Connors’ Comments for Monday, April 8




FIRST RACE – Spring has sprung – mid-70s for this card; stretch headwind (five of the first six races didn’t beat 30 home) … SPRINGBANK SAM N came out just past the 1/8 before a parked horse could lock him in, got to the lead past the ¼, opened up down the backstretch and maintained a clear lead even through a 31 kicker (which was vs. the wind). TIME OUTA JAIL stayed in, had to wait for the deep Pocono Pike, then closed steadily for the deuce. ANDOVER THE CASH gapped cover to the ¾ then hit a high gear and motored three-wide, steadily. ON THUNDER ROAD N was away slowly and gapped in last much of the way, three-wide well off cover on the far turn, then was moving fastest of all late. SIX BAX had the early pocket, inside, stuck behind a tired pocketsitter from the 5/8 to the 7/8, but not that much once clear in the pike. CHIPS STARR offered little. RUN AND TELL PAP went to the top, yielded early in quarter two for the pocket, couldn’t keep up 5/8. LUCRATIVE SON was outside midpack much of the way, then faded.


SECOND RACEROCK DIAMONDS N was three-wide to the lead at the 1/8, yielded at the ¼ then retook command, set a fast pace, won measuring in fast time for these. SIMPLY SUSATIONAL left between horses for a forward spot, came uncovered before the 5/8 and soon could retuck back in the pocket, stayed close to the leader but was not menacing for the win. CRUISERWILLWIN was out at the half, got cover, lost it, retucked third and held that position, far off the winner; OOH BAD BOY raced similarly for fourth. SOMETIMES SAID and Q ROCK were never prominent. SUCHASENSEOFHUMOR was stuck behind the fading pocketsitter for a ¼ mile starting at the 5/8 but doesn’t have too much once clear. ROCKIN THE HOUSE was four-wide to the 1/8, challenged and made the lead in a 26.3 opener, yielded for the two-hole, fell back from the 5/8.


THIRD RACECRUNCH left between horses for the pocket, stayed connected and well-placed behind embattled leaders in a rough third quarter, outside headstretch, got by the tough pacesetter for the win. WAY TO CLOSE was three-wide to the lead at the 1/8 in a quick quarter, had to battle the uncovered odds-on favorite from early on the second turn until past the ¾ but would not let him clear, gave ground very grudgingly after a hard trip. QUAKE BLUE CHIP left a substantial gap much of the way to the ¾, narrowed in, to the Pocono Pike and was almost second. CENTURY ENFORCER gapped a gapper at a couple of points, next. CAPTAIN CAL and BEN ROCKIN narrowed in a little as the pace slackened. BLUE ON BLACK left the outside leavers go, moved quickly 3/8 but was left out to dry despite being ahead by as much as ¾ length down the back, called it a day midturn.


FOURTH RACEMARCH AWARENESS gradually closed an early gap, uncovered just past the 5/8 and went to the lead midturn, the best in here. CONNIE KEEPER followed the winner’s cover, uncovered midturn, OK but couldn’t stay with the winner. P L KETCHUP was the early leader, yielded past the ¼, got shuffled when the leader tired but escaped fairly quickly, three-wide headstretch, evenly late. CELEBRITY LAMBO was well off the front most of the way, wasn’t bad in the last quarter. PRETTY EDGY was no factor. PEE WEE HANOVER gapped out 11/16. MUSCLES ON FIRE was looped, forsook the pocket and drove on to command past the ¼, readily surrendered past the ¾. CINNABAR HALL broke shortly after the start and continued to gallop, used the starting gate (on the far outside into turn two) as the final restraining force and pulled up.


FIFTH RACESHARKY’S WAY followed along loosely, moved outside ¾, ducked inside headstretch and rallied up the inside to take the decision. MCRAVEN gapped at times early, uncovered before the 5/8 then got cover, lost it again midturn, never got the lead but advanced gradually as the tempo slowed. HES GONE BADDER was quickly to the lead, pushed a foe to the 5/16 then yielded for the pocket, vacated same just past the 5/8 and went to the lead, crossing over midturn, good race. REDNECK FORTUNE struggled inside down the back, shuffled then out in a blindswitch headstretch, had to wait then cleared inside behind the winner and gained late. CORNER CON ARTIST was never a major player. ALWAYS B MAGIC was looped, refused a hole and went on to the lead 5/16, went along at a good clip, powerless when challenged ¾. THE OTHER TWO were not in touch on the far turn.


SIXTH RACEARCHWAY was away second then quarter-moved to improve positioning by one, buried these with a fast third quarter and was all alone. GRAPPLE HANOVER moved out 5/8 behind the parked horse, three-wide early on the turn and went on solidly through the last ¼. CASH DELIVERY was the only strong leaver, yielded to the winner for a pocket trip, started gapping early backstretch, still a distant third. CASH CALF and CRITICAL HANOVER stayed in to little avail. TRIXEE DE VIE was never close; nor was PAGING DOCTOR TEO. TRIXAR was three-wide to the 1/8 then took all the air two-wide, never got close, faded on the turn then broke in the stretch.


SEVENTH RACECON AIR HALL pushed the ¼, yielded and retook, much the best in here. WAR CRY HALL left between horses, went up to grab the racetrack at the ¼, then relinquished for the pocket, couldn’t keep up in the last quarter but held second. HAWAIIAN CANDO came out 5/16 uncovered, worked up but could only get alongside the pocket horse far off the leader, made a small break headstretch, recovered, continued on gamely, but was placed for causing interference while on the break. DANGEROUSDEWMCGREW was far back in last, followed cover midturn and four-wide headstretch in tight quarters, finished well. CAN DO was three-wide to the 1/8, got in fourth at the ¼, sat in, not much up the inside late. LAW OF ATTRACTION was underway at the ¼ and soon got cover, gapped it then better on the turn, pushed wide headstretch, so-so. STRIKING ENCORE raced inside, had little. GIN’S TONIC also had little effect here.






EIGHTH RACESEVEN KNIGHTS was between horses early, tucked third, moved out nearing the ¾ and outfought PHANTOM RUSTY to the line. The latter came through from the rail, yielded for the pocket, went to the Pocono Pike and got to even terms with the winner midstretch, not quite enough late. ELDORADO OF GOLD S was three-wide 3/16 then two-wide to the lead 5/16, went on at a good pace, not much left late. MIKEY LIKES IT moved uncovered 11/16, got cover not long thereafter but couldn’t stay with it, almost third. SWISS PLATINUM moved outside but gapped. NOW HELEN and C-O-TO BLUEGRASS couldn’t contend. GREAT KATE was away last and still last when breaking mid-far turn.


NINTH RACESOMWHERENBROOKLYN N was looped leaving and worked hard to get the lead 5/16, held off all second-half challenges. HEARTBEAT HILL moved out with cover then was left uncovered 11/16, fought hard with the winner outside on the turn then inside in the stretch but had to settle for place. GRAVE DANCER was not in a great outer flow, closed well to be a distant third. LATE NIGHT JOKE moved uncovered early backstretch, retucked in the pocket 11/16, then couldn’t keep up in the last ¼. NORTHERN ASSASSIN N was in a lively outside movement but couldn’t keep up. JUPITER JOHNNY was urged early and streaked right to the front, yielded 5/16 after pushing the winner, all done past the 5/8. THE OTHER TWOSOME never achieved major player status.


TENTH RACEASHLEE SPARKLES was three-high to the 3/16 and onward to the lead 5/16, made FINAL ESCAPE rethink a 3/8 move, set the pace, then held that one off in a 28.1 duel into the wind for a nice victory. The latter came through from the rail, yielded 5/16, looked to retake but retucked back in, out again for the stretch and narrowed, just missed. OOH REAL GOOD couldn’t go with the top two in the lane but was far ahead of the rest. DLITEFULACQUISITION and BARBS BEACH had to check mid-far turn when SAPPHIRE HILL, who had left between horses then took back, made a break.


ELEVENTH RACEGHOSTTOTHEPOST stayed plugged in, considered moving out to the half but stayed in when the uncovered horse came up with no one on her tail, able to ease out 11/16 and quickly three-wide ¾ to challenge two-wide midturn, proved to be the strongest late to complete a George Nap six-pack. CARDIFF was looped, methodically grinded up to the lead before the ¼, went a fast third split with the wind, gave way grudgingly. JK LOCKHERUP stayed in. outside headstretch, some late kick; LINDA LACE HANOVER followed the one most of the way and also had some late foot. CHARMS LITTLE SIS had a pretty good rally from three-wide during the latter part of the far turn. SKYHIGH AMBITION went right to the lead then yielded, empty from the pocket in the stretch. TAKE ABIT OF LIFE never got a call. MCCOOLEN tucked fifth 3/16, rushed up uncovered past the 3/8 keeping the winner inside, tired significantly in the last quarter.


TWELFTH RACEGIRL’S GOT RHYTHM tucked in a big hole fourth early, uncovered before the half, went in 26.3 with the wind down the back to fight the leader all the way to midstretch, where she finally got the lead, may have won a bit more easily than the margin may suggest. FLIPPING FUN moved out behind the winner ¾, had good kick but got in gear a bit too late. DISTURBED HANOVER went to the lead at the ¼, went a fast third quarter, couldn’t last in the last 1/16. SWEET SISSY LOU got around the first turn breaker, yielded for the two-hole, struggled in the fast third quarter, OK late. SEWONANDSEWFORTH was not away quickly, moved with the winner’s cover but gapped badly early backstretch and tucked back in, swung out again and then was three-wide late turn, not far off. FOOL ME AGAIN was gapping two-wide when breaking mid-far turn. BEAM M W offered little. ADORABELLA left right out to a clear lead, still on top when breaking 3/16 and was taken to the infield.