Connors’ Comments for Monday, April 29, 2019


MONDAY, APRIL 29, 2019


FIRST RACE – In the upper to mid 50s during the card … Wind a stretch headwind to start … CAN DO went to the top, yielded before the ¼ to sit the pocket, to the Pocono Pike and trotted right to the fore. CARTIER ZETTE slipped out before the ¾, cleared a blindswitch headstretch and finished well. NOBLE ANTHONY gapped off the main pack to the ¾ then came all the way up the inside steadily. CAJOLE HANOVER was three-wide to the first turn, tucked third, so-so in the lane. IDLE BONES N went into the path behind the place horse, did not come clear until past midstretch and then had some gain. LIONBACKER KIDD was parked most of the quarter for the lead, rated the half then had pressure the third quarter, gave way. ANDOVERS TOUCH came uncovered past the 3/8, put pressure on the leader the entire backstretch, stayed close until early stretch. CELEBRITY LOVER was behind gapping cover, went three-wide 11/16 and was wide the duration, flattened. MASSIVE TALENT was second-over but soon was gapping.


SECOND RACEDD DELICIOUS went around an early struggler and tucked third, then came out off the first turn and took over control by the 3/8, clear the last half with a good last quarter. DLITEFULACQUISTION hustled right to the lead, yielded 3/8 for the two-hole, did not keep tight on the pacesetter most of the last half but lasted for second. BARBS BEACH stayed pretty well connected, outside headstretch but didn’t gain. MAMI HANOVER made up a lot of backstretch ground to get into the top four, ducked inside in the lane, OK. BEAM M W did not stay tight most of the way; BINDSAY gapped the gapper in front of her. THE OTHERS all never reached contention.


THIRD RACELIVINONTHEDASH worked up to the lead before the ¼, had some pressure on the far turn but saw that rival break, easily through the lane. CASH DELIVERY was quickly on top, pushed the winner most of the 1/4 then yielded for the two-hole, couldn’t gain on the winner but held the rest well at bay. CAESARS CRAZY moved out late backstretch, swung wide and was good late. ARGLBARGL HANOVER got an early spot, then struggled to stay tight most of the rest of the way. PEMBROKE GOAL was outside in the two-wide flow but gapped. KRENTLER HANOVER moved with cover then lost it 9/16 to a miscue, made a nice backstretch move to challenge the winner but then broke midturn. HILLOFAMISTERY came uncovered at the half but jumped it off 9/16.


FOURTH RACESWEET SISSY LOU took control from the pole and put everybody in behind in a 26.2 opener, rated the half, had pressure from BA BA BA BANANA from the 9/16 and maintained the advantage to the wire. The latter kept a hole closed early, went uncovered into turn two and reached the outside of the leader by the 9/16, never went away with persistent pace, good mile. OOH REAL GOOD left, finally did get in the pocket at the ¼, stayed reasonably close, couldn’t gain late. SURE R LOOKIN GOOD sat in, outside before midstretch, a bit on the end. VIRGINITE was third-over behind dull cover, had to go three-wide, couldn’t reach. SERENA SAID gapped second-over. SLICKEST COLBERT was behind a bad gapper, made a break on the far turn. CATSHARK kept falling further back.


FIFTH RACESIMPLY VOLO tucked fourth at the 1/8, started the outside procession before the half, got to retuck in the pocket to the 11/16, outside stretch and just did wear down QUIET GIANT. The latter worked to quarter command, set the pace, held very well to just miss. LINDY’S BEST YET was forwardly-placed, slipped out behind the winner 11/16, soon left raw, tucked inside late turn, clearly third. MARAT was blocked inside, weaved clear and was next. BAMAKO DU BOCAGE could do little in the second tier; STEALTH HANOVER tried to go three-wide around the one with little success. DONATO’S WISH was far back. SHE MATTERS left well, yielded for the two-hole at the ¼, started to gap before the 5/8.


SIXTH RACESCIROCCO MISTYSAID was outleft but still made the pocket relatively easily, came out for the stretch and just did work by ASTAIRE nearing the wire. The latter was away with a whoosh from the outermost post, controlled the tempo, just missed to the pocket rocket. SET SAIL HANOVER maintained forward position, OK along the inside late. FIND ONE MORE was looped, worked inside 3/16, shuffled a bit, outside to midstretch and had a bit on the end. RADLEY HANOVER was out behind poor cover, three-wide 5/8 to two-wide raw 11/16 but didn’t get close. MARCO BEACH was inside and shuffled far back, tough spot. L DEES HAWKINS pulled uncovered but never made the front half of the pack. GUMPTION was away last, followed the sweeper three- then two-wide, back three-wide on the turn when offstride.


SEVENTH RACENEXTROUNDSONME tucked fourth at the 1/8, content to wait until before the ¾ then moved out and gained rapidly to have the lead headstretch, drew away in fast time. PEMBROKE YOYO dashed out to the lead and had an open advantage to the ¾, was reeled in by the winner but was a clear second. PROTEAS was looped, made the pocket 3/16 and immediately was gapping, held for a distant third. KEYSTONE BENTLEY was forwardly-placed, little in the lane. STOP RESISTIN had a bit of trot on the end from way back. MARCH ON JOE never moved. BERLINER HANOVER gapped, then broke midturn. UNION JACK went offstride going to turn one.


EIGHTH RACENICOL SHARD N went right through to command near the 1/8 and didn’t let anybody pass, a safe winner. AMERICAN CHROME was way off the gate due to a break but caught the field by the 1/8, moved 5/16 behind the parked horse, three-wide before the 5/8 to two-wide raw after that call, outside the winner, very game to the last step. CLOUDED VISION was three-wide early, took the pocket 3/16, not enough in the last quarter although a clear third. GOTTA LOVE HIM sat in, was shuffled then got out far turn, next. STARS BACK AGAIN was along for the last check. RACE ME VILLA was never prominent. ALWAYS B MAGIC stayed connected until gapping to the ¾. ROCKIN IN THE HOUSE never entered the picture. ASPLODE HANOVER was out with cover when making a break 3/16, recovered and went forward, tiring from his efforts down the backstretch.


NINTH RACECAYENNE VICTORY took control from the pole, got a slow half, never in doubt. RIDINONARAINBOW sat the pocket trip, held OK late. CASH CALF had cover to the 1/8 then eased in fourth 3/16, inside in the lane, OK. BRIARWOOD BELLE was uncovered going into the club turn, didn’t advance too much. TRIXEE DEVIE offered little. SIGILWIG was about seven lengths off the gate, caught the field but could not climb back into it. MOTHER BONNIE lost gait before the 1/8. SABRINA DEO made the inside past the 1/8, looked hard to handle at times, moved outside to challenge before the ¾ but soon broke.


TENTH RACEDOVER DONY left between horses and was looped, made the lead nearing the ¼, got his own way on the front, won fairly easily. CHAPTER AND RUTH outleft everybody from PP9 at 75-1, yielded to the winner for the pocket, not really a contender for the win but did hold second over MY LINDY WINNER. The latter spotted midpack, second-over just before the half, three-wide past midturn, closed steadily but could not reach. HAMMER CREEK was uncovered just prior to the half, never reached the front ones, next best. KEYSTONE THUNDER left, sat in, could not offer much late. THE OTHER FOUR were never anywhere near the main action.


ELEVENTH RACEBRANQUINHO was away no better than fifth but used the rail and a breaking foe to emerge with the pocket, then quarter-moved, went on and opened a hole for a foe against the wind, stayed in control to the wire, very good. I’M NO PANSY was uncovered before the 5/8, did well to be second. CAVIART CALE was third-over, three-wide past midturn and closed nicely. JOJO’S PLACE was wide then with cover early, then took back to tuck, second-over, blindswitched far turn, next in line. DALI DEO stayed in, shuffled some on the turn but did not contend with major minor awards. CECIL CASANOVA dashed to the early lead, yielded, gapped from the 3/8 onward. PRIMO CAPITANO was leaving but broke, caught back on and went up, was put into the pocket past the 3/8, nothing left to give from the far turn. DUNDEE HANOVER was rough early, then broke to the 3/16.


TWELFTH RACERACEACE was the only leaver, got his own half, was challenged into the far turn and again late, but proved to have enough to defeat OMAHA OMAHA. The latter moved out of third 11/16, got a brief pocket tuck midturn, then came out again, narrowed in and did well. ARCHWAY had the pocket almost by default in a lineup minus one, started to unplug before the ¾ but still got the distant third. GRAPPLE HANOVER took back early, was outside the mile, was never in the first half of the field until a foe made a break 7/8, good one-gear determination. BROWNIE made a break while fourth late on the far turn and went to the infield. THE OTHERS did not enter contention.


THIRTEENTH RACEA BETTOR BEACH came uncovered into turn two, went up in 27.4 to challenge for the lead, grabbed the advantage shortly into the stretch and won easily. DONT JUDGE A BOOK was three-wide to before the 3/16, got to the point off the first curve, yielded to a brusher, loose in the pocket down the back, came up the inside in the stretch to gain second. PURE SUNSHINE was locked in until late on the turn, roared three-wide and just got up over MOTIVE HANOVER for third. The latter got to the lead at the 1/8, yielded off the first turn, stayed in, outside late turn, stayed in the lane behind the winner, just missed show. LOVE THE ACTION was out of fourth going to the quarter, had to be urged to clear past the 3/8, got pressure down the backstretch, tired in the lane. THE OTHERS did not make their presence felt at crunch time.


FOURTEENTH RACEA REAL MIRACLE zoomed out to the lead at the 1/8 in a peppy quarter, slowed the half, sprinted again down the back, then was tested and just held off OOH BAD BOY. The latter also got a quick start then yielded for the pocket, went to the Pocono Pike and just missed it all at 32-1. BRAVO TEX N came uncovered before the half, one-geared it well though not a win threat. SANTIAGO STYLE raced into the 3-hole 3/16, evenly inside late. AWESOMENESS was second-over, blindswitched on the far turn, squeezed between horses late with some pace. MAC ANOVER never featured. ACE OF CLUBS was third-over, three-wide at the ¾, flattened in the stretch. THE OTHER TWO gapped at the back.