Connors’ Comments for Saturday, April 27, 2019




FIRST RACE – Temperatures around 50o all night … OURLITTLEGENERAL A took back when the 1-2-3 horses all left, came uncovered into turn two, was allowed to proceed forward at his own pace, went by confidently in the lane. MILITARY MASTER A left from the rail and put everybody in behind him, not able to withstand the winner. SPORTSKEEPER had good cover second-over, held his place but didn’t gain much. NIMBLE AND QUICK sat third-in, to the Pocono Pike, so-so. BILBO HANOVER gained between horses in the stretch while not looking to be fully clear. DEALMAKER defended the pocket early, then was loose much of the second half of the race. IDEAL ROCKY gapped in last down the back.


SECOND RACEUNDERTAKER went out and yielded for the pocket trip 3/16, came out in the lane and needed late encouragement to get by CASHENDASH HANOVER. The latter made the top past mid-first turn, rated quarter two, held well but just caught, far ahead of the rest. P H KENNY moved out third-over in the half but got no flow, four-wide late turn and beat out the others for the very distant third. THAT MAN OF MINE was uncovered nearing turn two, never got closer than the flank of the pocket horse. CORNER CON ARTIST was second-over, three-wide past midturn, little. CHEYENNE REIDER had some speed, sat in, shuffled, out in a blindswitch then ducked to the Pocono Pike, not that much. SHARKY’S WAY was behind a wall of horses upper stretch. ONE MORE MIRACLE was very wide early, three-wide most of 3/16 before tucking third, empty ¾. SPORTY MERCEDES did not play a part in this one.


THIRD RACECARMENS BEST let and insisted on the top, went a big third quarter to open up a clear lead, much the best tonight. DUEL IN THE SUN left well, looked a little hard to put in the pocket nearing the ¼, started getting loose before the 11/16 but a clear second. TERROR O was second-over but got no help from his cover, three-wide through the final turn, came a long way to catch CATCH MY SHADOW for third. The latter was urged to keep up at the ¾ but didn’t have much response. GRANDPA DON was also far back and hindered by traffic, some pace on the end. ADMIRAL and A AND C ARTIST had little to offer here. FREAK ON A LEASH gapped inside. TWIN B WRANGLER was looped and three-wide early, settled in fourth, then came back out first-over before turn two but never got close.


FOURTH RACECOWBOY TERRIER was three-wide to the 1/8, then on top 3/16, had the first-over get only to his wheel for a second at the ¾, then dug in to just ward off BONFIRE BLISS. The latter made the lead at the 1/8, yielded 3/16 for the two-hole, stayed plugged-in, then gained in the Pocono Pike to just fail. CC’S DESIRE had some speed from the rail, yielded at the 1/8 then gapped in third at some points, evenly to maintain show. GOOD SIDE got a good ride behind cover the third quarter, wide headstretch, not all that much considering the trip. ALL MUSIC launched raw into turn two, went 27.2 down the back to get to the leader’s wheel ¾, held well. HUGH HEFNER N took back early, sat in, in close quarters through the lane. NATHAN FEELSGOOD was third-over, wide in the lane, fair. MESSI N was in the back throughout. BIG DUTCH didn’t go enough the last half.


FIFTH RACEPAPRIKE BLUE CHIP was four-deep to turn one, made the lead 3/16 and set the pace, equal to the challenge of ROCKIN CELEBRATION. The latter was away inside of a few leavers and forced all but the winner in behind, yielded for the pocket, stayed close but couldn’t go by to the inside. MAJOR PEPPER was way out of it, did well to come a long way and be the distant third. FOREVERNALWAYS tucked, struggled to keep up down the back, outside past midturn, fair. AN THE THUNDEROLLS tucked, first-over past the 5/8 but couldn’t sustain his bid. BETTER BANGBANG and ROYAL COURTIER never entered the main picture. SPANISH ART was last when breaking past the half.


SIXTH RACETYBER TYKE left defending the pocket, then quarter-moved, firmly in control here. BLOW A CLOUD N blew past the field early, yielded for the pocket, outside headstretch but lost ground, did retain second. MAJOR TRICK worked into the 3-hole nearing the quarter, gapped a bit at a couple of points, to the Pocono Pike, just held third over WESTERN ALUMNI. The latter was far back, advanced inside as the outer tiers clogged, OK late deep in the Pike. ARTACHE HANOVER was third-over in a dull flow, four-wide headstretch and finished well. RIGGLE WEALTH was second-over, gapped, tighter ¾ and three-wide midturn, ineffective. COLE PORTER N was always near the back. MAKE IT BIG was underway raw nearing turn two, all done on the far turn.


SEVENTH RACEBRO HANOVER left three-wide to the lead at the 1/8, let a looped horse go, tried to retake 3/8 but was rebuffed and sat the pocket, had success up the inside in the lane. SIR PUGSLEY was between horses early, looped, made the lead in a fast 5/16 and went on to prevent a retake, held well. DRUNK ON YOUR LOVE sat in then backed out to second-over past the 5/8, found his best strides very late. OWOSSO FLASH had some speed, stayed third-in, fair in tight quarters the latter part of the stretch. SI SEMALU came a long way uncovered in the third quarter, didn’t threaten for the win but held his ground well late. ROCK THREE TIMES and WESTERN DELIGHT N gapped. ANWAR HANOVER was off the gate and had lost contact early.


EIGHTH RACEWAGON MASTER made the lead fairly quickly, hung a foe to the 5/16, then played give-and-go, set a fast pace, drew clear throughout the last quarter. WARP FACTOR THREE was outside 5/16 before making the front, yielded right away for the two-hole, stayed close to the ¾, finished far ahead of the rest. SANATTLE SLEW kept the pocket closed from the 1/8 to the 3/16, sat third, started gapping down the back, held off a pair for the distant third. TRACK MASTER D was behind the gapping show horse, went to the Pocono Pike, couldn’t advance much; CONCUR also took the inner route and went to the deep Pike but couldn’t finish higher. GALLERY OPENING was third-over in a torpid flow, three-wide ¾, tough spot. CLASSY HILL tucked fourth at the 1/8, then went uncovered before turn two, never even reached the wheel of the pocket horse. UNCLE COZ was second-over, blindswitched on the far turn, far back.


NINTH RACEBETTER B ROLLING was the first to show, yielded, third at the quarter, got room to come up the inside all the way to the pocket ¾, outside before midstretch and caught SOMEBEACH BARON. The left accelerated between horses going to turn one and made the lead 3/16, forced a tuck, was being challenged into turn two when that foe made a break, rebuffed the first-over, held well late in a race with a lot of energy at 38-1. BASS PLAYER hustled to follow the 3/8 brusher but then was left raw at the half when that one broke, made a challenge down the back, was rebuffed, just third over MONTY’S PLAY. The latter moved outside, gapped and was third-over, three-wide at the ¾ to two-wide past midturn, fair late. JK PRIDENJOY was three-wide 3/16, could work his way into the pocket, backed out to follow the first-over past the 5/8 but didn’t have much left and ducked back inside midturn. PEDIGREE BLUE CHIP never factored. SONG CYCLE SENESE was shuffled way back, never entered the picture. BUNKNDUNK came with a rush before the 3/8, was head-to-head with the lead nearing turning two but broke on that curve.


TENTH RACETURBO HILL charged right to the front and would not give up command, forcing his main rival into the pocket, rated the half then turned on the speed, gamely kept SPORTS LEGEND at bay. The latter, starting outside the winner, took back to accept the pocket 3/16, waited until the stretch, took his best shot, very good but not quite enough. DIVISION BELL raced forwardly, couldn’t go with the top two the last quarter, edged AFLAME HANOVER for third. The later was buried near the back, angled wide late turn into the lane and came on very strongly late. DAKOTA OLE moved with cover, retucked, not enough for these; same to be said for UNDER PAID. AMERICAN ADMIRAL made an uncovered bid starting at the 3/8, got to the saddle pad of the pocket horse before starting to back off to the ¾. R U TALKIN had cover leaving, then uncovered, got in fourth in front of the stands, then backed up. SPRINGBRIDGE PROUD was last when making a break.


ELEVENTH RACESCOTT ROCKS barreled out between horses, took the pocket before the 3/16, came out behind the clearing first-over just past the ¾, sharp in the stretch for the win. MARINER SEELSTER stayed in and advanced some, out behind the winner into the stretch and finished well. TIGER THOMPSON N was three-wide past the 1/8 before tucking third towards the wicked opener, then came raw into turn two and went his own third split in 26.3 to clear before midturn, tired after a very tough mile. STARS ALIGN A was the innermost of three leavers and was determined to set the early pace, earning that right via a 26 opener, slowed the half, couldn’t go enough to keep the chalk from clearing past the ¾, but kept on chugging thereafter. LACHIE MAGUIRE N sat in, gapped 5/8, did get the last check. ROCKIN RON ducked behind the speedy trio for a tuck, then got a second-over trip but could not keep up. ROCKEYED OPTIMIST was third-over, gapping 5/8. HEREHECOMESAROCKIN wasn’t arockin tonight.


TWELFTH RACEHITMAN HILL left with intent, made the lead and was unrelenting with the speed, equaling his own fastest mile of the local year at 1:50.1. ARCHANGEL THREE was urged early and responded by racing up into the pocket, stayed attached, neither gained nor lost ground late behind the fast winner. BIG GAME HUNTER stayed in and got a good trip, got a bit closer to the place horse late. SAMS TRIPLE CROWN was mired fourth-over behind nonadvancing cover, had to come very wide and got the distant fourth. IDEAL WHEEL got a midpack spot to the 3/16, uncovered going to the half then got cover late backstretch, three-wide later on the turn, evenly. DULL ROAR stayed in and made no noise. ROBBIE BURNS N left some, vacated third going to the 11/16 but never gained much. VEGAS ROCKS gapped third-over, broke late. LOCKTON LUCK A gapped at the back.


THIRTEENTH RACEWAR-N-MUNN left for the pocket, awaited his chance, to the Pocono Pike and had the necessary pace for victory. NORTHERN VIRGIN was third-over, three-wide midturn blindswitching the chalk, closed well. ALLSTAR PARTNER sat in, went right to the deep Pike and had decent pace. IWILLMAKEYOUSAYWOW was flushed uncovered 3/8 and went right up to battle the leader by the half, had ¾ of a length to the good 11/16 but could not clear, tired some. BLAYDE HANOVER cleared to command past the 1/8, had high heat come at him at the half and was driven past midstretch so that the outside challenger didn’t clear, tired some in the lane. MIDWAY ISLAND was fourth-over, had too far to come. BEYOND DELIGHT stayed in, was blocked through the lane. THE DARK SHADOW was three-wide early, tucked fifth 3/16, moved 3/8 and got cover, gapped it most of the backstretch behind a duel then got closer, was blindswitched mid-far turn and had little response late.


FOURTEENTH RACENINE WAYS was away alertly from the pole, quarter-moved in front of the parked horse then had him outside from after the ¼ to past the 5/8, then picked up another haranguing presence in MAXDADDY BLUE CHIP, good to withstand that one. The latter was on the move before the half, brushed in 26.3 down the back going three-wide around the out-the-mile horse 5/8 to take up uncovered, very good but couldn’t go by. CENTURY CHURCHILL was three-wide to the 1/8 to the lead 3/16, yielded right away to the winner, gapped a bit ¾, to the Pocono Pike, held off BRUCE’S MAGIC for third. The latter tucked from between horses early, was behind the show horse, went to that one’s inside in the lane and almost got third. ONE TO DRAW TO went frontward belatedly and was left out to dry, was looped to the 11/16, continued on very gamely. MAYFIELD DUKE got to the outer tier but couldn’t make an impact. CITY HALL and GERARD N MO were never close.