Connors’ Comments for TUESDAY, APRIL 16, 2019




Connors’ Comments



FIRST RACE – Temperature drop through the card, the biggest midcard – the range will be from 60 to 48 … Stretch headwind, dying down later … WINTERESS was away second then moved 3/16 to gain the lead, opened up down the backstretch in a very fast 3/4s and won for fun. PITTSTOP KIP quickly cleared to the lead at 91-1, yielded to the winner, couldn’t stay with that one from the 5/8 but outperformed the rest. INUKCHUK CHUCK was second-over, three-wide late on the turn and photoed out LIONBACKER KIDD for third. The latter retucked around a gapper and caught the main pack the latter part of the backstretch, into the deep Pocono Pike, fair. CRESURREY retucked around a struggler in front of the stands, then advanced inside, to the Pike but not much on the end of it. ITSGOODTOBEQUEEN tucked fourth, then went first-up nearing turn two, was side-by-side with the gapping pocket horse, then fell further back the last 1/8. SCIROCCO JACOB offered little. FRENCH MONI was well off the gate, then broke on the first turn. KINETIC KING was third when making a break due to broken equipment just past the 3/8, was pulled up.


SECOND RACESHEZALLAPPLES A defended the pocket on the first turn, was able to slip out to second-over 11/16, three-wide to headstretch, hit overdrive midstretch and finished strongly in a fast mile. MISS HILL gave the 3-hole 3/8 to clear the road, came out uncovered and rushed up to command 9/16, momentarily looked good in early stretch but then was outblitzed. ICY IYQ spotted, then moved behind the place horse, left uncovered 9/16, couldn’t sustain in the lane. GATORS BEN WINNING took early control, forced a foe to back off and tuck, yielded to a rusher 9/16 but stayed connected in the pocket, tired the last 1/8. DEWAR N SODA gapped in the lively flow coming off turn two, finally ducked in, not a late factor. CC’S MUNCHKIN never featured. MY SISTER LUCIE was four-wide early, got to two-wide but could find no hole until the 3/8, tired in the last half. SNAPPY DRESSER gapped outside down the back, then broke midturn.


THIRD RACETOWN HALL JUSTICE made the lead at the 1/8, yielded to the ¼ but reclaimed command in front of the stands, maintained a safe advantage to the wire. CAYENNE VICTORY tucked third after a foe broke to the 3/16, went around a tired pocketsitter to the ¾ and moved back inside, raced well to the wire. TRIXEE DE VIE gapped early in the backstretch, joined the flow around the fading horse, just held third over TALKOHOLIC, who raced right behind her then switched inside for the stretch. SWAN MOTION offered little. RIDINONARAINBOW was out to gain early position but broke. MOSHANNON MAGIC was very wide early and three-wide to the 1/8, then two-wide to a stinging 27.1 quarter, relinquished to the winner, started to fade before the 11/16.


FOURTH RACESPRINTER N made the lead at the 3/16 and was firmly in control during the last quarter. WICK N slid an early tuck, was pinned in by gapping cover to past midturn, then angled wide and finished well. LONDON SEELSTER tucked midpack, then gave a tuck to clear a path, went first-over 3/8, held very gamely after the long uncovered journey and was far ahead of the rest. THE WAYFARING MAN left well and yielded for the pocket, started gapping going to the ¾. WESTERN BAYAMA was outside going to turn two but was never able to get tight on his cover. SIMPLY SUSATIONAL N was three-wide leaving then moved down a lane, was outside until the 5/16 then got an inside spot, no factor thereafter. THE REMAINING THREE were far behind.


FIFTH RACEFADE INTO YOU was looped and pressed on to the front later on turn one, tapped late backstretch to keep the uncovered foe out, then drew away in the last quarter. LOLLIPOP LINDY came raw past the 9/16, got to the winner’s wheel to the ¾ then could gain no more, maintained second. DAWN OF GLORY moved outside, raced slightly off cover, finished OK. GYPSYROSE DE VIE inherited the pocket when an opponent broke at the ¼, stayed tight on the winner until the ¾, then had no more to give. MEADOWBRANCH VICKI outleft everybody, yielded to the winner, then made a break at the ¼ and was taken to the infield. BLOW BACK broke at the start, caught the back of the back, faded, then made another break in the stretch. WINNING GENE was misbehaving in the middle of the turn before the start.


SIXTH RACEARTISTS RUFFLES was away in good order and stayed connected in third, outside past midturn after the chalk broke, gradually found enough steps to take the victory. GOOD SIDE was right out to the lead, forced a tuck, didn’t encounter much midrace pressure, maintained the lead deep in the stretch but was shortstriding a bit late. CECIL CASANOVA took the pocket to the 3/16, went to the Pocono Pike, OK but came up short. RACE ME VILLA stayed in, was gaining late. HORSING AROUND came a long way in the latter stages to get the final check. STANHOPE came out, couldn’t keep up and went back in. I’M NO PANSY and ODYSSEUS BLUE CHIP never made an impact. SANTIAGO STYLE was uncovered at the 3/8, hit a better gear past the 5/8 and was close to the pocket horse when he made a break before midturn.


SEVENTH RACETHE SPINSTER N was three-wide early, settled in third, on the move raw early on the second turn and charged up, went right on by the pacesetter while going her third quarter in 27.2, had a broken strap on her right side turning for home, tiring and bearing out but had enough to last to the wire. IAQUINTA left between horses and went on to the lead 3/16 in a fast quarter, pushed a foe to the 3/8 and yielded, in, to the Pocono Pike and gained as the late pace slowed down in an improved showing. HIGHLY THOUGHT OF advanced inside as the outer tiers floundered, moved out in a blindswitch to headstretch but found her path blocked and ducked back inside, made up ground deep in the Pike late. ASK QUEENIE had cover but gapped it soon past the half, remained uncovered, didn’t threaten for the win but went on respectably. JUICE HANOVER salvaged the last payday. BODACIOUS BECKY made two moves early and gained control of the throttle 3/8, was bumrushed early backstretch and yielded, urged before the ¾, gave way in the lane. LOTUS SEELSTER was stuck behind bad cover, four-wide into the lane, little. FILLY FORTY was second-over, went three-wide 5/8 but just clogged that path. HEARSAY had a problem before the ¼ and was pulled up.


EIGHTH RACEGLENFERRIE BRONTE N was three-high to curve one, had brief cover then pressed on and finally secured the top 3/16 in a fast half, strongly. SHESAIDHESAIDISAID stayed connected in fourth and was second-over, three-wide later on the turn, steadily for a clear second. GIRLOFYOURDREAMS moved out on turn two but took the turn badly, better down the back, three-wide just off cover on the turn, inside in the stretch and held third. JERICHO DIVA was three-wide the last quarter from way back, did well. SHOCK N AWE left a giant gap much of the way, then didn’t appear to be clear in the stretch trying to split horses. VICTORIA’S MUNKY was outside, blindswitched far turn, little. YS TALLIA was last most of the way. KJ’S CAROLINE hung a foe early then yielded, was forwardly-placed, came uncovered off turn two, little in the final split. NORTHERN SWIFT was out 3/16 before taking the throttle, yielded 3/8, empty at the ¾.


NINTH RACESIR JOHN F got a forward spot, out before the 3/8 and briefly with cover, then battled the leader until taking over 5/8, went on to the easiest of victories in a very quick clocking. ELDORADO OF GOLD S was second-over, three-wide on the far turn, along for second; FRANKIE MULLINS tracked the place horse and got the show dough. ANDOVERS TOUCH angled wide in the stretch and was moving well late. INNER PEACE was two-wide among four leavers, tucked in fourth, went out was raw 5/8, advanced, then tired some. BETTER CALL SAUL was three-wide to the 1/8 to the lead, then pushed a foe just past the 27.1 opener before yielding, retook in front of the winner then yielded again after a struggle, started falling back after letting the winner go. CADILLAC CRUISER was never in it. FOX VALLEY ILIAD was four-wide to about the 1/8, then kept going to the lead just past the fast first quarter, yielded, not much left from midbackstretch. TW LAUXMONT made a break approaching turn two.


TENTH RACE – The fractions displayed were incorrect; official fractions were 27.1, 55.1, 1:23.1, 1:50.2 … TEQUILA MONDAY wanted to set the pace and did so with two moves, stormed home in 27.1 most impressively. ECLIPSE ME N was briefly wide early then got to the lead before the 3/16, yielded, did a fine job staying as close to the winner as she did. SALLY FLETCHER A had a bit of gate speed, sat third, lasted for that finish position. MAINIFICENT sat in, went to the Pocono Pike but couldn’t gain in the battle for lower honors. ELLA CHRISTINA slotted fourth 3/16, then led the outer charge going to turn two, gained in the third quarter then backed off in the fourth. MISS IRISH ROSE A was always far back. BYE BYE MICHELLE started outside before the 3/8, wound up third-over, three-wide mid-far turn after cover gapped, no factor. BETTOR’S UP didn’t have much from second-over.


ELEVENTH RACESPRING IN PARIS came out nearing the second turn, got cover past the half, lost same at the ¾ and continued on to challenge, able to catch CRITICAL HANOVER late. The latter was the first to show, yielded, back out raw off turn two and went by at the ¾, held her ground with gameness. ROYAL ESTEEM made the top at the 1/8, pushed a foe most of the next quarter mile before yielding, then was shuffled on the turn when the pacesetter tired, to the Pocono Pike and came on well in a hard-luck mile. WHIP N NEIGH NEIGH was third-over, struggled a bit on the turn then was a little better late. NORTHERN DREAM sat in and was shuffled to last, fair late. NICOLE HANOVER was double-looped early, worked up to command before the 3/8, had no answer for the challenger ¾.


TWELFTH RACEVORST made the lead 3/16, let a brusher go 3/8 for the pocket, to the Pocono Pike, passed the leader then held off closers. ROSE RUN TONI gapped the first half, then went up second-over, three-wide headstretch, found her best stride a little too late. JAG OUT tucked third behind two early fighters, then brushed 5/16 to the lead 3/8, under pressure from the 5/8 onwards, held well. NARCIAN JEWEL pushed the winner to the 3/16 and yielded, moved out midturn then ducked back in and used the deep Pocono Pike, closed solidly. SIDEWALK DANCER came out of fourth early in the backstretch and rushed right up to the leader, tired a little. THE OTHER PAIR did not enter into the main disputation.


THIRTEENTH RACEHILLOFAHORSE left, forced one tuck then let another foe go to sit the two-hole, outside early stretch and trotted home strongly. INTEROVER left, had early cover, then left raw 3/16 and went to the lead an 1/8 later, set a slow pace, outsprinted on the end but clear of the rest. INAPERFECTWORLD took the early pocket 3/16, inside, to the Pocono Pike, fair. SHOW ME THE MAGIC and WILDFIRE SEELSTER avoided the outer tiers and got the last checks. BROADWAY BRUISER moved second-over but gapped from the 5/8. P L LAVIA moved raw from midpack entering turn two, quickly moved up but only got to the leader’s wheel, stayed there until late on the turn. THE OTHER PAIR were stuck behind dull cover.


FOURTEENTH RACEJUSLIKEAQUEEN was looped, methodically went to the front past the ¼, set a fast pace and proved herself much the best here. ALWAYSALITTLEMORE sat in, moved out into a blindswitch 11/16, backed out of same past midturn and swung four-wide in the stretch, finishing fastest of all from a hard spot. INTOVIEW was stuck behind tired horses inside around the final turn, to the Pocono Pike and finished with spark. ATTENTION HANOVER was out the duration, most of the way uncovered, never threatened the winner but held her ground well. BRING ME DIAMONDS was third-over, three-wide past the 11/16 the rest of the way, not bad for the last check. CULINARY DELIGHT N outrushed everybody from PP9 and made the lead quickly, yielded to the winner, gapped out ¾. EDEN PAIGE N backed out 5/8 to get to be second-over, soon not keeping with cover. SHEZ SUGARSWEET A was forwardly-placed, little in the last quarter. SHEER TALENT moved before the ¼ to follow the parked horse, gapping at the 9/16.