Connors’ Comments for Sunday, April 7




FIRST RACE – Mid 60s; some stretch headwind … STARVIN MARVIN was second-over, three-wide later on the turn, just up over ATOMIC SEELSTER. The latter had the early pocket, stayed in, decided to utilize the inside when the pacesetter bore out headstretch, just failed. WEEKEND ATNANNIES went right out to command, yielded, got room before the Pocono Pike as the pacesetter bore out, got the lead upper stretch, but couldn’t last to the line. CIRRUS DE VIE was third-over behind the winner, finished well. MARC MELLOW MAN angled all the way out to widest for the drive and gained. PREACHER OLLIE was blindswitched before headstretch, tried to pick his way through different slots in the lane, hard to evaluate how much was left. ALWAY’S CLOSE was three-wide to the 3/16 then tucked fourth, back out raw 9/16 and challenged the leader, faded in the last 1/8. CUZ IM ROCKIN quarter-moved, suffered “b.e.” but made the top, under pressure, bore out headstretch and gave way. BAY MEADOWS never got a call.


SECOND RACEONE MORE MIRACLE was content sitting third-in until late turn, then moved out and gradually wore down HYBRID HEIDI. The latter was looped leaving, went on to command in 26.4, also went a fast third quarter and drew clear on the turn, just failed to hold in a big showing in this class. NAKED CITY was quickly in front, yielded at the ¼ for the pocket, appeared bottomed out during the last ¼. GRANDPA DON gapped. MYSTERY ISLAND never contended. IC BRANDONSCOWGIRL started slowly and had lost contact before the half. MEAT LOAF came uncovered at the half, couldn’t reach in the fast 3/4s then broke into the turn.


THIRD RACEHIGGS BOSON went first-over from fifth early backstretch and steadily gained until making the lead late on the turn, had enough to prevail here. KEYSTONE THUNDER left some, backed out on the far turn and closed well through the lane. CHAPTER AND RUTH was three-wide to the first bend to the lead past the 1/8, yielded just past a fast quarter, was helmet bumping behind the pacesetter down the back, shuffled a bit late far turn, but only so-so once clear. LONDON HANOVER got a fine trip behind the winner but couldn’t take advantage. BLUFFTON was four-wide to the first turn, raced up to get the lead just past the fast initial split, conserved energy midrace but still had no answers at crunch time. BROADWAY MUSCLES was never a featured player. CAN’T WIN left between horses, took back, then gapped in the last half.


FOURTH RACECOWBOY TERRIER went out for the two-hole and sat a great trip, outside headstretch and went by nicely. JK HEAVEN SENT gapped much of midrace from third-in, to the Pocono Pike, second-best. PRETTY BOY HILL was quickly on top and strung out the field with fast odd-numbered quarters, but didn’t have enough in the lane. BELIEVE THIS BOB tucked fourth before the 1/8, inside, not too much the last 3/8. ZERO THE HERO was first-over going into turn two but never got close. GOTTA MINUTE N was second-over but never entered into it; nor did THE BACK THREE.


FIFTH RACEHAMMER CREEK stayed connected, moved outside ¾, had the most finishing and just caught DOVER DONY. The latter left for position, gave a pocket tuck to clear the road for a regaining move in front of the stands, set pace, disposed of his two nearest challengers headstretch but couldn’t stall the move of the winner in a tight picture. GOT NO MONEY HONEY tucked, pulled from fourth just as the third horse broke, so he retucked third, Pocono Pike, not nearly as much as the top two. TEARDOWN THIS WALL was parked between horses for 3/16 command, forced a tuck then yielded for the pocket, came out headstretch but had no punch left. BRANDYWINE BATTLE and PROTEAS were never in the picture. SILVER BUCKEYE was three-wide to the 3/16, then two-wide until making the pocket 5/16, started to gap down the back then ran and went inside the cones. RAP SHEET broke 3/16.


SIXTH RACEOWOSSO FLASH moved second-over off the second turn and ranged up to his parked cover, three-wide midturn, came home well and finally asserted himself late. R N NATE filled the pocket past the 1/8 and sat a good trip behind the front-end battle, had his chance up the Pocono Pike, good but not quite good enough. CARMENS BEST went down the road, with pressure from before the half, a bit tired late. WILDCAT HILTON could find no first turn hole so had to press on, raw the entire way, still pacing gamely late when he had to be taken in hand in tight quarters. CLASSIC AMERICAN N gapped at the ¾. DOUBLE AGAIN got a slow start and fell further and further back.


SEVENTH RACEHANKS TANK was looped, went up at the 1/8 and continued on to 5/16 command, withstood all challenges. TOTAL DIVA was away sharply right to the top into turn one, forced a tuck then carried the winner past the ¼, yielded for the two-hole, outside only in midstretch and gained a little late. PUERTO RICO left and yielded for the early pocket, inside, fair late. KANDY KORN was slow to get to the pegs, avoided traffic, fair finishing. NOBLE ANTHONY was third-over in a poor flow and had to go four-wide much of the far turn, finished well. DOLCE DUCCI never got a call. CARTIER ZETTE gapped second-over. TWO HIP DIP moved uncovered 3/8 but never generated enough power to get close to the winner, then tired. KEYSTONE SERGEANT made a break coming off the turn before the start.


EIGHTH RACEMAJOR BUCKS started uncovered into turn two and just paced a huge last half of 55.3 raw, going to the lead on the far turn and drawing away most impressively. WYNBERG COURAGE gapped much of the first half, then backed out to second-over 5/8, was left uncovered late turn, best of the rest. DERECHO had a speedy beginning, yielded 3/16 for the pocket, shuffled when the pacesetter gave way then could come up into a blindswitch late turn, split horses early stretch and was OK for third. CANBEC KINGKAZIMIR tucked early, was shuffled then backed out to third-over midturn as the two-wide tier was going by, three-wide headstretch, didn’t find his best strides until too late. SPEED AGAIN was out 3/16 before hitting the front, cut his own pace, came under serious pressure on the far turn and had no response. IDEAL TYSON A showed little. MAKE IT BIG started slowly, gapped.


NINTH RACECRESURREY pushed things to the first turn and yielded, uncovered 9/16 and challenged, put a head up late turn, saw off the challenge of KENNEL BUDDY. The latter was four-wide most of the 1/8, took back to follow cover then tucked near the ¼, came back out second-over behind the winner’s cover, three-wide headstretch, very good here. LAKEVIEW TAMMY was third-over, four-wide in the lane and finished well. HOME RUN TROT left between horses to the top at the 1/8, pushed then yielded 3/8, gapped down the back, to the Pocono Pike, not too much late. FRAC was three-wide to the 1/8 then two-wide and needed until the 3/8 to clear, came under attack 5/8, tired in the last 3/16. MANDELA BLUE CHIP went evenly. THE OTHER DUO were always far back.







TENTH RACEREBEL ROUSER was three-wide to the 3/16 then two-wide to the front off turn one, yielded before the 3/8 for the pocket, kept tight, outside late turn, had more than SHADOW CAT late with mild coaxing — impressive. SHADOW CAT was parked with cover to the ¼, went up to get the lead in front of the stands, set a good pace, held his ground gamely in a top showing. IDEAL WHEEL came through going to turn one, forced a tuck, yielded, got back to the pocket late turn and loomed in the Pocono Pike but flattened a bit. TITANIUM N dove into a spot near the 1/8, came out ¾ but didn’t gain even after getting cover. STREET BOY tucked, gapped, made a break 11/16 but recovered fairly quickly, best of the others. SPROCKET, R BAZINGGA, and BENJI’S BEST were all at the back when they had to circle a bad gapper and never got into the contest. TRUMP THAT gapped, then developed a problem near turn two, would be pulled up.


ELEVENTH RACEMY LINDY WINNER was a bit off the gate, was allowed to ease his way to the front past the 1/4, and called his own tune from there as much the best. LOVING LIFE showed some speed, yielded for the pocket, stayed tight until the far turn. FLAMMABLE was struggling to stay tight down the back while a bit rough, fell back some. CHOCO CHARLIE was gapping by the 3/8. WHISKEYINMYWATER broke an 1/8 before the start, caught the field near the half but didn’t improve position.


TWELFTH RACEMR HOUDINI went away enough to secure the pocket, outside into the stretch, made the lead just before midstretch, then held off the two inside closers. NICE STUFF was buried inside on the far turn and had to wait for the deep Pocono Pike, had a very good response. IFYA START ME UP stayed inside, got room up the inside when the winner pulled out, into the Pike and OK but outkicked by the horse on his back for second. MERCHANDISER made the top at the 1/8, rated the half, but did not have enough to hold up in his return. MUSCLE FASHION came out raw and gained some, got cover 11/16, three-wide into the stretch, not enough kick. COUNT ON ROSEY had cover early before tucking in, came out raw 11/16 but couldn’t contend. GIRL TALK followed cover but couldn’t work her way into it. OB KEMP did not respond well when taken under a hold as a horse tucked in front of him 3/16. BREAK FREE did not live up to his name just before the start.


THIRTEENTH RACEMACH DÉJÀ VU took the pocket past the 1/8, came uncovered early backstretch and went 27.2 the third quarter to go right by the leader 11/16, opened a big lead and was never in doubt. SI SEMALU gapped in the fast opener, then wound up third-over in a decent flow, three-wide headstretch, along for second over IDEAL ROCKY, who tailed the place horse’s cover and also had some late pace. SPORTY SPOOK A was out behind the winner, couldn’t stay with him late backstretch and was left raw, evenly late. RON BAKARDI established early command, yielded 5/16 for the pocket, was badly shuffled when the pacesetter was passed, out in a blindswitch near headstretch, weaved clear and had pace after a hard-luck outing. ALWAYS A FORCE made a controlled leave and worked up to the front 5/16, had no answer when the winner came calling 11/16 and folded. THE OTHERS did not enter into the main picture.


FOURTEENTH RACESTARSABOVEALLERAGE put everybody in behind early, yielded to a brusher for the pocket, came out early stretch and found his best gear midstretch to go right to the front. ITSGOODTOBEQUEEN tucked, then quarter-moved, went on at a fast pace, overpowered but still an energetic outing. SORTIE HANOVER was three-wide to the first turn then raced up into the early pocket, was struggling to stay with the top two late backstretch, next in line. MR COOL SEAEYRE N came all the way up the inside, benefitting from sluggish outer tiers, evenly late. CASINO CUTIE IT moved second-over, got little help from cover, three-wide past midturn, fair. SHORT REIGN edged out at the half uncovered, never got remotely close to the lead. FREDDIE MAC never featured. DJOKOVIC N looked to be out for early positioning but broke. KEYSTONE ACE stayed in, broke off turn two and went to the infield.