Connors’ Comments for Saturday, May 4, 2019




FIRST RACEHALLANET was on top early, yielded past the 1/8 and stayed right behind the front-end duel, went to the Pocono Pike and (in a 1:00 last half) got the decision for Brandon Filion. MOOSE MADNESS made the lead past the 1/8, elected to hang a 3/8 challenger and went a very fast half, lasted pretty well though second. GLOBAL ICE moved out to second-over 5/8, three-wide ¾ to two-wide on the turn, edged RAP SHEET. The latter moved out down the back but gapped and went back in, evenly in the Pocono Pike. PAGING DOCTOR TEO got the last check. DARTMOUTH HALL gapped in the fast pace. FRAC tried to gain while wide from the back but could not. WESLEY HANOVER moved before the 3/8 to challenge for the lead but was given the cold shoulder in hot fractions, faded ¾.


SECOND RACEWELL PLAYED OUT thought about continuing between horses past the 1/8 but then tucked, pinned in third then exploded when free ¾, had a big amount of ground to make up on the leader but had done so by headstretch, drew away. NAKED CITY forced two tucks and carried another foe to the 5/16, yielded but retook early on turn two, opened up a very big lead down the back and through the turn, but was inhaled by the winner, clear for second. STANHOPE had torpid cover and had to go three-wide ¾, won a three-way battle for third. MUCHO MACHO MAN was out on the far turn then ducked inside for the stretch and gained in the Pocono Pike. DANCING RUSTY was three-wide just past the 1/8 then two-wide to 5/16 command, yielded to the retaker, fell back throughout the last half. NITTANY NATION was never close. MYSTERY ISLAND started uncovered 3/8 but never got close to the front end. AROUND THE HORN LD left and had cover, tucked fourth 3/16, backed up in the last half.


THIRD RACESTRIKING ENCORE took advantage of track geometry to sit a pocket trip, outside stretch and went by C-O-TO BLUEGRASS easily. The latter started quickly going right to the top, no match for the pocket rocket but far ahead of the rest. AQUILLO was looped, took back to tuck third 3/16, couldn’t go with the top two in the lane, but well ahead of the next horse. GWALLY was uncovered heading into turn two but never got remotely close to the lead. SHE’S UNCORKED gained on turn two when horses pulled to follow cover, but couldn’t reach the top three. SWISS PLATINUM never entered the picture; nor did CELEBRITY LAMBO. UNDICI spotted fifth to the 3/16, then was second-over, but gapped a horse not making much progress.


FOURTH RACE –Stretch tailbreeze picking up … EVER AGAIN left and secured the pocket, backed out behind the new leader ¾ and uncovered on the turn, proved much the best through the lane. FOREVERNALWAYS came out 9/16 and went 26.4 against the breeze down the back to go by ¾, held well after the fast third split. FRANKY’S BEACH BOY got into a 4-spot past the 1/8, gapped 5/8, outside late turn, just third over PREPPY ART. The latter got a quick start and set the early pace, under siege down the backstretch and tired ¾. SOME PLAYA and ASPLODE HANOVER were never contenders. NICOL SHARD N broke just before the start, did catch the back of the field but made no further progress. ROCKME SOCKS OFF developed some sort of problem 3/8, fell back and was pulled up.


FIFTH RACETIME OUTA JAIL was away second then quarter-moved and went 28 in the second split, in control of these to the wire. CLASSIC PLAYTER was quickly on top, yielded for the pocket, outside stretch but couldn’t gain, did hold second over PIER HO EXOTIC. The latter stayed in, had a chance for the place up the Pocono Pike but couldn’t make it. KEYSTONE SERGEANT was far back early backstretch, went around a gapper and caught the main pack, outside later on the turn, next. SHORT REIGN vacated third to go raw 9/16, never got closer than the wheel of the winner, tired in the stretch. BAMAKO DU BOCAGE had very little. NICOL SHARD N jumped just before the start.


SIXTH RACEPEMBROKE WILDCAT was away third, quarter-moved and set the pace, fought off a far turn challenger and drew clear. JOE LARRY N CURLY was underway from last and got all the way to second-over, wide in the stretch and put in a very good race for second. NOX VEGAS BLUECHIP was uncovered past the 9/16, worked up to the leader nearing the ¾ and battled that one through the final bend, gave way a bit. PEMBROKE JOEY was on top leaving, yielded for the pocket, fell back bit by bit the last quarter. ROARING REI went three-wide on the turn, up for the last payday while far back. MESSI N was gapping early. LOGAN HANOVER raced up into the pocket 3/16, started gapping past the ½. ROYAL COURTIER fell way back in the lane.


SEVENTH RACELUCKY COLBY, the longest shot in the field at a $10.00 mutuel, retucked past the very fast half (55.3, last half = 1:00.1), came up raw 11/16 and went right to the lead on the turn, drew away. ANDOVERS TOUCH moved 5/16 and took much of the frontstretch to clear to the lead, went a very quick midmark time, couldn’t put up much of a fight when the winner came past the ¾, clear second. LIONBACKER KIDD was three-wide leaving and two-wide much of a 27 quarter to get the lead, yielded nearing turn two, started to get loose ¾ and was at a jog at the wire. CASINO CUTIE IT broke at the start, came a long way in the last 1/8 to make it close for third. CANT U SPELL went out to the front, yielded 3/16, suddenly slowed sharply near the half.


EIGHTH RACESPORTY SPOOK A was well-placed behind a fierce front-end fight, wound up second-over, three-wide past midturn, took the lead midstretch and was home first. ARTACHE HANOVER was well back of the lightning fractions, came four-wide off the turn and finished in overdrive (though into a slackening pace). LORD OF MISRULE got an early spot, was on the move at the quarter but was left out to dry well past a 54.3 half to the 5/8 and had to go on with more pressure coming, held well after the difficult journey. HERE COMES SWIFTY raced from between horses to the pocket 3/16, stuck behind a tired one to the ¾ and then came out in a blindswitch on the turn, dove back inside late turn and regained good ground. WESTERN ALUMNI was in a great flow but couldn’t go enough. HALL BRO tucked fourth at the ¼, moved out and was left uncovered 5/8, went up to challenge, but gradually weakened the last 1/8. MAKE IT BIG and BADIX HANOVER were gapped at the back. ROCK THREE TIMES was four-wide to the first turn and three-wide 3/16, then went on to the lead, kept rolling and kept an early challenger outside until the 5/8, then yielded and had no more left.


NINTH RACEOPTIMIST BLUE CHIP was looped, had cover to the 3/16 then pressed on and took until nearing turn two for the lead, kept up fast fractions, tried hard in the stretch but drifted out and put a wheel under MEADOWBRANCH RICKY inside 50 yards out, crossed the wire first but disqualified for impeding progress (over four hours before it happened in Kentucky). The latter was underway to the half, retucked third, came back out ¾ and continuously gained, may have been going by before his wheel was hooked and he had to be grabbed into severely to clear the wheels. PUERTO RICO tucked, backed out and retucked, along for a no-factor third. ELDORADO OF GOLD S was out at the half, in at the 5/8, out again on the turn, so-so. OSPREY VISION wasn’t a factor today. ARCHIBALD was looped early, went up to 3/16 command, hung a foe the next quarter mile before yielding, started going loose from the leader late far turn. IDLE BONES N was never in it. KEYSTONE BODACIOUS made the top going to the first turn, yielded, started gapping at the half and was passed by the back part of the field down the backstretch.


TENTH RACEGRANDPA DON used the rail to maximum effect, putting a foe behind then letting another one go to sit the two-hole, wait until the stretch then was strong in the Pocono Pike and took the “brunch card” finale. ONE MORE MIRACLE was three-wide early to the lead before the 1/8, rated the half, got some backstretch pressure but shook it off, couldn’t stall the winner, well ahead of the rest. VISIBLE GOLD started uncovered past the 3/8, put some heat on the winner, couldn’t go with the top two but won a three-way picture for show. TERROR O was third-over, stymied by a sluggish third lane and had to swing four-wide past midturn, charged home well. PAYDAZE A ROCKIN was between horses early, worked in third 3/16, not prominent late. CATCH MY SHADOW was not heard from. FREAKY FLYER was second-over, three-wide past the ¾ but with very little. SPORTY MERCEDES was last, five-wide headstretch but couldn’t get into it.