yielded 5/16 for the two-hole, struggled most of the last quarter. CR BLAZIN BEAUTY had great cover but could not take advantage of it.


ELEVENTH RACESHAKE THAT HOUSE raced up into the 5-spot, came out behind cover, three-wide past the ¾ lest the leader get too far away, reeled him in with powerful strides to give Buter a sweep of the night’s four feature races. JM’S DELIGHT was quarter-mover #1, yielded, moved again and went by at the ¾, opening up some space, no disgrace in not being able to stall this winner. JK MUSICMAN was a bit off the gate, far back, yet swung widest and closed well. SHARK FLIPPER was out behind the winenr but couldn’t stay with that one. ALWAY’S CLOSE moved uncovered then got cover but couldn’t go with it late backstretch. HERVEY HANOVER was quarter-mover #2, was challenged late backstretch and had no response. WINKWINKNUDGENUDGE couldn’t keep up down the back. MARVALOUS FALCON went to the early lead, yielded to two horses past the ¼, fell far back.


TWELFTH RACETIGER’S TOO GOOD was third- then second-over, three-wide to the ¾ to two-wide raw midturn, was too good for FASHIONWOODCHOPPER. The latter was three-wide early then with cover, left uncovered raw and needed until nearing turn two to make the lead, set the pace, had to settle for second after the hard early usage. JUDY THE BEAUTY got going on the turn and went three-wide, closed well for the show. PANAMANIAN HANOVER yielded to the 3/16, stuck inside and shuffled, had to ride a blindswitch two- and three-wide the entire far turn, got between horses and had some finishing power. BROADWAY SISSY was four-wide late on the far turn, not bad nearing the wire. STAR STUDDED CAST showed some speed, came again uncovered towards turn two, tucked in the pocket past the 5/8 but was soon thereafter tiring. BOINGANATOR went to the lead 3/16, fought a foe for almost a ¼ mile before yielding control, empty towards the 5/8. DELI DELITE was in the two-wide flow, left uncovered 11/16 and couldn’t do much thereafter.