Connors’ Comments for Sunday, April 28 2019


 SUNDAY, APRIL 28, 2019


FIRST RACE – Sunny at first post, although much rain before the card had put the surface at “sloppy +2” for the evening … 45 degrees at post time, dropping to the high 30s; stretch tailwind to start … CHUCKABUCK was looped early, patiently went on to command just past the 3/16, was clear from the 3/8 onward, tiring late and his head cocked a bit to the right but not threatened. QUINCY BLUE CHIP was second-over behind nongaining cover, three-wide approaching late turn and closed well. MUSCLE FASHION was uncovered into turn two, never got close to the leader, stayed on for third. CHRISTOPHER CRAZO gapped down the backstretch, then went out towards late turn behind the 2-3 finishers, fair. NOBLE PRIZE could not enter the picture. PUERTO RICO made the front quickly, yielded for the pocket, was several lengths off the leader from the 3/8 onward. IFYA START ME UP couldn’t go with these.


SECOND RACENAKED CITY was fast away to command, pushed the favorite almost to the 3/8 then yielded, retained the pocket as the first-over could cross over following the leader’s break ¾, outside headstretch and went on by. DANCING RUSTY was looped, worked up to the pocket early, launched first-over early on turn two and was quickly at the leader, got the lead and the inside midturn after the pacesetter ran and went to the infield, good second after hard journey. WELL PLAYED OUT had cover, three-wide without cover much of the turn, came a long way. SB IDEAL IN ART sat in, fair late. CROSSFIREHURRICANE stayed in, out in a blindswitch late turn, had to angle to four-wide early stretch, had finishing kick. UNCLE LILE A was out most of the way, got cover before the half, gapped down the back. STANHOPE was never on the radar. NITTANY NATION was far back. MYSTERY ISLAND was double-looped, worked up to 3/8 command, challenged hard most of the backstretch, still on top ¾ when he suffered broken equipment and made a resultant “ex,” taken to the infield.


THIRD RACEALEXANDER HANOVER got early forward position, came out raw before the 5/8, went to the lead ¾, held off MIDNIGHT ZETTE. The latter was three-wide to turn one, then outside until tucking fourth just past the ¼, then second-over, uncovered early turn, continued on with determination (a good sign the track was off is that the last half here was 1:00.4). WESLEY HANOVER advanced inside down the back, then was out in a bad blindswitch late turn, had to await clearance between horses midstretch then had a good burst. UNDICI had dull cover, four-wide and not bad late. C-O-TO BLUEGRASS came out to the half, blindswitched 11/16, not a late factor. FRAC was two-wide to command, pushed a foe to the 5/16, yielded for the pocket, then was shuffled behind that one when he tired ¾. SKIDAWAY never got a call. HOUSE HUBBY was four-wide to turn one, went on to the lead 5/16 and set a relatively quick pace to the half, powerless when challenged ¾.


FOURTH RACECAPTAIN MALICIOUS went right to the top, rated the half, then dashed home in 56.1 – 27.3 most impressively. HERVEY HANOVER left for the pocket, kept pace until mid-far turn, held off FORDHAM SIXTY TWO for second. The latter was third-over in a nonflow, three-wide 11/16 and made a good move to get to uncovered far turn, kept on coming. STONELAKE was second-over behind a dull one, blindswitched, then backed out but didn’t have too much three-wide. SHARK FLIPPER was left behind in the last quarter. MARVALOUS FALCON took back early, was not heard from again. BRACKLEY BEACH went uncovered at the half but made little advance before retreating. BAY MEADOWS was away slowly and always last.


FIFTH RACEJUDY THE BEAUTY was the first to show and cleared to the inside past the 1/8, slowed the half then went on, didn’t appear to be in difficulty. SEVENTH HEAVEN raced up into the pocket, thought about quarter-moving then rethought, sat in the two-hole, inside stretch, neither gained nor lost ground. KEYSTONE CHARGER was three-wide leaving, tucked third at the 3/16, gapped a little down the back, OK to be third. CASINO CUTIE IT started uncovered towards turn two, ranged up to get to the flank of the winner, tired a bit in the last 1/8. FRANKIE MULLINS was second-over, raced slightly off his cover for much of the last half, not a factor. PIER HO EXOTIC closed a lot of ground early to mid-backstretch to get to third-over but couldn’t sustain the gain. CADILLAC CRUISER originally was third-over to the half but had little. CANT U SPELL lagged most of the second half. MARCH AWARENESS was still far back when making a break late on the far turn.


SIXTH RACE – Wind has died down …  THE WAYFARING MAN was three-wide before the first turn to the front past the 1/8 in a quick quarter, but then came under no pressure and commanded these to the finish. YOU GOT TRUMPED was in gear and got to third-over 5/8, three-wide with cover on the turn then wider, closed very well. PEMBROKE JOEY was third-inside, squeezed through a narrow opening late with pace. HES GONE BADDER went quickly to the front, yielded past the 1/8 for the two-hole, stayed close until the stretch. KC RAMBUCTIOUS BOY was close to his cover second-over, three-wide on the turn when that one stopped any progress, evenly. SHIPLAP was off the gate, gapped badly down the back. HORSING AROUND was not heard from; nor was LOGAN HANOVER. THE SPY had some early foot, moved raw at the half, fell back significantly in the lane.


SEVENTH RACEARUBA VACATION parked a foe most of the quarter and yielded, wound up third-in, started to sneak over a lane near headstretch, finally found clearance inside the first-over midstretch and responded with a burst to win a slow time with five horses within a length. KEYSTONE SERGEANT was second-over, three-wide midturn, steadily but outburst late. STORMONT MANPOWER was three-wide to the first turn, then raced with cover to the ¼, then forward to the lead 3/8, set a slow pace even in the conditions, could not last after hard early usage. GWALLY was outside most of the ¼ to get the lead, yielded 3/8 for the pocket, had a shot up the Pocono Pike, came up shy. SWISS PLATINUM spotted, then started first-up towards turn two, stayed right in the action to the wire. SARAH’S HALL backed out to fourth-over, three-wide with cover on the turn, didn’t reach. AQUILLO was third-over, also wide behind the place horse’s cover midturn, little. CODIAS ON THE MOVE tucked, was shuffled back, no factor.


EIGHTH RACEHICKFROMFRENCHLICK let the fast starter to his right go then went right up to gain the lead 3/16, rated the half, then sprinted home in 55 to keep Mark MacDonald’s colors clean – he had been in front all the way with his two dominant victors. AMERICAN MUSIC outleft the winner then soon let him past for the pocket journey, couldn’t keep up ¾, did last for the distant second. CIRRUS DE VIE gapped down the backstretch, Pocono Pike, couldn’t quite get to second. WEEKEND ATNANNIES was uncovered just before the half, put in a good bid during the fast third quarter but then tired. ABSOLUTE INTENT and MARC MELLOW MAN never got close. PREACHER OLLIE moved out 3/8 and got cover to the half, but soon was gapping it. DREAM OF FORTUNE was off the gate and fell further back.


NINTH RACEGOTTA MINUTE N tucked third, was able to back out to second-over past the 5/8, three-wide headstretch, very good late and along. BORDER CONTROL A made the top at the 1/8, rated the half then picked things up as challenged, held well in a stretch long duel. EASTEND EDDIE spotted first turn, then started uncovered 3/8, grinded, stood his ground firmly until very late. BAY RUM was inside, to the Pocono Pike, fair. RUFFLE UP was two-wide, so-so. BIG TOP HANOVER had a bit at the wire from way out of it. PEMBROKE WILDCAT did not feature. MISTER SPECIAL T sat in the pocket, gave up close pursuit past the 5/8. SWELLENDAM was always last.


TENTH RACETAG UP AND GO seemed to get the pace he wanted, drew clear. DI OGGI tucked third, moved out before the 5/8 as the pocket horse started to gap, couldn’t go with the winner but did defeat the others. MARION GONDOLIER was outside but gapping down the back, in gear on the far turn and three-wide off the bend, lost some ground straightening but then finished well. MR HOUDINI had the pocket, loose most of the last half although not totally fading. BOINGANATOR broke shortly into the backstretch before the start, caught the field quickly but then could offer no more. KRISTY’SGINGERGAL was offstride early in the race.


ELEVENTH RACEPARKIN IN HEAVEN worked up to the lead 3/16, slowed the half, then came home in 56.3- 28.1 to keep away her only late rival, LADY DRIVER. The latter went right to the point, yielded and sat a great trip, went to the Pocono Pike and stayed with the winner in the sprint home. BIRCH ISLAND BETTY vacated the rail ¾ but was spent turning for home. PENNYS DRAGON gapped at a couple of points. SPECIAL PRINCESS fell way back in the stretch; SAPPHIRE HILL fell way back during the last half.


TWELFTH RACEVERY VERY FAST was looped leaving and a bit rough, got into the pocket at the 1/8, able to get to two-wide past midturn as the outside front two engulfed the leader, swung wider and just caught PERFECT STICK. The latter was second-over, gapped almost the length of the backstretch then got tighter ¾, three-wide turning for home, took the lead early stretch and almost made the advantage stand to the wire. STAR STUDDED CAST was uncovered, put pressure on the pacesetter from past the 5/8, got the lead over that one ¾ but couldn’t clear him around the turn, submitted to the two right behind him. DELI-DELITE circled up three-wide on the turn from far back, good race. LUCKY COLBY raced into third at the 1/8, not too much late. PANAMANIAN HANOVER was third-over but gapped. HANKS TANK galloped just after the start. HOT SUMMER KNIGHT did not contend. ELYSIUM LINDY left very quickly to be in front, rated the half, was challenged late backstretch, kept a foe out on the turn but then had nothing left.


THIRTEENTH RACE YOUCANIKNOW got in third after the early trouble, moved uncovered 5/8 to challenge, cleared to the lead late on the turn, withstood GRANTMEAWISH. The latter spotted then went second-over, left uncovered later on the turn, finished steadily to just miss. STREET BOY inched closer up the open inside down the back, angled wide headstretch and finished with good speed. KEYSTONE PHOENIX left and got the pocket, swung back outside on the turn after the top two finishers went by, couldn’t regain contention. R BAZINGGA was wide on the first turn around the trouble, settled down but never entered into the main picture. BAMBINO JOE steered around the trouble, couldn’t do much from third-over. ART SCENE made the lead at the 1/8, went pretty good fractions on a rough night, tired the last 3/16. HEARTBEAT HILL was trying for early position when he went to his knees before the first turn and, while in a wild break before eventually falling, hooked the wheel of JK MUSICMAN, dumping that one’s driver Carlson. The horses at first glance were OK; the last race showed the drivers were OK, too.


FOURTEENTH RACE – Eric Carlson picked himself up off the track and hustled DERECHO right to the lead, forced tucks, and went all the way at 22-1, holding off BONDI HANOVER late. The latter raced forward, took the two-hole past the 1/8, came outside early stretch and was narrowing in late. DOO WOP HANOVER was uncovered 3/8 then got cover before the half, three-wide mid-far turn, had good late kick. MATT MAJOR sat inside, Pocono Pike, fair. R N NATE took a while to settle inside, then followed cover but gapped. FRANKY’S BEACH BOY tucked third, started first-up before the half but wasn’t a real threat before fading. THE OTHERS never had any direct effect into the outcome of the race.