Connors’ Comments for Tuesday, April 9




FIRST RACE – High down to low 60s during the card; stretch headwind … DEWAR N SODA stayed in then backed out in front of a gapper to second-over 5/8, wide in the lane and got the lead in the last 100 feet. HOOVES ON FIRST started raw just past the half, one-geared it up, never had the lead but kept at her task steadily. JERAMAYA left and yielded for the two-hole, to the Pocono Pike and got a short lead midstretch, couldn’t sustain. ICY IYQ was well behind the first six midbackstretch, circled two sluggish ones then ducked inside, to the deep Pike and kept gaining rapidly, might’ve been shut off just before the wire. BODACIOUS BECKY went down the road at a pace of her own choosing, couldn’t make the lead stand up. WHEN SHARKS FLY stayed in, evenly. TOWNLINE NANNY was outside, gapped, back inside later backstretch, then two- and three-wide nearing headstretch, couldn’t gain enough. THE OTHER TWO were never close to the main action.


SECOND RACE CLOUDBREAK was quarter-mover #2, had cover then went up to get in front before turn two, left these well in the red dust in an impressive maiden breaker. HOT SEAT got around a gapper early backstretch and advanced, outside midturn, got past two tired ones for second. CAN WE DANCE was quarter-mover #1 to the lead to the 3/8, yielded, gave a good bit of ground in the lane. FIND ONE MORE was three-wide leaving and looped, continued on to the lead at the ¼, saw two go by in quarter two, also had nothing left to give in the lane. CECIL CASANOVA was four-wide leaving and circled foes to the lead by the 1/8, yielded, came back out just before the ¾ but had no response and ducked back inside, finished with “b.e.” NORTHBROOK RON and I’M NO PANSY were far back. JERICHO WILLIE started to gap just past the half then soon broke.


THIRD RACE INTEROVER was never behind, set a very fast pace on a huge lead under a hold, a little tired late but an acre ahead of these. INAPERFECTWORLD left for the pocket, was already gapping before the 3/16 but plugged on behind the wicked numbers and held second. BROADWAY BRUISER held on for third. SOUTHWIND STORM moved three-wide late on the turn and passed SHOW ME THE MAGIC, who had little to offer late. SKYWAY RAPTOR got around ST PATRICKS DAY, who was gapping badly by the 3/8.


FOURTH RACEMACMORRIS HANOVER was away third, retucked around a rough pocketsitter towards the ¼ and stayed tight behind a quick pace for these, went by BAG O CHIPS in the lane. The latter went fast quarters in the wind-aided odd-numbered panels, held well. CLASSY GUY was three-wide on the far turn from far back and edged KRENTLER HANOVER, who went evenly, for third. BIG MONEY HONEY moved outside into turn two, gradually advanced to the point he could retuck third past midturn, fighting to hold that spot when making a break midstretch. SINISTER HANOVER left for the pocket, got rough on turn one and ceded the pocket to the winner, started gapping more and more 11/16. TEAGAN HANOVER settled inside at the 1/8 then soon lost connection with the field.


FIFTH RACEMY SISTER LUCIE was the innermost of three strong leavers, yielded past the ¼ but immediately retook, opened a clear lead nearing the ¾ and stayed clear. VICTORIA’S MUNKY moved out second-over, three-wide when cover started to flatten ¾, steadily. GIRLOFYOURDREAMS was part of a threesome way behind the top five 5/8, but rallied very nicely (though the last quarter was not fast). CLASSIC CAN DREAM was uncovered off turn two, stopped gaining ¾. LOTUS SEELSTER made up some ground for the last check. HIGHLY THOUGHT OF was three-wide past the 1/8 then two-wide to the lead at the ¼, yielded for the pocket, lost contact at the ¾. IAQUINTA left between horses, tucked third, not heard from thereafter. HEARSAY left a big gap past the half.


SIXTH RACEEYORE HANOVER was on top just before the 1/8, opened up at will the last 3/8. PHOTO BOMBER was away to defend the pocket, lost contact with the winner down the back, held on for a very distant second in a picture over QUIET GIANT. The latter retucked on the far turn, not bad finishing. SERIOUS SAVANNAH also retucked on the far turn, so-so. CLASSICAL CAVIAR gapped a gapper down the back, empty the last ¼. BUFFALINO HANOVER raced up to third early, struggled 5/8 and broke ¾. SARAH’S HALL was far back. STEALTH HANOVER was looking at leaving but broke. KIRTY DREAM tucked fourth, then broke 3/16.


SEVENTH RACEMISTER LIVAN N stayed in until just past the 11/16, then gained slowly but surely to decision SONNY THE SHARK. The latter pulled the pocket 5/8 and went to the lead quickly, tough but had to settle for second. ROYAL COURTIER quickly got to the top, rated the 1/2, couldn’t keep the backstretch brusher out, just lasted for the distant third. HORSING AROUND was outside, gapped, evenly late. RACE ME VILLA trailed most of the way. NURSERY AD gapped out from third 11/16.


EIGHTH RACENICOLE HANOVER was outleft and went up between horses, got the lead 3/16 and yielded 5/16 for the pocket, stayed tight then was sent to the Pocono Pike, had a solid response and earned the victory. MEADOWBRANCH VICKI was three-wide just past the 3/16 to the lead 5/16, got a soft middle half despite fighting the first-over, came up a bit shy. WHIP N NEIGH NEIGH moved second-over, went three-wide headstretch, narrowed in steadily. TALKOHOLIC was first-up into turn two, battled the leader but not in a swift quarter considering the tailwind, gave way in the lane. SIGILWIG broke 50 yards before the start. KEYSTONE TASHA outleft everybody, yielded, developed a problem at the ½, was pulled up.


NINTH RACEBRING ME DIAMONDS went away quickly to the lead, yielded 3/8 to sit the pocket behind a steady pace, to the Pocono Pike and was along over ATTENTION HANOVER. The latter quarter-moved from fourth to the lead 3/8, had some pressure, didn’t last over the winner but held well. MOCHA MAYHEM raced out to the early pocket, stayed in third, looked to want to angle wide upper stretch then came between horses midstretch and did well. YS TALLIA raced two-wide most of the mile, three-wide late turn and stayed on steadily. GLENFERRIE BRONTE N came out third-over, blindswitched on the far turn, ducked inside in the drive but couldn’t generate enough. LIL MISS GORGEOUS never entered the picture. CLASSY CHAPEL N left and worked in third, then came out uncovered into turn two, kicked the plugs and gained down the backstretch but couldn’t sustain the move. VELOCITY LAYLA had little to offer the last ½.


TENTH RACEBYE BYE MICHELLE decided to utilize track geometry to advantage early, forced a tuck then hung a foe to the 3/8, vacated the pocket behind cover 11/16 and soon was left uncovered, gradually wore down ELLA CHRISTINA. The latter came out uncovered to the second turn, roared up in 27.1 down the back and cleared to the lead 11/16, almost sustained the advantage to the wire. JUSLIKEAQUEEN was five lengths off the gate at the start, worked back into it, was second-over but gapped the streaking uncovered horse, tried hard and gained to be the distant third. GOTTALOVEMYSHADOW stayed in and was shuffled to last, was three-wide on the far turn, not bad at the end. GINA GRACE N was outside but gapped and was blindswitched, ducked in in the stretch, fair. NARCIAN JEWEL was three-wide to the 3/16 and an equal distance before making the lead, had no answer when challenged late backstretch. JK JAZZITUP left between horses, took back to tuck behind the winner 3/16, shuffled to the ¾ and on the turn, but could not get back into it. POPPY DRAYTON N never featured.


ELEVENTH RACESPRING IN PARIS moved out from midpack early to follow a parked horse, shoved three-wide 9/16 after the leader broke, circled the parked horse to uncovered 5/8, challenged, made the lead early headstretch, carried on to withstand ROYAL ESTEEM. The latter left and yielded, could move up into the pocket after the backstretch breaker, made a good move up the Pocono Pike late. ALTERCATION stayed in and struggled to keep tight at times, moved outside far turn, third while not a win factor. RIDINONARAINBOW stayed in and avoided trouble, evenly. TOWN HALL JUSTICE worked to the front just past the 1/8, yielded 5/16 for the pocket, was able to come through avoiding the breaker 9/16 to regain the lead, was under pressure, held pretty well. REILLY K got a slow start, avoided trouble. IN A GODDA DAVITA was outside midpack early, then was left uncovered past the ¼, pushed a bit wide before the 5/8, done not much past that. NORTHERN DREAM was outside, gapped, forced wide when the parked horse faded, then broke. FADE INTO YOU was very wide early, worked up to the lead 5/16, jumped offstride coming off the second turn and went to the infield.


TWELFTH RACEVORST was kept outside most of the quarter, rated the half then sprinted home in 56 – 27.3 (the latter number against the wind, although it had calmed a bit late in the card), which was enough to hold off CULINARY DELIGHT N up the inside. The latter was right out to the leader, pushed the leader to the ¼ and yielded for the two-hole, to the Pocono Pike and gained, but not quite enough, good mile nonetheless. ALWAYSALITTLEMORE backed off leaving, moved outside 11/16 but ducked back in again on the far turn, next in line. SAIL TO THE BEACH was forwardly-placed, uncovered 5/8 but didn’t have too much in the fast back half. SHEZALLAPPLES A started uncovered before the 5/8, got cover, outpaced late. THE OTHER FOUR could not make their presence felt in the rapid back panels.


THIRTEENTH RACELOLLIPOP LINDY began a steady grind at the half and had got up to the leader near the ¾, very determinedly kept at her task to prevail here. RUN LINDY RUN was very wide early then two-wide and got the lead 5/16, set the pace, battled hard but the winner proved better tonight. DAWN OF GLORY came through going to the first turn, forced a tuck, then yielded for the two-hole, struggled from the 5/8. GYPSYROSE DEVIE showed first off the gate but couldn’t clear the rail horse and took the pocket 3/16, stuck behind a foe on the turn, to the Pocono Pike and not bad. MOSHANNON MAGIC stayed in then backed out to second-over behind the winner, but couldn’t go enough the last 3/16. ERIN ISLE was also gapping in the outer flow. WINNING GENE was offstride an 1/8 before the start. SWAN MOTION lost contact with the field past the half.


FOURTEENTH RACEP L ICABOD outleft everybody, got his own half, then came home in 56.4, urged from headstretch to midstretch, clear winner. ZAGSTER went away well to settle in the pocket, stayed tight until the last 1/8 in a fast mile for this type. SIR JOHN F was three-wide to the first turn, got in a 3-tuck past the 1/8, struggled the last ¼ but maintained the show. NATURAL KEMP inch-by-inch came up the inside in his gain. I WANT KANDY started uncovered just before the half but couldn’t reach. ANDOVERS TOUCH and NOBLE PRIZE were all-out to be close to staying with cover. THE BACK TWOSOME never featured.