Connors’ Comments for Tuesday, April 30, 2019


 TUESDAY, APRIL 30, 2019


FIRST RACE – Stretch tailwind … SUCH AN ANGEL kept three foes outside almost to the quarter then put them in behind him, set the pace, drew clear ¾ and won in hand. OPTIMIST BLUE CHIP took back to get into the pocket 3/16, couldn’t keep up late backstretch, came back some after the winner was shutting down. MASS PRODUCTION advanced second-over then tucked in fourth, out in the stretch and OK. PHANTOM RUSTY was uncovered 5/8 and retucked around a gapper, didn’t have all that much late. KARETS was four-wide to the 3/16 then gradually took back to settle fourth past the ¼, shuffled some then joined the outer flow to go past the gapper, little late. PITTSTOP KIP was three-wide to the 3/16, then took back to tuck third at the ¼, unplugged from the 9/16. E L PLATINUM trailed then broke past the ¾.


SECOND RACEEVER AGAIN went to the early lead before the 3/16, yielded just before the quarter to sit a nice trip behind a fast pacesetter, came out in the stretch and took the measure of that one. NORTHERN ASSASSIN A had some cover early then went on to grab the racetrack just before the ¼, rolled on at a good clip, held well but had to settle for second. ACHILLES BLUE CHIP was third-over in a dull flow, went wide and closed well for the show dough. OUR DRAGON KING commenced first-over just past the 3/8, got a nose ahead of the pocketsitter to the 5/8 but never got closer to the lead, tucked ¾, tired some. IAMMRBRIGHTSIDE tucked, then sat in and was shuffled, gained in the Pocono Pike late. A BETTOR HAT slotted fourth to the 1/8, stayed in, moved outside in the stretch but couldn’t offer much. ARI ALLSTAR was second-over, uncovered on the far turn at a distance, no factor. ROCKME SOCKS OFF was off the gate and never featured. CHINA KING left, yielded, fell back in the last half.


THIRD RACEKIMBERLEE was looped leaving, stayed in the two-wide path and gradually made the top before the 3/8, set the pace, all out at 1-20 to hold off I CHOOSE YOU. The latter left well to the lead, kept looped rivals parked, then yielded to the 3/8, stayed connected, tried the winner in the lane and almost got there. LOTUS SEELSTER was second-over behind the parked horse, three-wide 5/8 to two-wide towards the ¾, tucked third late turn, edged YOGA PANTS. The latter tailed the show horse, did pretty well. BODACIOUS BECKY was not a big factor here. LOVE LOVE ME DO was in the pocket early, inside, couldn’t keep up ¾. JUICE HANOVER was looped and three-wide much of the ¼, then with then without cover, got even with the pocket horse 5/8 but tired 11/16. ASK QUEENIE sat in, shuffled on the far turn, broke in the stretch.


FOURTH RACENEW IDENTITY got carried up nicely by an energetic first-over, three-wide midturn, just outfooted GLOBAL REVOLUTION to the far inside. The latter went on to 3/16 command, yielded before the 3/8 for the pocket, to the Pocono Pike, may have gotten a nose up midstretch, just missed. BILLIE BLUE was third-over, found his best strides late and was closing well. MISSUS MIA WALLACE was forwardly-placed early, stayed in, gained through a tight sliver much of the latter stretch. EL PESCADORO was first-over towards turn two, got up to the leader in the 30.1 backstretch (into the wind and the slowest quarter of the race), held well. CRESURREY backed out to fourth-over, wide with cover on the turn, too far to come. STITCH IN TIME left and yielded, inside, not enough at crunch time. ITSGOODTOBEQUEEN was very wide early, took until almost the 3/8 to make the lead, under pressure, engulfed in the lane. MANDELA BLUE CHIP was not prominent.


FIFTH RACEANNIHILATOR left and was on top past the 1/8, yielded to the brusher to sit the pocket, a bit loose on the turn then closed into the 27.3 last quarter in the Pocono Pike and was up nicely. NOX VEGAS BLUECHIP quarter-moved in front of a parked horse, got a reasonable middle half, but was outsprinted home. JOE LARRY N CURLY stayed inside, had stretch room, OK. DENVER SEELSTER was three-wide early going around a sluggish horse, never found a hole and advanced raw, right at the leader later backstretch, held remarkably well considering the long distance route. ARTFUL BLISS made the lead to the first turn then yielded, slipped out 5/8 when the second-over gapped, three-wide mid-far turn, not enough. LETTUCEROCKU A never featured. GRAND THEFT was in the original flow, had to circle a stopper down the back, never in contention after that. ROYAL COURTIER was always far back. SONNY THE SHARK was outside the duration, getting cover mid-first turn, fell back to the 5/8.


SIXTH RACEMATTER HATTER was forwardly-placed, outside ¾ and kept on coming at the new leader, all-out to catch CHARLIE ONA HARLEY, with GNap winning five of the first six. The last-named horse circled horses to command, yielded past the ¼, popped out to the 5/8 and went around the leader, had a clear advantage past the ¾, almost lasted. HALLANET was behind not the greatest of cover, swung wide in the stretch and had some finishing kick. GLOBAL ICE was looped and three-wide to the 3/16, pressed on to the lead past the ¼, surrendered immediately when challenged to the 11/16, gradually tired. RED MAPLE LANE was uncovered on turn two, never got close to the lead but went on evenly. MUSCLES ON FIRE never made his presence felt. SHIVERED was far back with cover on the far turn when he made a break, placed for breaking rules violation. TROPICAL SPLASH AS was never in the picture. DOLCE DUCCI was looped and between horses, tucked, fell back the last half.


SEVENTH RACEALBANY GIRL went on to the lead into turn one, rated the half, held sway with pressure on both sides through the stretch. ATTENTION HANOVER was three-wide early, into the pocket 3/16, had her shot inside the winner, came up just a little short. BRING ME DIAMONDS was away in good order, third-in, to the deep Pocono Pike, didn’t miss by much. SHELLIE DE VIE was uncovered coming to turn two, gradually worked up towards the winner, and would not go away through the stretch. GLENFERRIE BRONTE N stayed in, blocked on the turn, angled wide the first half of the lane and closed well in the second half. MOCHA MAYHEM moved out past the 3/8 and was second-over, looked all-out to hold position the last 3/8, couldn’t factor late. ALWAYSALITTLEMORE was not on the main radar. DEWAR N SODA was far back. SHEER TALENT started the cover flow early and wound up third-over but gapped late backstretch.


EIGHTH RACEWAR CRY HALL raced into the pocket, to the Pocono Pike and went by handily. SIMEON was three-wide towards the first turn, on top 3/16, rated the half, didn’t have as much late as the pocket rocket. MIKEY LIKES IT had some speed, out of third uncovered 5/8, battled, held OK. NATURAL KEMP was behind a gapper, clear in the Pocono Pike after the first three were gone and finished OK. TW LAUXMONT moved outside 11/16, along for the last check. LE TISSIER had room to advance up the inside 5/8 but never closed the gap. SCIROCCO JAKOB and TEA PARTY POLITICS were always far back. POUND STERLING got in fourth 3/16, was moving outside into second-over 5/8 but broke.


NINTH RACECC’S MUNCHKIN checked a step when the horse in front of her broke at the half, then went on uncovered, couldn’t clear into the pocket until nearing midturn, but went inside headstretch and gradually wore down the tiring HYBRID HEIDI (first half 54.3, second half 58.3). The latter was on the move at the 1/8 but needed until the 3/8 to clear in a very fast half, kept rolling on a big lead until headstretch, then just failed to have enough energy left to reach the wire first. SHOCK N AWE and GLORIA PIERRE were far back, then both gained into the slowing tempo. BIG CHUTE was behind the winner, retucked third but couldn’t gain. LATE NIGHT DELIGHT was shuffled behind the gapping pocketsitter. TOPVILLE CAMARO was parked past the 1/8 for the lead, strung out the place horse to the 3/8 in the rapid half, immediately started gapping after that point. LANCO EXPRESS showed on top, yielded, made a break at the half.


TENTH RACEECLIPSE ME N was looped at the start and paced to the quarter with cover, then went on to 3/8 command, kept up a hot pace and finished strongly to turn back CAVIART ALLY. The latter also was looped, drove on to quarter command, yielded 3/8 for the two-hole, outside early stretch and gained in a 27 kicker into the wind but couldn’t quite reach a very sharp horse in her seasonal bow. BETTORHAVEANOTHER outsprinted everybody, pushed the ¼ and yielded, stayed in, not as much as the top two but a clear third. SALLY FLETCHER A was uncovered from the second turn, made a long move to get into contention, held on until the 7/8. VORST was never prominent. NERIDA FRANCO N backed out to get to second-over, faded late. JEWEL LEHIGH A also was not a primary consideration.


ELEVENTH RACEMUSCLE M UP was outleft but soon had the pocket and waited for the Pocono Pike, came home strongly for an easy win. INTEROVER left like a shot to get the lead, controlled the tempo with a soft middle half, outsprinted on the end. JEZZYS LEGACY came out of fourth 5/8, challenged, tired but held third. LOLLIPOP LINDY got to the 3-hole past the 1/8, stayed in then backed out to second-over, not far off third. CONWAY KELLYANNE gapped most of the way. SHOW ME THE MAGIC struggled the last 5/16. THE OTHER THREE were always the back third of the field.


TWELFTH RACEJUSLIKEAQUEEN left, reluctantly took the pocket 3/16, moved just after the heavy favorite cleared and got the top towards turn two, had enough to hold off two fast closers for a sixth, by George. ZERO TOLERANCE was three-wide nearing the first turn, then had cove most of the way to the ¼, rushed to command before the 3/8 then let a brusher go by and sat the pocket, outside stretch and did very well but had to settle for second. BYE BYE MICHELLE came out down the back but soon had to go three-wide as her cover retreated, two-wide on the far turn, kept on coming in a superior showing. WRITE ME A SONG angled out late turn and was moving well at the end. GIGI FROM FIJI wasn’t far away at the finish but never was a big factor. INTOVIEW pushed away very hard from the rail, finally yielded before the 3/8, started gapping 11/16. JAG OUT went raw at the half but soon came up paceless.


THIRTEENTH RACEMISS HILL was second-over, three-wide headstretch, took over past midstretch and came home very well. GATORS BEN WINNING was uncovered into turn two, gradually worked up until being head-to-head with the leader 11/16, got the lead soon after turning for home, couldn’t withstand the winner. ALL ABOUT MADI yielded 3/16, inside, spent most of the stretch angling to eventually the path behind the winner, all the time gaining. ENGLISH ROSE N gapped down the backstretch, then stormed through on the inside and was finishing nicely. POPPY DRAYTON N had an excess of cover, widest off the turn and made up ground from a tough spot. NORTHERN SWIFT was third-over, did not tip wide, evenly. CAROBBEAN PACETRY was out 3/16 to make the lead, yielded past the 5/16, pocket, Pocono Pike, not much response. CHECKERED PAST never factored. SIDEWALK DANCER was three-wide to the 1/8, with cover the next 1/16 and then raw again to go up and get the top past the 5/16, got pressure late in the backstretch, tired through the stretch.